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    Definitely need to tuneup it should not do over 6-7kmpl
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    Toyota "Jip" ekak ne mahattaya unu kawum wage yanne 🤪
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    Oh no...why am I getting pictures of riced out Raizes going over a muddy puddle and a videos of it surfacing online saying 'Raize Offroad club of Srilanka' or 'Raize club meetup' with a cringey music/filter edit over it? Rice = raize?
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    Oh hell No ! I saw this at the Tokyo Motorshow (see the Japanese Car News Thread for a long discussion). This is pretty much the size of a Vitz but taller and maybe like 10 or 15 cm longer. The interior is decent but does not have the refinement of a CHR nor the spunkiness of the new Yaris. The seats too are not as huggy as the CHR. But it is not bad. This is a Daihatsu....not a Toyota...a Daihatsu with a Toyota badge and bits and pieces from Toyota. So finally Sri Lankans are willing to embrace a Daihatsu after about 3 decades (albeit they will be doing so without knowing and be in denial forever) Toyota calls this a passenger car with SUV LOOKS ! Not a mini SUV like our car salesmen keep harping about. This is NOT a competitor or an alternative to the CHR or the Vitara (even the Vitara is larger than this). This is much smaller. This is an alternative for a Vue or Kwid or a Redi-Go (i.e. a small crossover if a Hatchback does not cut it for you) Most of our Sri Lankan car buyers are going to go for this because it is cheap and looks like a 4WD (so gives them added excitement and ego strokes). This will not be as comfy or as refined as the CHR or the Premio/Allion which some people are thinking of replacing with this This is the replacement for the Terios/Rush. Ironically neither the Terios nor Rush did that well in SL (except for the few permit imports) but this will probably be a hit because it is cheap due to the low engine capacity and the taxes that it will attract.
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    I use LIQUI MOLY tar remover, purchased from an online store (Sri Lankan store), it works great. You need to spray little bit on to the tar spots and wait, after few minutes, tar dissolves and you can easily wipe it
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    That's one hell load of b***shit. I couldn't imagine how you survived there. I would be laughing throughout had if I was there. 😃 "Realign the radar for bumper clip installation". Trust me, I installed a set of an aftermarket horns myself by taking the entire bumper off and hadn't have to do any of that. (That's not required in fact, unless you hit the radar unit with something to lose it's alignment)
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    Hi, I recently bought the 2019 CR-V VTi-L7 2WD (Australian model). I live in Mulleriyawa and so far not driven out of town for a long drive. So far, fuel consumption seems under 9KM/l with ECON On with AC (usually driven with 4-5 regular size people). All reviews which I have gone through said 11-12Km/l. I wonder whether I need to do a tune-up. I appreciate some advice as this is the first time I use a Honda. Thanks in advance. -Vipul.
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    Yes ! Vitara is pricier because it is much more car ! The Vitara used to be a competitor for the RAV4 in the past but now it has been re-positioned as a competitor for the C-HR. Oh right...the Daihatsu Boned... Well..this is their very first car that is based on their DNGA platform...which is pretty much a derivative of Toyota's TNGA platform. So lets hope some of the niggles have been resolved. A typical japanese play on English words that is just ridiculous... Raize comes from the the car being Raised and the active lifestyle it gives you leaves you surprised and amazed (or some balony like that)...Thus..Raized....
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    I too believe this is the best option. You will have a hard time finding these parts outside. Anyways did you contact our preferred Mitsu Parts dealer Mahinda?
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    Wow, sensor going Kaput after just 25k kms?! Hope Mitsu fixed whatever was wrong with the sensors after they issued the recall mentioned in the above thread
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    Yeap there are cheap sensors on Ebay. 18k is bit tough for my budget at the moment.😟 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Front-Left-Right-ABS-Speed-Sensor-for-Mitsubishi-Lancer-Outlander-2007-2014/372659455616?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3D772ae4bb557448a09f5623101f8c29f9%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D15%26sd%3D253297287710%26itm%3D372659455616%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2380057&_trksid=p2380057.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3A3c53d420-05ce-11ea-827f-74dbd180290c|parentrq%3A63065e1316e0abc1607d63bffff7b4de|iid%3A1
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    @Hyaenidae I have inquired from Unimo Kandy and I am yet to receive the confirmation.
