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    Until we are having a well functioning and efficient "Consumer Affairs Authority", only few agents who really cares their good faith could be trusted. All others used to increase their profit by several underhand games as market survival is also not so easy and as consumers we have no place to complain rather than avoiding. One more known example: You can buy any TV remote (low quality product) from Pettah around Rs. 250. Knowingly some agents are purchasing same from pettah and selling at there store Rs. 1,000 - 2,500. Lot more stories are there...
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    One of my friend (Doctor ) waiting for his car permit in next months. As corona import of new vehicles has been cancelled. So can he buy a brand-new car from car sales with his permit and how much of price reduction permits?
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    Definitely an auto Still not got it, coz its not cleared yet. I'm hoping it has some of the options from the UK version, which looks quite good. Really eager to see how the Android Auto options work.
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    Yes...it felt very detached when driving....steering feel accelerator feel..typical Nissan e-feeling. The thing was nimble. It was an e-Power had some decent get up and go at low speeds but on the urban expressway it was not the quickest thing once you are at about 40ish and want to step up. Ride wise...plenty of space in there..feels more roomier than a Raize (not sure if it is actually larger or not). Ride was..well...just like a Note to be honest....firm and yet soft..a bit of a firm body roll in it. Decent rear leg space for an average Asian...but if you are more than 6 feet then it might get a little bit too cramped in the back.
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    If you are talking about the NEW Rush...just don't its not a SUV...its a MPV crossover now and it just feels like a minivan It looks like a minivan and it drives like a minivan. Refinement wise..it is not too good nor not too bad...its okay for an entry level MPV.
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    Today, I shopped for oil filter for my Chr. The oil filter "90915-YZZE1" looked quite a counterfeit (Made in Thailand) but bought it for some research (costed only Rs. 1,100,00). Bit of internet search revealed that the product exactly matches the fake one produced by a cheap Chinese Supplier as you can see in the figure below. It looks that our fellows bring these filters in bulk from china (1 Doller for 1 unit) and put to the market. I am dead sure that service joints are using these cheap Chinese crap saying it as a OEM one. Just beware of these developments in the market to save your vehicles from bloody parts dealers who rip you off. I will put some pictures of the counterfeit with a good comparison with the Genuine...:)
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    Now that's a good looking EX. Says all history is available from first rego as well. Should be good. Much newer car than OP's 2008 one (no ABS sensor issue) and a GLS too. That last photo with the Evo spoiler... 😍 You had to share this instead of a normal photo didn't you?
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    Yes, my experiences say: 1. Always better to get the vehicle serviced from the agent 2. if it is a DIY job or job done by a machanic...(as I do) better to source parts like filters from the Agent. Time has come that none of the auto parts suppliers can be trusted (unlike those days we used ViC instead of Genuine parts). I believe all Toyota parts come in red packaging are Cheap Chinese Crap. 3. The people who does services at service joints, better insist to use genuine parts from the agent. Better choose a trustworthy service joint. I am really doubting about places like Au....Mir,,, Ster....g would use genuine parts....
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    It most likely is what @gayanath mentioned. It could be that the ECU is still learning the parameters after the tuneup...it could be that it was completely wiped-out/reset..or it could be that after the tune up the set parameters need to be self calibrated because air/fuel/etc..inflows/outflows/mixtures have changed. So if you have only run a little bit after the tune up..give it some time...run the car for a few more km.... Of course..knowing the local garages and mechanics at agents...it could also be because of what @Davy indicated. Highly unlikely it is because of the tie rods or the rack or anything....in the Vitz/1KR-FE engines cars it is actually the other way..the mounts and bushes go bad because of the vibrations caused by the 3 cylinder engine.
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    I highly doubt it's to do with ball joints or tie rod ends since the vibration is at idle. @GayanR , Since you say that the vibration stops when you press the brake pedal, it might be that there's a vacuum leak. The mechanic may have forgotten to connect a vacuum line or left one of them improperly connected. You should be able to do a visual inspection around the throttle body and observe each vacuum line. Pay extra attention to the one that goes from the brake booster to the intake manifold. If all the vacuum lines are okay, it might be the ECU still re-learning as Gayanath said. If the job was done with the battery disconnected, this would cause the ECU to reset.
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    @Islander93 a 2011 KL-XXXX GLS just popped up on the quick site
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    @HaeylM you are a life saver. That did the trick. Thanks a lot and best of regards!!
