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    What ever discussion there is I'm still waiting to see its off-roadability and see if it better than the legendary Defender.. Or NOT.. Something like..
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    Stay away from R grades (true even cars that have been modified with after market parts get graded R....but for the car you are looking at it is going to be a car that has had some repair damage done...). I would not go anything lower than a 4 for any car...but for a relatively newer car I would try to get one that is not less than a 4.5. I would go for a 4 with a newer car if the damage is like a small scratch that can be buffed out or easily touched or a small ding or two in places that cannot be seen. The WxB is not bad..in fact it first tarted off as a specia edition (White by Black) and it was so popular they turned it in to an actual grade. The Allion/Premio is a bit more comfortable than the Axio..yes...but the Allion/Premio are really old cars. They have not been doing well in Japan. Most of the Allions/Premios sold in Japan are bought by car exporters in Japan to be shipped off to Sri Lanka/Bangladesh/etc...as a locally popular model it died off a good 5-6 years ago. What is the car YOU want to have ? Forget about what the Premathilekas and Pereras and the doctors and certified engineer down the road and at office say....what is the car that YOU want ? WIll a WxB make you happy ? WIll an Allion/Premio make you happy ? Go look at a few cars available for sale. Test drive them and see what makes you feel better and would want to live with for the next few years. If it is a Premio that you want...then you cannot import one. Sell your permit and then get a slightly used one for about 6 - 6.5mil (remember to get it professionally checked because there are a lot of cars that have not been taken care of properly). If a WxB is what you want...then you can import one (if you are able to pick one out of an auction then there chances of it being more honest is greater). Yes..a sedan has its own level of comfort that a cross over would nt have..but crossovers are not bad. As the others have said....look in to other types as well like the C-HR which is as comfortable as a Axio and has a bit more bells and whistles.
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    Do not buy R as you will not know what the extent of the repair is and the quality of the repair. When you import on the permit you're stuck with the vehicle. 2018 WXB with low mileage will be ideal in your case auction grade 4.5 or above, look for a car with interior A this should fit your budget. Forget about the Allion/Premio as it is not worth for the Permit as you will be pocketing extra Rs. 2.0 Mn. taxes (same as C-class/ BMW 1&2 series / CRV, Rs. 1.95 Mn.) and will definitely exceed your budget unless you opt for a lemon. Also look at CH-R you should be able to find a good one for Rs. 4.5 Mn. as duty will be only Rs. 265K Alternatively you could sell the permit which will increase your budget to Rs. 6.9-6.9 Mn. which can get you a decent car in the used market.
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    Buy a car which makes u happy as mentioned by iRage. Compare few cars. If u are going to put an advertisement in few months saying " selling for upgrade", that car is not for you. Check rear seats of CHR. Anyway all cars in that budget range are not actual sedans except mazda 6(not sure though).
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    Well..you re trying to compare apples with bananas...but still... The Axio is a no nonsense A to B car with some creature comforts and decent safety....the non-safety accessories and comforts offered are pretty dated; because the current Axio is quite old. It is not the most exciting car to drive... The CHR is a much newer platform (based on the TNGA platform). The vehicle by itself is a much more engaging vehicle to drive. The features/accessories are pretty modern. If you go for a G grade then you will get soem nice luxurious touches like quilted seats. Talking about new Toyotas..the newer Toyotas have much more supportive seats than the old once...aand the interior feels nicer too. In addition to that...you do have to consider the difference between the Axio being a Hybrid and the CHR you are looking at being a non-Hybrid. Yes..the Axio will have greater mileage per L of petrol (because it is a Hybrid); but in the long run I beleive whatever money you save on petrol you will have to spend on maintaining the Hybrid system. So, if you plan to keep the vehicle for a long time then the total cost of ownership between the CHR and Axio would be pretty close (CHR will be a bit higher because of things like different tires, etc...)
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    WXB 15-20 kmpl, CH-R 10-15 kmpl at best, look at the rear seats of CH-R to see whether you are happy. Tires will be expensive in CH-R I feel CH-R will fetch more at resale 5 years down the line being non hybrid and crossover. CH-R will be better to drive
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    For the given budget, you will be able to import a CHR. Other option is sell your permit as kush mentioned and extend your budget to 6.6 -6,7 mil and buy a good sedan from second hand market. (Spare some money for insurance and other costs) You will be able to go for a used premio/allion 2016 or even a mazda 6. And there are other options like Audi Q2, Honda civic hatch or sedan. Do not buy R grade vehicles. Better avoid auction grades 3.5 and 4 also.
