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    The reality is that even if u spend millions on these ancillaries to coat or protect another ancillary ( paint) , we travel on public roads shared by people owning vehicles of value 10000 rs to 60mil rupees on a given day, nothing can save you from a scratch or a ding or even a stone chip. So my suggestion would be do a simple wash and a high quality wax, pay the rest for insurance.
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    Sudeva mata wathura tikak denda Sudeva. Real Petrol Head:
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    Left field suggestion: The E70 X5. The 2009 & 2010 model years are very solid, well equipped as well. The ones that came before 2009 had engine head problems (I cant seem to remember exactly but it has to do with the VANOS/Valve lifters and its expensive) and the ones after 2010 are facelift and complex. There was one for sale a few months back asking 6 mil. White car, rwd and having the N52 3L inline 6 engine which is the most reliable engine option available for that generation of X5. But it had a shot out TC module and a leaking rad which the owner had trouble sorting out due to the restricted imports and financial situation. Last I checked he got a customer so not sure if its still there. Good car but rare to find in lanka. But I hope you have already acknowledged, "Most reliable BMW" is a relative term and doesn't mean it will be simple and reliable like a jap vehicle. It still has issues like interior trims peeling off, breaking, suspension parts taking a hike, sensors giving out, seals giving up and letting oil leak from every orifice. I say, get an E46. Keep a minimum of 150 - 200k for any nasty surprises during initial ownership. Look for a car with service records. Get a professional inspection from car checks or the agents (Prestige). Do some preventive maintenance with a good specialist shop like Milroy or Ultimate Motor works (I think Berlin Motor works is also good) after buying (mainly seals related and try to sort out major electronic issues if any, also be mindful of rust). Nice looking car, holds value really well, great to drive, easy to work on and alot of information is available on the internet about fixing, modifying and maintaining them. A guy I know got lucky, sold his E36 318i and got himself an E46 328i last month and I think he might end up forgetting his girlfriend judging by the amount of pictures he uploads daily. You will still get that BMW prestige and also, you can keep the remaining 2 - 3 million in the bank. Buy a suit, a nice pair of shades, a good detailing session for the car, a nice set of exhausts and some M-tech accessories, some yoga classes, a night out with the wife or family, an investment maybe? After all, who doesn't like saving a bit of money?
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    The white unicorn! The beast! The pinnacle of Chinese automotive engineering! The ultimate SUV! The missile 580!
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    These petrol powered classics which might be appreciating in value, will end up obsolete in another 5 or 6 decades. Not sure if that will mean a decrease in value, maybe they will still be worth as million dollar museum show pieces. Whats the main difference between a 250k dollars auction grade E30 M3 and a few thousand bucks worth 325i? Its the heart that powers it. The welds, springs, discs, rims, braces are all tiny things relative to the engine. Yes there is a difference in the driving experience regardless of the engine but its the engine and heritage that has priced it so high. Not every classic appreciates because of the engine only, but the ones fetching crazy prices usually do either for rarity/heritage, or for the powerplant even if the chassis is almost the same (Twin Turbo Supra > NA Supra/AE86 > AE85/MG-A TwinCam > MG-A 1500/ Boss 429 > Boss 302) So I wonder how the market will react to the later model classics, the ones that would have just started to appreciate by then (think cars from 2000 - 2015). So in the meantime, these EV conversion kits would be a great way to keep the classics we love, on the road! I know a few people who are reluctant to sell their family Morrises and Wolseleys as their grandparents were the 1st owner. Not all classics will end up appreciating to a worthy amount (eg:- Fuego, Allegro, A40, 304). So for such owners who love their car regardless of community perception, lack of appreciation, etc.. These kits would be a blessing. Not gonna lie, even I'd wanna get one a decade or so after I find a damn project car, which is proving impossible in this damn country, given the damn circumstances, damn it.
