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    To OP The fuel figure timeline car sellers, if you drive it right it does like 30kmpl or even more, blah blah first fellows who buy it like ”machan it does 40kmpl believe me” I went from Galle to puttlam to anuradhapura to airport with my dogs in 1 tank the second lot mid year, who sold their vitzs due to peer pressure it does 30kmpl, just like my Vitz but it’s so better, I put 95 now, pickup is so good it’s soo smooth ( they lied about the vitz fuel figure as well) the last lot by the end of the year, who buy it for a price hike, (current price + hike)= pora buyer it does 4kmpl, (Deep within, I put a loan and a lease to buy it because my co worker and Neighbour and brothers wife’s sisters uncles second wife got one, I don’t have money for petrol so I just take it for a 10km stroll on Sunday in the traffic) and he spent this months salary on the chrome, carpets and 3m tint and 10inch Chinese player. jokes aside mate to get an accurate value for this you ll have to wait for at least 1 year. Given the engine and the turbo expect 13kmpl or less on long distances but Just a guess. Do not get so worked up on the fuel figures bro, these are budget suvs, some chum on a bike gets intimate with the tailgate or the lights or a mirror, you ll be looking at 1 years fuel costs, if you aren’t prepared for that expense buy something else. car salesmen, personal importers, fb forums they push you and bluff so beware.
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    LANCER EX- Life before me Found an awesome set of old clicks of my lancer courtesy of my good friend Elnino. It seems she had quite an eventful life before settling down with me in my remote village. Thought of sharing some pics to have a glimpse of her past.
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    In a parallel mini universe: @Hyaenidae trying to overtake @Magnum
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    I used to work with @E L N I N O during 2009 - 2010 or so. Both of us had CS Lancers back then. Parked side by side in the office car park some days. So I'm quite aware of the personalities of the ladies. I can vouch that they have been treated with respect and care. 😁 About the tail lights... The earlier EXs came with a red tinted light while the later models came with a clear lens with black surround which looks bette IMO. There are some really nice tail lights for the EX, but I too like the stock tail lights. Also the stock projector headlights look awesome!
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    You should try out the new direct shift transmissions from Toyota....they are actually pretty fun (although there is a bit of stringyness to it it is not bad as before....and the actual 1st gear makes a huge difference)
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    Thanks for the replies guys. So I called couple of people in customs. The tax would be close to 30 Million. The cost to buy one is 12 Million. Conversion is north of 4 Million. So the total would be like 50 million rupees. As much as I love to get it down. Thats impossible, I would do charity with that money even if I could afford it. And buy a LWB Range Rover. Hmmm I'm sad now😕
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    "Torque" There is a reason why its expensive, its sought after and it's good, Again how is a turbo going to help in getting the required torque? You would be stressing the engine, premature wear Plus the cost of the whole conversion custom work The engine plus conversion work, you are looking at 700000 to 800000 if done properly. Then dmt fees and the hassle Then the "additional fees" in the dmt Youd be able to buy all new Td42 parts except the block, plus block rebuild and the gearbox for the above costs.
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    To avoid bottoming out, i need to pre plan all my routes if taking the Corolla it cant even manage hotel car parks with my 3 kids in the back (less than 100kg total)
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    You can't predict for another 5 years.Look what happen to the second hand market when raize was introduced suddenly.What if toyota decided to release a better one in the coming years.raize hype will be gone and you loose anyway.If you want to minimize the loss then go with toyota.
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    NC province does not even border WP so it cant be a matter of front being parked at NC where the rear is at WP 🙂
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    The 'Nissan Leaf Srilankan owners club' is the most depressing FB page ever. Lots of good & reasonable people, all waiting for the messiah to descend from the heavens with a set of affordable & brand new batteries. Some even selling their cars by openly saying it can only do 50km on a full charge
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    Another hilarious video, and this by Hyundai india as well and directed at the venue owners It even has a sequential warning system when the clutch heats up lol. Gosh why the trouble
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    To op Please do educate yourself of the dual clutch matter before you jump in i found this video barebones but informative,
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    1. 2.5 to 3.5 Million 2. Anything that isn't a Toyota will take more than a week to sell😅 3. Mazna Motors in Additiya has all mechanical and body parts in stock 4. Not sure 8-10 kmpl perhaps @mazdaspeed?
