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    So....20 years of age and being parked outside over the last 3 years finally took a toll on her paint. The front bumper was faded...and there was a slight flaking of the paint on the bonnet. So had to get it painted as I could not stand looking at it like that.... Went to Toyota and got a few quotes and finally took it to this 70 something old dude with a garage up in the mountains with a team of old school mechanics. No paint booth other than a well curtained off ..a clean room....a lamp....and his old school spray gun. Amazing how thin, smooth and even the paint job is....so basically primer...4 thin coats and a clear coat. Took 5 days and cost as much as the Toyota dealer (the guy apparently does paint jobs for quite a few of the dealers around town). So...now she has 95% of original paint (paint from the factory).
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    R.I.P (must really hurt when it breaks)
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    Nah, its even shorter than the Kwid ne? Besides, it looks like an avocado had sex with an apple
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    The sorry mate took a bit longer to find them from my FB profile. Police impounded the car because it was too loud in the night and I was working in the night back in the day. Once they have released the car i have to change the hands rather change the silencer which I should have done. At my place: Changing the front engine mount (Common issue to be crack under 50k) We have had a hail during winter so my 1st hail experience It is still around so i might hunt Didn't know it was the 2140th car
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    I have a few watches.Mostly inherited from my late father, but I've added my share.. 1978 Seiko 6138-0040 'Bullhead' Omega Seamaster Professional Omega Speedmaster Michael Schumacher Special Edition Rolex Day-Date 41 Platinum Tissot PRS516 Extreme Casio GMW B5000D 35th Anniversary Full Metal Frederique Constant dress watch 2001 Rolex Daytona 116520 Cartier Tank Poljot Automatic Vostok Kommandirskie manual wind
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    5.Rear Brake Cylinder Washer Replacement After almost 9 years the washers of the rear brake cylinders had busted. I noticed a small reduction of brake oil level and asked the agent to check it while doing the wheel alignment as i know that the issue would be this. And I was right. Yesterday got the repair done at Unit#d Mot#rs - Orugodawatte. Not going to post much details as all info is available in this post made by Hyundai . However I was charged Rs.8,358/- for the job> Will check the bill when I get back home and update here. Edit with the price details Labor Cost - 3,450/- Cup+Boot Kit * 2 - 2,677/78 Mitsubishi Genuine Brake Fluid - 1,611/30 Vat - 619/12 Total - 8,358/20 So in comparison to what @Hyaenidae paid, the labor cost is slightly higher but the parts are slightly cheaper. They've done a full brake oil flush as well. Wonder why it wasn't done when yours were replaced @Hyaenidae. The price difference is the brake fluid and the vat.
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    Sri Lankan vehicle market is mostly driven based on the tax structure. With the current tax structure, hybrid vehicles are not attractive in Sri Lankan market. No one is going to pay 4 mil+ tax for a aqua or 8mil+ for a Prius.
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    The Axio is based on the Vitz and is Toyota's entry level sedan for the Japanese market. The Premio on the other hand is a mid sized family sedan. The Premio will have a nicer and more refined ride and a better finish inside. The Axio...well..it feels a bit mmore hard and jerky on the ride and the interior plastics feel cheap. In terms of tech...because you are looking at a newer Axio it will have better tech than an older Premio. Now...you need to realize than in SL there is a lot of fake sh!x for sale. The G "Superior Package" grade ONLY comes with a 2L engine. There are NONE of these in SL. Before the 2016 facelift, Toyota dealers offered a "G Superior" dress up package to the 1.5L F EX Package grade. About 2% of the so called G Superior in SL are these actual Toyota dealership installed G Superior dressup package. Because they put it on the hghest grade of the 1.5L (and 1.8L) you get things like electric seats, LED lights, etc....98% of the G Superior in SL are normal 1.5L F that SL car dealers have installed using used or chinese OEM parts. How can you know if it is a actual G Superior dressup package from the Toyota dealer...in a used car you cannot. You will need to see the auction sheet (which is faked in SL anyway) or the build-spec-sheet from the Toyota dealer in Japan. So..there is a 98% chance that you are paying a lot of extra money for some fake badges. In my view..you are better off buying a car that is actually advertised and badged and sold as a 1.5L F EX Package. When you look at the ID plate if the model number is NZT260-AEXEK then it is a 1.5L F. If it is NZT260-AEXEK-X (or some other letter) then it is a 1.5L F EX Package or a L Package or something. The Axio WxB has to have black seats with white stitching (or vice versa). WxB means white (by) black. Local dealers sold of standard G grades with WxB badges.
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    Its been a while....its been 6 years since we have had her in the family and we have put 23,000km during that time. She has been extremely trouble free and have never missed a beat. Toyota sure does not make cars like this anymore Just yesterday took a pic of my little beauty next to the new Corolla Touring Wagon. The old girl looks cuter and more slender... Car during last year's cherry blossom season After a coating of Soft99 Fusso Mirror Shine Random pics through-out the years...