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    Agree...but we have to wonder about several things 1. Yes..it is understandable that LR went with all the gadgets and gizmos to appeal to a new consumer base and also a to a group of people who just use the LRs for shopping runs but now want to do it in luxury. But they should also consider the market where people want something simple that runs and works well in hard environments and easy to keep running in these environments. As far as I know you only get the option with a simpler suspension system, but not an old fashioned 4wd system. 2. Consumerism....Manufacturers need people to "buy"; without products being bought they would slowly seize to exist. So one has to wonder if the manufacturers have an incentive to manufacturer components that can be fixed and products that have an internal life span (well...really really long). Add to this the ever reducing resources (raw materials wise). Now manufacturers need these vehicles and its components back in the crusher to be scrapped out so that what ever that can be reused can be used. 3. Automation......This applies to everything....are we as a human race going in the right direction ? Yes...the world has changed and automation of tasks of a process enables the human to engage more on the knowledge and creative aspects of the process. However, we as a species have clearly shown time and time again that we have just become dumber. The young farmer boy out in the outback farming and wanting to do it in a luxurious off-roader is understandable...I have nothing against that...but don't you think this new farm boy is reluctant to fix things because society told him it was not worth fixing things ? Just like in many parts of the world children are under the belief that they do not need to know how and why math works because calculators do things for you (Yes you do not need to do the actual task...but learning some of the principals behind math has positive side consequences of teaching and training one's brain in doing things like being logical...) 4. (sort of same as 3) I do believe that in certain things in life you need to know how things work...not knowing would be a matter of life and death. Automation all the way from the actual tasks to the decision making processes of all the elements involved is still not there yet. So until a level of total and complete automation (we are talking about at the level of actual AI here) then some things should not be automated just so that humans do not mess up.
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    @PreseaLover This guy Preseas. No, that wasn't an erroneous sentence; he literally Preseas.
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    @navindra80 any particular reason you decided on a Proton?? @Pericles used one some time ago - he may have some feedback
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    @amsandun they look good! Simple and nice - matches the style of the car 👍 Happy to have been able to be of assistance
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    OMG!! Yes buddy. I agree with you. We could've reduced those costs by going for cheap alternatives, instead of using genuine parts. The mounts were bought from TL and installed by a trustworthy and skilled mechanic who always did a great job to my cars. Shock absorbers are ordered 2 days ago through my friend in japan. My tail light was damaged by the gate, but still waiting to be replaced using a japanese one. One was found but there is an unnoticeable crack in the plastic surround which would not affect its usage, but refused putting it. They are pretty rare here. Previous owner had pumped 95 and I also continued but still monthly cost for the fuel seems to be reduced by a significant amount.
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    How did you come up with that? We haven’t even had the election yet and we don’t even know which party will come into power and who will be the next president
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    Then he should avoid Allions and Premios that apparently are somehow hacked more than 121s according to our resident Allion fan :D
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    Yep, Mazna would be your best bet if you want OEM Mazda 2/Demio visors. They import brand new parts, so if they don't have, they should be able to import for you. Ask Mr. Lalith and see.
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    Good luck bro,.. TT.
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    I just did a little research on the prices of midsized crossovers in China itself. Perhaps this should give an indication of where our 'turning point of quality' vehicle fits in. BTW these are also China-assembled vehicles for the Chinese market. DFSK 580 Base price CNY 78,900 Honda CRV Base price CNY 199,000 (made by Dong Feng) Kia Sportage Base price CNY 144,900 Volkswagen Tiguan Base price CNY 340,000 Nissan Terra Base price CNY 169,800 (Made by Dong Feng) GAC Trumpchi GS5 Base price CNY 123,800 Zotye SR9 Base price CNY 110,000 These are vehicles that are more or less the same size as the DFSK 580 (belonging to Midsized crossover category) From this quick comparison, it seems that the DFSK 580 is a cheap product even by Chinese standards. For example, the CRV and the Terra made by the same company costs double. Going by this, I tend to believe that DFSK 580 is nothing but a cheap vehicle with some shiny bells and whistles. Quite analogous to the well-painted women who stand by the roadside during evenings
