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    Wish you all have a rocking year ahead spent with friends and loved ones!! On behalf of Team Autolanka, I would like to thank our Top Contributors, Senior Members, Moderators and all Members for their contribution and support throughout the year.  2019 Top Ranking Contributors.. @iRage @Hyaenidae @matroska and @Davy 2019 Top Ranking Bloggers are @matroska @tiv @kusumsiri and @alpha17 Wish all Auto Lanka Fans a Very Happy New Year 2020!!
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    Happy new year to all of you as well and wishing everyone an amazing and safe year (and new decade) of motoring
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    Oooh, thanks for the silver me hearties! Wish you many happy and safe kilometers in 2020! May your engine run like butter; may your brakes stop you in time; may your AC keep you cool; may your paint shine forever and may you reach all your destinations safe, sound and with a smile on your face! Keep revvin'!
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    Wishing all AutoLankans a very happy new year 2020! Kudos to all the members who have been keeping the forum alive and kicking - sharing knowledge, blogging and providing support. Here's to another year of growing as a community of individuals sharing the same passion. Cheers!
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    Another wonderful year is going to end. But don’t worry, one more year is on the way to decorate Autolanka !!!
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    Wish all Autolankans a very happy new year 2020 !!!☺️
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    Wish you all the very best for 2020
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    Happy 2020 to All the Autolanka Members. Many things learned here in 2019 and hoping to learn more in 2020. Good cars, Good vibes, Happy motoring.
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    A Happy New Year to all the Autolankans.! Happy and Safe motoring! Looking forward to hear more about your restoration projects,reviews and blog posts. Thanks to everyone here for the valuable input to the motoring community!!!
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    Members, If a member has any questions about old British, German, Italian, American Vehicles electrical problems, please do write your question to the AL forum. I will try to help. Because I have handled very early models from 1940 till 1962. Import restrictions came in 1962 to 1977. Sri Lankan mechanics and electricians used to rebuild, all defective units. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
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    Happy and prosperous new year to all members. Sylvi.
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    Happy new year guys! Really looking forward to what treats & surprises lay ahead this year for us car enthusiasts!
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    Whilst I was away, my dad decided to install the side strips...sadly it is at a higher level than it should be so need to refit it... The ECU was dangling at the back of the center console...so again..dad had gotten a bracket made and stuck it behind the carpet When the car was taken to an AE85 Meet-up a few weeks ago...
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    Well, that there is all autolankans ever wanted 😃😃 Happy New Year everyone, May the automotive gods continue to smile upon us........
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    All Members of Auto Lanka, Happy new year to all. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
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    Worn with time Rodent attack Seat heater malfunctioning Suction cup on the windscreen acting as a convex lens Pants button/ something similar getting caught with the seat Cigarette lighter / Cigarette / Beedi Mischievous child + sharp object A jealous passenger A weapons grade fart Chemical breakdown caused by an acidic shart
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    I' don't know about your family dynamics and it's not my place to advise you, but I can tell you that arguing with a partner over an accident is not worth it. Cars, no matter how precious they are to us, are replaceable. People that are close to you may not be. Just my two cents. Did you by any chance check if VTEC had changed the cars number plate covers to those that have their branding? They did this to me without asking (both front and back and the existing ones were perfectly fine) and I wasn't fond of it. I only noticed it after a couple of days after taking the car home. One disadvantage of having these plates is that VTEC motors brand is somewhat associated with accident repairs. So people might assume your car went through a massive accident even when it didn't.
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    EviLEye, My belated reply due to, I did not log into AL forum for a long time. Cerium oxide can be bought from Colombo at Pettah. I use lot of Cerium Oxide. Sylvester Wijesinghe. Sylvi.
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    She did open the door and let me have a look inside.. it's a Mazda axela Australian domestic, looked awesome inside as well.. She did say " do you want a give it a ride ,, Malli "" .. I think she mallizoned me..😣
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    Your dad has a heavy vehicle. You need a heavy vehicle license to drive it. Simple as that. There are no shortcuts to this. What is your next question? Can I drive a car with a motorcycle license?
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    A suggestion to the admins / moderators Why not upgrade the whole advert experience, pics are tiny, it looks dated, and hard to find stuff. Plus due to insane charges, the “famous site” has lesser ads by the day and it’s getting hard to get hold of a good vehicle there. Pretty much there’s no competition either, so why not use this opportunity to boost the advert section. We d all love to see this forum go on in every aspect. This is the oldest site here AFAIK
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    Yes.....since that is a JDM spec maintenance plan...the initial 3 years is there because JDM brand new cars do not require a shaken inspection for 3 years and within that 3 years the fluids get checked by the manufacturer on an inspect and replace if required basis anyway. After the first three years...all cars require a shaken inspection every 2 years and the BF change is a blanket change every 2 years. Now....if you look at export model manuals, you will notice that the BF replacement ranges from 2 - 4 years depending on the car. My Fortuner requires inspection every 10,000km and replacement every 40,000km (so roughtly 3-4 years).
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    You might feel as it is a Jurassic era...but it was an era where 99% of the threads were on projects, actual review of cars actually had some intelligent discussion with some light hearted banter. The AL forums were light years ahead in a far far away planet than those like Ela*i*i. Now 80% of the threads on AL forums are on people ranting about their fuel efficiency dropping by 0.789kmpl or which car they should buy to pump the least amount of petrol and spend as little as possible on maintenance and if they can buy an Audi for the same price of a Vitz and get the same fuel efficiency and similar lackluster maintenance or if a CHR in Maroon with a plastic bucket mounted would have more market value than a CHR in Yellow with a plastic alien face stuck on it. So..yeah...Jurassic era to purgatory. The difference between the AL forums and Ela*i*i is becoming a fine line that is getting finer by the day
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