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    Interesting...I suppose you can ask the RMV. All your registrations seem to be within the period of computerization so doing a record search should not be impossible. If the RMV does not have the process/protocol already established then it might take some time to get them to actually start doing it. Once its done and they find out that these bikes are not properly registered...I wonder what they would do. What would you do ? I am guessing lettes of sales and such are not available for some of the bikes by now.
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    Yeah...simply cannot put a shelter over there... The bumper and the bonnet cost 45,000yen and two and a half days.
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    My personal understanding is there is no any relationship between the visual disappearance of upper display segment and engine went off while it was on park mode. If the battery is on good condition, I also think display will not come due to some settings change. However it's better if you can get an advise from a good mechanic, they may give you a better explanation.
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    The Toyota Vios is an entry level sedan...Axela and Lancer are a level higher than that. So the Axela and Lancer will feel a bit nicer in terms of the interior finish, ride, etc...also...the Axela and Lancer are a bit more exciting to drive than the Vios. These cars are discussed a lot in the forum. Please search the forum for these models and you will see the good and bad points about each of these models.
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    I think the Picanto is a better option than the Viva. The Malaysian interiors didn't age as well, so the Korean has a little edge. The dealership is reasonable and you can find most parts outside these days. Body parts obviously aren't as easy to find as Japanese cars but not impossible.
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    A few things to consider. #1 There is an element of Sri Lankan value addition here. If there wasn't this car would be even more expensive. #2 Unlike Micro this manufacturing plan brought in foreign investment as its a joint partnership with Mahindra of India. #3 I agree on the gearbox option. Until they install an auto box, it won't be attractive at that price. It does need bigger wheels as well.
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    @Suar.t have any ideas on this topic?
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    As Shylock from 'The Merchant of Venice' by the great William Shakespeare says: "I am content."
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    Well now that you have the Grace in your equation, it's definitely more "car" than the axio. Butbthe DCT risk is there, still many people do buy the Grace weighing in the risk factor. Why don't you actually test drive a few cars and see ?usually you get "naah this isn't for me" for some cars and some cars just feel right. P.S : I'm not surprised your sister suggested Grace Many ladies like the Fit GP5 and the Grace ...a friends sister was so infatuated with the GP5, and despite my warning about DCT issues (she was on a tight budget) her reply was "ane aiye I can't think of any other car than this now" 🙄
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    @danuja001, please refrain from creating multiple threads for each car you are considering. Appreciate if you can discuss your options here. Threads merged. Thread title changed.
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    There are exeptions, cars like the Fit GP1 Hybrid and 2014/15 WagonRs still have demand and hold their values alright (not best,not horrible either). But then you look at the Fit GP5, Vezel, X-trail and some less common hybrid models like the Hyundai Ioniq, those lose value like a forest fire due to being an uncommon model or having unreliability issues. Your friend is right in the fact that after 5 years of typical use in our lankan enviornment, a hybrid will start having repairs, battery issues & other issues not related to the hybrid drivetrain. If manufacturers truly want to save the planet, they should do something about these hybrids because these cars get expensive and are throwaway items after 5-10 years. Also, what @iRage says is pretty much all of it summed up.
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    for 5.5Mn personally I would try to nego. for a 2014-2015 Mazda 06
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    See..this is my point @gayanath....we have people shouting for permits and increased taxes. But where are the people demonstrating and shouting asking for safe school buses ? or making the private buses safe ? When the government enforced high penalties for buses they held the entire country hostage....how ? why ? we are the majority..we could have held them hostage and made them fall in line with the regulations. But we didn't..because for our population, it meant they themselves will have to sweat for it. When AIrbags were made mandatory....people went and yelled saying cars are getting expensive and that they are being discriminated because they do not have the ability to buy "expensive" vehicles with airbags...WTF ??? We really do not care that 3000+ people died on our roads. We only care when one of that 3000+ becomes one of our own family members or our selves. We rise up and shout against terrorists blowing up the country..but we do not care about people terrorizing the country every minute with lorries dressed up as buses. We yell about people making bombs and walking around with hidden weapons...but we stay shut about pancake like damaged cars being put back together and on to the street and sold off to people that are nothing but time bombs. We yell about the bakery guy whose pan raaththala is only 90% of the weight of a raaththala...but we stay shut about people selling crap for cars under false pretenses.
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    Someone I know bought that car. My first thought about it was its too small. But he's 6ft 2in tall. Seems to manage with it quite well. The car is still new so it's tough make any comments about it. However, I have heard enough horror stories about the 1ltr engines of VW group. That's the only reason I would stay away from 1ltr VWs and Audis. There 1.4ltr engines seem to be very popular here in UK. In fact the Audis are the most popular cars in the area where I live. I have actually never seen a T-Cross in UK roads yet.
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