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    It is pasted on the back side of the number plate. Remove and see πŸ™‚
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    ... and this is what ChinaAutoWeb.com has to say about C-NCAP ...at this stage, we find C-NCAP controversial and untrustworthy. Its name misleads many to believe it is similar to, or on a par with, NHTSA’s NCAP (in the US), Euro NCAP, Australia’s ANCAP, or Latin-NCAP, while in fact it is not. and the reasons are: 1. C-NCAP is managed by a private, for-profit entity and not an independent organization 2. C-NCAP tests are insufficient, less strict and based on compromised requirements Despite that @Car Doctor I think you should buy a DFSK 580 (if you havent' done already). We haven't had many Darwin Award nominees in Autolanka lately.
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    Just wanted to share my experience with vibration on my Vitz 2007, which seems to be very common with most 1000cc models. Got the car in 2010 directly from Japan with 42k odo reading. It's pretty much the only car i've driven except a Honda Fit, and BMW hatchback, and it's hands down the most easiest one to drive! Was really happy with it until the vibration started around 6 months on and i was only getting around 8kms/ltr. At first most people i talked to said that it was normal for a 3 cylinder and common in Vitz so just ignore it and not worry about it. But i knew it wasn't normal because i didn't experience it for 6 months! I just wanted to fix any problem before it got worse. But i was a first time car owner and driver so nobody really took me seriously and since I wasn't the owner (gift from dad) i really didn't have much say about it, so i just ignored it for a few years. Then it got worse... mostly when A/C on, on hot days, on idle at stops (it kinda goes crazy!...) But by this time i had money on my hands so i decided to take it to the most reliable place possible, Toyota Lanka... Oh boy was I wrong!!! 😠Those idiots looked at it and said that a full tune up and new spark plugs should solve the problem. Having no idea about any of that stuff i just went ahead with it but the vibration was still there! Fought with those idiots and returned the spark plugs for full refund! But i was no back to square one...😞 So over the years i tried several different places but nobody could solve the problem permanently... at best i could get rid of the vibration for about 3 months but even then i couldn't isolate what the problem was. After trial and error it seemed to come down to either all or one of the following: proper tune ups, engine mounts, injector cleaning, maf sensor cleaning, throttle body cleaning. Never really was able to isolate to any one these issues because i never made the time to do only one of them at a time... Fast forward to 2019, 88k on the odo (42k over 9yrs), getting closer to 7+kms/ltr, vibration at it's worst, shocks dead (can feel metal clanking noises on bumps), less pulling power. Yes I know i should have sold the damn thing by now πŸ˜… but for the cash... Heard about A**o F***e which is close to where i live, and i knew it was gonna be expensive but after seeing all the racing cars they were working on figured they might know what they were doing so i decided to give it a go. I went in and have been never so freaking happy that they actually figured out what was wrong with the vibration! The tech did a simple test by hoisting the engine on a jack so the weight was off the mounts and it was running smooth! So long story short we changed shocks and mounts, then decided to do an engine gasket overhaul and service the head because the car was woefully under-performing by now as well, and i was also wary of what kind of damage the vibration might have done. Also ended up replacing piston rings, main+thrust+bigend bearings, and cleaned out sludge buildup, among other repairs. The owner (and racer!), Sajaad Zuhair, is a great guy and a good businessman, just talking to him made me want get all this work done... πŸ˜… I've only driven very conservatively within Colombo for 3 days for 75km so far and i have to say that so far, God bless, the vibration is gone. There were even a few moments when i didn't even realize the engine was on! 😒 Don't get me wrong, there is still some vibration in the engine but i believe that's whats normal for a 3 cylinder, not when it used to shake the entire freaking car! As for performance, well i don't really expect much with this engine but to gauge effectively i'll have to wait for a hot day. Here's a few things i learnt from the whole experience: Don't drive right away on a cold start! Always give it about a minute. Don't wait for a year to change engine oil... even if you don't drive much (4700km avg a yr in my case) change in 6 months or less (this may vary with type of oil, climate, etc) Don't go fast on bumps and potholes just because your shocks are doing an awesome job and you don't feel it! You are just wearing out your shocks faster... Don't let an idiot makabaas poke your gel mount with an effing screwdriver!!! 🀬 Don't take the risk with a makabaas if you plan to use the car for a long time! Heck even if you are gonna sell it, don't be a cheapskate and earn the buyer's curse! If you can't afford to get your work done at any reputable and responsible garage, then sell the car use public transport until you save up some money... πŸ˜… *Update after 200+ kms: Vibration at minimal levels πŸ‘ KYB shocks softened up (was stiff after initial install), much smoother ride now! πŸ‘ Noticeably improved acceleration and pulling power, overhaul seems to have paid off! πŸ‘ Unfortunately fuel efficiency shows no indication of improvement so far, will update with proper number after a few more refuels.