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    A little too revealing? 😂 Since I know what this is... and it's been just back and forth between us let's wait for a bit :if no taker's I'll reply
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    But the more interesting news is....Nissan showcased their new logo design (a refresh after 20 years !) https://global.nissanstories.com/en/releases/redesigned-nissan-logo
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    The all new Nissan Ariya ! Saw this beauty at TMS last year as a concept model and did not believe that Nissan would actually put it in to production almost as it was in concept form (see last few pics). The all EV Crossover (which is about the size of a CX5) comes in either 2WD or 4WD. Both are offered in either 65 or 90 kWh options and the power output seems to range from 215hp to about 390hp depending on the drive train (0-100 seems to be within the 7-9sec range). Range seems to fall within the 400-450km bracket for the 65kWh variant and between 580 – 610 for the 90kWh. Nissan is not having the best of times with their current lineup so it would be interesting to see how this would fair. The launch website is here : www.thenissannext.com ...and I thought I saw somewhere that the starting price was around 5mil yen
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    This is what happens when the 'Mini' runs for parliment~! (A "humble, people pleasing, friend of the environment" pre-election picture on the right and a post-election mugshot on the left where the bugger seems to have swelled to x3 his usual girth and doesn't embody any of the reasons why people chose it in the first place! )
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    Ah yes @sathyajithj99 That's far the more likely (albeit, far less exciting) opion... And trust my gutter mind to gravitate immediately towards the more nefarious senario!
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    Members, All Opel cars came to Ceylon during that era had 6 Volts system, only later years they were installed by the manufactor with 12 volts. Most of German cars had similar Dynamos. Only VW had a long shaft dynamo, to drive the cooling fan fitted to dynamo one end. Later 1970 some VW owners did not sanctify with head light power to drive in the night. Out of Colombo which was not lighted well like now days. M/s. Bogala Motors which was existing at that time in Fort close to old clock tower left hand side oppesite of Bover's building, until the Central Bank development project started, imported German "HELLA" Head lamp high powered sealed beams 6Volts. That was a conversion kit did not hit the market. I converted few cars VW , Opel, Skoda, Bogward Renault to 12 volts, Some with 12 Volts complete Dynamos of UK made (lucas). VW had to change the Dynamo field coils winding also new dynamo Armature winding. To give 12 Volts high Amperage. VW dynamo turns at very high RPM to cool the engine. With a very large pulley on crank shaft end, therefore slow generating was never a problem. Some other cars had the slow driving on top gear at very slow speeds, lights used to get dim due to dynamo did not compensate the draw of current during night driving. Mainly due to some motorists did not drive vehicles at recommended gears on low speed therefore the generators did not give high amperage. Alternators did very well for this problem. Few years back I had experienced a long wheel base, 4DR5 engine Jeep had this problem. The owner had spend few thousands to convert to duel A/C New complete system, double insulated soft rear hood so that day heat will not come in, same problem when he drives at slow speeds Alternator was not charging enough in the night. I do not do any electrical repairs now days due to my present service in Automobiles. I corrected his problem with minimal cost. Most of my old friends want me to commence Electrical repairs again. Some what I have mentioned are not relevant to the topic, but it is very important to younger generation motorists to know the past era what our motorist faced. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
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    I installed the Sri Lankan map today following the trick given by Dananjaya. It is in fact same procedure given in Garmin Honda page. https://honda.garmin.com/honda/site/generalInstructions The trick is to replace the downloaded Europe map with the Sri Lankan map (and fool the system) to install it by assuming it's a map update to original Europe map. It worked...🙃 Instead of the older map found in that thread, I used the latest updated map from Mapmania. Download the latest Garmin Map of Sri Lanka from this page. Make sure you rename the downloaded file to "gmapsupp.img" before copying it to your pendrive replacing the file there. The map above, and probably all others, are generated from Open Street Map project. It is a community based mapping tool to which I also contributed where possible. The accuracy and completeness of the maps depends on how the community contribute to it. My experience is it is very accurate. So, if you see any error, please correct it in OSM, so that it will appear in future updates. I think we can update the map again by simply replacing the "gmapsupp.img" with new one in the pen drive. So, keep your pendrive safe. Important, don't use pendrives created in other cars. Only use the one created from yours.
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    Two weeks before, I went Unity Plaza to buy an internal battery for my Acer Laptop. Checked with 5 - 6 shops and all are with the price range of Rs. 8,500 to 9,500 (while the agent price was Rs. 18,000+) and all looking same (except one shop) packaged in same type cardboard box and "Acer sticker" pasted on top of the battery. The box of the different one included the battery (having non printed blank black sticker on top of the battery) and the "Acer sticker" was also there in the box separately. The seller told me he didn't pasted it yet and could do if I required. The most funniest thing is, they told me the agent also buying from them and selling at higher price...............
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