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    Well....you really cannot say the Wagon R is bad..it is okay for what it is..which is a an economical city car. Granted there are much more refined options in its class but those do not come to Sri Lanka because of the tax structure (Honda N Kei cars and some Daihatsu models are actually much nicer.) If you are looking at an Axio 141 or a Allion 240...then so be it. But please bare in mind that you will have to be very very patient when looking for a good car and be very stringent on inspecting it. Yes...the low grade Axio 141s (X grade) did not come with RPM meters....On the other hand there are special packages of the X grade that did come with the RPM meter. Do you need an RPM meter though ? The standard Allion does look dated...but there are also a lot who find it to be somewhat of an ageless design as well..they look especially nice if it has the factory side skirts and lips and the sporty grill and premium wheels . If taken care of well the Allion inerior looks and feels more refined and luxurious than the Axio and the ride is a bit nicer too. The Allion 240 and the Axio 141 both will have the 1.5L 1NZ-FE engine. They both put about the same power amount (Allion has 2 or 3 horses more but slightly heavier). The Allion 1.5L and 1.8L variants come with a standard automatic transmission (a Super ECT) whilst the Axio comes with a CVT. A standard automatic is a lot easier to take care of and is actually nicer to drive. I am sure I do not have to tell you the "sensitivities" of a Toyota CVT. However..being a standard automatic would also mean that it might not be as fuel efficient as a CVT. However, this is theoretical. At the end of the day...a badly maintained CVT can easily have lower fuel economy than a well maintained AT in a slightly heavier car. If you can find a good example..they both will be good choices. Having said that...don't shy away from looking at other cars as well....sometimes you find Corolla 141s (the export model sold by the agent), Lancer CSs, Mazda 2/3s that are in really really good shape (check out some of the Lancer CS threads on the forum). Being export models they are rather simple when it comes to the tech as well. Finally, about your comment about AL members not taking kindly to fuel consumption. Sorry if you feel that way..but that is not it at all. Most of us acknowledge and appreciate the fact that fuel consumption/cost is a concern for many people (it is for us too). What we do dismiss is people buying a particular car just because of stories they heard through the grape vine and blindly following the herd. Owning a car is a lot more than just pumping petrol in to it. There is a lot more when you look at the total cost of ownership. Then there also is the matter of actually buying a car that you want to buy and enjoy...not because the neighbor's colleague's brother-in-law's sister bought a particular car and said it was brilliant.
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    Mahattaya, this thread is from 2013!
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    When downforce is life, and drag is just a myth...
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    Thanks bro. Quite a looker too. Had to go for smaller wheels due to bad ride quality on our roads.
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    Ane what to do. Just have to put a mask and sit. Threewheeler and any other vehicle cant go fast in traffic unless driver is a yobo. So its practically safe. Uda rata is nice but also stinks sometimes.
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    Besides the point. I didn't say I enjoyed driving something else more, I still fanboi
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    AC has been fixed. The cooling is Awesome it seems. Needs a good tidy up. pic taken in between painting. Await for more pictures.
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    Update. This what a 51 year old fuel tank looks like. The tank had several tiny holes on it. It has been cut open. And it has been repaired. The inner walls were rustproofed and painted. So was the exterior. Also we put new panels inside the tank(lined the walls) in Stainless Steel. Jeep is currently in the Canopy place.