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    Uhh...don't wash it ? Use compress air to blow off dust, etc...and then use a damp cloth or an engine wipe (the towels have a mild cleaner to remove some of the gunk, etc...) to wipe everything off. If you must...use a steam cleaner with a directed nozzle to clean off some grime around the block, engine bay body, etc...but do not directly put it on the electronics/sensors/etc... Engine degereases are intended for cleaning up heavy build up of gunk or oil leaks....using them on a plain engine surface and possibly getting them on rubber and electronic components is a bit over kill and it will spoil it. Also, most degreases require you to wash the degreaser off with water. Not a very wise thing to do. Also, the degreaser and the gunk is going to get on your drive way and it will be a pain to clean it up later on. So...clean engine = air compressor + damp cloth.
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    Here are some of my pics from the Tokyo Motor Show 2019 https://photos.app.goo.gl/6Mspu5XunABBsK8F8
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    Common mistake glad to help 😁
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    Most probably the same pair can be found in darley road
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    3Km a day mean 1.5Km one way. I would rather walk the 1.5Km and have a fixed deposit from 3.5Mn odd cash saving and hire a vehicle from interest when you go on long journeys. Huge cash saving
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    Open the bonnet and look for the ABS module/pump. Cars with ABS should have an ABS module. The best way to do this is to first locate your brake oil reservoir. There should be two or three hard lines connected to the master pump (that's the metal unit underneath the brake oil reservoir). Trace those brake lines and if they are routed under the car, then your car doesn't have ABS. If they end up in a box-like unit with a lot of brake lines connected to it (this is your ABS module), then your car has ABS. The ABS module should look like this: Did you see this in the fuse box? If yes, it's normal for to find provisions for optional components such as ABS, Fog lamps and even airbags because manufacturers typically use the same parts for the whole series and install the optional components based on the individual car.
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    Daily mileage is 3km ? Like three kilo meters ? Why even bother buying a car ? Makes no economic sense what so every.
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    True...our guys take cars that have squashed in to a pancake and fix it up The thing is..yes...the crash does not seem to be that severe....but it should be made transparent to the buyer so the buyer can make informed decision to either purchase it or walk away.
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    Hey welcome to the forum. As an ex- GP1 owner I can say it really is a nice car and you get a LOT for what you pay...it has practical written all over it - economical to run as well. at 2.7 it's a steal you can't get that feature set, the practicality for that price - even if you do spend money and fix the oil burn issue. I sometimes still miss my old car BUT this is what's important - you seem to be a car guy and this sort of matters - drive what you like.The FD1 is a different class of car . You are going to enjoy driving this (not that the GP1 is boring to drive ) So here's the thing - why don't you go see both cars for a while try to hitch a good FD1 - keep the GP1 as a backup option if you fail to find a good FD1....give the civic the priority: it's a matter of smiles per liter vs miles per liter. Happy Hunting.
