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    1.NAME OF EVENT :CMSC DRAG 2012 2.VENUE OF EVENT :Katukurunda Air Force Base – Kalutara 3.RACE DISTANCE :Approximately 400m 4.STATUS :Club Meet with National and Regional Participation 5.DATE OF EVENT :9th December, 2012 6.AUTHORITY :This event is held under the Supplementary Regulations (S.R) and any Additional Supplementary Regulations (A.S.R) issued by the Organizers, under sanction by Ceylon Motor Sports Club (CMSC) & Sri Lanka Automobile Sport 7.EVENT PROMOTER :Ceylon Motor Sports Club. 9.ORGANISERS :Ceylon Motor Sports Club. RACE CLASSES 11. CLASSES AND ENGINES 11.1. CLASSES Class 1: Cars upto 1300cc – N/A Class 2: Cars 1301cc upto 1500cc – N/A Class 3: Cars 1501cc upto 1600cc – N/A Class 4: Cars 1601cc upto 2200cc – N/A Class 5: Cars Open 2WD Class 6: Cars upto 3500cc AWD Stock Turbo Charged Class 7: Cars Open 4WD Class 8: Bikes upto 600cc Class 9: Bikes over 601cc Class 10:Cars upto 1600cc turbo open •N/A - Normally Aspirated. 11.2.ENGINES 11.2.1. Rotary Engine: Engine capacity will be multiplied by a factor of 2.0 13. ENTRIES 13.1.Entry Dates: Opening Dates : 19th November, 2012 Closing Date : 6th December, 2012 13.2. Entry Fee: Rs 5000.00 per entry. This amount goes directly to the Air Force Seva Vanitha Unit to assist the differently abled children of the Air Force personnel. Completed entry form must be submitted with full entry fee to specified collection centre. 13.6.Entry Submission and Payment 13.6.1. STEP 1: Entries are to be registered at “No. 2/1, Hunupitiya Rd,Colombo 2, from 9am to 4pm.
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    Ive just signed up for this site and all ive been seeing are that anytime someone puts up a question about a hybrid, flocks of users keeps insulting them on their vehicle. I really dont see what they have to hate them so much?? I own a prius 3rd gen and i can tell from over 2 years of use that although it may not be in the same class and far from the of looks as an exotic or be anywhere near a sports car in performance it does serve its purpose better than any other car ive used so far. Ive been using a 121 and ive been using beemers and several other US models and ive experienced first handed that this prius is much more reliable and much economical in every sense compared to other cars of the SAME price range. I am an avid lover of tuned modified cars and the prius does not make those come true but it still is one of the best cars ive ever driven. To anyone looking for a car which is reliable or economical i would recommend a prius although if looking for a cheap car it would not be bad to get a used 121 or civic (i am not a environmental freak btw though i do care for it :| ) The prius saves me a lot on gas and i mean a lot. i drive over 3000km per month both in colombo and to outstation locations. during long distance driving i ususally get over 20kmpl but if not going agressively i can get around 30kmpl while going at 50-70kmph. in rush hour traffic i get varying mileage while sometimes it may drop to 16kmpl but usually about 19-22kmpl. and considering the price of fuel it is a great saving considering i dont even have to use 95 octane. i was going to buy an allion 2011 but decided against it as the prius was full of options unlike the allion. someone here suggested that i test the pre collision system by driving at a wall or tree... and i did try it. but i instead drove it at a pile of cardboard boxes and for their info it did stop automatically without hitting it. and the radar cruise control is also a useful feature but i dont use it much considering our three wheel drivers and motor bikes. other maintenance stuff is also lower as the service has to be done only every 10000km and there is no need to change ATF oil or any belts. ive been using it for 40000km and the brake pads are almost like brand new. (in the corolla i would have to replace every 25000) the only problem is the stock ture size that came in the touring mode. the 17" 215 tires are a bit expensive but this problem is not there in the regular JP prius. ive yet to replace a single mechanical part and there have been no issues at all except that i drained the 12V battery once by listening to the radio in ACC mode for too long. another benefit is when the car is stopped you can use the AC without burning fuel. the performance is nowhere near a BMW or an american car but it does provide more power than the majority of vehicles in sri lanka (outside inner colombo ) and the acceleration response is better because of the motors. and in PWR mode it feels much better than an insight in S mode (though the sound of the engine is not at all