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    This is an interesting piece. http://www.ft.lk/opinion/Sustainable-and-broad-minded-solution-for-Colombo-s-traffic/14-674188 Quick Quotes "I didn’t want to explain to him that the traffic is created by drivers who drives recklessly and selfishly to reach their destination as fast as possible. They never follow lane discipline, never bother about pedestrians, and they go wherever they can move their vehicle thinking that this is the way to avoid traffic in Sri Lanka." "An open-minded and well-disciplined public will reduce 50% of self-created traffic jams." I doubt that is a research backed number, but it will definitely help. Some research here. https://www.smartmotorist.com/traffic-jams Now why do I bother posting? I can't reform everyone. But here is the hope. By reading this and learning something, it might cause people to modify their own behaviour. I have done a lot of practicing lane discipline. See the problem is, people in traffic are more reactive, they try to wriggle into whatever tiny space they can (watch the tuks) and then find themselves on the wrong lane. Of course, we can't always follow the recommended practice, have to keep moving out of the left lane due to potholes or idiots who parked cars where cars should be moving. But proactively putting yourself in the correct lane to manage your turns will help ease the traffic tremendously. As a small example take the traffic lights in front of Orion City. There is at least 4 lanes there, but cars that can travel straight through the lights are eternally stuck behind people who want to turn but occupy the wrong lanes coz they think they can get their thing done faster by doing so. In the end, my conclusion is this. When using public property, you do not have a right. You have a duty. This is the mindset I'm gonna have. Hopefully it will inspire others, but at least I'll gonna try it. Can't preach it without practicing it
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    Mileage is 127,000km now. Some repair work done at agents. (1) Brake Pads replaced. Mitsubishi Part No. MZ690563 , Rs.16,144/= (2) Brake Rotor Disks resurfaced for the first time. - Cost: Rs.2300 (3) Caliper rubber kit replaced for the first time after 11 .5 years. Mitsubishi Part No.: 4605B861 , Rs.2,184/= , Labour cost for (1) & (2) ; Rs.2,221/= (4) Radiator coolant replaced. Mitsubishi No.: MZ341015EX , 4 liter = Rs.3,284/= , I had to buy two 4L packs but ¾ remained. Labour cost: Rs.1150/= (5) Power Steering belt started to make noise. Power Steering belt is already done 81,000km and Alternator Belt already done 50,000km. Replaced both. Power Steering Belt –MD375935 ; Rs.9345 , Alternator Belt – 4451A098 : Rs.4928.00 Labout cost= Rs. 1,437/= (6) My number plates are almost new as they changed CP to WP in 2014. After cut and polished car appearance is almost new. Number plated holders were faded. Hence replaced both number plate holders. Now appearance is nice. One unit cost Rs.511/= and Rs.1,022/= for 2 units.
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    Your point is very interesting. In your opinion, DFSK 580 is the turning point in Chinese vehicle quality. And you still want us to believe that you are not guerilla marketing this vehicle. The problem with Chinese vehicles is that their automotive industry itself is a huge mess. They have over a hundred big and small vehicle manufacturers. The designs are almost always knock-offs of a vehicle from a European, Japanese or American vehicle. There is no continuity between models - for example one version of a certain model will come with an engine copied from Mitsubishi and another will come with an engine copied from Mazda! And you can even order a car from alibaba.com from a lesser-known manufacturer! All this affects the buyer. For example, everyone knows that if we say its a 1500 CC Premio, then it will have a 1NZ-FE engine in it and the same will be there in contemporary Axio, Vios (1.5), Allion, Ist etc. This makes it easier to get third party spares, repair the vehicle in third party garages etc. On the other hand nobody knows what the f*ck will be inside the next version of DFSK 580. The only thing the damn website says is (that too in Chinese), that DFSK 1.5ltr version has 1.5 turbo engine with 150hp. Take the Panda for example, one version had an engine licensed from Fiat and another version had an engine licensed from Toyota! So for those who claim that Chinese vehicles have achieved good quality standards, I'm afraid its a shallow statement based on a false analogy of Japanese and Korean auto industry, without any understanding of the following facts: China has hundreds of vehicle manufacturers who are churning out products, mostly aiming at low-end consumer (as they do with everything else). Having more than four or five players with two leaders is always disastrous to any industry, because it may eventually be a race to the bottom of the barrel China does NOT have any indigenous designs at all. Almost all Chinese vehicles are knock-offs of each other. Front of a Toyota, rear of a Nissan, interior of a Peugeot etc. China does everything right everytime the design, development and quality control is done elsewhere. They perform badly when they have to do those stuff themselves. For example, there will be a world of difference between Chinese made Nissans and Chinese made DFSKs. Product continuity is virtually non-existent. Today's DFSK 580 may have an engine copied from one manufacturer. Tomorrow it may be from some other manufacturer
