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    SL-GT 1. Ashan Silva 2. Dinesh Deheragoda 3. Pasindu Peiris (Dinesh and Pasindu results with held due to a protest) SLH 1600 1. Ashan Silva 2. Dilan Seniviratne 3. Dinesh Jayawardana Formula Ford Post 85 1. Ashan Silva 2. Rikaaz Khalid 3. Rohan De Silva Formula Mclarens Race 1 1. Rumesh Rajakulendran 2. Raees Uvaim 3. Chandima Gunaratne Formula Mclarens Race 2 1. Tharindu Gamage 2. Clement Senerath 3. Rumesh Rajakulendran Mclarens Alto K10 1. Praveen Madugalle 2. Zulfi Sulaiman 3. Rohan De Silva
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    so cali you do hate me any ways i don't get what you dislike about those pictures they are not offended pictures to any one.is it because that i took those pictures and upload them unlike you who upload some random pictures found on the internet or is it that you doesn't like me?.
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    The whole point of this thread is 67dodge is trying to be the next californikan. @67dodge - dude, I really dont want to type pages and pages about why it doesn't work. Let me simply say that 1. petrol is a volatile substance and heating it can only make it more dangerous than it is 2. none of these stupid proponents of the magic carb (or whatever it is called), consider the energy wastage for heating fuel. The heat source also need to come from the engine after all, and it is definitely higher than the normal engine heat 3. We are living in 2012, where safety and efficiency as well as speeds of vehicles have moved a long way since 1930s. Taking knock-suppressants off fuel and building engines that run on such fuel will just make them explode before even finishing the first gallon of fuel. 4. Most of the members in this group have been with cars long enough to see water powered cars, cow dung powered cars, urine powered cars, cars that do 200km/l, garandiya-powered BMWs and so on... they are called SCAMs. SCAMMERS thrive by creating videos or webpages or getting headlines in newspapers. So... before you become a certified lunatic like californikan.... please drop it.
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    As a habit, I switch off the AC button about a 1km from my destination. The rationale is that if you switch off the ac while it was working condensatuion will build and if you leave the car overnight this water will collect and create a damp environmnet that will be breeding ground ofr mold, bacteria and of course aid in rusting the cooler. Many cars nowadys have hidden the AC cooler so deep inside the dash that removing the dash will cost more money than the cooler itself. Knocking the AC off first tends to blow off the cold air and dry the cooler by the time you stop the car. Besides most coolers retain the cold for a short while, and most of you will noty have to 'sweat' it out and ruin your makeup... Also as a habit I leave the climate control at 22-25degs as that is the ideal temp for our conditions as anything less than that the AC is working hard to maintain a very low temp that is impossible with our ambient temperatures unless it is in the night or up in the hills. This way it will help with the thing that most of you are worried about, fuel consumption as the AC will not be working full time. But that's just me.
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    Wow that's a nasty generalisation there...
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    They did!...Here it is on set...
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    Theres only 5 EVO9's in the country if im not mistaken & only one out of that is on the roads. all the rest are on the track. so i doubt u will find one for sale anytime soon.
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    give me the vehicle model number. i will try to find out from Kurunegala. if you can post a picture. then it is easy to find out.
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    Not really. The only ones that will be affected will be gas guzzlers. More efficient vehicles may actually see their value increasing. Now if only the price of gas went up and the gas guzzlers like the discovery would come down, I'm sure a lot of us here would be happy.
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    it says "Owned by a doctor" .. :lol: so who da F* cares..?? seriously..
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    here's some pictures taken in this road.
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    This makes the current Axio look like Scarlett Johansson . and OMG! what have they done to the interior? its as if they let a fake taiwanese wood insert manufacturer design it. But I guess buyers will be blinded by its beauty and shocked by its performance.
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    i know you are very high on tiida but sorry for disappoint you dude tiida is still look ugly than this.
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    Well buy a hyundai elentra for that budget you get a luxury car plus it can do 12-14kmpl
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    With regard specifically to hybrid and electric cars, what seems like 'certified lunacy' to you is normal mainstream thinking and everyday reality in America and other developed markets. Last year you couldn't even comprehend that Sri Lankans would be driving Hybrid vehicles en masse, even though the change was happening right in front of your eyes. This year you can't comprehend that Plug-In Hybrids will be coming to Sri Lanka. Next year you probably won't be able to comprehend that electric cars will come to Sri Lanka. Now carry on with your disputing of Dodge67's snake oil claims.
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