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    Kids these days ! Anith minissun ge wahana ohoma wikunanna epa lamayo ! Do it properly ! Put an advert on the Sunday Classifieds like any decent prankster would
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    yes i can hear the lock working when i lock it with the key or even the driver's door. i guess ill take it to a decent garage. Thanks man for being helpful. both you and Gayanath ❤️
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    Man, I hate these people who ruin unique cars like this. It's one thing if it's a common model, but knowing it's the only one of its type in the entire island... it's truly heartbreaking! 😭
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    Fat fan, Thank you for your post to say that the memories of my self are valuable. Almost all my friends and relatives say I have a good memory and relate them like they happened yesterday, my late parents and my late only sister also use to relate things in the past very well. My late father who was a 1st WW RASC solder, who served in Basra present IRAC used to relate all about war stories, sister used to relate about 2WW history because the day that Colombo was bombed by Japs, they were in Colombo. She informs that they were in Church that day when the Sirens started, Most devotees came out of the church hurried to their respective homes to get under the bunkers. They were compulsory by then Colonial regime had requested to build. I can relate from 1st Harthal in 1953 as I remember Curfew was declared by then Governor General, few buildings were set on fire most government department employees joined the strike. Galle road was deserted no public transport. Few days later buses ( Double deckers) were driven by army drivers on the main roads. 1958 communal problems almost all our Jafna residents who were residing in Colombo were requested to occupy Colombo Schools. Few days later all of them were send to Jafna in the night by few ships we had in Colombo harbor. Few went to other developed countries. 1st old crock automobile rally was held in Colombo, sponsored by Tuckers Autodrome at Union place. During 1950 then Ceylon had only few automobile repair Garages. Except for automobile agents other few good garages were operated by all old workmen who had worked with automobile agents. All bus companies had very good Mechanics who maintained their buses very well. After CTB took over the private companies they started auctioning used old bus chassis complete, some parts from them were taken out for the already running bus repairs, many lorry owners bought old double docker buses. Their makes were GUY and Leylend all those buses were made to single flat bed lorries to transport containers. One reason to sell them was some of them were made more than 20 years ago, at that time and used them in UK sold to our county. UK they had discontinued to manufacture spares for them. Few very old Guy double decker buses were bought by customer of mine who had an industry to distribute his products, he only wanted space and not the carrying weight, He never told me that he had bought Guy old buses. One day when I visited his factory for repairs of his Generator, I saw newly build two lorries were parked without any numbers. I went round them wanted to know the reason for not using them, then his maintenance officer told me that they cannot register them due to a brake system was not working satisfactory. later in Colombo I told the owner to send one lorry to Colombo to my place I will try to do some thing to correct that problem. In Colombo I had to park that lorry on a by road to attend the repair, I got 12 very good experienced mechanics to correct this problem all of them failed. One top engineer retired from CTB told me to contact one senior charge hand from Ratmalana depot that he will give instructions to correct the problem. He examined and told me CTB discontinued this model of buses due to this problem not having the spares for the vacuum pump frailer, to build up enough Vacuum for efficient brakes. This was before open economy era. I modified the seals of vacuum pump, rebuild worn out pump rotor unit plates fixed a vacuum gauge (meter to get the reading) efficiency of brakes came up to 80% on a brake testing meter when the brakes was tested. Above is one of the memorable modifications what I had done in the past, I few years back did same to one of the AL members who had a brake problem on his jeep, also he had a alternator was not producing enough ampears at low RPM, HAD TO CHANGE HIS CRANK PULLEY TO GIVE MORE RPM, FOR MORE AMPEARS FROM THE ALTERNATOR. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi
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    So only a matter of time before it blows up
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    Absolutely, The Greatest ever !!!! What a moment, Indeed you got ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for that. All yours. (*This post is sponsored by C-NCAP)
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    Don't be hung up about the whole Thailand/Malaysia built thing. It is an old "thing" which is not valid for main stream models that you are looking at (in fact most of these JDM models that the car sales guys sell off are in reality assembled in Thailand and imported to Japan from there). Parts wise....you will realize that a lot of the consumable parts are an exact match from other Toyota models. In fact, some of the parts are specifically for the Thai/Malaysian/etc...market models so the parts are a little bit cheaper than the JDM vehicle component. Places like Delkanda have tons of used body parts from the Japanese variant....you won't find that many body parts for export model cars and you might have to ask the agent..and the agent an most definitely provide the part for you. You have a slightly better chance of finding a good condition Corolla 141 as opposed to an Axio or something because most of these cars have actually been maintained by the agent..and the typical Toyota buyer stays away from them because of the myths in the market.