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    @PreseaLover where are thou? 😆
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    Actually no. The first Korean vehicles to come to Sri Lanka were Hyundai Stellar and Hyundai Pony. Most Stellars that were imported in early 1980s are still in running condition. The bad reputation for Korean vehicles started in late 90s and early 2000s when hordes of Singapore-used taxis were imported to Sri Lanka. They were just 3 years old but had run well in excess of 200,000km and clocked before selling. Your statement about old Korean cars being poor in quality at the beginning is patently wrong. Chinese cars in Sri Lanka on the other hand, have been catastrophic so far. You have mixed up Dong Feng with DFSK. Dong Feng is an OEM manufacturer for Nissan and also has a stake in PSA Peugeot Citroen. DFSK was formed after Dong Feng acquired a small chinese vehicle manufacturer. DFSK is the low-cost vehicle production arm of Dong Feng. That's all. They are meant to make cheap vehicles and that's exactly what they do. And a point to note about exporting to Europe. Most Europeans and Australians buy cheap vehicles to use and dispose. So they do buy Chinese vehicles once in a while. They spend about $15,000 on a vehicle, run it to the ground and dispose for scrap. That's about 3-month's salary for someone who does a reasonable job in those countries. This is the market that Chinese automakers cater to, and they know this well. So you actually find brands like Great Wall, Foton, Chery, Geely in Australia and Europe. That's the reason why Pandas and JACs become virtually unusable after 5 years. This market does not exist in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankans expect the lifetime of a car to be around 30 years. This is where the problem is and this is why there's a lot of skepticism about Chinese vehicles.
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    There are solutions if someone really needs .... Let’s go through below four suggestions. Government need no big money to invest and only need to implement policies. Business men will invest and riders will pay. Fix GPS tracking to all public transport vehicles (including train service) and make it compulsory for route permit Allow passengers to access for location information. This will encourage people to use the service as they know a bus will come within x minutes. Monitor by authorities for speed, waiting times, etc. Develop a formula for service standard and give cut off mark. if they fail to achieve cut-off mark for a particular week, route permit will cancel automatically next week. If no tracking records, route permit will be cancelled within a week. Running without weekly permit (electronic permit which can view by public any time - by smart phone) will be a big offence and fine will be Rs. 100,000. Any police office can view it without new equipment (by his phone). Stop importing ordinary busses from 1st January 2020. Ask to replace all private busses imported before 2015 to luxury busses in 2025. Those imported within 2015-2020 to be replaced when the vehicle age becomes 10 years. Then we have 100% luxury bus fleet on 2030. 0% import tax for luxury bus imports. No harm to bus owners as they could use their existing busses at-least 10 years. Normally their investment will return withing 4 -5 years. Stop 3-wheeler import from 1st January 2020. Retire all 3-wheelers from 2030. ** This will be very sensitive case. Because majority of 3-wheeler owners are low income people. And need jobs for them. That’s why this cannot do immediately and we have to move it to 2030. 10 years are more than enough for them to adjust. Then, this decision will discourage buying 3-wheelers as resale value will become less. Increasing luxury buses will reduce the requirement of 3-wheeler as well as car taxi services will be taken over the last end transportation link(bus station to home) automatically. Big tax for private vehicles use in office hours from 1st January 2021. Let’s say 7:00 am to 5:30 pm. – Rs. 75,000 to 100,000 per month. People have to come early and go late by office by private vehicle or use public transport. This will encourage more working time as well. Police could use an app provided to smart phones of officers to catch vehicles, so clear transparency is there. Even private companies have to pay tax if they provide vehicles to employees. Definitely they will not pay other than top people. Taxi vehicles need to take a permit and exempted from the tax. Different colour number plate for office time tax paid vehicles. If someone needs to use the vehicle for long journeys for personal (trip, visit relations, etc,) in office hours he needs to fix GPS for his vehicle (one time cost) and register under authority. If police caught, police will report but he could obtain exemption with tracking report. Hope above having some sense. Comments are most welcome......
