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    RICE LEVEL? I think Basmathi level😅
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    Yes, this makes sense and aligns well with what's mentioned in the manual. I've seen some of my friends shift to Neutral every other time the vehicle comes to a halt in a traffic jam which is quite excessive and this is what needs to be avoided. When you shift from D to P, you have to go through several positions D > N > R > P, which is not that great IMO. The Neutral position is right next to D, so it makes more sense to just move the shifter one notch between D and N.
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    No. They are not authorized to do it either. Parking enforcement is purely a matter between Colombo Municipal Council and the owner of the vehicle. Unless there is an amendment to the MTA, this cannot even happen. This is a civil matter between Colombo Municipal Council + Tenaga vs. the vehicle owner. If Tenaga is allowed to check the DMT database for ownership details, I'm pretty sure that's a violation of the laws. Unless the MTA is amended to allow this access or unless there is a court order, I highly doubt whether they are actually allowed to do that. Most likely they get the details from the revenue license pasted on the windscreen. I also highly doubt whether they will actually go to courts to make any claims, as civil claims of this nature can almost never end up in the claimant's favour. Do you know of any actual lawsuit filed by Tenaga?
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    Why those DFCC owners are all alike? All of them are thinking that they own the best SUV in the world.
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    For me it's 1. Get the vehicle to a complete stop. 2. Put the gear to "N" while applying the service brake 3. Apply the Hand brake. 4. Foot off the service brake 5. Apply the service brake again 6. Shift the Gear to "P", foot off the service brake and then stop the engine.
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    I have only used "N" position when parking the Car. Get the vehicle to a complete stop. apply the Hand brake, Put the gear to "N" while applying the service brake. then shift the Gear to "P", foot off the service brake and then stop the engine.
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    I too had your question when I bought the car as I was driving a manual before. When driving a manual in city traffic, what I’m used to do at a red light is keep the gear in 1st position , press the clutch and engage the parking brake. I was easy as I just had to release the parking brake and the clutch to fly out of the light when it’s green. I don’t know why but holding the car with the brake while the gear position is in D in an auto car feels very uncomfortable to me. So when I bought the EX I too asked this question from @Davy. His suggestion was also not to shift from D to N regularly as it could cause a slight wear of the clutch. I read the parts in the manual where it says not to keep it on D while stationary for a longer period of time and it’s ok to keep in D for a shorter period of time like at a traffic signal. So, in a traffic light where it stays over 30 seconds I’m shifting to N, in other instances I’m keeping on D while engaging the brake. Here im attaching the two parts of the owners manual which I referred above for easy reference.
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    This was the my experience I had about these inspection reports. Before I purchased my vehicle I took an inspection report from the same place. My main concern was an accident free vehicle. Hence I proceeded with the purchase. But before start using, I wanted to send it for service and have an idea about urgent repairs. This was the report I received from TL There were few things needs to be repaired urgently as per their report. (written in handwriting). Did all excluding brake pads thing and still using the vehicle without any issues. But it doesn't mean that earlier report was inaccurate. That's their inspection standards and better to be prepared for other repairs too.
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    When i bought my car also i researched on this. Im not an expert, but my understanding is changing gears often and leaving the car in D while stationary both introduce wear and tear to the system. I have no way to know if my car manual specifies anything because it is in Japanese (Allion 2008). My method is as same as @trinity if the wait is less than 60 seconds leave it in D, if it is more put it in N, engage parking brakes and release service brakes. Over 3 mins stop the engine altogether. It is a good thing that you @Hyaenidae discussed this. I want to know about it as well.
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    Thanks Deveinda Will try it out.
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    But our owners manual says: "For short waiting periods, such as at traffic lights, the vehicle can be left in gear and held stationary with the service brake. For longer waiting periods with the engine running, the selector lever should be placed in the “N” (NEUTRAL) position."
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    I think it is a good option, has a very good following in UK In SL context since it is a "Nissan" it will be looked down upon by so so ""Toyota/ Honda"" clan. In fact I was considering this for my self then i decided on the Corolla Sport we did not want two SUVs in the family. New face lifted comes with 1.3L engine, plus you will get the warranty and technical support of the agent. And will be within your budget
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    There's a saying "When you are in deep-sh*t keep your mouth shut" your sad, childish, pathetic, marketing gimmick has now been found, you have lost all credibility and whatever drivel you type is now scorned by the forum members. If you have any common sense or an ounce of shame left you'd better close both of your accounts and stop mumbling here. This is no longer about the quality of Chinese Vehicles but more about a pathetic childish attempt by a naive third class marketer. And since you like to quote in Sinhala : ෆේක් account දෙකක් හදන් සත පනහෙ මාකටින් කරන්න ගිහින් ...ඒකවත් හරියට කරගන්න බැරිව නාගත්ත උඹට මොන democracy ද? තවත් විහිලුවක් වෙන්නැතුව නිදාගනින්
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    a day after the easter attacks? When there was curfew ? wow you must have been really motivated to buy the DFCC eh? hope you had a safe trip from the unimo showroom to your residence 😛
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    Am I the only one who thinks this @Saranga_S [email protected] IS a teenager whose father owns this DFCC 580?