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    Check the top mount of the suspension, you can do this simply by removing the rubber cover over the nut and swinging the car. Try to simulate the TOK sound and locate it, you might need someones assistance.
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    Most cost effective is to get it from USA, although they have the 2.0L sensor is the same. At agents it was around Rs. 18K some time back
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    Well the sensor is advertised on the quick site for 7.5k - they say it's brand new OEM "quality" so probably not OEM. How much does it cost at the agent @K.o.N.o.S?
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    I use ArmourAll Bug and Tar Remover. Works pretty well. Not sure if it's available in Sri Lanka. https://www.armorall.com.au/products/bug-tar-remover/
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    Are you sure of the mileage of the car?? 38,000km seems too early to have suspension problems unless you drive frequently on bad roads or you drive ignoring the imperfections of the road! As per the front suspension noises it could come from a range of bushings, steering rack itself, CV joints etc. Since you have checked with a mechanic did he check all the bushings, rack ends, tie rod ends, lower arm bushes, CV joints and the steering rack?
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    Have been using them for decades, I kinda dissolve it, take it on a sponge, just around the inside of wheel arches and the lower sill, nothing has happened to date. Pretty much I do it weekly, the oldest car I have is from 2010, and have been doing it since new. Nothing Probably will take the wax off but nothing else to see
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    This is the direct competitor for the Vitara, but for me considering the looks, the Vitara seems to have a more conservative approach while the Raize having a sporty approach. Of course the latter might become more popular. Before deciding upon one, better to compare both those models and select the best one. Still it’s early to comment on reliability and fuel figures, but “EVERYONE WHO EXPECTS TO BUY A RAIZE SHOULD ALSO CONSIDER THE VITARA”.
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    I used Toyota Vitz 2007 1000cc from 2010 Sep to 2014 Dec (as the first owner and usage was 72,000 km during that period). Every things were recorded. Usage pattern - distance from accommodation to office - 12 km. (Colombo city but I report to duty 7:00 am so no traffic in the morning. Heavy traffic in the afternoon) - Travelling Colombo to Matara using Southern express way at-least once a month. - Others are general Colombo city and outside usage Fuel Record km/l (most of the time I do Full Tank. Calculation is based on Full tank to Full Tank) -Recorded minimum = 9.13 km/l -Recorded Maximum = 18.91 km/l (this was during night driving from Colombo to Matara by normal root) -Average for total use (72,000 km) = 12.00 km/l ** The data is perfectly correct as I recorded all the fuel pumped as a hobby. *** Assume Vitz 2016 1000 cc will do at-least 1 km/l more with new features.
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    Hi, I used cerium oxide to remove windscreen wiper scratches. It does job perfectly. I ordered from aliexpress. Is there any local supplier for cerium oxide that anyone know of.
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    Thanks @Amarapala, for the real life usage statistics Update, I could not resist answering this as I've been really interested in this car from November 2016 when it was launched, and been doing a bit of research on for sometime, Unfortunately, I don't own one yet, can't wait to get one when I can afford it, as the hybrid tax for 1.2L engine is @ 2000 per cc it’s 24 lacks ++ tax alone. Anyway, I had the pleasure of driving this car that Nissan had finally got right in terms of driving pleasure, acceleration, fuel economy & low maintenance. Some points here, · It’s a Series Hybrid System, driven only by an Electric Motor & Inverter taken from Nissan Leaf. ( 254nm Torque 0-3008 rpm, that’s a lot of pulling power ) o I tested this with 3 ppl in the car it still took off like no one was in it. · It’s does not have a charging port, so it can’t be charged and the size of the battery is 1/20 the size of the leaf. (mounted below driver & passenger seat) – Low center of gravity, Replacement batter may cost much lesser than leaf's. · It’s got a 1200cc 4 cylinder, 92 Octane petrol engine, which does not drive the wheels, it’s sole purpose it to charge the batteries, and on high acceleration compensate the battery. · 12v Battery is located @ the boot to start the ICE, occupies the space for the extra wheel, they should find space to dump it in the engine bay. · Engine supposeto run in