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    The 2020 X1 is actually pretty good. But small 3cyl engines and FWD means it drives crap. Still looks and feels premium. The CLA is the new money mobile. The “apith benz eke yanne” special. Has lots of issues with quality and the tech inside. Many already having screen replacements. These modern cars with waay too much tech, is a Potential financial/environmental nightmare in few years. The C class is being sold in bucket loads. Many new rich(doing better than CLA crowd) get it. Good car, but overpriced. Corona jumped the prices by 3mil. People are buying cars like there is no Pandemic. Just look around social media. Many people pay over 1mil mark up like its nothing. Bugger I know got a quotation from D*MO for the GLB200 at 12.9Million. After the restrictions he bought one from a shady sale for 18.9 Million(I kid you not). He was like machan, its gonna be more expensive in the future. No wonder politicians are ruining this country and still getting so much votes. rant over.
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    You think Tacoma is stronger than Hilux? I don't know I was never a fan of American made vehicles and love the Hilux more.. Me personally love the Tundra over Tacoma as I've seen few million miles Tundra on the internet. I do have few complains on its driving characteristics but overall nice truck. But as for heavy duty work I doubt it can beat Ford / Chevy/ Ram in the same class. As for the Honda Ridgeline, One of our family friend bought and told me "American wahana gannawata wada hondai Japan wahanayak ganna eka neda". I smiled and said nothing. Didn't want to destroy their happiness telling them that Ridgeline is the second most American vehicle. Even the Corvette seem to have less components from US than the Ridgeline.
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    That applies to pretty much all Japanese CVTs. Toyota tried to make it more interesting with the new Direct Shift CVTs....but nah...yes...the launch off is ok..but beyond that it is still the rubber strap pulling whiny unit. Yes...the Euros have a certain level of refinement...however you will be surprised. Quite a few of the Japanese manufacturers (and even Koreans) are doing a lot of their preliminary design and final tuning work through their European divisions. So it is interesting to see how some of the typical cars renowned for their boredom and cheapness have actually changed. The Corolla and Yaris were quite surprising. Even the Mazda 3...so like JB (not 007..the other one...the one that sings) said.."Never say never" Interestingly this is also causing an issue for the Japanese manufacturers in their home market. Toyota is have seen a bit of a dip in their popular models like the Crown and Corolla for being too youthful and sporty. Same goes with the Yaris (which is why they feel a need for the Aqua in the same segment...apparently the Aqua will be focused more towards the lazy type of driving)
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    Well..the point was that Toyota is NOT NEW to direct injection engines. I might have misunderstood your initial statement about Toyota being new to DI engines (I suppose you meant for small high compression engines). Still...this problem even with smaller engined cars I suppose cannot be just pinned to Toyota or other Japanese manufacturers. I reckon most of these issues were there even with Euros but they were owned by enthusiasts and/or maintained by the agents under warranty and proper care. The Mark Xs maybe..but definitely not the Crowns...most of the Crowns you see in SL are ex politian onwed car or a diplomatic car...only a very few of the old Crowns are normal person imports (again due to the tax structure). But even then....the argument does not hold. The Mark X and Crown are popular used vehicles in Africa. You see tons of them in the streets of Kenya, Malawi and Tanzania in varying degrees of condition and they do keep running even with the crappy fuel (like what we have). Peope still keep craving for it so it obviously has a good reliable reputation. So...even in the hands of non-enthusiasts the car does do quite well. Having said that...like @vitz said....Toyota has not released the CHR in the SL market..probably they have concerns about fuel, etc...in markets like ours (in fact I cannot think of any emerging country market where the CHR is officially launched). But having said that...does anyone know what engine is offered in the new Corolla in Sri Lanka ? I am guessing it is the 1ZR engine which came with the previous models ? So again...the markets like our's still get the newer models with older tech.
