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    http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/15723-lancer-or-axio-update-bought-a-lancer-aka-the-bratt-thread/?do=findComment&comment=254150 Thought to start this with a comment I made back in 2014. "Only thing i can say is that owning a Lancer EX is my dream, if i had the capacity of buying a one, i wouldn't think twice about it." We'll that dream came true last Sunday. I bought a Lancer EX a couple of days back!! . I was lucky enough to find a good specimen imported in 2011 which had all maintenance records with the proof of mileage. The previous owner had done all necessary maintenance at the agents. Car drives great and is in great condition. Without further ado,I bring to you,,,,,, trinity's Lancer EX
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    Now I've heard it all... a Honda with an insect fetish. This proves your car is a female though. No male car would ever be able to have a second full-blown orgasm within 5 minutes of the first one.
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    Here are the pics at the end of the car restoration... Couldn't update the blog yet because this time i basically replaced almost a lot of parts and so much to write,,. will update it when i get some free time... didnt do any photoshoot even, just took pics while driving and here you go.. The paint code is DEEP BLACK PEARL btw... Thanks in advance for the compliments
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    Once upon a time, there was a guy named <insert your favourite name here> His child was suffering from fever. He took the child to a gynaecologist, because the gynaecologist charged less than a physician. The gynaecologist also tried his best to examine the child, took the money and finally said, you should take the child to a physician, because he has a newer digital thermometer than me. Now <insert your favourite name here> is wondering whether to buy the latest thermometer from aliexpress and asking his neighbours what's causing the fever.
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    Wish All Auto Lanka Fans a Very Happy New Year 2019!! On behalf of Team Autolanka, I would like to thank our Top Contributors, Senior Members, Moderators and all Members for their contribution and support throughout the year. 2018 Top Ranking Contributors are as follows.. @Crosswind @Davy @matroska @iRage 2018 Top Ranking Bloggers 1) Project R by @Komisiripala [Click Here] 2) Project Refina by @PreseaLover . [Click Here] In year 2019 we aim to work closely with our top loyal contributors and make quality motoring contents for general public. We invite all of you to come and enjoy all facilities provided by autolanka.com
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    So I think I should share my opinion about Corolla 121 since I have closer to 7 years of ownership experience. I have driven an ES5 clocked around 170,000kms and a 3 clocked around 100,000km. I bought the 121 when it was clocked just 93,000km and now she's closer to 154,000km. I am nearly 80kms away from Colombo and I never had any problem regarding maintenance and sourcing parts. Other than usual running repairs, the car never came up with an issue. Still the car drives like it did on the first day I bought it. When it comes to reliability, Toyota is the best. When driving, the handling is considerably better than Axios, Allions and Premios, but the Hondas and Mazdas feels a bit more connected to the road and sharper to handle. You can feel the difference when you sit in a Honda, as the driving position feels sporty and the seats provide better side support. Also Honda seats are bit on the firm side. But the Corolla makes you feel like you are sitting on a comfortable chair. The Corolla is much more refined and isolated from the outside world. Also the suspension handles potholes and bumps much better. On the other hand both the 3 and ES5 felt way less refined for me. The ES5 i drove had Dunlops but the road noise is pretty annoying. Ride is okish until you hit a pothole or a bump, since the car is noticeably bumpier than Corolla on bad roads. It is the same story with the 3 also. But both of them gives a sporty driving experience than the 121. All the three models have equal amount of power produced by the engines, while both 3 and ES5 is about 100kg heavier than the 121.When accelerating Corolla is slightly better. When it comes to fuel economy, yeah you know the answer. A Corolla 121 is not a miracle machine by any means. It's just more suited for Sri Lankans who seeks economy and reliability. While the car is much more refined and comfortable than a Honda or Mazda, it will make you feel like you are just another guy on the road. On the other hand Mazda and Honda would make you a different person. If you need further details P.M me Cheers
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    Wow that's great! It's unbelievable! I think the CEFIRO A33 won "Car of the year" 18 consecutive years since 2000, so you're absolutely right. Also, wow!!! 240 km/h, that is really great on a CEFIRO! Good on you mate. Aim for 260 km/h next time. I'm sure the CEFIRO can do it. I also used a friend's CEFIRO A33 for a few weeks back in 2011 or so I know exactly what you're talking about. I only drove around Colombo at slow speeds, so didn't get to enjoy it at 240 km/h like you. @PreseaLover, care to share your "positive" experience with yours?
