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    Agree. Aparently air bags can sometimes be quite harmful to the occupants who are not wearing seat belts. That's why they are called SRS - Supplemental Restraint System - primary restratint is always seat belts.
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    Call the professional who's trying to sell his 2007 Lancer CS2 for 2.95. Get his price down to 2.7. One of the best cars in that category. Newer than 121 or axela. Does better fuel than 141 and cheaper too. Too bad that the seller thinks that his profession adds value to the car. You wont regret the purchase. Unless of course if you are planning to use it for couple of years and sell it for 3 million. Then i suggest you to go for a Toyota irrespective of its condition, ride quality,genuine service records etc etc....
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    Mazda Axela Mazda Axela Mazda Axela Mazda Axela Mazda Axela
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    Let's wait for DCD results.... At the moment I am happy as at least I am free of Milk Powder (Garrilla) Marketing Advertisements these days. This is my own feeling..... :sport-smiley-004:
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    Agree with Rumesh 100%. Is anyone in this country even bothered to find out what crap is there in locally manufactured liquid milk? Do people think its 100% perfect because its Made in Sri Lanka? How about other crap we eat? Rice with added arsenic... Fish with added formaline... chilli powder with added 'gadol kudu'... canned fish imported from china with added mercury etc etc... I am too of the opinion that this issue contains something more than we see.
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    Meheshsw that post was not helpful i am up to totally different thing apart from that i am asking pros and cons of replacing a turbo and is it worth ?
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