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    Eagle one superior nanowax spray. Promises 6 months of protection on the container, I do a quick wax once or twice every month, no complaints whatsoever, the price is very reasonable at 1k a pop. The car hasn't been polished even once yet.
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    Can some one give the contact numbers of these buggers to each other so that they can have their DFSK love talk privately.
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    Might be under same management but the products are miles apart. Yes....Meguairs stuff (and other brands like AutoGLym) is expensive..but they last longer. For example...I got a Meguairs Ultimate Wax in about 2015...waxed the mark X..then brought it to Vietnam and waxed a Fortuner a few and about 1/8th of the can is still there. It is now sitting there because I switched to AutoGlym and Soft99 FUsso MirrorShine. The AutoGlym bottle after polishing the Fortuner once about 3/4 os the bottle is still left. I use the Meguairs Ultimate Wash and Wax to wash...and a large bottle lasts for me a year (and a bit more) and I wash the car every two weeks or so.... So yes...the initial purchase is expensive..but they last....because the cleaning and coating is a lot better..and you do not need to use a lot of the product if you use the proper wash, cleaner and wax/coating. Spray waxes are not durable....you need to do a proper wax/coating and the spray should only be used as a touch up every once in a while after a wash...
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    I thnk a better comparison would be VW-Golf and Suzuki swift. Polo is 1 class smaller
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    I have tried Soft99 and it’s properly good. They have many different models, what I bought was a premium one. It was expensive but worth it.
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    I meant these products: According to the label "Made in USA with globally sourced materials". I've seen these in supermarkets i.e Arpico Supercenter but only on some outlets. Or you can easily get them from any 3M authorized applicator. I personally get it these days from Echo Zone. As I remember they had AutoGlym products as well but I've never tried. Durability is as I mentioned earlier. Paste wax lasts a couple of months but you have to use the quick wax once every two weeks or so to complement it.
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    I can vouch for meguires ultimate quick wax. My weekly ritual is using meguires gold class car wash on my ride and once every month or two I use UQW to boost the shine. Does a great job of keeping the paint looking good and water breading. Once a year and I do a proper detailing and this routine is more than enough to keep the car in top shape. Below shot is after applying UQW this weekend. Not the best of shots because the weather was pretty gloomy outside.
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    Oh..sorry..I live in Japan and Vietnam most of the time...so I buy it Japan. A few of my friends like @Octanehead were looking for MirrorShine but found other equally good Soft99 products in SL....so if you look around at specialty shops you will find them...same with AutoGlym and Chemical Guys products...you will have to go to the somewhat premier detailing shops to buy them. This was taken on 2nd June after putting MirrorShine....the car did not get a polish before except for a few spots that had weird marks This was taken on 3rd August...after a wash and not wiped down. During June 2 and August 3rd...the car was parked in a dusty underground parking lot for 2 weeks and then driven in the rain for nearly one month where the roads were muddy (and full of cement dust) and flooded. I was able to wash the car between these two months only like 2 times before....and even then they were just quick washes. I have not used any spray on waxes on the car either after these washes... As you can see the buttery wet shine is still there even after hard usage. The reflection on the second one seems off because of the light and the car was not properly wiped down (also because I was taking a pic without glasses and images tend to get blurry at those times )
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    Yes, and the end of an era. A couple of years after heralded the beginning of the production of the ugliest cars to ever come out of France. I had a bsecond hand GI plated one in Manual. What a great car to drive with such an aggressive design. Loved it. Even though it’s French. *shudder*
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    I've been using 3M Quick Wax (the spray on version) for more than 5 years and its pretty good( Meguiars and AutoGlym are superior products to 3M as I know). What I do with my current vehicle is that I have the 3M paste wax professionally applied once every three months (from Echo Zone Colombo), and then apply the Quick wax myself every two or so weeks after washing the car. As @iRagementioned above the spray wax wears off quickly (i.e 2 weeks). It's more of a filler to complement the professional wax job.
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    Meguiars is far superior product.But 3m is good too.Spray wax last around a month and it only takes like 10 min to apply.If you don't wash the car frequently then go with the liquid wax.It's upto you can't go wrong with either.I would say meguiars spray wax is far better than the 3m one specially on a black car.
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    What ever discussion there is I'm still waiting to see its off-roadability and see if it better than the legendary Defender.. Or NOT.. Something like..
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    The Presea has been discussed so many times on the forum. Go through this thread. Also search the forum. Threads merged.