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    Usually insurance companies have a clause for agent repair and you need to pay additional premium for this. I usually ask whether they have included agent repair to my policy otherwise I ask them to add it to the policy and include the extra premium. Just check with the insurance agent and also read the policy carefully. I used to have c******o insurance and they have included it in their policy but I had a very bad experience with them (agent forgot to upload the pictures taken when they issue the policy to their system and I found this when I met an accident, and they refuse to pay saying the pictures and file were not completed in their system. The funny thing is they accepted it their fault but no one took the ownership and asked me to chase the agent to upload pictures and complete the file. I chased the agent few times but he said he lost the pictures and asked me to sent pictures and a scan copy of the book and it took them more than two weeks to complete my file. Then they said the time given to the claim is expired and I had to chase the agent again to get the claim. The claim was 16000/- and usually I do not take this type of minor claims but I had to take to confirm my file was OK.Then after the the first year they sent me the renewal amount as 177000/- and the initial amount was 106000 and they have increased 77000 due to above claim. This was not acceptable) So I went with SLIC for a premium 95000/- and they also have agent maintenance.
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    Had to log in for another forum. Just wanted to show my gratitude to all you kind people here who advised me at a time I was clueless.Its been almost one and half years.Much gratitude to all of you guys who help me choose the Picanto and gave me a proper perceptions about both cars.Never been a day I regretted making this decision and all that credit to each and everyone of you ! Thank you each and everyone of you specially for your time !
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    Viva Elite is a good choice - quite compact but fun to drive car hence their popularity as reliable little city runners. The Demio is the other good option - given you find a well maintained specimen. The K12 is a bland but tough car that can take a bit of abuse but you will not get 10 KMPL as it's quite thirsty. Other options - Honda Fit GD1 (~2007) will give you 10KMPL if fuel economy is not that important you can get a 2004/2005 Suzuki Swift (Ignis)/Chevy Cruze (same car) rugged cars that keep on running they can be bought for below your budget but most of them are hacked now
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    Took these from ela*iri for size comparison. It doesn't look that small is it? Obviously shorter than CHR.
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    These clamps are the best in my experience. To me it looks like the hose is deteriorated, or the metal coolant line has rusted at the end, causing a small gap between the rubber and metal hoses. Take the hose off the metal coolant line and inspect the end. There should be a small lip on the metal line which may have rusted. Post a pic if you can. Do you have water in the system and not coolant? If yes, that explains the rust.
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    For all the trouble and expenses, I'm thinking one would have been better off importing through the agent with warrenty
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    First post on this forum and it had to be on this legendary thread. As a total car noob, it was only since the last few days, I was happily looking up everything DFSK related until this really opened my eyes not only to the failed C-NCAP safety ratings but also the second rate marketing tactics of whoever that was. I am glad I didn't take out that loan to spend on the DFSK which seemed like a good fit for the SUV dream that could likely never be achieved. May be someday later. For now I guess I will go back to concentrating on the Civic. Thanks to the folks who posted some seriously valuable input here.
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    I hear what you guys are saying @Avante & @Kush but Fords aren't as scary as people make them out to be - they really aren't Compared to most other European cars i'd argue that they are far more reliable and with models like the Fiesta offer the benefit of parts interchangeability with the Mazada Demio/2/3 of the same era
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    @Devinda_Z...see ? Another case. Again..thanks for sharing. Is it okay if we merge the two threads you created for you Vitz ? I believe the previous thread and this one together might make more sense ? Again....for the mileage of the car you would not expect it to have such a lot of repairs of that nature. Some of us have been going on a rant the last few weeks/months about how user MUST replace parts before they completely wear out and carry out preemptive maintenance on time. Eg. a 100K or 10year scheduled maintenance work list (for some cars) might include replacing of gasket, etc....and checking the bushes and and replace if needed at a 5 or 7 year mark....this way you won't be dumping a whole lot of cash in one go but spread it out over a period; however the biggest benefit is you wouldn't be creating more problems in your car that you would need to spend money and fix later on. If you had changed your oil at a regular interval, then to be honest I don't think you would have had to replace things like piston rings and bearings in your engine. Find yourself a reputed garage...I usually do not try to recommend any because the experience once has with these garages depends on one's personality as well. Then come up with a proper routine and do not cut corners. You can be economically sensible and not cut corners.
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    That's one hell load of b***shit. I couldn't imagine how you survived there. I would be laughing throughout had if I was there. πŸ˜ƒ "Realign the radar for bumper clip installation". Trust me, I installed a set of an aftermarket horns myself by taking the entire bumper off and hadn't have to do any of that. (That's not required in fact, unless you hit the radar unit with something to lose it's alignment)
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