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    really? when a person call you a retarded and your answer is well said. damn what is wrong with people these days.
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    You know what? I DID do a search, here are some of your topics... http://forum.autolanka.com/index.php?/topic/11038-what-is-this-screw-driver/page__fromsearch__1 http://forum.autolanka.com/index.php?/topic/11744-rear-wheel-or-front-wheel-drive/page__fromsearch__1 and lookie here... The good old head gasket thread! http://forum.autolanka.com/index.php?/topic/10858-smoothness-gone/page__fromsearch__1 And guess who gave you the initial answer and pointed you in the right direction? The very same guy you now pop up like an irritating jack in the box to attempt to insult... Food for thought indeed.....
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    Pau. Bugger still doesn't understand the audience of this website and thinks its some kinda victory that hybrids sell Too bad he wasn't around for things like the 121 craze. The only change that might happen here is that advice to petrol hinganno will change from "Go buy an Corolla and stop bothering us" to "Go buy a Prius and stop bothering us", and that will happen only when appropriate. Because most of the regulars who populate AL actually know the real life situation and know their cars, unlike google fans that don't know their hubcaps and follow the herd. Yeah, there are thousands buying hybrids. Earlier there were thousands buying Axios. Before that there were thousands willing to give up their left nut and buy a 121. There were huge numbers that thought ricing up mom's civic with a fart can and body kit meant they had a sports car. Regulars on AL don't give a damn. Coz people who stick around automotive forums are there coz they like automobiles and like driving, not because they just want to go from A-to-B. But only a true retard can keep forgetting how many times he has been proven wrong and dismissed, only to keep coming back for more coz he just doesn't get it. Of course, true retards are the ones who assume people have said certain things - OK, Cali, you have "won" Now go away. You're on the wrong thread.
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    My advice is to take your car to a technician, remove parts and match it with retail vendor and buy it off the shelf. Comparing part numbers and buying online is not practical. This method worked for me for many decades. saved money and time. MINIACE
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    Just ignore machang, "empty vessels make the most noise".
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    bro but being a pro member u shld not comment like this " Important my [email protected]$" the guy posted smthn to help us.i found it way bit out da way you replyd.criticism shold be in a professional way as u r a pro member.correct me if um wrong,but i think you shld calm down.
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    When you make a post on a public forum, you open it up to criticism. No one insulted the man or made any personal attacks. You do know the definition of a forum right? Eitherway I find it funny that OP accepts the problems in the thing he posted, yet you are the one getting all butthurt. Stop sounding like a menopausal housewife.
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    lol. this is what happens when a person try to help others. He did not by any chance tell anyone to adhere or comply with his suggestions. its upto you to follow it or dump it rather than criticizing to show others you are good at criticizing. he has clearly mentioned that he got it as a share message from one of his friends, friends could be from anywhere in the world, probably the reason why he mentioned something regarding the pumping by our own
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    Hi Friends, I have a mazda familia BJ5P 2000. I am planing to change the front disk brake rotors. Appreciate if anyone help me out on below areas: The price of a brand new disk brake rotor Is there any specific model number for this ? Can we order these from amazon or ebay by matching to mazda protege 2000 model? Thanks and Best Regards, Chamil
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    Is there anything specifically wrong with your rotors? If it isn't warped you would be better off having them machined. Also, like miniace said, it's not practical bringing them down, specially for such a common car. Rotors are eavy and you will pay a lot having them shipped here.
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    and what is wrong in washing daddy's car.....you never done that?
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    he helped i thanked............after all he says that this is an internet forum and we are open to criticism and appreciation........if he has given good advice yes i will not hesitate to admit that. but looks like other forum members have noticed his remarks leading no where most of the times.
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    Thanks guys, everybody on the team reads this thread and they all appreciate it! This week we tried something different, it was totally a Motorsports episode with coverage of Kandy Speed @ Night, The Nuwara Eliya Road Races and Foxhill... Let me know what you thought if you manage to catch it on repeat (12.30pm Tomorrow). Youtube will be up as usual early in the week. Cheers!
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    Guess you have a faulty throttle position sensor. Not a big issue if so. Get your IAC (Idle air control) checked. Dont forget to check your air passages and vacuum lines for possible leaks and blockages. what ever the situation, just a simple job for a good technician. MINIACE
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    yes he either askes another question which then creates an argument which leads nowhere.........it will either be an english spelling, or another idiot remark or question.... and the biggest joke is some seem to like this kind of drama
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    So, like, where do these post numbers come from? Bulletin-board software automatically calculates them, out of a hat, take yer shoe size add 11 and multiply by 19, a random number calculator, Auntie Doris' bra size? Like, no numbers in AL in 2005, suddenly - the next year - bing, bang, bongo !!!BIG numbers attached to certain posters. And ow come some poster's numbers change and ovvers don't. Who knows, all a bit of a mystery to a poor ol sod like me. Too much hanky-panky altogether....., anyway, it's cold outside so I'm off to fill the tank with a bit a gas and save a couple of cents and maybe the planet too.. vrrrooom, vvrroooom, Cheeerio:-)
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    Dedicated to Jdnet and the members alike. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cm5EmLBiLXk&feature=relmfu ps. i see him responded 18 times in this post alone. now i know how he gets his pro member post counts.
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    Its also quite amazing how much productivity we loose by sitting in front of a computer and trying to be " pora " on online forums....
