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    Always go for manual one, 4 door flat roof one has the highest market value. Auto gear vehicles has very low pulling power compared to manual. 1. Check the mileage and engine condition. Most of these vehicles are high mileage. If it's genuine mileage even 150,000Km van should have good condition. If you see something around 80K or 90K for this type of van, then it;s most probably altered mileage. 2. Check the body condition, some vehicle comes as nice pack and are altered one in Sri Lanka 3. Especially, ride around good 5Kms and feel the quality of the vehicle. Most of these vehicles need entire suspension overhaul. Pros of this vehicle ----------------- 1. Good fuel economy. Outstation 16Km/L, Colombo 10-12Km/L. 2. Very reliable vehicle 3. Cheap parts 4. Good market demand 5. Safter than normal van due to front bonnet Cons of this vehicle ---------------- 1. Very bumpy/rough ride (compared to a car) We had CR41, flat roof, manual vehicle with us and it's one of the best vehicle we had in our life.
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