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    Excellency, I believe I'm not worthy to provide my humble opinion for thy request. I am but no engineer -though I'm aware of issues . I hath but owned one car that falls in your excellency's budget of the proximity of 3 million, which is the Honda Fit GP1 which hath been extensively discussed. Would your excellency care to do a search for that particular car? There are many more models I could suggest to your excellency but sadly I'm not qualified to be worthy to provide input. The current car I own exceeds thy budget hence I'm unqualified to be honored in providing an input for your excellency. Please pardon this humble peasant.
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    Hey man - no worries I mean when I saw your Original post and the whole 'Applicants should have 25+ years experience in.....' vibe I just could not resist It's cool that you've cleared out your stance. My man @Hyaenidae - that is impressive sh*t. Yeah well - the thing is the members in this forum are a lot of like minded people which is the nicest thing here. There are many of us who are not at all professionally into Automobile engineering etc but are just purely guys who have the seemingly unfathomable obsession with cars - the type of people who remember their co-workers by what they drive than their name or what they do, people who can identify an obscure Japanese car by looking at its light, people who know what type of car would suit a different purpose ...people like me who dreamt of being a mechanic as a kid but drifted far far away and ended up writing code (ok...now I mostly write excel formulas and make Presentations). I know some people in this forum in person and they're some of the nicest people around. Some of them provided sound mechanical advice and guess what I even got some really good opinions from the people in the forum when I wanted to fix a glass roof for my courtyard. There's no discrimination, no kunuharupa, and this forum is a pleasant place as opposed to other more popular forums and facebook automotive groups - which honestly make me cringe a bit when I interact with bus mudalalis who've bought Civics, kasippu mudalalis with Allions etc) In short it's a forum of like-minded Automobile Enthusiasts. Yeah - I guess this is where IT guys with a passion for cars end up - and as opposed to other professions we spend a hell lot of time with internet access so that adds up.
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    And I'd give my small nut to see his face when he realizes that his wife can shatter all those carefully structured requirements to small bite-sized pieces and get what she wants with a pout which promises his peace of mind would be just gone for the foreseeable future if she doesn't get her way
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    Okay...well...I do not meet any of your eligibility criteria for provision of advice For starters..you need to do your own leg work. You cannot expect forum members to hand you the solution and you just buy it (although I must admit there are a lot of posts with that attitude these days). In general: 1. Go through other threads for car recommendations on the forum. 2. There is a thread called How to buy a second hand car in SL. It will give you a comprehensive list of what to do, what to check and by whom. 3. A car should be (and is) a personal preference. What car models interest you ? At the end of the day..it is your money and you are the one who has to live with it day in and out. Would you be happy with dating a girl you have never seen in your life before that your parents told you to date ? OR Would you be happEIR dating a girl that you met on your own and fancied ? 4. Market price...this is something you should do your own homework sadly...once you figure out what you fancy..check the classified and maybe even drop by a few cars sales to see what the asking rates are and we can discuss about what the actual going rates are (they are different).
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    Hello and welcome to the forum. The Kelisa is quite a decent hatchback. Used to be my wifes daily driver - trouble free little car based on the Daihatsu Mira. Overall no complains at all. It's a small hatch so you have to expect it to behave like one - not super luxurious or very refined but quite decent. The car is quite nimble and handles well. The EJDE 3 Cylinder 1000 cc engine is very noisy and tends to vibrate a lot. It has around 55 BHP which is quite enough as the car is small and light. Manages hills and all without breaking sweat. The interior is quite spartan and functional, the interior build quality feels a tad bit cheap (understandable considering it's a budget hatch). Interior bits are prone to wear out a bit sooner than Japanese cars. The car is extremely simple mechanically - any decent mechanic can fix it and so simple that some minor jobs can be done DIY as well. Spares are freely available - either at the agents or at a few panchikawatta shops. Some parts are interchangeable with other Daihatsu/Toyota cars as well (For instance,break pads are the same as on the Daihatsu Hijet) The biggest issue usually is the engine mounts tend to wear out quickly - maybe due to the excessive vibration. Original Mounts are comparatively expensive so most people tend to use cheap third party mounts which just last a few months and the car starts vibrating like crazy again. That's something to look out for when inspecting. A little bit of vibration is normal but if it acts like if the car has had an epileptic fit the mounts are bust. Even this is a straightforward fix. Since the car is about 15+ years old you need to look out for other more generic issues such as corrosion, poorly done accident repairs etc. Overall the car is extremely simple and easy to maintain. What we had was one with Automatic transmission and it consistently did 10KMPL - nothing more nothing less. I'm not sure about the market price right now 2003 would probably be around 1.3/1.4 Mil? Do a price check and of course you can always bargain.