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    Your point is very interesting. In your opinion, DFSK 580 is the turning point in Chinese vehicle quality. And you still want us to believe that you are not guerilla marketing this vehicle. The problem with Chinese vehicles is that their automotive industry itself is a huge mess. They have over a hundred big and small vehicle manufacturers. The designs are almost always knock-offs of a vehicle from a European, Japanese or American vehicle. There is no continuity between models - for example one version of a certain model will come with an engine copied from Mitsubishi and another will come with an engine copied from Mazda! And you can even order a car from alibaba.com from a lesser-known manufacturer! All this affects the buyer. For example, everyone knows that if we say its a 1500 CC Premio, then it will have a 1NZ-FE engine in it and the same will be there in contemporary Axio, Vios (1.5), Allion, Ist etc. This makes it easier to get third party spares, repair the vehicle in third party garages etc. On the other hand nobody knows what the f*ck will be inside the next version of DFSK 580. The only thing the damn website says is (that too in Chinese), that DFSK 1.5ltr version has 1.5 turbo engine with 150hp. Take the Panda for example, one version had an engine licensed from Fiat and another version had an engine licensed from Toyota! So for those who claim that Chinese vehicles have achieved good quality standards, I'm afraid its a shallow statement based on a false analogy of Japanese and Korean auto industry, without any understanding of the following facts: China has hundreds of vehicle manufacturers who are churning out products, mostly aiming at low-end consumer (as they do with everything else). Having more than four or five players with two leaders is always disastrous to any industry, because it may eventually be a race to the bottom of the barrel China does NOT have any indigenous designs at all. Almost all Chinese vehicles are knock-offs of each other. Front of a Toyota, rear of a Nissan, interior of a Peugeot etc. China does everything right everytime the design, development and quality control is done elsewhere. They perform badly when they have to do those stuff themselves. For example, there will be a world of difference between Chinese made Nissans and Chinese made DFSKs. Product continuity is virtually non-existent. Today's DFSK 580 may have an engine copied from one manufacturer. Tomorrow it may be from some other manufacturer
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    @PreseaLover where are thou? 😆
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    There are few reputed car sales that have been there for generations who import good used vehicles. Generally they will have reasonable mileages 20-40K for a two year old car and the prices will not be the cheapest. Good visual and specialist check should identify any accident repairs. Even an accident repair if there are no structural damage and it has been replacements should not be a huge concern as many of the cars on the SL roads are anyway damaged / repaired after they are put on the road here. I had a GP5 some years back which came to SL as grade S (unused), went in to grade 4.5 (as per Jap categorization) within two weeks thanks to a bike fellow, and R within 1st year with complements of another bike.
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    Go to a reliable place where you can select a desired model directly from an auction. They’ll be able to explain about the auction sheet details and true vehicle condition. Make them bid for you and do the importing process. That is a lot safer as mentioned by most of the members. Usually Japanese people are honest but those SL ayyala would do their best to cheat you.
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    Better if you could import personally where auction sheet and other information are available at the auction site. Since we don't have experience in bidding and stuff, it'd be better to get assistance from a reliable importer. We have no option but to to go with the mileage reading on auction sheet and JAAI/JEVIC certificate. I don't know if there is any other method to verify the mileage.
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    Buying the car locally is a high risk as everyone has stated. The physical auction sheets and inspection certificates you will be shows are (and can be) for the most part be forged. Importing one yourself is a lot safer provided you find a good agent who will give you direct access to the auction sites and you can pick the cars you want after seeing the original Japanese auction inspection sheets. Typically the same car at the auction will be listed through other dealers'/agents' sites as well...you can get on this sites and see if the information is the same. Another option would be to buy a vehicle that is up for sale for the Japanese market at a Japanese dealer. These cars have a valid road worthy certificate and will have any records of it being in an accident or not. Because the car was originally intended to be sold and registered within Japan to another Japanese person, the documents cannot be faked and the car has to be in good condition (Japanese law is that any used car sold in Japan needs to have a 1 year, or 6 months in some areas, no questions asked warranty. So the local ar dealers will not try to sell old, worn out cars in Japan. These cars are a little bit expensive than at auction. This is because some will have road and other taxes already paid. A bulk of these taxes are refunded by the Japanese government once the car is de-registered for export. However, agents who buy these cars on behalf of you typically keep this for themselves. There are some agents who do not give you direct access to the auction sites. Stay away from them. They just ask you what car you want and then show you some pics of cars...only hitch is they may or may not show you the original auction sheet.
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    At that price, you are looking at a car that is 20 years old. No one can tell you the maintenance cost of these cars. Maintenance cost is not equal to the price of spare parts. Its the number of repairs that you need to carry out in a car, labour costs and parts costs. If you buy a Corolla 100 or a 110, you may find cheap spares, but the chances are that the number of repairs may be high because most of them are hacked. Although Corollas in general do well in fuel, if the engine is worn out, fuel consumption will be pretty high. No one can actually tell you the maintenance cost or the fuel economy of an old car, because the actual condition of the car is what determines these two factors. Generally, I would suggest the following for someone who is looking for a car within this range. The BEST car is the most diligently maintained car. 1. Mazda Familia BJ5 2. Ford Laser BJ5 3. Lancer CK - series 4. Proton Wira
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    I was pleasantly surprised when I got a chance to take a look at one. The fit and finish isn't as cheap i expected it to be and this particular specimen seemed to have held up well. Didn't get to drive it so I can't speak for the mechanicals. The valuations on those were significantly higher given the age and options - all manuals though if I'm not mistaken
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