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    I see ur from mawanella. I used to live in kadugannawa few years back. Howdy neighbor
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    The manufacturer says strictly 98+ Octane for the 4B11T. My car's warranty booklet specifies that if anything lower than 98 is used, it will void the warranty. The owner's manual warns of potential engine damage as well. And then there's this on the fuel filler lid: If you read on pre-ignition, you will understand how destructive it can be. Basically, since the low octane fuel cannot withstand pressure as much as the intended fuel, it ignites before the piston reaches the end of the compression stroke. This creates massive pressure inside the combustion chamber and can cause damage (not instantly obviously). The most obvious side effect is that the engine can overheat due to the excessive pressure in the combustion chamber and the list goes on. So yeah, 98 for sure on most forced induction engines like the 4B11T.
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    There's no need to match the local temp range I think, something in the middle like 5W30 would provide better protection under harsh conditions of SL roads IMO I remember @iRage offering an explanation about this: So, since thermal absorption is a higher priority than extremely cold (like 0 deg celcius or less ambient temp) start flow rate for us Sri Lankans I guess an oil like 5W30 would be a better choice, especially since turbocharged engines run hotter than NA ones. Even the turbo version of the WagonR recommends 5W30.
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    I've noticed these cars have a loss in power by like 80000km Probably some neglect in maintenance I've noticed this in 3 vehicles from the same generations, hope an owner can drop in more details
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    She did open the door and let me have a look inside.. it's a Mazda axela Australian domestic, looked awesome inside as well.. She did say " do you want a give it a ride ,, Malli "" .. I think she mallizoned me..😣
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    Hi Everyone, Dont go to Vishwa Motors!!! Let me explain why?! for nearly two years my VW passat was serviced & maintained by them. Initially I didn't no much about the car & it was my best option at the time. *A month ago my passat needed replacement of its turbo. So I went to Vishwa to get the job done, the technician assigned was a trainee. While removing the defective turbo, he also had to pull out the rubber hose connected to it. He forcefully pulled out the hose (I thought it was normal to be pulled out like that) somehow the hose started tearing apart and became unusable. Due to technicians fault the hose cost me an additional 15k. *Then he started pulling out vacuum tubes & wire harnesses, instead of pulling the wires carefully from its clips the technician pulled the wires apart & broke it. I couldn't bear to watch what they were doing to my car & I questioned the technician, he said the wires were decayed and needed replacement. (But that wasn't the case, they carelessly broke it) After the turbo was fixed I asked them to attend to a small oil leak near the power steering pump. It was such a small leak, about 2 or 3 drops in a day. The guy took an instrument & tightened the hose connecting to the pump & asked me to start the car. When I got off the car to see if the leak had stopped, it was a nightmare. Oil was sprinkling all over the rubber belts & engine. Due to over tightening the threads of the power steering pump, had worn out. SOLUTION- A NEW POWER STEERING PUMP. Another 45k down the drain in a day! + additional charges for new wires and clips for which they broke. Total was around 95k. Left Vishwa motors around 10pm due to their negligence & faults.end of the day I was landed with a thumping bill which I had to pay anyways. The Latest which happened last week... Went to Vishwa to get a bearing replaced..since they were busy that day I handed over the keys to the senior gentleman in the office and asked them do a test run to rectify the faulty bearing and tookoff for lunch. When I came back, the gent himself had done the test ride and said that it was from the front left hand side.. They hoisted the car and technician (dilruk) inspected the same and confirmed that it was the front bearing.. So replaced front bearing that day. The bill 29000/= Released the car around 9pm. On my way home, I noticed the same sound was audible during my drive home..the repair didn't make any difference whatsoever.. At this point I was thoroughly disappointed with these guys. Went back to them next morning around 9am. Told them the situation.. Then Dilruk ( the guy who confirmed that it was the front bearing) took the car out for another test drive with me in it.. I insisted we went on the main road...and sound with a vibration was there.. Now