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    I drive a Great all Wingle... My dream car is a Mitsubishi Mini Active Urban Sandal. These are pretty rare....so I will settle for a Lettuce... Have you done a front-rear offset lift conversion ? I think that is the bomb on a X5
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    BMW ac repairs
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    Why doesn't he just use a empty cup? (Make his day for him: Get an empty XL drink cup from McDonald's with a lid and had it to him saying- "Here's your new spittoon " )
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    I thought this was the car (although it has changed colours now) Fun fact: Did you know that this colour is known as Ceylon Gold by BMW. It's one of the original colours in the palette and is a highly sought-after colour
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    Depending on your usage pattern - weekend driver/long distance trips there's no point in getting a used hybrid and running the risk of hybrid related maintenance headaches. Overall the obvious choice would be a Corolla 141 - it's a simple car easy to maintain and will be more comfy than the Yaris on long drives/Outstation trips.
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    Knowing Sri Lankans who [1] Pay extra for gold badges on Vezles [2] Pay extra for "Baig intariyal " on any car. [3] Pay XX Extra for Premio over Allion despite being the same car underneath [4] Pump Nitrogen on tires over regular air which is 80% nitrogen anyway hoping the wear and tear of the tyre will be less [5] Pump 95 on regular engines that require 92 hoping it will increase fuel economy I'm pretty sure they'll pay extra for the Raize.
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