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    My Montero Sport Saved my life today. Took a T bone collision to the rear quarter panel, from a lorry, the thing came straight to the drivers door. I accelerated and saved my self, just got discharged from the hospital after a checkup, No matter what new fellas say about crumple zones and what not, this thing is proper weight to weight. Just realise how strong these suvs are. Just a large bump and I drove it home. Amazed realising it took tg awhile weight and was shoved to a side. The lorry was a proper mahiyangana sand lorry, full load, the c**t was driving on a learners permit, couldn't control his reverse into the construction zone, lost control and rolled right onto me down a slope, face first. If I was in my vitz or a smaller car, I'd be in a morque now. Cops took over the lorry momentarily but I deferred them. Repair cost approx 100k, given I need a new wheel arch and tail light. And its pearl white, expensive bitch to paint. Despite my parents and friends deciding to ruin his life legally, the driver is in the hospital after negotiations but I am not pressing charges or taxing him for the repair, as he will loose his livelihood and be in jail. Best part is, if the car rolled over, I would be in the mahaweli river. Dear friends, please give up smaller cars when money permits. Get something large and safe. Due to privacy concerns I am unable to share pictures.
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    Finally she’s here😁Thanking all the members who helped me in various ways💪
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    My most noteworthy motoring milestone of the last decade; Leaving the wagon R facebook group!
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    It's a Thursday evening... I finish work with the joy of tomorrow being an off day. I clean up the house a bit and open up AL and find out more sh!t to clean... මොන මගුලක් ද යකෝ මේ?
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    I joined this forum in 2012 when I only had a rusty mountain bike with no brakes! Learned lots and finally obtained my dream. Didn't think of resale,fuel or what not. Just followed my heart! But sad to see the newer generation of car buyers, makes me weep hard. Does anybody even care about driving the damn thing anymore? instead of resale and fuel! This is not showing off. Just an Appreciation to AL and the community! PS. Its a 2 Liter Turbo with 200 horses and still does over 13kmpl city, so go f*** off with ur premios and vezis!
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    if you want some entertainment - head out to the Allion Premio Group on FB and read the post where a dude has upgraded from a Premio to a 520 🤪
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    Howdy fellas?
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    You know my modern cars have angry looking faces? Its because they need to put up with all these emission standards 😝
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    For almost 20 years my dad has been scraping and dinging my cars, his response it's just metal go fix it. Today I dinged his Vitara by accident., hes called out war now. He went all Martin Luther King on me with the speeches.
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    Life at its best in a Picture!
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    On the bright side the classic excuse of 'owner migrating' on classified ads when trying to flog off a car has been put on a back burner thanks to corona virus.
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    The elusive 1000km oil change! So I asked the retailer in UK from whom I purchased the Vitara, he insisted on the 1000km oil change, But my importer said to run it 5000km, to add the so called engineer at A*W Pitstop also adviced to run 2500km-5000km prior to the break in oil change. Also he insisted the engine was broken in on a table prior to installation and not to worry. This is when the car manual explicitly mentions to break in and to time the turbo prior to turning off Well it seems that the car knows better than all of us! It displayed this today just at 1300km
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    Visit the DFSK 580 thread for your weekly dosage of comedy.
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    Hi Guys.. this is my new username previously known as PreseaLover
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    The only description on an Ad reads "This car 2nd Owner. Both owners are doing senior level executive jobs," like who the F### cares??? ?
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    On the way home from the airport on the Katunayake expressway in a new Nissan Caravan. The driver has no regard for the speed limit, lane rules or other vehicles. I'm holding on to a bar (and my dear life) inside the van, both feet pressed against the floor. Yes, it has no seat belts. I'm asking myself "obata sathutui da dan?"
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    New whip: https://ibb.co/ys23pQv
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    So a dealer tells me; most sold car part of these few months SIRENS with mic etc and V*P lights Wannabe V*P boys at large!
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    Nature is healing! AL is healing! Teg project has an update! The Dattos have reproduced to make a fleet of them! What a time to be alive!
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    All my time spent washing and waxing the car culminates in that moment when a passing by car winds the shutter down and the driver/passenger shout "car eka wikunanawada?" 😋
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    Facebook group motoring mentality; summarized Everything you own does 30kmpl or you are not cool Everyone owns a beast or a babe Everything second hand is bad Car salesman have a right to make the cheapest offer, yet sell for extortion prices. A seller has to agree, Everyone wants WhatsApp pics of a classified. car salesman can facelift, but if the first owner does it, it’s a wreck 0w20 from salad to lube to engine oil. Used Turbo cars are bad, but everyone wants to Turbo their car for a premium. A newer Suv or car from 2010s 2012s are finicky, got electronics and must go cheap, whereas old pajeros and land cruisers that have been to the moon are quoted absurd figures. Every sports car or rare car has no book - commenters the group moderator or admin is a self proclaimed god of motoring.
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    I don't get it....why would the cars one person can buy for Xmil Rs. be any different from the cars another person can buy for the same budget ?
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    So I took the Vitara to the A*W inspection camp in Kandy today, well impressed as they are quite aware of the model and the technical aspects, however It was hoist inspection, suspension and the scan tool, which again they said is compatible with UK imports. all in all it was a good effort
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    RICE LEVEL? I think Basmathi level😅
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    Once in a while, an entertainer shows up in the forum saying how extraordinary a particular vehicle model is....There was Crisco Nihal, the kid who tried to sell his dad’s Cefiro and now this DFSK guy🤣🤣🤣 I really love to enter into conversation with those people🤣🤣Thanks for giving us enjoyment🤟🤟
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    The Vitara bug caught me, a week in the ICU with dengue and finally bit the bullet, I bought one! Loving it.