a fixed rev range like 2.2k - 2.8k ish, and it’s more like how generators are serviced, you could have serviced it for the hrs it’ running, rather than the KM’s · No Gear box, nothing to maintain ? Experience Driving…! ( I only had about 10 mins of Driving this amazing car wish I had more time to experiment). Absolutely loved it, (Correct me if I’m wrong as we have an owner) · Smooth acceleration, due to no gears, no hiccups due to electric motor from leaf, which has been time tested for over 7 years now. · E-Peddle is kool you basically don’t need to use the Break much in the S and E modes. o Best part is in Uphill or Downhill, the car doesn’t move a bit, guess this is standard in the Leaf also with E-Peddle, it just holds the car put, no need to use the break peddle. o I can really get used to this kind of driving ? as you can relax in traffic and keep your leg off the break as it auto breaks, even in slopes. o And when you are let go of the peddle from high speeds, and even if you don’t put your leg in the break peddle, the car automatically lights up the break lights to alert the behind vehicles, that’s it’s slowing down. Regenerative breaking. o Can be driven without the breaking ~80% of the time, brake pads will last a lifetime. · It’s got 3 modes of driving N/E/S = Normal / Eco / Super Break o Normal – after break peddle released the car starts moving, after acceleration when you let go of the e-peddle, it’s like Neutral on manuals, just coasts. Behaves more like an Auto gear car. o Eco – Controls the acceleration to optimize fuel economy. § When break peddle is lifted the car doesn’t move at all like in N mode. § Need to push on the e-peddle to get it moving. § It controls the acceleration to have a eco driving, still it’s quick. § Then I just slammed just to see what happens and it turns in to the beast and go like crazy, like in S and N modes. § I felt the regenerative break is not as strong as in S mode. o Super Break – § Car only move when the e-peddle is pressed otherwise it’s stand still like E mode. § Regeneration is strong here they say about 20% of full breaking capacity § It’s smooth and no need to hard break at all. § And you can control the breaking power also from the e-peddle letting it off fully, will produce the most breaking with regeneration. § If you let it go smoothly then its a controlled breaking experience without ever stepping on the Break Peddle. § When you accelerate it’s a different story unlike the E mode, instance acceleration, no delays. If you slam it that is. · Otherwise it’s nice like an average car without the hiccups you get when gears get changed. Only Drawback I see is that Nissan Leaf battery almost dies after 5 years, it could happen to this also. The car depends heavily on the battery, don’t know if it can be driven from the engine alone like a generator. Good thing is the size of the battery is 1/20 of leaf’s, meaning it’s price will be hope fully 1/10 of the price. Acceleration is just crazy in low speeds, (of course it's not a tesla roadster 0-100 in 1.9 secs and cost 200K USD ) · 0-40 less than 2 seconds – In traffic you can just launch before others could blink, · 40 to 80 it’s like 3 seconds. – while going behind a slow driver effortless overtaking. Max speed might be 160Km even though 180Km is listed, could not try that where I got to drive it. May be our owner could try this @ highway ? Overall one of the best driving experience I had, from a Family car which has a massive boot, seating for 5 adults, with ample legroom at the back seats, it’s impressively comfortable, weight about 1200Kgs. It’s cornering also quite good, as the batteries are below the front seats. The one I drove had 360 cams with reverse and forward sensors and extra camera at the top of the rear dicky, to show the rear view while driving so even if you have items in the back seat or boot, still you can have a nice view of the back though the rear view mirror which turns to a full screen display when switched to that mode, otherwise it’s like a normal mirror. This is Factory Fitted options. You must experience a drive on this car, you’ll just fall in love with it, it’s got best of both worlds, Performance and Fuel Economy with comfort. If you can afford some extra cash, can try the Nismo E-Power, it’s good some nice front and rear bumper with side shirts, additional items for handling and a tuning computer. Hope Nissan guys dumps their latest Leaf’s motor which is 330Nm, on the Note or Micra and couple it with their 900CC turbo engine, then tax will be half. They already using the New leaf motor on the Sarena E-power. 0-100 times will drop to 6 secs ?
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    Or you could use spray wax. No buffing or streaking. Works just as fine as paste wax, you'll have to wax a tad bit more frequently though.
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