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    Dear members, How are you'll getting on. Sylvi Wijesinghe.
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    I have gone back to Japanese Vehicle last year, with zero mileage. All members used to comment about my cheap Chinese and Indian vehicles. All of them were new vehicles. I used were purchased from local agents. Last was a Indian, I did 48000 KM. Did not have much problems, only Battery, Brake liners, clutch, front and rear shocks were changed. Engine, Gear box, Differential never gave me any problems. Changing Engine oil and oil filter at 5000 KM. Regular check of oil in other necessary things like gear box and Differential. Had a new Three Wheeler Indian unpopular new model that was also a lost to me. Only I lost the resale price of all unpopular vehicles. Very low selling price and found difficult to get a buyer. Sylvi Wijesinghe.
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    Thanks For your reply Hyaenidae, Yes members I was not in good health.Had to be in hospital for two times. Sylvi Wijesinghe.
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    Wow. The legend is back!
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    Superb m8! I myself only have 3 models, a 1:18 matte black Audi R8 GT, 1:32 Tommi Makinen Evo (gave away) & 1:64 Hotwheels Ferrari F430 (bad condition)..your GTR must be welly i think. Overall, nice!
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