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    Not really, no. Most regulars around here are just a bunch of guys who enjoy driving and discussing anything related to automobiles in general... driven by passion instead of reason, pleasure instead of practicality, beauty instead of purpose, experience instead of theory, romance instead of cost-benefit analysis... you get the picture Well, going by your requirements and approach to cars in general I think you'd be quite happy with a 1st owner company maintained Perodua Axia 2017 or newer. That's the closest you're going to get to owning a brand new car for your budget atm
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    Firstly dayum your demands! Buddy there are plenty experts here but there's no way you can meet every demand you have listed. This price category has been repeatedly discussed more than a few times so i reckon u go through the forums. As far as my recommendations go id say an entree level hybrid kei car might be your best bet. For your pricepoint you should be able to find one with a fairly low mileage and with a 2 year warranty apart from running costs and your fuel economy should not be that bad unless you abuse it. They are prone to faults under extensive engine load like if you are carrying some heavy cargo upcountry but they are pretty good for city driving. An alto would start at 2.4-2.6 and you should be able to find a decent Wagon R or equivalent for 2.7-3 Mil. As for a much more decent car you are looking at a 8+ year old car and that would be a Fit GP1( never owned one, but driven and its pretty smooth), Passo/Vitz(Owned and can recommend), or a swift (Much older 2008, used for a while back and can say its pretty worth the pricepoint). As for a sedan you are looking at a car well over 10 years and with some mileage on the clock. Honda Civic ES5, Corolla 121 (old but awesome car), Mazda 3, Nissan Sunny Fb15,N16, N17, Tida, Lancer (2008-9). All these cars have their own ups and downs, theres no perfect car but thats the whole point of owning a car. The experience you gain of taking care of it and giving the attention it needs. And the on and off mods that make you happy.
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    I can see lots of discussion about Forester, I have picked up my very 1st Subaru and it's a 2015 Forester XT Premium, done high km. I had many many cars over the years and never had something like this, i mean it handles like go cart and very nippy. Can i convince someone to buy a Subi 😝😜 everyf4 unsure how many original Vitz RS's in SL (My auntie got a one) i had a one and sold it not long ago, stiffer suspension, 1NZ FE 1500cc engine, not the best with the CVT but can't complain, less body roll and good steering respond but bad turning circle. regards, JC
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    Fun Fact : These placards at the Ceylon Motor Show is prepared by yours truly.
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    @Vega I believe @Hyaenidae 's suggestion is a good one. The Axia isn't a particularly special car to drive (I actually feel the Alto 800 of the same vintage with the manual gearbox is a far more enjoyable car to chuck about) but it'll tick most of your boxes. My view is based on a month using the Axia as a daily city run about so it might not be enough to give you the insights you need as I don't recall if i ever took it out on the highway for an example so can't comment on something like highway cruising stability etc. but it's decent little car. There's very little to go wrong. @Hyaenidae is also right about the sites member profile πŸ˜… I don't think we've had many (any?) active qualified mechanical engineers, mechanics or technicians here right @iRage in the last 14 years i've been around that I can remember off hand. Lots and lots of IT guys though, make of that what you willπŸ˜…
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    I had a passo for some time (KGC30 model, 2013), it shares a lot of commonalities with the vitz so imo, the ride height is good, fuel efficiency is around 10-12 in city and around 14-17 outstation( depends on the road and conditions). Maintenance ofc was cheap as it was a newer toyota model that only i used so other than a battery replacement, a tune up and tyres there was nothing to be replaced other than regular service with proper oils at agents. Car has a good turning radius and has a more simplistic dashboard. You get standard new car features like power mirrors, ABS, airbags, VSC, smart key etc (if you get the Hana grade). Engine comes mostly in 1L 1KR_FE(which does have a noticable vibration in idle but not as bad as in the vitz, could be because of less wear on engine mounts or whatnot). The car has an eco idle mode and currently you can find a second hand one of simillar grade for about 2.6 mil. (late K or early CA numbers). Full insurance costs 62,190 at C*y*inko V*P. Service at agents cost roughly 9500-12000 depending on the lubricants needed and detailing. leg space and cabin space is a lot more than vitz and its a pretty decent ride for everyday use. Yaris/Belta also uses the same 1KR-FE engine except its a compact sedan. Never used one but you do need to know that these cars