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    Ironically your issue is consistent with not having the correct sized injector......... I had the same problem but in my case the original Mazda kit was used (so the jet size was correct) but when removing the existing jet it cracked and it had to be drilled out and the replacement started leaking a bit fuel economy went down. Ironically the car was very smooth and started straight away. But when my father realised (this was many years ago) the problem he took the car back to Macro who did the repair, they did a test, admitted the problem and replaced the jet with a smaller one to compensate, and while fuel economy improved, the car lost power, was more difficult to start and sluggish under acceleration. My father decided fuel economy was more important than performance and I was too young to do anything about it.
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    "If you can't beat them sue them"
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    it's pathetic that idiots like you explaining things without simple scientific knowledge. The mixing of two liquids is determined by the polaR property of each liquid. If i remember correct, both diesel and petrol are non polar molecules.so they mix without any issue.if you're not so sure , do it and see.or if you need more information , read the science book of grade 10-11. Density applies when liquids with different polar properties are mixed together.
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    No as I said before a lambda sensor is like a spark plug. It has a finite life and needs to be changed periodically. Changing it is actually one of the best ways of improving your fuel economy if your car is old and the sensor has not been changed in a while. It can be a little tricky to get the sensor out but you can do it. In my car there is another sensor (exhaust high temperature sensor) apart from the lambda sensor which was damaged and my mechanic took the silencer off from the exhaust manifold and took it to a lathe shop and got it drilled out which took a while. In your car they should be able to get it out from the exhaust manifold without taking the manifold out. You do need a certain tool for this (so inquire from TL the cost of replacing it with the labour as well so that you can compare with other places). The lambda sensor looks like a spark plug (though it does not have a spark bit at the end) and if you look at your exhaust manifold you'll be able to pick it out. I bought mine from a Denso stockist online (I live in the UK) and what I did was found the original Mitsubishi part number for it (my car is a Mitsubishi) and then used it to find the Denso compatible one. Douglas and Sons I believe are the agents for NTK the other big brand in Lambda sensors and they might be able to use their catalogue to find the correct part if NTK does it. I can direct you to my SL mechanic if yours starts to complain about not being able to extract the lambda sensor easily.
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    NRX, water from the tail pipe is not a proper indicator of the car being in tune. I had a leaking injector (cab engine) once with bad fuel economy but there was water spilling out of the exhaust. While I accept some disappointment with the fact that not all of the issues were resolved by the repair it can be very tricky to resolve problems like the ones you have. The issue is replacing the entire carb system is not an option (since brand new replacements is too expensive and as vehicles get older even used spares become difficult to find) so there might be issues with the system which is not easy to detect. It sounds like the air fuel mixture does not re adjust quickly enough when you let go of the accelerator at high speed. Did you use the original carb repair kit for your car? And is your carb an electronic carburettor?
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    so this is what a car looks like after macvud gets done "modifying it."
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    Don't worry about 2C engine. city driving it will do 12kml with AC and 17kmpl outstation with AC if Manual gear one. i can sure that.
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    does google maps not work anymore? Driving directions to Stork Pl, Colombo 01000, Sri Lanka 3D Savoy Cinema Hall Savoy Cinema Hall Galle Road, Colombo, Sri Lanka 1. Head toward St Peter's Pl north on Galle Rd Pass by Savoy Cinema Hall (on the left) 3.8 km 2. Turn right at Malee Book Shop onto Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha/A000 Continue to follow Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha Pass by LB Finance (on the right) 700 m 3. Turn left at Piththala Jct onto Sir James Pieris Mawatha Pass by Exilesoft (Pvt) Ltd. (on the right) 1.2 km 4. Turn right at Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC onto Dr Colvin R. de Silva Mawatha Pass by Filling Station (on the right in 800 m) 1.3 km 5. Turn left at Dialog Telekom PLC Head Office onto Foster Ln Pass by Hayleys Car Park (on the right) 270 m 6. Turn left at The Cafe onto Ven. Baddegama Wimalawansa Mw. 450 m 7. Slight left onto Norris Canal Rd 91 m 8. At Lanka Vardhana Private Limited, continue onto Vipulasena Mawatha Pass by Sri Lanka Maha Pirivena (on the right) 170 m 9. Turn left onto Stork Pl Pass by Stafford College (on the left) 180 m Stork Pl Colombo 01000, Sri Lanka
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    Your thermostat valve has been removed by a local bas for sure. Better get one installed for better performance and low wear and tear in cold weather.Probably you may get one from the Agent or tech motors at panchi.