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    dude passed 1000 posts means u got some experience here.why behave this way.disrespect for this forum too.what will the impact that new members will get seeing your comments.get some help you realy have some anger issues.not all sri lankans can get a rolce royce so ya we wash dads 1990 corrolla.and what about the white knight.your whole comments show yr personality and issues.
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    there are some manner and form how a criticism should be made and not in an unprofessional way, for the simple reason you are a pro member, it doesn't mean that you can talk all the shit you have. according to you ' my ass' is a proper way of criticizing, first time Im seeing such an ethical way of criticizing as you impliedly claim. I dont wanna say u to getta life, but cant help, you may getta life. lol
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    I think he's against the whole idea of Prius racing. We all know a Prius running all out burns more fuel than a M3 running at the same speed But it does look ugly. That BRZ looks damn good, this wanna-be Prius looks terrible. The whole front end is just.... ugh. IMHO, of course.
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    pro member?? he is a pro shit talker. never seen any quality information coming out of his mouth. its funny how some one writes 100% facts and some people criticize. when these pro shit talkers bull shit other shit talkers praises them as if like they are Gods.
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    No the 4th and the 5th are just one car...The owner brought it down through BRJW.
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    hi guys, im a qualified land rover mechanic....i did my training at the land rover technical academy in the uk, ive worked in land rover main dealers and land rover specialst garages as a mechanic and as a parts manager so i do know a little about them.... ive read the topic through and just want to highlight a few things and give my input/opinion. Firstly the freelander 1 is a great little car but like all cars its had its problems. in short the petrol versions are crap. both the 1.8k series a the 2.5kv6 have head gasket issues. yes land rover did release a modified headgaket AND oil rail for the 1.8 which has improved the problem of head gasket failure but most non dealers that fit these will miss something out. i.e. the special oil rail sealant, or that you should also fit the modified coolant tank and cap when doing the headgasket as they get stress cracks which release pressure and thus cause overheating of the system. this is often overlooked by people as the cracks appear underneath the sticker on the tank. The v6 also suffers from head gasket failure but this is normally caused by a leak on a coolant rail that sits in the valley of the V. once there is a small leak the pressure is lost and the engine overheats and warps the cylinder heads. this happens A LOT in the uk where it never no where near as hot as it is here in lanka so its no surprise that FL1's in lanka will have the problem 10 times worse. the td4 diesel engine is a different story, its a great engine but like everything it gets problems, a common cause of lack of power is the turbo hoses from the intercooler to the inlet manifold delaminate so from the outside they look fine but inside they are sucked shut starving the engine of boost. ive also replaced a fair few injectors and lift pumps on these but this is common on any diesel. If you own a diesel fl1 go and buy a crankcase breather filter right NOW. chances are it hasnt been changed during your service here in lanka and by not changing these you will cause engine running problems. this used to be every few services but land rover changed it to every other service i believe from memory but i personally would just change it every service. The tailgate doors often leak, its usually the body rubber has torn/split or the car has been hit on the spare wheel and this has made the tailgate not quite 100% straight. IRD (transfer box) do go as they tend to wind themselves up during cornering but its a very easy job to do. the pinion seals also sometimes leak but again a very easy job to replace. now onto range rover sports....... as most know the sport and disco 3 along with the supercharged range rover was done in fords ownership of land rover/jag/aston martin. the sport and disco 3 share the same chassis but its just a little longer. so naturally they share some of same problems one being the air suspension. it is common to find people jack the car up on the compressor pump thinking its a jacking point so if you buy one and the air sus wont work check this first! the compressors do also overheat and they had a problem with the exhaust valve, again a modified one is available but still we used to get these cars coming in for new pumps every few years so expect to change one in your time of ownership. other than the compressors though they dont have many air sus issues, the airbags themselves rarely leak.... they do suffer from front balljoint wear (esp with oversized wheels, i will NEVER reccomend fitting bigger that 20" wheels) lower arm, front ARB rear ARB bushes, front and rear tie rods. i know ive made them sound like a vehicle with a lot of issues but im just naming things that ive replaced a lot of in my years of working on these cars, they are an excelent drive and great off road and are in a diferent league from a defender which hasnt really changed much in the past 20 years apart from the latest TDCI puma models which have a ford transit van engine and gearbox. not knocking defenders though they but they have their place and they are not a high spec model like the fl, disco and range rover so this is naturally shown in the price. in light of getting spares, the place where i used to be a parts manager is called berkshire land rover. They are a defender builder that also has a small service department. the current parts manager is an old mate of mine and they will send parts abroad if you require them. just contact them with a full chassis number to make sure its 100% the right part. www.berkshirelandrover.com (please do not think this is an advert for them, i do not work for them any more and i will not gain from anyone buying from them, i just wanted to let you know its a good reliable place to get spares if you need them for any landrover new or old) regards to the company making a loss, land rover havent made a loss in years, jaguar has and so when the freelander 2 was created it was chosen not to be built at solihull with all the other land rovers but at the jag factory so that the brands could not be split. the reason for jags low sales is that in the uk in particular it gained a bad reputation. in the USA they sell very very well and to be honest you get one hell of a good car for your money. just like the superchaged range rover some of the jag models share the aston martin 4.2v8 and the new 5L V8. and believe me a suprcharged range rover will leave a lot of cars well behind speed wise so you can guess that the same power and torque in a small light 2wd car is very very fun! finally yes TATA are trying to split the land rover / range rover brand....the new "baby range rover evoque" is a great example of this.........underneath its pretty much a freelander 2 which funnily enough underneath is a ford kuga
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