are well over 10 years old so there is going to be considerable abuse, some decent mileage and wear. You cant expect it to not have some occassional repairs. Considerably a comfy car for a normal commute. Axia seems to be the newest car you can get for your budget. most of the axias on market are post 2017 so they are considerably new. Perodua is a pretty decent car manufactuter and the brand does hold its value well in the second hand market in sri lanka. Viva's that were brought back in 2010 still go for close to 1.8-2Mil so compared to the deprecitation of other non JDM cars id say its good. The aircon is pretty decent and the car does come with factory fitted alloys and a few extras. Never owned or used one so i guess a person who owned one might have a better say on this. If you are referring to the beetle swift then yes, its a good car too. 2008 model back in 2010-ish gave it up but the car was well on its track. The car comes standard with auto climate control and extras like steering wheel controls etc for the JDM version. the engine is a 1.3L tho but the pulling power is decent. U get a standard CVT gearbox and interior space, seats and luggage wise its a no brainer that its good. Did notice that it idles a little high on hot days and the car does seem to miss gears occasionally (could be just a one off case of a defective car for me). service is almost the same as any other car at A*W p*tstop. but this too is a pretty older car considering most of them within your budget would be 2008-2010 models. Fuel wise its around 9-10 in city, outstation around 13-14 Havent owned pugs or a fit so i guess other users will elaborate on them. Aqua though is a tricy car. Its low so you are going to hit potholes and bumps with a screetch a lot more often. The car is well engineered, and the interior space is decent. has a lot of features like SWC, TRC, auto headlight washer etc and even LED headlights(depends on model). Car does around 11-14 in city and outstation its mostly around 17. the engine is 1.5L so you can expect more power compared to a vitz. downsides would be the expensive maintenance and the problem of having to find mechanics with knowledge on hybrids if something goes haywire. The car is full of electronics and the regular makabaas engineering myt not cut it. Battery replacement is cheaper now at aronud 390K done at TL. back then it was around 410K on grey import batteries. But considering all this if you are not a heavy user, i guess a regular petrol car would be a better choice. the fuel efficiency wont make that much of a difference on your pocket when you add up maintenance. My final adv would be for you to search for each of the car you narrowed down on autolanka. you might find threads about the common problems in them and make up your mind for a choice.
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    damn i can only think how hard it will be for you to choose a wife
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    That was fast...yes...it is a Carina ED. A few fun facts: - Toyota designed it to resemble Mt. Fuji. So if you look at the car from any direction...it looks like Mt. Fuji - When it was first launched...Toyota claimed it had the lowest height for a production sedan. It stood at 1310mm - Although it had the Carina name on it..it was closer to the Celica. - The car started a wave of pillar-less hardtop sedans in the segment. Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi all jumped on the band wagon after the success of the Carina ED. - ED stands for Exciting Dressy Yes..it was a Japan only model. Over to you @matroska
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    Could this be Jeremy or Hammond?
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    Power of WagonR posted in the infamous group.
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    Coolant change: Done! Things learned: Multi-meter test of the coolant is helpful to find how degraded coolant is. Before the coolant change the highest voltage recorded was 0.1V, after the change it's 0.02V. They don't touch the engine block drain plug at the agent, only the radiator and the expansion tank gets drained so if you're going the DIY route it's quite easy and uncomplicated work just like @Davy said. The bit on the coolant cap is indeed an air vent. There are 2 rubber washers inside said coolant cap, the one I have highlighted tends to fall off whenever you take the radiator expansion tank cap off. Make sure it's there and is seated properly before re-tightening the cap. Coolant used: Part No. MZ341015EX Mitsubishi 50% concentration pre-mixed super long life coolant premium Total cost: Rs. 4872.00 Labour - 552.00 Coolant - 5.5l - 4320.00 (about 1-1.5l of coolant was left over and I'm supposed to top the radiator and the expansion tank up over several heating and cooling cycles with it). They did run the engine with the heater on to bleed the system, but still advised to do it. Questions: The engine bay is a bit of a mess after the coolant change. I haven't cleaned the engine bay since first 2 routine services and wary to do it after seeing them using pressurized water to do it, could crusted coolant on plastic and metal parts of the engine bay be harmful in some way?