sporty... sounds like an aircraft taking off) On the contrary to what people say, the battery is as reliable as any other part of the car and the chance of your battery failing is almost nil unless you treat it badly which is the same for a gasoline car if you do not maintain the engine it will be damaged. and the battery can now be repaired by changing damaged cells which are about 7000 rupees only. and i believe a reason people insult hybrid owners are because they drive slowly. thats the fault of the driver, not the car.. driving slow will not make it more efficient and ive seen people in jaguars and BMWs going slower than that. to all who think hybrids are cheap vehicles. just because they are relatively cheap here, in japan they are about two time more expensive when used than a brand new allion.. AND i know some here are going to say im jobless to be typing this yeah. true. im doing this just because some people dont care about saving their hard earned money that doesnt mean they should insult others who do try. anyone who has any questions im willing to provide answers to the best i can. and im open to any comments why your'll hate hybrids so much (P.S i did hate them before i bought one... so you should try it without being prejudiced)
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    So anybody importing go karts already? once that gets going...track days might be a lot more interesting... possibly privateers running karts can be a another category of racing altogether...
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    For all of you that don't know what the Duty Concession entails, please read this http://www.dailynews.lk/2012/11/16/spo01.asp and then you may see that commenting about 'Racing Cars' without knowing what it means, makes you look like a fool! Cheers!
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    Thanks for posting this machang... when i told people that the duty concession was for single seaters and go karts only, no one believed me. Atleast now there is a statement from SLAS about it. Cheers!
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    That's because its not far from the truth. the exemption is for race cars and its astonishing just how many idiots out there think any fast car is a race car. This is probably the process they have to follow and the cars imported will definitely stay non road legal. So its about time people actually opened their eyes and realized how this works without making statements that make them look stupid. I'm not pro government but I approve of this because I believe it will greatly help the development of the local motorsport scene and create more serious tuners.
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    Missing hydraulic reservoir is the most significant sign. MINIACE
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    Hey stop lying. Cali if the big one right in front sitting on the roof with a boner. He's even pointing at it hoping one of the males will come over and lick the lollipop. Too bad Leonardo DiCaprio was out shooting a movie that day.
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    In some ways its getting easy to guess what will be reduced in Somalia's Sri Lankas budget in the future. Say for example, if the one of putha's girlfriends wanted gold encrusted Rolls Royce for her personal use, we know that the next budget will reduce the price of Gold encrusted Rolls Royce So all we have to do is make a list of all the whims and fancies of the royal family and wait until the next budget to buy it
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    'charitha19', Your post is correct. King and the other three who will be next to hold the crown having hopes be there for ever, as things are going on. Our voters have given them the mandate for that. King his three sons and close relatives are enjoying the best of every thing in this country. At tax payers cost. Even Roman Empire fell according to history. Reasons are some what smiler to our present administration. Decline in Morals and Values,Political Corruption,Agricultural Decline,Inflation,Extravagant Spending. King will use the discretionary power of his unlimited partnership. legislation amended to their needs exempt taxes to their personal fancy to be filled pot Sooner or later one day every thing will come to an end like what happened in year 1977. Sylvi Wijesinghe.
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    its too bad people dont tolerate other people's opinions in a forum like this.nanotech doesnt sound "the prius is the best" at all so why would people drag this conversation on about stick cars and etc? leave it guys.