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    I'm fairly certain he has bought the car, the story of the fox who had lost his tail comes to mind :D
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    I was typing a very long response but @iRage's post above says it all. So I'm not going to re-iterate. The administrators and moderators of the site have access to more information about members and their activity. That's basically all you need to know. I requested permission from @MADZ to post the evidence here and he gave me the all clear. The moderator team has seen this already so that's sufficient for now. We don't have to prove anything to you. You talk about democracy... didn't you ramble on for 7+ pages on this thread with YouTube videos from Peru and Russia while the moderators gave you a fair chance? Didn't moderators advise other members to stop insulting you? There are many posts by other members that I personally removed because they were offensive. There's "democracy" for you. There is always a place in the forum for genuine members. But you crossed the line here by being deceitful and misleading members. Also, you say that you don't have time to waste here, but you had time to create a fake profile, cook up a story and post from both accounts alternatively to get attention of the members here. Who is wasting time? I'd like to see you try and share photos of the car. Please do.
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    @Saranga_S....we have strong (technical) evidence to prove that you and Roshan321 are the same person (there is a reason why some of us said certain things in certain ways as we were testing out your legitimacy). @Davy is one of the members of the admin/moderator team who has access to this evidence, so there is a reason why he is stating what he is stating. If any of our members want to create multiple accounts and give in to their multiple personality disorders..so be it..as long as the contributions these different accounts make are positive and meaningful. If you had given honest and balanced feed back of a vehicle; then this would not be an issue. There is no vehicle on this planet that is perfect but it is a bit hard to fathom that a completely new and unproven vehicle is superior than a host of vehicles that have proven itself for almost 20 years. What you and Roshan321 are resorting to is just simply guerrilla marketing tactics where you just use one account to re-enforce whatever the other account has stated (with no factual evidence other than video clips in languages none of us understand that are single sided). You are more than welcome to post pics of your vehicle and even do an honest review of your vehicle. Please do not post warranty certificates and purchase invoices as they contain private information. Posting private information on a public forum is not a good idea and we do not want to be responsible for having some poor DFSK 580 owner's personal data published over here (without the person's knowledge). I do believe it is time we clean up this thread and maybe even lock it up.
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    When I read the X-trail’s control arm thing, my mind told me @Saranga_S and @Roshan321 are having some kind of a connection. It’s really awful to see how this guy tries hard to give other members a good impression about a crappy vehicle😅. Pathetic!
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    Whoa 😮, never in my 10 year membership in this forum I’ve seen such a desperate person. What a looser!!! Thank you @Davy for patiently waiting and exposing the bugger at the right time. Kudos on fine moderating mate !!!
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    The Modellista kits for the Corolla Sedan and Corolla Touring Wagon...now that is a nice looking wagon
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    Do not buy these, expect major repairs after 50,000km , the importer thereafter charges premiums to source and import the parts, only a minor quantity will make it to the country anyhow and will be worth like 2 mil 4 to 5 years and you ll have to sell your soul to find a buyer The above statements are based on a first hand experience on a Glory 7 seater van which my in laws purchased brand new from the same importer, home used for about 60000km So far ep steering faults, replaced ac compressor, wheel bearings, ball joints, gearbox shuddering badly, diesel engine at about 50% compression, 3 of 5 doors central locks shot, power mirrors not working, fiberglass bits in the bumper cracking and peeling off, seats peeled off and recovered, the entertainment system packed up in days, and was replaced. It was purchased for 4.5mil brand new in 2016 june, current value is 2.3 mil and moving at 2 mil whereas people advertise higher prices. Also the CR mentions as "Made in Sri lanka" making it a nightmare to sell it off if a potential buyer wants a lease, and valuations will be quite entertaining as well, If its cvt as well, god bless u There are first gen hiaces that have done about 500,000 km and with fewer repairs than above.
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    Out of all three models, Suzuki wagon R is a better option due to these reason 1. All three operate in 3 cylinder engine. when it comes to 3 cylinder, dynamic balancing and overcoming the vibration have been a challenge for decades. But Suzuki has manged to get around this problem to a satisfactory level. When you sit on all these models in idling, you feel the difference. So better go and experience by yourself rather depending on what others say. 2. When it comes to maintenance, there is no big difference out of all three. But Suzuki engines are very reliable and less wear and tare. I don't agree with the below post of early stage sludge formation. It happens either if you use wrong type of engine oil, delayed oil replacement or problem with the oil filter. Our people are very smart to change odo meters, be careful to get it from a reliable place unless it is not from agents. 3. Interior quality ( comfort, finish) and other options are far better than other two models. In Question: 1. wagonR are, kei models , so they have physical car size and engine capacity limitations. Example you are not allowed to carry three people in rear seat. Other two options comes with 3 cylinder 1.0 L engines. So people think it may be quicker in initial pickup. But for me I don't find any issue , since it uses s-ene technology. During the pickup, it extract additional power from the hybrid battery. If you can manged to get a turbo version it would be far better. But only a few people getting down turbo versions. 2. Idling stop: WagonR is built to save power. so it automatically stops the engine in longer idling times. If you do more frequent stops, it may be a problem to the life of the hybrid battery. 3. Other two models are non-hybrid. So if you worry too much on hybrid battery life and replacement cost don't go for a wagon R. Usually you don't get any problem with the hybrid battery within first 5 years. But our car dealers are very smart to swap the batteries with unused cars. what is the mileage of this car ?
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