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    Here comes the pearl white knight to the rescue riding the golden stallion driving the metallic gold chariot of righteousness made in the fiery forges of DongFeng, slashing the unprofessional lazy retards who dare make a mockery of the renowned 580 apart with his sword of vehicular justice!
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    This thread is still going on??? Wake me up, when DFSK ends!
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    I like how they just call DFSK "donkey" without even knowing or owning the vehicle. It's just ironic how people want to just destroy other people's dreams like of getting a good vehicle. Apparently it's a joke for them. If you don't know anything about the vehicle, don't make it worse for others. If you're definite that this vehicle is, I'd say "shit", then just explain, in a professional way with facts so you can actually prove you're right. If you're just bored to do that, why are you even on this forum? So before you post something, think twice on how it's going to affect on other people. Rather than being complete retards.
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    Hi Guys , it seems so many of you very interest of this vehicle. otherwise you would read threads of other vehicles without wasting your time here (even actively engage with posting comments) . all of your ideas are very important 😊 Here I found good review of this vehicle , test drive. Please have a look.
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    First impression DFSK I-Auto. One excellent feature is the advanced voice command called i-Talk. i-Talk With i-Talk, the driver only needs to speak out to operate various aspects and features of the car, multimedia, answering phone calls, navigation, to Bluetooth with just sound. People in the cabin just do it by saying 'Hi, Glory' first. "Drivers and car passengers can control the electronic devices in the car with a series of voice commands such as 'Open Sunroof', 'Close Front Window'. In addition, i-Talk can intelligently recognize implied commands such as 'So Hot' and smart car devices will run it quickly and accurately (to raise the temperature of the air conditioner),
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