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    I finally bit the bullet and bought a set of Bridgestone Potenza RE003 tyres! For the past four years, I've been running on a set of Kenda tyres the previous owner had put (God knows when) and they had some meat left in them, but I the rubber was too brittle and old and it felt like the car was riding on plastic tyres. Anyway, these tyres are.... just incredible! The car handles like it has never done before and responds to steering quite well. Here's a shot with the Evo X BBS rims and new rubber. I need to put the centre caps on. A bit about rim and tyre size. The original rims on the RalliArt are 18" and 7" wide with a +46 offset. The Evo ones are 18" as well, but 8.5" wide and +38 offset. This meant the rims sit about 8mm closer to the wheel arch. So after extensive research, the tyre size I went for is 235/40/18 which sits flush with the wheel arch, but not too close to cause rubbing. They're also the best tyres with the closest rolling diameter to OEM. Yes the front fender gap is still there and I need coilovers, which I will be getting soon (might sound like a broken record now because I've been saying it for about 3 years). I have more reasons to get them now, so it will happen soon. Lastly, a bit of jewellery for the lady. She maybe driven on roads in Australia, but inside, she is all Sri Lankan (pun intended)! More updates soon!
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    I had an egg bun from Pere*a and Sons today. It had a bad taste. Then I had a Maalupaan from Silva and Sons next door. It tasted good. So don't eat egg bun from Pere*a and Sons anymore. I hope you got the analogy.
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    I asked this guy. He said the depreciation in 3.5 years and 300,000km is 23.762719% from the purchase price. He also said you should sell it 2 years before the 3.5 years.
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    After watching some review I thought of giving a try myself.. Don't take seriously, I just did it for fun since I had some extra time. I did not have a script as it was not planned. Missed lot of info but not bad just for fun. Also I only have Windows Movie Maker so not the best editing job. Just watch for fun folks..
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    Do not accelerate fast especially at traffic lights, get a pair of ear plugs so that you will not get disturbed by honking of people behind who are in desperate need to get to places. Always use the center lane so you don't get distracted from fast moving traffic On highway stick to 60-70 kmph this is the range Allion/ Premio is most economical, you should be able to get over 20 kmpl alternatively get in to a bus or train which is more economical or a sell the car and get a Wagon R which has more leg space, has all the bells and whistles and will be 10-12 in the city 16-18 highway even if you beat the s**t our of the car.