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    So was mine. 9 years old and I love fuss free old tech.
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    Definitely is interesting to see what will happen to classics and what will be considered as classics from the current century. I am keeping my hopes up that in 50-60 years someone would actually come up with a way to make a gasoline equivalent in a lab that will help keep the few remaining classics running. I also believe that this is going to be a costly affair.
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    The automotive world in SL is screwed up in a way that you can't expect diligent service from a mechanic, you can't expect justice from a traffic police officer, you can't expect sanity from another driver/pedestrian who shares the road with you and you can't expect a seller not to go to the extreme extent in order to fleece as much as possible out of you... so it pays to be prudent and look up the vehicle you're going to buy in every humanly possible way
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    Depending on the vehicle type you are looking for there are plenty of options, Read through the forums for the common issues and owner reviews for each vehicle. Vezel is under 4 Mil because of the DCT issue and note that the replacement is going to cost you and is also costly to regularly maintan the gearbox to extend its life. Grace and Fit GP5 also has the same issue. Toyota there are many models and sedans within your budget would be allion 240, axio 161, premio 240, rav4 (2001-5), Terios etc.. Honda: Fd civic, Accord, CRV (2003-6) Mitsubishi: Lancer Ex, Attrage, Outlander (older one) Nissan; G11 Sylphy, Xtrail, sunny Suzuki: Xbee (hard to find one for cheap)
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    Just the 2000cc one. The 2000cc came with a K110/K111 CVT transmission whilst the 1.5 with a U340E and the 1.8 with U341F AT transmission. The U341 was pretty much a U340 with a different final gear ratio
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    after.....the process used to be that you had to first come in on a 3 month tourist visa...then apply for the spouse visa after a 6 month wait or something. Basically it does not matter if you are in the country. On the other side..the law state that spouse visa holders can engage in informal employment. As a result quite a few of them started home based businesses ranging from business consultancy to translation to F&B services.
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    Since its your first car may i suggest you to get a newer car? for the price of a 141 you can easily get yourself a newer Toyota hatchback if you are flexible with not having to stick to a sedan. (2013 ish vitz, 2016 ish Passo, Toyota Tank etc.. ) But as for sedans, The FB15 is a pretty old car at almost 20 years, Most of the cars in the market would have done well over 100K and gone through some extensive use. Id say go for a 141 or axio. Most of the mechanical parts of 141LX are simillar with the axio including dashboard. Only difference is the 141 comes with a 1.6L while the Axio is 1.5L so the axio would be slightly fuel efficient in city limits. The car is actually really comfortable compared to a FB15 and packs more features and more cabin space. Knew a friend with a 141 lx 2008 Model and there were not many complaints other than an alternator replacement, new shocks and fuel pump repair. Thing to factor in is that most of these cars were brought under permits so you might be able to find a genuine one without any tampered meter readings and heavy accident damage. But the JDM version of the same 141 (axio) is also not a bad option. The axio is more popular and carries more value than the counterpart domestic 141 with more features like winker mirrors, Projector beam, dual multifunction steering, automatic climate control etc on the G grade. The closest to all of these features came for the domestic model 141 in 2011 with the GLX grade. Most 2008 ones are the LX. As your friend mentioned, most of the spare part joints at delkanda import their parts from japan so they will mostly have ample parts for the 141 axio as opposed to the 141 LX. But, The LX domestic model imported by toyota lanka is the same model that runs in most european, american and asian markets but with variations in engine, transmission and grade options. Body parts and panels should not be that hard to find even at spare part joints, but as always if a need arises toyota lanka will source you the parts you need in the worst case scenario(TL parts will be a little expensive). fuel economy on the 141 LX is about 8-11 in city and around 14-15 outstation. Other options within the same budget as a 141 would be Nissan Tida (check for high mileage and gearbox, car is comfortable), Nissan G11 Sylphy bluebird(check dashboard issue and wheel hub assembly), Nissan N17 Sunny, Honda FD civic, Accord (Euro) and Mitsu CS/EX lancers.