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    Stay away from R grades (true even cars that have been modified with after market parts get graded R....but for the car you are looking at it is going to be a car that has had some repair damage done...). I would not go anything lower than a 4 for any car...but for a relatively newer car I would try to get one that is not less than a 4.5. I would go for a 4 with a newer car if the damage is like a small scratch that can be buffed out or easily touched or a small ding or two in places that cannot be seen. The WxB is not bad..in fact it first tarted off as a specia edition (White by Black) and it was so popular they turned it in to an actual grade. The Allion/Premio is a bit more comfortable than the Axio..yes...but the Allion/Premio are really old cars. They have not been doing well in Japan. Most of the Allions/Premios sold in Japan are bought by car exporters in Japan to be shipped off to Sri Lanka/Bangladesh/etc...as a locally popular model it died off a good 5-6 years ago. What is the car YOU want to have ? Forget about what the Premathilekas and Pereras and the doctors and certified engineer down the road and at office say....what is the car that YOU want ? WIll a WxB make you happy ? WIll an Allion/Premio make you happy ? Go look at a few cars available for sale. Test drive them and see what makes you feel better and would want to live with for the next few years. If it is a Premio that you want...then you cannot import one. Sell your permit and then get a slightly used one for about 6 - 6.5mil (remember to get it professionally checked because there are a lot of cars that have not been taken care of properly). If a WxB is what you want...then you can import one (if you are able to pick one out of an auction then there chances of it being more honest is greater). Yes..a sedan has its own level of comfort that a cross over would nt have..but crossovers are not bad. As the others have said....look in to other types as well like the C-HR which is as comfortable as a Axio and has a bit more bells and whistles.
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    @amsandun they look good! Simple and nice - matches the style of the car 👍 Happy to have been able to be of assistance
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    I just did a little research on the prices of midsized crossovers in China itself. Perhaps this should give an indication of where our 'turning point of quality' vehicle fits in. BTW these are also China-assembled vehicles for the Chinese market. DFSK 580 Base price CNY 78,900 Honda CRV Base price CNY 199,000 (made by Dong Feng) Kia Sportage Base price CNY 144,900 Volkswagen Tiguan Base price CNY 340,000 Nissan Terra Base price CNY 169,800 (Made by Dong Feng) GAC Trumpchi GS5 Base price CNY 123,800 Zotye SR9 Base price CNY 110,000 These are vehicles that are more or less the same size as the DFSK 580 (belonging to Midsized crossover category) From this quick comparison, it seems that the DFSK 580 is a cheap product even by Chinese standards. For example, the CRV and the Terra made by the same company costs double. Going by this, I tend to believe that DFSK 580 is nothing but a cheap vehicle with some shiny bells and whistles. Quite analogous to the well-painted women who stand by the roadside during evenings
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    Im convinced. Im gonna buy this DFSK 580. can some one give me a contact of a marketing guy pls.
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    Your point is very interesting. In your opinion, DFSK 580 is the turning point in Chinese vehicle quality. And you still want us to believe that you are not guerilla marketing this vehicle. The problem with Chinese vehicles is that their automotive industry itself is a huge mess. They have over a hundred big and small vehicle manufacturers. The designs are almost always knock-offs of a vehicle from a European, Japanese or American vehicle. There is no continuity between models - for example one version of a certain model will come with an engine copied from Mitsubishi and another will come with an engine copied from Mazda! And you can even order a car from alibaba.com from a lesser-known manufacturer! All this affects the buyer. For example, everyone knows that if we say its a 1500 CC Premio, then it will have a 1NZ-FE engine in it and the same will be there in contemporary Axio, Vios (1.5), Allion, Ist etc. This makes it easier to get third party spares, repair the vehicle in third party garages etc. On the other hand nobody knows what the f*ck will be inside the next version of DFSK 580. The only thing the damn website says is (that too in Chinese), that DFSK 1.5ltr version has 1.5 turbo engine with 150hp. Take the Panda for example, one version had an engine licensed from Fiat and another version had an engine licensed from Toyota! So for those who claim that Chinese vehicles have achieved good quality standards, I'm afraid its a shallow statement based on a false analogy of Japanese and Korean auto industry, without any understanding of the following facts: China has hundreds of vehicle manufacturers who are churning out products, mostly aiming at low-end consumer (as they do with everything else). Having more than four or five players with two leaders is always disastrous to any industry, because it may eventually be a race to the bottom of the barrel China does NOT have any indigenous designs at all. Almost all Chinese vehicles are knock-offs of each other. Front of a Toyota, rear of a Nissan, interior of a Peugeot etc. China does everything right everytime the design, development and quality control is done elsewhere. They perform badly when they have to do those stuff themselves. For example, there will be a world of difference between Chinese made Nissans and Chinese made DFSKs. Product continuity is virtually non-existent. Today's DFSK 580 may have an engine copied from one manufacturer. Tomorrow it may be from some other manufacturer
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    @PreseaLover where are thou? 😆
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    Saw this funky little thing at the 2017 Tokyo Motorshow. Now Toyota has confirmed that they will produce this. The car guys in Japan believe that it will be launched at the 2019 TMS..the concept/prototype model was a bit large but the production model is apparently a bit smaller than the CHR Any guesses to what TJ is ?
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    I was pleasantly surprised when I got a chance to take a look at one. The fit and finish isn't as cheap i expected it to be and this particular specimen seemed to have held up well. Didn't get to drive it so I can't speak for the mechanicals. The valuations on those were significantly higher given the age and options - all manuals though if I'm not mistaken
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    Brand new imported by the agents come with the translated book You may be able to purchase one from A*W It has details of safety too although features are not offered
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