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    Drove the new Mitsu Eclipse Cross and I’m amazed by the balance between comfort and handling. Certainly comfortable as a car, while being sporty enough to rocket out the corners. Highly recommend over the Honda CRV. The turbocharged 1500cc is much more livelier than what you get in the CRV. Only downside is the fuel economy which is around 12kmpl during long runs and 6-7 round the town.
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    Is it just me or are there more and more classifieds with genuine mileage - even for mainstream cars? I see people not being afraid to advertise mileages of 200,000 + this is a good trend.
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    Don't want to Jinx it but I think the AL community can all breathe a collective sigh of relief today!
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    I wish this forum would go back to the old days. When hybrids weren't here. Fuel figures were always absurd. Anything below 1300cc was a maruti, real old petrolheads and stories of their broken cars, projects, builds and younger petrolheads (like us - now old) speaking of drags and driving civics to extinction. A world where a Suv always had 4wd. I was just a peer back then. But I learnt a lot.
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    If anyone is in a mood to make a couple of prank calls, there's a gold cefiro advertised in the classifieds, whos owner appears to be thinking very highly of the car
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    Permit threads permit threads everywhere. ?
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    Saw a new Suzuki Spacia - the most hideous thing I saw all day.
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    Gentlemen the Allion Premio group is fun again! Head over if you want some cheap entertainment.
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    Curfew trivia Insurance chap told me even the insurance companies are shocked to see how much doctors crash their cars, despite there being no traffic, curfew and no rush. Mostly on curbs and stationary objects. Array of claims So a known car dealer tells me. Hes got the most number of calls the last month, asking for large suvs for sale or rent. Reason they have a built in curfew pass status. A businessman was begging him to exchange a E350e for 2011 150 Prado So many defenders broke down, Famous repair shops are full on queued with state ones and personal ones. reason overuse and misuse propagated their inherent unreliable nature. Even 300tdi engine kits are now at 500,000 lkr due to shortages. Fuel stations say, the curfew almost stopped the movement of super diesel, most pumps are barely touched a day. Vendors say, The below single item that was sold in the craze, considering sheer numbers it was moved in. YEAST. Not groceries. Not soap, not Masks, not hand sanitizer.
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    In a time of strict emissions regulations, decline in enthusiasm, autonomous & EV startups, and boring toys, guess who's back😎
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    Not spam fellas https://www.autoblog.com/2020/03/14/2020-c8-chevy-corvette-break-in-period-redline-easter-egg-video/?ncid=edlinkusauto00000016&guce_referrer=aHR0cDovL20uZmFjZWJvb2suY29tLw&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAABHdRio6xkWLJ76iqCssznlMc_NZNDFJeeE3AltzJc7BR2DN9E-xdsOrlEhTZosM0XQUd0N2PLxHUg_I2KkH2zApvJpg1BJe3slrBls68vRFw0gNvSL74cLl1mCXUz-uV9LPVRPox1trJTXxVcaJNQkV6_XXo-giszLdGd04dhou&guccounter=2 A reminder to those who think breaking in a car is old talk / overrated
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    Long time reader finally decided to jump in the fun... hope to have a good time here. Apparently, I had registered an account here long time ago to ask some random question on behalf of my dad. But forget that, we didn't even get the van after all. Anyways, car lover ever since I was a baby, the recent discussions just made me want to start posting instead of just passively reading from the sidelines. And by that, I don't mean the cars for x million rupees budget, but rather some threads about Truenos, BZ Corollas, Altezzas, etc.
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    Typical idiotic Lankan-buyer mindset.. I have recieved calls from 7 different people in the past 4 days and and none of them bother to read the description and try to negotiate the price over the phone. One fella told me he had a specific amount of money in hand and is demanding my car for that specific amount and tried to teach me what my car is worth in today's market as he wants to resell for a profit. My mom hearing the convo, asked for the phone and politely told the caller to take a hike. Pisses me off everytime.
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    Toyota Lanka are replacing the Air Bag detonator of several models that came around 2008(Corolla 141, etc), which is free of charge. Check with Toyota Lanka whether your model needs this replacement as well.
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    Hey guys! Bought a mint condition 2008 indian swift beetle from a friend! Very BIG Thanks to all the AL members for helping me avoid crapboxes along the way!!!
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    Logged in after 5 Years. Whats happening here people! Any old timers around? Madz?
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    You have no idea of the new 'Colour change process' at RMV you guys... went 2 times and still couldn't get it done.. I don't think I ever will... unlike those days, you cant get it done easily now. if you ever decide to change colour or any modification to your car which requires book update, might as well forget about it cuz they wont approve it unless you go there 4,5 times and kiss their ass. I will separately create a new post for the new process for colour changes and modifications.
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    The most unrefined petrol car I’ve driven - Vitz KSP130 3cyl 1.0l
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    Wanted a jimny, tried for a Copen, ended up behind a vitz sigh’ married life
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    I have spent 50k on transport and mechanic costs inspecting Presea's all around the country for the past month upto today. And I'm getting tired of it. But do I settle for less? No, the hunt continues for an H' number automatic...
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    Civic Threads ...Civic threads ...everywhere i think we are in for something like the vezel epidemic of 2014
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    Sold the car and waiting for new prices of Leaf / Vitz
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