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    Wow! Quite the car, and at 10-11 mil very good value! I'd buy it over anything else on this list - Pretty much a no brainer. Nice! Very nice ! @fiat fan
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    The list of CVT’s I have driven- 2015 Corolla 2 liter. Terrible. 2018 Camry 2.5 4 cyl / 3.5 V6. Kinda ok. Still nasty. 2017 HRV. 2liter. Load its noisy. 2019 Lexus ux200. 2 liter. Nasty slow and noisy. plus a few more that I cant remember. having worked at Toyota, almost all their CVT is iyaaaa. Also its my 500th post(8 years on AL).
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    Aiyo I saw that in May or June! The owner must have been a tuk driver in a past life 😅
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    Oh no, they most certainly did. I was under the impression that all Raptors were tuned by Henessey after seeing that episode! What Mr. Orangutan said was that in the US they sell a F150 every 35 seconds, because they're cheap, but this is no ordinary F150, it's a Raptor tuned by Henessey.
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    After 13 years of driving various Japs, I recently switched to an euro. While there are cons of owning an Euro in SL, I don't think I'll ever switch to a Jap again. Just saying...
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    Since this is a very straight forward matter rather than going with general C-HR related topics, thought to open a new thread. One of my friend's C-HR (YOM 2018, millage 27,XXX km as of now and imported as 0 millage) had a fuel mis few days before with check engine and below warning messages "Check Engine. Visit your dealer" & "AWD System Malfuction. 2WD mode engaged. Visit your dealer". Vehicle is drivable but in low power mode only. He visited TL and found that 2nd cylinder misfire with codes P030027, P030085, P030200, P160500. Learning outcomes: 1. As he has been informed, TL does not have the facility to test for GDI Fuel Injectors. He (my friend) then called to a test bench manufacture in the UK and then they gave him a contact of one of their customer in Sri Lanka. When the injectors were taken to the place and tested, the other three is injecting 50 ml and the No. 2 injector is injecting 40 ml (per unit time). After ultrasonic cleaning it was increased to 55 vs 45 respectively. 2. After mounting, the engine runs well for about 2 hours but again the problem is the same. 3. TL still has no spare parts (GDI injectors). 4. He saw three other vehicles there with the same problem. So this will be a common problem. According to TL, this problem is due to contaminated petrol but I have my doubts on that.
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    Sadly...prices these days are so unstable..they are all over the place. There is a lot of uncertainty with future of vehicle imports, etc... Do you really really need to buy a car right now ?
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    This is absolutely normal. The blue light indicates that the coolent is not come to the operating temperature and once it comes to the operating temperature it goes off. The important part is once the engine is started, better to keep on start untill the blue light goes off......
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    @fiat fan this?
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    fiat fan, When I read list of things you have done, I think it is cheap as for today's cost due to high cost of our mechanics charges.Unless DIY. Where do you have the baby for me to have a look, if you permit. Because good old days did not have complicated advanced technology on them. Most of our technicians can handle repairs without any difficul Only If the vehicle is within 25 to 50 Kilo meters close to Colombo. As my old age 76+ do not permit me long distance traveling. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
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    Either way....the name is going ot cause a lot of chuckles in Sri Lanka. If this thing was 0% duty/tariffs people will not buy it just because of the name Or they would buy it and re-badge it as some XTrail G Supiri or something
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    shaaaa nice, from the money saved from an allion you can eat a banis on the way home :3
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    so you have already set your mind to Allion 240 and Axio 141. then other members has pointed out that both vehicles are somewhat smiler based on the factors you have given. then weight your preference, Ex: say 95% for Axio and 99% Allion. then if you got a better deal for good Axio which outweigh the 4% , then if i were you i would buy Axio even though i rather prefer Allion as a model. since preference is not "Yes" "No" thing.
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