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    For me it looks like an average hybrid owner has no time to enjoy his ride. He has to worry about fuel consumption, he has to worry about break pad wearing when stopping, he has to worry about the travelling speed and maintenance intervals so he can to justify the money spent for the car, he has to worry about his appearance being futuristic, he has to worry about his conversations to be futuristic and may be he has to worry about other males not perceiving him as a male animal. what a pain a man to receive after spending 5 million rupees!
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    But wouldn't you rather pump a full-tank at one go or at least enough to get you ALL the way to kandy You're mistaking being 'poor' with being 'cheap'. Clearly your boss paying you more than you're worth.. I'll take pity on you and teach you the difference. Maybe then you can go ask your boss for a raise (without having to pull your pants down and bend over) .. A poor person doesnt have money. A cheapo in this context (or cheapskate) is someone who sees pleasure in simply seeing money in his wallet. So rather than hand over Rs.2000 to the petrolshed and pump enough for a return trip to kandy, he likes to pump the bare minimum so that the money is in his wallet for a few more hours. So at the midpoint toilet break around kurunegala he looks at the 1500 in his wallet and gets a hard-on; which in return lets him take a leak without pissing on his shoe or sitting on the filthy toilet seat in the petrol shed.
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    and another thing is. by this continuous evolution of technology the fun is being taken out of driving. when auto first came they were easier to drive but the performance was reduced and not as efficient as a manual. but now they are so developed that there is no clear advantage of having a manual. when CVT came they are even more efficient and gives better response for normal cars. but they even take out the slight jerk you feel in a auto. i still feel the thrill when a manual is being high revved and the jerk when shifting, it makes you feel you are driving something powerful. i used to love occasionally revving the engine in neutral. in the 121 i could put in park and do that, but in the prius i can only make the engine come on by flooring the accelerator in park. for the average driver to get from A to B the newer cars are ideal. but for someone with a passion for vehicles they just take the fun out of driving. btw thats why i never use the cruise control. this has the radar cruise control and the LKA and in the highway it will drive itself and keep on the lane and keep away from the front car without any input from me. but seriously.... thats definitely not driving... And to all those prius (and other) drivers out there.... its much more important to go in a manner which does not aggravate other drivers while trying to save a few cents on petrol because if one of those aggravated drivers decides to pay back by being aggressive. you might possibly end up with a much more costly repair bill. because ive done this to motor cyclists and three wheelers who annoy me. and since its a car a big vehicle isnt going to give much concern either. when i drove my L200 cars used to move out of the way because a cab is harder and not easily damaged and repairs are cheap. but now in the car its a much more difficult world its a common thing that when you can continuously see the FE you get you automatically try to increase it. because in the 121 i never knew how the FE was till i fill the tank so i wasnt trying to get the best FE because i didnt know whether what is was doing was giving goo mileage so i drove as i liked. but if you try to save cents by going too slowly in traffic then if one of those drivers gets in front of you and starts braking like crazy. all that economy will be drown the drain... hope it helps make even a tiny difference
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    Hey Dushan IF you are going to quote info, make the effort to at least read up on it before you post crap. BMW Activehyrbid for the 3 is a not a 3 pot car, its a 3 litre, 6 pot, Twin turbo charged engine with motor assist. In your world, the 5 must be a 5 pot and the 7 must be a 7 pot... god help the 1 series in your happy little world. Thats it, the only hybrid thread that had some value is now officially Claiforikan level retarded.
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    i usually don't like bikes.. but my god this thing looks nice
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    Now you think you speak for all Sri Lankans ? What a joke and what a delusion. And just because the Sri Lankans you associate with are, as you wrote, "buggers" , doesn't mean that all Sri Lankans are "buggers". Almost all the local hybrid drivers I know did their homework and thoroughly researched the overseas Prius knowledge base before deciding to plunk down Rs 5+ million on a technology and a car that was new and unproven in SL. The "buggers" you know may have not have not bothered to do their hybrid research, but that isn't the least bit surprising.
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