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    give me proper FOB price and shipping and insurance charges if u know. if you don't know give me FOB price in Newzeland currency. but the problem is when the vehicle reach to sri lanka, the sri lanka customs take valuation from toyota lanka producing your documents. if toyota lanka put value other than FOB price the SL customs take that toyota lanka valuation (called agent valuation) to calculate TAX. if your FOB price higher than agent valuation that price take for calculate TAX. TAX will be calculated base on CIF price. FOB+Shipping+Insurance = CIF as a rule in sri lanka customs they not accept your invoice value for any shipment. they think original invoice is undervalued. so most time they increase FOB value from some amount. this is the nature in SL customs. i faces lot of problems when do imports.
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    'dpbatagoda' We are going back to 1962/1977 Era with very few motor vehicle came in and this is to eliminate small timers import and sell 100000.00 Rupees less than big time importers. At the moment Srilanka is having plenty of vehicles. unsold vehicles if you go around will be more than 10000 on all sales centers. This may be to control imports. Big timers had made their money opened up Island wide network of sales centers.They can effort to pay high license fee. do not know what duty reduction they will get after paying such high license fee. Sylvi Wijesinghe. You say our country is a democratic country. But what is happening is opposite to that.
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    'JadeyBlitzen', Yes your suggest small timers to buy run down vehicles and repair them to be road worthy and sell at a profit. This a very good proposal few decades ago this Repairing vehicles was a good business. There were lot of people was living from that. Repair Garages was full in Colombo city. There were people who used find vehicles which are not in use and deal to buyers who repair and sell. That was a industry during that time. Many people used to go to north and drive down Morris minors they go their in Austin vehicles sell them. Sylvi Wijesinghe.
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    Members, Local car manufacturer cannot give a vehicle immediately. have to be in the waiting list for 3 months or more. They play with prospective buyers funds. Some local entrepreneur should negotiate to assemble with a foreign country a car plant as the demand is for small 4 seats and medium 5 seats Vehicles. At the same time they should assemble a utility small van for small timer business men. Locally manufactured van by the local assembler looking nice out side, but according to users inside is not done up to the stranded door handles give away within no time front dash board is also not up to the slandered. Engine and gear box I think it is Italian. Some solution has to done for our automobile industry cannot depend on foreign imports. Like few countries in the east it is time to think of a fully automated vehicle assembly plant. If we produce extra Vehicles more than our requirement then we can export same. Sylvi Wijesinghe.
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    Members, Today Lankadeepa paper says that Government is going to implement very big license fee to vehicle importers Categorizing new vehicle and used vehicle importers.Two license fees. Free economy implemented thirty five years ago will be no more for automobiles. So that individual cannot import a vehicle for his use. When this law is implemented only very few big time importers will be able to survive with high license payment.All small timers will eliminate. Further more the importer will have to service the vehicle for some time. Like to have comments from A/L MEMBERS of new law coming to effect in near future. Sylve Wijesinghe.
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    Don't worry about 2c engine? He's not buying a townace you idiot. He's buying a 2007 or newer car. Having an engine that would make the car sound like a tata lorry is something to be worried about.
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    ha..ha..... nice, its just a typing mistake.But you thing i dont know , how to spell to srilanka.However thks for ur opinion .A lot if times , in lot of post i have seen, u have replied using unwanted things, i mean if u reply something its not eligible to the topic.u try to express ur self as a comedy man (Like Mr.Bean).So srilankan mr bean, hereafter if u send a reply for a post , just thing, your opinion is eligible or not , ok ?, We don't wheeply asking u to post a reply. Thank You.( i thing ur not angry with me )
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    Density of Petrol is about 15% less than that of Diesel. Therefore it will not mix and petrol will float on top of diesel. No significant advantage.can be gained.
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