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    Toyota Corolla AE 91 😄 1991 Manual
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    Autolanka.com coverage of the Mobitel Drag Championship 2018 - Round II took place at the Katukurunda Racetrack on 12 August. This event was organised in collaboration with the Ceylon Motor Sports Club (CMSC), Drag Racing Association of Sri Lanka (DRASL) and the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF).
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    Cars & Coffee AMG Showcase is the September 2017 community session at the Mercedes Benz DIMO 800 Showroom. A gathering of like-minded individuals for an evening of networking, coffee and viewing the Singapore F1 Grand Prix. And, of course, the cars.
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    This event was organized by several members of AutoLanka Forum with the full backing of AutoLanka.com, Racers Edge Club and AutoForce. More than 50 Honda vehicles took part in this meet and later “Honda Club Sri Lanka” was formed.
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    Photos of the first Evolution X in Sri-Lanka, exclusively from Autolanka.com
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