there was no hoist available.. So patiently I had to wait until around 1pm and they put my car up for checking. It was only then they realized that the sound was coming from the left rear.. they never bothered to check the rear wheels the previous evening.. It was the rear left bearing. Cost of replacement 19000/= I was very upset of what had happened.. For the 1st time in 2years, I wanted to speak to the boss (Ruwan) to explain the unjust situation I was in. When I went up to him and told him what had happened, he said to speak to the person concerned.. So went back to the office to tell the gentleman who first drove the car on trial.. guess what... Ho throws the ball back at me.He tells me that its the technician who is responsible... I knew this isn't going in the right direction. So I tried to approach Ruwan ( the boss) .. I said chief, I have a problem which I'm not responsible for. He refused to even listen to what I had to say..he said he doesn't have time to listen to problems and that he has to go get his kid from school..( that's exactly what he said ) Now How professional is that.. I never knew that they were of this calibre....it used to be customer is king. Since we need to go to them, they feel like kings..they dont give a damn about the vehicles or customers. All they want is our money.. Dear friends I stand by what I say it's the absolute truth. * about 6 months ago went over due to miss in the car.. l told them to let me know the problem before they repair it. I left the car and came home since I am in the middle of a construction. An hour later they call me and say that the car is ready..I asked the what was the problem.happily went to get my car.. When I went, they hand me a bill of 22000/=. They didn't even let me know that they were doing the repair since I had requested a quote prior to the repair.. Instead of replacing the faulty plug, they replaced all 4, landing me a bill of 24k for 4 VW labelled spark plugs.. Same on Ebay was 50 dollars including shipping.. Dont go there and strengthen this company... Never leave your car there,unless it's a job that takes a couple of days..and you have no choice.. I Personally don't go there anymore since I found a pretty trustworthy place in Mt lavinia.. Also a brake away group has opened shop..heard their well equipped and some of best technicians have left Vishwa and joined them. Contact Lalan - 077 2531949 but a bit of distance to get there. ***For cheap VW/Audi Spares go to Taiyo in Mt Lavinia..owner is a humble gentleman..**** Also he can guide you to the Service centre in Mt.lavinia. Dont judge the book by its cover. Owner of this garage is well qualified and has a workshop in the UAE too. THEY TACKLE BMW- MERCEDIS BENZ-AUDI and VW. Even Japanese cars. Full service at Vishwa cost me 25k. Full service at mount 12k including oil. DONT BE A FOOL LIKE ME. I HAVE WASTED MY TIME AND MONEY AT VISHWA FOR A Long time. Paying almost double for maintenance of my car. I can go with many more stories but will stick to what's relevant to me. I will be opening a forum soon, so if any of you guys have similar experiences, they can be published there as well..please dont be lazy and silent.. Share your experience and let the management of Vishwa Motors know how we customers feel. They should know that "customer is king"and that no one is indispensable.. Cheers, Ash
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    That’s why people need to be comfortable with little bit of elbow grease and some sweat. You go to a servicing station, waste your time waiting in an A/C room while worrying what’s going on with your vehicle. How about, spending that time at home doing it yourself? It’s a simple process which requires few tools and you’ll be saving your time, money and will be getting a good work out as well. You’ll get to know your vehicle as well. For the past 13 years of vehicle ownership, this has been my process. I take my car to service stations only for oil changing and running repairs. Washing, Polishing, Vacuuming and interior cleaning is all done at home as DIY jobs. It’s really satisfying as well. That’s how I have been able to maintain a 20 year old car in good condition without any electrical or cosmetic issues. 😊
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    Found a couple of pics of my little YEEE 30 taken at the car park at a BMW Agent. Look at the generation gap and the size difference. Light blue - E46 M3 Dark Blue – F20 1 series, most probably a 120i White – Current model 5 series Light blue in the far end – Most probably an E92 coupe (325i). -------------------- --------------------
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    WOLFENHAUAS, Mr. Sherry, There are few performance work shops in Srilanka who are involved in tuning and modifications. You have to come to srilanka and do a market survey for your project. Sylvi Wijesinghe.
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