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    This sounds like what youd say during unprotected... nevermind
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    Hey guys! So some of you guys already saw my status and commented. Thank you. For everyone else, this is just a moment of humble brag. And a token of appreciation-to Autolanka ,for not making me a thel higanna. I joined this forum in 2012 (was reading since 2010ish actually) when I only had a rusty mountain bike with no brakes! Over the years I climbed up the ladder slowly with some very memorable cars(mostly “ engris number nemei ne” and “ market na”cars) .Learned lots and finally obtained my dream(always wanted an Audi Crossover) Didn't think of resale,fuel or what not. Just followed my heart! This is actually my second Audi, 1st one was an A4 B5 1800 Petrol non turbo. Had that car for 6 years with most of it parked at home due to no money to pump gas even though it did around 9 (my parents got me the car, I was 19ish and jobless) I got this baby on valentines day 2018 (weird 🙏🏼😅). Paid for with my very own hard earned cold hard cash! Sleepless nights ,16 hours of work per day and countless hardships later, shes here! Its a 2018 Audi Q3 2.0T Premium Quattro. 200 HP and 210 Torque! Has all the gizmos you would ever need! Didn’t go for the safety pack as I wanted to drive it, not the opposite! 0 to 60 miles takes 6.3 secs. The stock exhausts makes sounds that can put some sports cars to shame(yes it bangs,pops and chuuz). Im sure you all see in my bio near the comment top that Im not in beloved Sri Lanka at the moment! Wish I could ship her to SL,but no luck because we drive on the other side here! It does 13KMPL on the city with AC and a guy who floors it hard.BEGONE THOTS IN YOUR PREMIOS AND VEZI’s 😁. The traffic I drive is twice as much in SL and its hilly. But atleast no hooligan tuks, suicidal bikes and dham rajinas doing nagina on the road (facepalm) This is not showing off. Just an Appreciation to AL and the community for giving me the inspiration to do more(god know I would have bought a vitz if not for AL). But sad to see the newer generation of car buyers, makes me weep hard. Does anybody even care about driving the damn thing anymore? instead of resale and fuel? Nope, they want Sumana's and Hashani's jungi to drop while doing 100kmpl and spend nothing on Maintainance. Some pics for you guys to enjoy! Thank you everybody! @MADZ hats off for the great service boss 🙏🏼 Respect!
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    Ok.. so.. thanks everyone for your feedback. I have done some research on my own by speaking with dealers, spare importers, service centers, and repair shops as well as maka baas's... my findings are as follows for anyone who is interested; 1. running maintenance - service costs are almost the same for both (assuming i service the premio at the dealer) but the A3 is actually cheaper because of the longer service interval. 2. spares - spares for the A3 are mostly at the mercy of the dealer, and apparently there can be a 2 week waiting time. But this may change in the future because many people are apparently buying the new A1's, A3's and Q2's. (alot of parts are apparently interchangeable between these 3 models). I also got a quotation for a CV joint for both the premio and the a3 for the heck of it, and the Audi only costs 5k more. which is not bad at all. 3. reliability - A3 has many sensors and the car is not designed for our tropical humid climate so failing sensors is the only problem i have heard reliability wise. Toyota is a Toyota. 4. Was lucky enough to find both the vehicles in question at the same dealer, and i got to inspect/ test drive both. The A3 is a league apart in every way.. (comfort, sound, build quality) finally decided to go with the A3 - because it wont be the first car in my garage, and also i'd rather pay 8.4mil for a 33k USD vehicle than 8.4mil for a 22k USD vehicle 😂
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    Very true machan. You can try the below method (apply as much as possible) and make it last longer than 5 min
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    A guy who buys a waGon R will run faster than Bolt when he hears about the 300k. Also since its a tiny KEI car, will it survive so much abuse? 300k in 3 years? Is that even possible? So NO, Nobody will buy your Gon R, another baiiya will buy it maybe for about 1.5 mil and sell it the next day saying “ Lady doctor owned, only 32,000kms. Never used spaper wheel, never driven in rain, yada yada” for 3.2 million!
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    21,000km done under my ownership and taken car to the agents for lubrication service (Odo: 112,900km) I didn’t observe such a brake oil level dropping, but service people found small leak from rubber boot kit at rear brake cylinders. (When gently press the rubber part, oil start to leak) Brake cylinders were taken out and cleaned well. No deep grooves on inner wall of the brake cylinder, but they took it to lathe shop and polished the inner wall of the brake cylinder. Polished the inner cavity of the brake cylinder. After 11 years , Cup boot kit for brake cylinders replaced. (Mitsubishi Part No.: 4610A078) Cup boot kit (Repair kit) = Rs.2,932/= (for both sides) Labour cost = Rs. 3,174/= Total cost = Rs.6,106/=
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    Option 2 all the way, The aquas here have aged and been hacked, most need a new battery and redone to fool buyers. An aqua with a faulty hybrid system is not at all economical to run let alone repair. A vitz unreg as a direct import or from a credible source is a far better option I bought 2 keis to cut down fuel costs after using thirsty diesels, quite happy with the decision , garage visits have gone so low that the mechanic calls to find out if I went abroad or died.