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    Back in 2013/2014 I traveled daily on a CTB run Micro/Chinese City bus that plied from Negombo to Moratuwa (240/100) in the morning and evenings. The fare was twice that of normal bus but it had A/C, ample seating and as these are actual buses (as opposed to Leyland shite ) planned to accommodate large crowds even standing was no big deal. The conductor was a young and polite guy who just gave you tickets and never became a pain in the ass - there were TV's playing ads but no retarded music videos from weirdly named bands like purple-flash, sahara butt with a weed farmer from thanamalwila crying his heart out about some random nangi. People would read, watch a movie on their tablet and it was actually a very nice ride home. Sadly there was just one bus on this route (there was another 154/100 bus: Kadawatha-Moratuwa) but since there was just one bus and due to a schedule change i had to give it up. Now I don't travel along that route but that bus disappeared about 3-4 years ago. It was excellent while it lasted. Just Imagine that bus service was more frequent and regular than 1 bus (people actually called the conductor to find the location of the bus back then) imagine how many car-drivers will use public transport.? SL will start heading in the right direction when we get rid of the Private bus mafia, and the despicable culture of retarded monkeys that has grown around it.
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    A little update on the Mazda: I've been driving it on a daily basis now for the past two and a half months or so. The car feels so good to drive and I'm glad I went for the SP20 with the 2L engine. The Mrs also absolutely loves driving it. Apart from filling her up with petrol, I haven't done much to the car. I got rid of the bonnet protector because it was giving the car a grandpa look, and I waxed it once after a wash. The bonnet has a lot of stone chips which are really hard to see from a distance, but you can clearly see them up close. I plan to get a touch up paint kit and cover them up soon. I paid a couple of visits to the salvage yard just 15 minutes from where I live and found four 323 hatchbacks there. I wanted to pick up a AC blower motor (the one on the car is noisy), a wiper arm, driver's side mirror (as mentioned in a post above), centre control ashtray bezel (the one on the car is cracked) and a tailgate gas strut as the left one appears to be leaking a tiny bit although it holds up the tailgate up. The red 323 here is a 2002 car and has only minor damage to the front right. If it were in Sri Lanka, this car would be back on the road within about a week or so. Look how clean the interior still is. The trims and glove box were removed by me to take the AC blower motor out. Otherwise it was pretty neat. After bringing the parts home, I thoroughly cleaned the blower motor before installing it. That took me about an hour or so. This motor is also noisy, but not as bad as the one that was on the car. All of these parts cost me about 20 AUD (that is around 2500 LKR I think). I went to the same salvage yard again to pick up a front door speaker (passenger door speaker was not working), a couple of lug nuts (one lug nut was damaged for some reason) and a few clips for the engine under tray. Lug nuts and clips were just lying on the ground and they didn't even charge me for them. Only paid a couple of dollars for the speaker. I first took out the door card of the same red 323 I picked out the other parts from. Since it was my first time removing this particular door card, I remembered where all the clips and screws are so that I can carefully do the same on mine. Took out the door card and installed the speaker. Now I've got all four speakers working.
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    Or a new owner Let him be, mateys. He's obviously in love with his car, you wouldn't say bad things about your waifu in public even if she is a "Wadhaka Bhari", would you?
