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    First of all let's make something clear. 20 million is equal to 200lakhs 2 million is equal to 20 lakhs
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    Maintenance Update: Date: 11 & 12 February 2020 (At United Mortors - Orugodawatta) Odo: 135,135km I have completed 43,000km under my ownership. Timing belt had to replace for the second time in service history (Last time Timing Belt replaced at 45,351km on 19 May 2014). Few months ago, agent pointed me oil leaking from right side front differential case oil seal and hence replaced both side oil seals. (Since Timing belt replacement is not a maintenance we see frequently, I here add many photos to show the whole process for CS enthusiasts.) Below maintenance worked carried out and it took 1.5days. (1) Timing belt replaced with tensioner and oil pump β€˜o’ ring (2) Oil pan cleaning (3) Replaced both side front differential case oil seals (4) ATF replacement (5) Inner rubber seal of engine oil cap (Photo not attached) (6) Front and rear wheel alignment I must say Unit#d Mot#rs did a very good job & thank to Senior Service Advisor Mr.Sisira Kumara & Technician Mr.Jayawardhana. Continued to next post....
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    oooh ooh..... this is exciting. Finally a worthy thread! Me and my dad are old car fans so we've had a couple of oldies with us time to time - currently we have a Datsun B110 and a Toyota Starlet EP71(sold off a beetle some time back) If you really want some retro-vintage fun : VW Beetle those things still run, parts are there and mechanics while rare can still be found but it's increasingly difficult to maintain one : my dad had one for a couple of years which he sold off mainly due to our regular mechanic going blind and cos it was a lot of effort maintaining it AND because i fell in love with Datsuns and bought one out of the blue and we did not have space for both. This brings me to another option Datsun B110/210/310 these are rock solid cars with ABSOLUTELY simple motors the ever reliable A12- they are aplenty and parts are there and you can find parts on classic car FB pages. I love the datsun 110 cos it's such an eager little car - like an energetic puppy that wants to play. If you want to see your options I suggest you join the numerous old-car fb groups. If you really want some old school fun then look for a pre 1975 car cos then you won't have to worry about emission tests. While the datsun never gives such headaches my starlet ep71 recently failed the emission tests and that would mean more carb tuning and fiddling around. Here are the suggestions from the top of my head and I'll stop here cos I could write about this for ages: 1. Datsun Sunny 110,210,310 available by the bucket loads 4 .5 lacks will get you a really nice car. 2. Lancer : Box at the higher end of your budget, the wagons at the lower end (L Light Tube light the list goes on) 3. Corolla KE series (there is a local community who are over-hyping it a bit but still nice cars) another good choice - parts are not common but there is an active local community with regular meet ups and drives they help out with sourcing parts etc. The entire group are very helpful and knowledgeable. If you want newer cars : for around 6 you can get 1980's Corollas, Nissan Marches , Daihatsu charades, ....man there's so much you just opened a can of worms PM Me. P.S: with old cars you can improvise time to time when you get bored : this is the old datto with a set of new wheels just wanted to put this here ....hey maybe i should write another blog about this.
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    Just to share my experiences. We had to exchange our GP1 for a CHR from a Car Sale in Kurunegala. The car was heavily used clocked nearly 160,000 km. Since my wife used it her long daily drive, the interior was in mint condition. Recently, I checked the web-site of the car sale, to my surprise the car sales guys have rejuvenated the car, now it has done only 60000 km . The lesson, never trust these car salespeople either when buying a new or used car!!!!!
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    You got a blocked radiator it seems..and the head gasket must have gone by now. Why the hell is everyone losing a gasket these days? I blew mine last week due to a failed radiator cap & blocked radiator and in the garage, there were 4 or 5 vehicles (from a 2013 Allion to maruti 800s) that were there due to gasket failure. Maybe the climate isn't helping the cooling systems work better either. Like TT mentioned, the alt and all could be checked during the repair. I hope none of the coolant spilled on the alternator though.
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    Also dude - you belong to the 1% of sri lankan motorists. Respect!!!
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    Armstrong = Armstrong... Thus, Neil Amrstrong = Lance Armstrong...therefore Neil Armstrong went to the moon on a bike. Lance Armstrong won all the cycling races because his bicycle was rocket propelled (the actual rocket kind..not the steroid type)
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    MG Zs doesn't have a dual clutch transmission in the first place. How can it have DCT problems???? MG gives 7 years warranty here in UK for the ZS. It's a reliable vehicle for a Chinese. There are no known reliability problems so far. However the interior looks cheap and the build quality is poor compared to its competitors like the Kia Stonic. The 1500cc version (not relevant to Sri Lanka) seems to lack pulling power. They recommend the 1000cc one in UK over the 1500. The biggest problem in Sri Lanka is the agent. Micro shouldn't even be servicing three wheelers.
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    The Audi Q2 would be so disappointed @AVANTE #untaggable
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    yeah low mileage 5A or 90's Toyota engines are so easy to findπŸ˜… Oh & don't forget to update the CR when the engine swap is done!
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    with 20Mn you could easily get a BMW X7, Lnadcruiser Prado, Audi Q7, Merc S-class etc
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    Isn't "revelation" something that Jesus gave to the world?
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    It is clearly mentioned in the service manual and depending on the vehicle it would be displayed inside the fuel tank cap as well. But not all 1000cc would need 95. Most Euros would. Mine (Euro) clearly says 95.
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    I thought G Superior grade cars never get these kinds of issues.
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    In the event you end up with a hybirid car having a dead battery, it's not going to save you any fuel as it will only add to the weight of your car.
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    The idle RPM difference is likely to be due to the fact that the battery was disconnected during the repair which would have caused the ECU to reset. Drive about 20km and the ECU should re-learn. As for the flickering issue and Airbag warning light, it has to be something not connected properly after the repair. I'd check the ground wires and the alternator connector first. Then get a diagnostic scan done to find out the SRS system error code. Oh also... it's not the car that's stabbed you in the back, it was the garage. 😐 Why did you even drive the car off in that condition? Should have stayed there and demanded they fixed all the problems that they introduced during the repair. Anyway, good luck!
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    JEVIC ones usually have a tag on the car with a QR code, you can scan this and check the original mileage of the car. Sadly these are like unicorn level rare as the salesmen tear it off. if you need to check the auction details I have a guy , pm for details
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    Changed my Viva Elite timing belt as a DIV task on last weekend. Added some images for reference. The new belt has two stripes to make the job easier.
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    Here I'm comparing the highest grades of both vehicles we get in SL which are C-HR GT 1.2T Premio F EX package 1.5L There are higher grades of Premio in Japan with 1.8L and 2L engines. They are the real G Superior grades. Not the fake rebadged ones we find in SL. No, we don't get side mirror heaters , seat heaters or puddle lamps in Premios in SL. Not even damn cruise control. Yes you can add accessories according to your taste but I'm talking about standard option you get in both vehicles. My point is it doesn't worth the price you pay.
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    since effectively this is ur 3rd car... fuel econo shouldn't be material! i say somehow get hold of this beauty!
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