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    or the fact that sri lankan car-sale guys have been experiencing a "Raise" in a particular body part ever since the emergence of a Sub 1.0L Toyota "JIP"
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    You bloody laputas need to stop this now. You guys are making my brain and leg num. I'm going to grab the both of you and stuff you inside an s-cargo, and the both of you will end up looking like snails.
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    Damn, you ruined it.. lol. @Hyaenidae & @Avante (tagging you is impossible) you guys keep it rollin..
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    When the going getz tough the Hyundai getz going
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    Uhh...don't wash it ? Use compress air to blow off dust, etc...and then use a damp cloth or an engine wipe (the towels have a mild cleaner to remove some of the gunk, etc...) to wipe everything off. If you must...use a steam cleaner with a directed nozzle to clean off some grime around the block, engine bay body, etc...but do not directly put it on the electronics/sensors/etc... Engine degereases are intended for cleaning up heavy build up of gunk or oil leaks....using them on a plain engine surface and possibly getting them on rubber and electronic components is a bit over kill and it will spoil it. Also, most degreases require you to wash the degreaser off with water. Not a very wise thing to do. Also, the degreaser and the gunk is going to get on your drive way and it will be a pain to clean it up later on. So...clean engine = air compressor + damp cloth.
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    That's one hell load of b***shit. I couldn't imagine how you survived there. I would be laughing throughout had if I was there. 😃 "Realign the radar for bumper clip installation". Trust me, I installed a set of an aftermarket horns myself by taking the entire bumper off and hadn't have to do any of that. (That's not required in fact, unless you hit the radar unit with something to lose it's alignment)
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    Looks like there's a new kid on the block.. Any impressions??
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    On other Japanese car news....apparently the new Mazda 3 is not hitting the sales figures Mazda had been hoping for even 6 months after its release. The new 3 does feel nice..the interior is simple and elegant I like the back..but I really do not like the new front end with the black bezel....at TMS the 3 sedan was blue...and with the black bezel the dang thing looked like a Kree
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    Call this number 0382 237 999 Auto Vision Panadura. I contacted them yesterday regarding this, and they asked me to call back in 15 minutes to check their stocks an confirm. I couldn't call them back cuz I was neck deep with work. Im in a meeting ATM. Refer my call yesterday and they will remember.
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    If its just the radiator cap which was faulty i think the price is bit higher. I replaced mine but costed me only 750 LKR. Anyways, glad you were able to resolve your issue. Happy motoring
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    Glancing in the sun over there is a Starlet Glanza.
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    oh dang, this Z crap is getting out of hand.
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    You have a Swift noh? Can't believe you forgot the Chevrolet swift - The Cruze! (Cruise)
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    I usually watch Mat Watson’s reviews on Carw*w. He’s pretty unbiased and able to review any car from a Celerio to a Flying Spur and then to a LaFerrari. He gives a well explained review of the Corolla.
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    This is the direct competitor for the Vitara, but for me considering the looks, the Vitara seems to have a more conservative approach while the Raize having a sporty approach. Of course the latter might become more popular. Before deciding upon one, better to compare both those models and select the best one. Still it’s early to comment on reliability and fuel figures, but “EVERYONE WHO EXPECTS TO BUY A RAIZE SHOULD ALSO CONSIDER THE VITARA”.
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    If you can live with the scratch, just forget it and move on. That's the best option. If you cant, then go for a paint job. You may not get a 100% match on the colour though. It should cost you about 5000 Sticking vinyl is a DIY job really. You can get a few square metres for less than a 1000 and stick it yourself. There are plenty of tutorials on Youtube for vinyl wrapping. I vinyl wrapped a part of Fiat Punto dashboard sometime ago. Removing it was a challenge but there were step by step instructions on the internet for that. For a bumper, it's pretty simple. It is actually against the law to change the colour of a vehicle (even a part of it). But nobody seems to care about that. If you wrap the whole car in vinyl, one or two cops may stop and ask you about it. They may ask you to remove the vinyl, but that's about it. Here's the process for changing a vehicle's colour, courtesy of our resident joker @PreseaLover
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    Viva Elite is a good choice - quite compact but fun to drive car hence their popularity as reliable little city runners. The Demio is the other good option - given you find a well maintained specimen. The K12 is a bland but tough car that can take a bit of abuse but you will not get 10 KMPL as it's quite thirsty. Other options - Honda Fit GD1 (~2007) will give you 10KMPL if fuel economy is not that important you can get a 2004/2005 Suzuki Swift (Ignis)/Chevy Cruze (same car) rugged cars that keep on running they can be bought for below your budget but most of them are hacked now
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    I used Toyota Vitz 2007 1000cc from 2010 Sep to 2014 Dec (as the first owner and usage was 72,000 km during that period). Every things were recorded. Usage pattern - distance from accommodation to office - 12 km. (Colombo city but I report to duty 7:00 am so no traffic in the morning. Heavy traffic in the afternoon) - Travelling Colombo to Matara using Southern express way at-least once a month. - Others are general Colombo city and outside usage Fuel Record km/l (most of the time I do Full Tank. Calculation is based on Full tank to Full Tank) -Recorded minimum = 9.13 km/l -Recorded Maximum = 18.91 km/l (this was during night driving from Colombo to Matara by normal root) -Average for total use (72,000 km) = 12.00 km/l ** The data is perfectly correct as I recorded all the fuel pumped as a hobby. *** Assume Vitz 2016 1000 cc will do at-least 1 km/l more with new features.
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    Hi, I used cerium oxide to remove windscreen wiper scratches. It does job perfectly. I ordered from aliexpress. Is there any local supplier for cerium oxide that anyone know of.
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    Oh no, like @Davy said it's quite rare for an ECU to get fried just like that, I was just curious what caused it. Maybe he needs to take the car to UNIMO for a second opinion - ask if he has any idea what might have caused the ECU to go kaput.
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    do a search here on AL, and on google as well with reference to Sri Lanka. you'll find many companies who import these, out of it there will be few which can be considered as reputable. hope you'll find a good deal.
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    Interesting side note.....I had a friend who was assigned to the Ministry of Education through GIZ. The German government was offering quite a few scholarships for German Universities....education there is free and the program was offering housing, monthly stipend, transportation, etc...on top of that. Only hitch was...the applicants had to learn German. My friend was shocked that less than half of the scholarships were able to be filled as most of the applicants were not willing to learn German !!!
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    some innovative ideas until you get the battery issue solved
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