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    I don’t know about this vehicle and I am not going to compare it with a quality Japanese vehicle. But I am always positive, if you manufacture or assemble something in Sri Lanka. It gives our country more employment opportunity, technology and it may save some US dollars within Sri Lanka. Let me tell you a story. Everyone can recognize above photo. This is a rear passenger side panel in Bajaj three wheeler. Previously these items were imported from India and quality was very poor, but price is cheaper than manufacturing it here. If something hit on this Indian part, it easily get whitening and get damaged. Later Sri Lankan government introduced a rule that certain percentage of parts of three wheeler should manufacture in Sri Lanka. So all rubber parts, plastics parts, vinyl parts were manufactured in Sri Lanka. I was the plastic raw material supplier for Polypropylene plastics for some items and I supplied a Polypropylene Co-polymer grade from Taiwan (which use for making car bumpers) to manufacturer above side panel. The Sri Lankan manufactured side panel with my Taiwanese material was so strong and much higher in quality and safety and even a person can stand on it and it will not damage or break.. (Photo shows side cover made by my material). Later government increased import tax on three wheeler and three wheeler prices were increased accordingly. Then government wanted to reduce impact on three wheeler prices increasing and government selected to withdraw of that rule with Sri Lankan made part percentage. Importing inferior quality Indian part is cheaper than manufacturing high quality Sri Lankan parts here. So simply Sri Lankan parts manufacturing stopped and now three wheeler comes with Indian manufactured side panel. Ok, I lost a business but I am a single person, but it became worst with various rubber and vinyl part manufacturers and their sub suppliers together with workers. In the past , I worked for AmSafe Bridport in Wathupitiwala EPZ for a short period , and they manufacture OEM cargo parts for Boeing and Airbus air planes. Proud to say that our Sri Lankan hands do a good job there. I am always positive if some product manufacture/assemble in Sri Lanka irrespective of the size and the value of the product, if the product is with reasonable quality. Otherwise only potato would be the product we double check and get confirm before buying it, that it is a Sri Lankan product. (Me Lankawe Alada ? 😃 )
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    Check the auction sheets, get an inspection done, verify jaai jevic, inspect original documents and compare online Importing the vehicle is much safer. Even if import documents are shady, the inspection will reveal the car, VITZs are the most scammed up model to reach the country at the moment, most being wrecked cars or high mileage.
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    Do I smell a doctor from UML doing some guerilla marketing
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    This vehicle is one of the best vehicles China has designed ever.Looks Volkswagen Tiguan from the front ,Honda CRV from the side and Kia Sorento from the back. It is a seven seater SUV which is quite specious inside with a feeling of full blown SUV when driving.It is rarely seen in the roads yet , however its road presence is elegant .Its 200mm road clearance is very safe for Sri Lankan roads . It has a 1500 cc turbocharged engine with a Punch Powertrain Continuously Variable Transmission which is made in Belgium . This engine / transmission combination is very economical comparing what same range vehicles has .However you should know how to use this CVT to get the maximum benefit of it since it is not just a regular Automatic Transmission.
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    again comparing building standards with Automotive standards, looks like a potential candidate for a dummy to be put on the first Donkey 580 to be crash tested according to Euro N-CAP🤑
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    The government was researching on electronic payment systems and a system where the bus would get paid a fixed amount or something for a set number of routes. The idea was that the buses will not have any incentive to overload the buses or race around competing for passengers. Also, even if the bus is empty the operator would be inclined to run the bus at night as they would still get paid. As for getting out of cars...yes a lot of people I do believe will voluntarily shift out of their cars and in to public transport if the transport system is good. It has been shown over and over again in other countries. However, lessons from other countries is that getting people out of their cars also means there are structural changes that need to be made in salary and other benefit frameworks. For example, I know quite a few companies in Sri Lanka who give car allowances to employees to buy and use a vehicle for work purposes (I suppose no vehicle allowance means no more unnecessary purchase of new vehicles as ell). Some actually give this as a rental fee...so if the employee stops bringing in the car to work, that means the employer has no incentive to give a car allowance as a rental fee or gasoline allowance and such (telling the people to use public transport is operationally cheaper and more efficient). Now the employee essentially looses out in terms of the total value of the package unless the employer is willing to offset the loss in allowances by increasing base salaries. But then that has tax implications as well (I know allowances are supposed to be declared but hardly anyone does it). But yes...to a proper public transportation system. I do believe that would help the traffic situation and also force a lot of structural changes along with it. Another crucial element is driver training. People and schools need to be re-licensed and properly assessed and all the good for nothing driving schools need to be shut down. The schools and the testing procedure need to be thoroughly regulated and monitored.