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    Hi @pasindu tharaka, welcome to the forum! Please refrain from creating multiple threads across different sections of the forum. I have now merged your threads. As for your issue, I'd start by checking all the vacuum lines first for a leaks. Make sure all rubber vacuum hoses are properly secured and that they don't have cracks. Next would be the idle air control valve that you should check. It might be sticking due to carbon deposits or faulty. Do a throttle body clean and get the IACV carefully cleaned as well.
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    Well out of the two models you have mentioned the Audi A1 would not meet any of the requirements above except for the ability to reverse like @kush mentioned above. However, if you are looking at a maximum 5 million budget I don't think you'd be able to get hold of a 2020 Yaris (the Vitz is no more as mentioned in the above comments from 2020 on) as the prices of Vitz model years 2018-2019 goes close to the 5 million mark. The new Yaris looks good and premium both in the inside and the outside (the rear design might not be everyone's cup of tea though) than the outgoing model and like @iRage mentioned it could be more livelier to drive due to Toyota's new global architecture chassis design. All things said 4 to 5 million is a pretty good budget to buy a car and if it was my money I wouldn't settle with a hatchback for this price point. There are many decent hatchbacks, sedans and even some SUVs, CUVs that would be falling within this price bracket which would offer many options, comfort and other advantages than the models being compared at the moment. However, its your money and its your call so you can choose the best option that would suit your needs
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    Not to sound rude..but if you have to ask the question..then no..stay away from the Audi. 5mil is quite a good chunk of money. Are these the only two options you have ? Would there be any decent Korean offerings ? Yes..the Vitz name was dropped and now it is called Yaris. Test drove the 1L and the 1.5L (MT). They are both pretty nimble and actually fun. Yes the 1L uses the 1KRFE engne but Toyota swears by the fact that the engine has got some major overhauling and it is not like the previous one (I was quite disrespectful of the the previous 1L ). Only time will tell if these upgrades actually make it better. To be fair...it did feel and sound less cheap and tin can like as 3 cylinders usually sound. The thing did not feel like it had any more or less power but the way it was delivered was much better and coupled with the livelier chassis you could forgive it for not being a fire breathing engine.
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    Hi hi, it's like this. They clean the Throttle body fully inside out. Clean the injectors using a specific gadget that tests the flow rate and using an injector cleaner liquid like the Wurth product. Clean the spark plugs throughly using this gadget that vibrates at a high frequency while the plugs are drowned in a cleaner liquid (atleast the Place I got it done did so) Clean the fuel pump and filter and check the hoses and fuel lines. IIRC they clean the injector rail too. Finally they adjust the idle rpm if it needs to be adjusted. But I find it weird they don't touch the PCV, EGR, EVAP and IACV systems which are equally important. Maybe some places do but mostly not. Whether it's a garage or DIY, we should get all the above mentioned components cleaned and checked once in a while (average every 3-4 years or 60k kilometers, really depends on how much the car is used). Not to mention our lankan fuel quality. I have heard of a Honda Fit GP1 that broke down one night nearby because the fuel filter got clogged. So while the question of whether it is a money grab depends on the price charged and quality of work. But other than removing the fuel tank to access the fuel pump in some models, everything else can be done at home given that owner is handy and has the necessary products.
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    I also second fuel starvation issue. I have experience with this problem too. Its usually check valve or could be a fault with the ignition coils. Do you experience any misfires or rough idle? If so, check with cleaning the IAC (Idle Air Control Valve) & PCV (Positive Crank Ventilation Valve) too. Those two are usually not covered in an 'engine tuneup'. Were you observing the tune up guys do the job or did you leave the car by itself at the garage? Cause some cars have fragile components in the fuel system that should be handled with care.
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    I posted it for a laugh as @sathyajithj99 initially posted one with a placard; I didn't realize until much afterwards how akward it must have been for all the married guys participating! I mean we all blow up the posted images and examine them carefully for clues right? Well, I can only imagine the measures taken so as to examine this car door on the down-low without having it cause a domestic scene. My apologies to all affected...Sorry guys!