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    Yes And worrying about the mileage is like marrying a hooker and trying to figure out how many men she slept with. If you decide to marry a hooker, accept the fact that she's well used and move on.
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    Why do Sri Lankans like to dwell on things that may or may not happen in the future rather than do what needs to be done now ? Cars, politics, education, health, everything.... The fuel pump MIGHT break..fine...your entire engine block MIGHT crack...turbo units MIGHT seize up....maintain the car properly, use it, enjoy it and lets not try to get paranoid about what might fail (especially in a car that has barely hit the market)....if one is going to spend all this time and effort thinking of what might go wrong and how much the resale value is...just don't buy a car...rent one when you need one and use uber (or grab or whatever those things are). There is no such thing as a perfect car....every car has its issues !
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    I guess the more important question is "What is the safe minimum speed?" Driving significantly under the speed limit can be as dangerous as driving over the speed limit. On local expressways, where the speed limit is 100 km/h, driving below 80km/h would be both obstructing other vehicles as well as dangerous. The general rule I have seen in other countries is 20km/h less than the posted speed. The other thing is merging onto the expressway and taking the off ramp. I have seen many close calls (pretty normal in Sri Lanka, but could be catastrophic at high speeds) where a vehicle entering the expressway merges with traffic on the expressway at a very low speed. If the posted speed is 100 km/h, you need to make sure you are entering at a safe speed so that vehicles on the expressway don't have to suddenly brake. Similarly, when leaving the expressway, you should not slow down until you are on the off ramp.
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    Change down a gear or two,..
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    Yes. Everyday it starts from Piliyandala and runs around Colombo. The driver employed is very keen to understand the Apps (He said he hasn't used a single app before. That lead me to send him to PickMe as they provide driver training too). Still his learning curve is progressing and it's not that much profitable to run a car for a taxi with a driver. But I can't say it directly because I lack at least 2 months data to analyze. I noticed, during the morning, evening and night are the times it has more hires. During lunch time, the car is idle. So if you are around piliyandala and need a taxi, do let me know. (LOL) I got to know that, PickMe register avarage 60 vehicles a day (All types) and 16000 active drivers are in operation. So you can imagine the possibility to get a hire during the day. However, driver has a major role to play here. He needs to understand the app first and then to see the busy areas and also he must concern the best driving practices to optimize fuel consumption. For past 4 days, The total milage per day to hiring milage ration is around 50%. (Which means if he runs 100Kms he gets 50kms as hiring.) Sometimes, during traffic, it takes too much time to reach to the passenger to pick up. Finally, when you get the loss, it's not entirely the driver's fault. You have to train him and provide him necessary equipments to learn and grow. (I hope younger drivers are better in this case.) These are the some facts I mentioned you to go for a vehicle that is cheap to buy and cheap to maintain. WagonR is good as long as it doesn't give problems. But once it does, the expenses are higher. Yesterday I called A*W to ask for another car to buy (Imagination ) and an area manager told me that they have stopped importing Alto car due to the price increased and last 60 cars in at the showroom and after that, no Altos. If you currently own a kei car, try Uber yourself and see. Go for 2-3 days full time and learn it. That will tell you how you do it. Look at some graphs below. Hope you get more idea about this. The only pleasure I have if I continue this way is if it does not improve is that, 1. I have created one job for a person and I feed 1 family. 2. The driver is helpful for the personal commitment that I will have from next year onward to come to Colombo every day in the morning. If I continue to loss, I will have to make a decision of course but I take these two facts into consideration. In your case, it's different. Hope this reply helps you and not bothering others to read a story.
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