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    Again same rubbish like politicians , talk about the facts mate, review about this manufacture, check how many this model sell in Europe, check yourself of this Vehicle, see the built quality. Even though now so may purchase MG SUV, please keep compare both yourself. You all assume that Im from Agent or Owner then do not check the facts i try to explain. Then What is the point of this forum , only to talk about Japanese Vehicle ?. there is no need forum to discuss Japanese vehicle, we all know the quality of them. We need forum here to discuss this kind of new Vehicle. If some one like to drive SUV, with latest features then we need to argue and give some facts for that person to take a decision. If anyone has 15 Mil and no need to come here and see this forums he can go and buy Japanese SUV. But Argument is you are paying so much of money for the Brand name and the Tax (If this Vehicle imported directly from Indonesia then price will be near 10 MIl) . Even Japanese Vehicle marketed by people like you how many has defects, What happened to Honda Vessel ? so please talk about facts like "TIV" , we came here to read those.
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    Since you're going to use the car for only 3 years I suggest going for a Toyota.
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    I would happily take a bus if the service is at least marginally acceptable. Instead we have to travel in lorry chassis buses packed with people, sweating, getting screamed at by conductor while experiencing stunts from the driver. This is where we can improve. If government or a public private partnership can introduce an air conditioned metro bus service with disciplined drivers/ conductors which has a regularized schedule. I bet many people who spend hours shifting in stuck traffic will switch to bus. Unfortunately, I dont see such an attempt from the government or I have no idea how as general public we can contribute to initiate such a course. This is a good alternative solution. But we need regular commuting times for this right? I myself has a chaotic work routine with abrupt travel requirements all around the country. So not good to me. 😐
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    Agree with Tiv. Due to the popularity of the vitz many car sales have wrecked and high mileage cars nicely dressed up and mileage tampered. If you are buying from a sale double check auction sheets. An uncle of mine wanted to buy a Vitz last year and initially checked from a car sale. I hadalready told him tobe vary - so he had asked for auction sheets inorder to see theauction grade and thejokers had Shown hiM an auction sheet from an axio! He ended up importing one.
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    Nissan released pictures of a Juke test-mule today. Still seems to look like a joke....but then I suppose that is what its appeal is...
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    That's your car being a law abiding vehicle
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    Yeah, all the facts are very attractive. I remember how the Baic X25 was introduced by micro saying that it has a Saab engine, Aisin gearbox etc etc... But “avuruddak dekak giyama thamai baba hambenne machan” Also about the CVT, I’m really curious about getting to know how to use it. Please enlighten me Doctor. They have a horrible build quality and when you do around 50,000km, shows the signs of a 200,000+kms done japanese car. A relation of mine owns a Baic X25 from the first batch and you have to use all your strength to close the driver’s door, and the car is still around 15,000km. That’s the skill of chinese people. Their quality is depended on the price you pay. There are some high end domestic brands like HongQi, which carry price tags closer to Bentlys and Rolls. Hope you remember the chinese phone craze in SL back in 2007-2009? Those brick sized phones with TV antennas, and huge displays with cameras saying 8megapixels? Best example. Most of them died or started giving problems after few months of usage. On the other hand mobiles like Huawei P30 pro, One Plus and Xiaomi gives a real competition to Apples and Samsungs.
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    too much negativity? Airbags won't deploy if seatbelts not worn, not only due to design or assembly issues. Just give them some time and see, otherwise our country never progresses..
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    Are you even serious!!!😂
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    This thread has been discussed last year. By the way G11 is same as nze 260 Allion/Premio but more comfortable. more spacious and more reliable than NZE 260. Please don't rely on toyotaholics kmpl figures, according to them NZE260 does 14kmpl+ (under toyota vios thread, when vios was selling like hot cakes everyone said car does 12kmpl but now its dropped to 8kmpl). However G11 does 8-9kmpl in city and 12-13kmpl outstation. Hope this figure is pretty much ok for a non hybrid 1500cc sedan. No need to bother about the availability of spare parts because until 2012, G11 was in Nissan jap production line and all y12s, ad-wagons and tiidas came with same engine and suspension components (most of the parts are same)and still y12 and ad-wagon are in japan Nissan production line. There are several problems related to g11, 1. Dashboard Leather skin melting down like axio - leather skin can be replaced for rs 15,000- 20,000 2 Ignition coil failure - solved cars manufactured after 2008 3. Suspension bushes can be easily get cracked due to SL poor road - replacement bushes are available in panchikawatta for cheap money.
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