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    @Vega since you said let's stick to cars, i'm not going to address that quote above πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ Regarding your point about used cars, I hate to break it to you, but no matter how much due diligence you do, you're always rolling the dice buying used. So given your aversion to risk or the need to minimize or mitigate why not buy brand new?
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    @Vega props for the structured & logical approach you've taken to finding your first carπŸ‘ Just an observation but have you left a margin to factor out the confirmation bias in the responses you receive? @gayanath usually offers empirical evidence to back up his claims but the rest of us are guilty of serving up opinions which to a large extent are subjective. Of the cars you've shortlisted i've only owned the Fiesta - search the forums; i recently replied in great detail about my ownership experience of the Ford.
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    Very much so @matroska And especially this one with the port-hole windows: Its one of those cars that you'd want to preserve and have around the house to enjoy. A very nice looking car indeed and the ideal runabout for a quick 'kaade paan' run!
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    Teaser: https://i.ibb.co/6YQjLx7/DSC-2376.jpg
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    remember hearing from a friend that LiquiMoly ( additive to the fuel tank) is an effective solution.
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    I put Mobil 1 0W-3 fully synthetic oil for the 6 or so years I had my previous car (Honda Civic Hybrid) from Sterling but did the service at 7500km. I ran about 1000-1500km per month. Maybe you can do 10k with that oil, but I didnt want to take any chances with the climate and extreme traffic conditions in SL so I did it at 7.5k just to have peace of mind. I never had any engine related issues in that car and I had run 125000km by the time I sold it. I also changed the CVT oil at every 10000-15000km. Agents recommended 40k intervals. But there was a noticable improvement in the shorter cycle changes I did after researching online. That CVT ran smooth without any issues until I sold it. Did I go overboard with oil change intervals? Probably yes. Was it worth it? Absolutely.
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    Do this calculation first: Price of a new tyre = Rs. X Value of your life (+ your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/children lives) = Rs. Y If Rs. X is greater than Rs. Y, use a tube with your tyre If Rs. y is greater than Rs. X, then go get a new tyre immediately It's that simple.
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    This man doesn't have much business these days. U should ask him about the future...
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    So it is confirmed ! The big news to be announced on the 8th of July by Mazda (which they have been teasing about since May or so)..is that there will be a Turbo charged hot version of the Mazda 3. Would be nice if it made it to Asia.... https://jalopnik.com/the-2021-mazda-3-turbo-will-get-at-least-227-horsepower-1844278962?fbclid=IwAR23Y8vbX23k994zac5j4h_LwYmEF-UlkItUoovOlWtRb5sch_7dSqbrBCE
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    Nope, it shouldn't degrade plastic or metal parts. I don't understand how they can mess up the engine bay though. I mean the coolant is drained from the bottom. And if they used a funnel to fill it in, there really shouldn't be any spillage.
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    So curiosity got the better of me and checked the quick site for prices of the new Yaris...the G grade seems to ask a 5.9 - 6.1 mil price and the X anywhere between 5.3 - 5.5. You could always go check and see what the bottom line price is. The car sales people might be desperate enough to give some significant price cuts (I don't reckon people are buying cars liek they used to with all the curfews and pandemic business)
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    if your wifeys ok with your eyes widening at the sight of pre-race booties when you're watching Fast and Furious with her then she'll probably give a pass on this too πŸ˜‰
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    Ok I think Kusumsiri has linked the same thread - Thilina, you created another thread for Perodua Kelisa - having a lot of threads for each and every model is just going to clutter up the forums so he's asking the moderators to merge this thread with your previous Kelisa thread. In future try to avoid creating multiple threads. thanks. πŸ™‚
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    Could be a fuel starvation issue (fuel pressure check valve issue, bad fuel-air ratio in the mixture etc.) I would start by checking whether you have a dirty air filter as its the easiest point to start. And I am sure more mechanically savvy members here will have better suggestions for you on how to proceed if its not something as simple as a dirty air filter... But what I'm really curious about is: @Snfonseka you say your car was just 'tuned' ? Where? And what exactly did they do as part of this process? I don't know much about the Viva Elite in particular, but 'tuning' such a car seems unusual...
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    @Devinda_Z...yes but no...quite a few of the members did hands-on projects and had experience that way. Some members actually knew more about specific cars more than the agents themselves. Then there is @Sylvi...and @VVTi who are officially dabbling in the field.
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    Cataloy and WD40 wont buff out fibre glass. The fuel tank seems to be intact. A loss for the Sri Lanka. But why is this here on funniest moments, this is not funny at all
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    yeah it looks nice doesn't it -with that tiny port-hole window - this is the 2 door variant of the G10 called the runabout haven't seen one for real in SL but saw an advert for one. There's something quaintly charming about old Daihatsu hatches. I'm not sure what this is but it definitely looks Indian there's a whole 'Yaaar' vibe to it
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    I used Wurth one at once for my Vitz but nothing happened. My personal impression is, It's just a mind game. When you think it's working you will feel a difference, otherwise not. No measurable results. And.... I have this question. Petrol itself a good solvent and its going through the injectors having pressurized (and atomized at the end). Do adding 0.5% solvent to petrol will remove something which cannot be removed by pressurized (and atomized) petrol? @iRage, any comments?
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    Mr @Sylvi..not just for selling cars...most car owners (especially of the popular models like the Premio/Allion/Axio/Vitz) make up and boast about fake fuel figures just so they can feel good about the investment they blindly made just because everyone else was doing it). They have to keep up the figures and keep talking about it because anything other than these wonderful fuel efficiency figures means the vehicle's value will drop and they lose money. Fuel efficiency figures are the nations second biggest lie; they only come second to political promises.
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    There is no specific size of the mirror. Only suitable mirror available in the market for this purpose is Old Lancer Box mirrors. You can find it in Panchikawatta under Rs. 2500. As I know there is no specified length of bonnet either. But the examiner ask the model of the vehicle before they recommend the licence under monocular category. So, the vehicle should have a sufficient bonnet length to fit the mirrors. When you sit on the driving seat, you should be able to see the objects through bonnet mirrors up to some extent. (these bonnet mirrors do not provide clear vision scope than the usual side mirrors) After fitting bonnet mirrors, you'll have to show it to examiner of RMV (either RMV head office or district office), and they will examine the vehicle. (apart from bonnet mirrors, they will check engine number and chassis number of the vehicle). Inspection report of examiner, medical report, vehicle CR and other relevant documents will be scanned to RMV system. No disable badge or sticker pasted on the vehicle and no additional conditions are mentioned in vehicle CR. So, don't worry for that. No one would know you have a monocular driving license, except for people who are aware of the story of additional mirrors.
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    You're living the good life then @speed8 !! I envy you! (Dad taking care of most of the bills, and your mother still cooking for you and and taking care of everything else! Man those were the times! The best years of my life really.... )
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    @thusharak340 I didn't post further because you said you were getting confused. My apologies, sometimes too much info is bad, but since you asked I will clarify but will keep it simple: 1. For your car based on the manual above Toyota states either 5W30 or 0W20 oil is okay. It also says for best fuel economy to use 0-20W oil. 2. So you can certainly use 0-20W mobil no problem. The 0-20W mobil annual protection oil you have referenced is a long-life oil and you should be able to use it for 20,000km no problem. I have however not used it personally yet. ( However the online reviews are good, and it has passed a lot of verification tests and mobil is a reputable company so I would go for it) 3. Only issue is will Toyota SL honour the warranty if you stretch the oil change to 20,000km? That I don't know. You will have to check that with the Toyota Agent to make sure. (If they say no, ask whether they will honour the warranty if you change the oil at 10,000km and then just stick to that interval instead) 4. I understand this stuff is confusing. Is language an issue? If so would you rather discuss this in Sinhalese or Tamil? I do speak Sinhalese as well so if you want to discuss this in Sinhalese no worries we can do that too. I will be glad to help. My Tamil is a bit shaky, and I won't be able to communicate much in Tamil, but if you do want assistance in Tamil I am sure another member can help clarify anything discussed here.
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    Okay usually I chop down quoted material for brevity but in this case I won't / don't want to: Because honestly this is the best post I've seen since I logged back into Autolanka-Kudos @Devinda_Z If THE POST ABOVE doesn't convince you to buy a Subaru / Subaru Forester I don't know what what will !!
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    I've seen most of the accessories in the cars at these places with little pieces missing or damaged. For example, oil stick with top plastic part broken. When they finally get their genuine buyer they will go on correcting these shortcomings, thus making the buyer believe that he is getting what he bargained for. This must be a part a of their "magic".
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