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    Its like taking a grandma to midn*ght [email protected]
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    Toyota Gorilla Ashkio 141 japan modal (not thaiwan) ,Bajj intariyal ,winkel miraar, pul opshan, baket shit, lady doktar owning, ganuin milaj 69,000 km. Hand 10,00,000 /- pinans 53,000 *48, Susuki avery badi van sexchange conisadared.
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    Bodywork started after disassembling almost all parts. Remain only the outer shell of the car with wiring harness which can not pullout easily. Gauge 14 & 18 zinc coated metal sheets used for most places. Firstly cut the right side of the chassis and welded new bar. Then the left side and floor board plates one by one. All door bottoms, front and back wings repaired. Mean time door hinge pins refilled at a lathe workshop. Finally attached all doors and wings again to check the aligning. Carbide 9kg and a oxygen cylinder consumed for this works.
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    So true this, the new one just has too many wrinkles on the face! Lol so today I have this senior colleague of mine, pug collector pulling in to the car park in a 203 minter, gracefully; some old number, and my CBG 2016 Toyota had more body shudder and was louder than that vintage car. It was like Marilyn Monroe and weird al
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    Should have told them that it's the factory position and Googled images of Evo Xs to prove your point. 😋
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    Well as mentioned by sadik above two different types of car - with the only common factor being the price. I assume you are referring to the 1st Generation of both cars XP40 (the XP90 actually resembles the Yaris/Belta) for the Vios and XP60 for the IST. It depends on whether you're looking at a sedan or a hatch. While IST's did come with the 1.5 L 1NZ and the Vios did have the 1.3 L 2NZ for the majority of cars in SL the IST had 1.3 and Vios 1.5.. the vios was a tough and reliable workhorse but now after 15 years of abuse it's a little difficult to find a non-hacked specimen out there. Some of the IsT's though have aged a little more gracefully specially the interior bits and pieces are still holding up compared to a majority of the vios's where they have started to show their age. But this does not mean there are gems:I have an uncle running a 2004 vios with KI plates for the last 12 years still in absolute mint condition.
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    Well - For starters Vios is a sedan and IST is a hatch. Vios is Thailand / Indonesia built (like the Avanza) vs IST was Japanese made. Both cars are plenty used in SL , and both lines if i am not mistaken have been discontinued. Vios now goes at Ativa i think and am not sure which replaced IST. Personal experience , i preferred the IST to the Vios despite the space handicap. But mind you IST was 1.3 ( there were a few 1.5s) whilst Vios is 1.5. I can remember the i.3 IST did better fuel vs the Vios, and creature comforts IST was much better. In fact in the West the IST was sold as one of the iconic "Scion" brand name dubbed "Urban cruiser". The last IST model was quite the looker for me. The last Vios model was based on the Yaris / Belta in fact , despite a few cosmetic changes it was hard to dis-certain one from the other. I think the Vios had more bling like a nickel shell and slighly modified headlights + better kit. But you dont get many examples in SL and i think many were imported for Airforce +Navy usage. The experts must correct me but both cars had the 1NZ engine, although not sure about the gearbox for Vios. Don't know about the latest Vios , but the one before which was very popular in SL wasnt very comfy for me and had noisy suspension. Dont know whether it was a build quality problem / the example which i used was maintained bad. On the contrary the IST faced road abuse much better, being the more silent and smoother ride. IST was more responsive , fun to drive and also looked better vs the Vios. But i think Vios had more pick up. IST had a few grades, where you got some very good kit for the car. (F, FL so on). Personally if you ask me i would prefer the IST , against the Vios , during the whole usage experience of mine.
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    I would say you should stick to the EK and fix and do some sensible modifications to it. A decent EK2 is pretty rare in SL and many enthusiasts will drool over it till the end of their days. Even if you sell the EK and try to buy another car, your choices are limited (especially in finding something that feels better). Also, you have no idea what the condition of the new car would be....
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    Yes it's a basic A-B car. Performance is non existent. You have to really step on the gas at times to get to a decent speed. Going on all roads does not necessarily demand performance. Recently got down a 2016 Safety unit for an uncle of mine as a personal import- genuine mileage little less than 30k. It gets him from A-B and that's it. He however made the observation that it was vibrating a lot - an observation tiv had also made.
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    This reminds me of a mechanic who said about Isuzu ගාමිණී (where he was referring to Isuzu Gemini) regards, JC
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    thank you for your input..Well the diesels which i came across were imported under permits and lacks most of the options..due to the heavy taxes on diesels they tend to come with far less options than the petrol i suppose ..budget is limited to around 16M..the onece ive looked had no factory fitted head units all had aftermarket units they all had the basic sound systems didnt hv a luxurious touch ..but the diesel is more powerfull and economical i think the sound of the turbo gives goosebumps 😋..
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    Well, the Lancer EX is a whole different beast it's a car that will put a smile on your face on most days. But yes it will be a bit old. So if you are a bit of a petrol head get the lancer. If you want hassle free a-b transport get the picanto. It will be a minor upgrade : (a)the car will be newer (b) the finish of the picanto is way better than the elite for instance compare the interiors of your viva with the picanto. The picanto comes with a 5y warranty so you'll basically have a headache less 5 years.
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    So the the engine vibrates like its going to come to a stall ? 300 is quite low (especially if the AC is on). Just for curiosity...is your fuel system (tank, lines, filter, etc...) clean ? I have come across a few cars (including a Soluna I owned) where the fuel tank had sediments in the bottom which got itself in to the fuel lines clogging everything up and retarding fuel supply. Then there was one car I had where one of the rubber seals closing up the tank had worn out and water was seeping in to the tank (yes..the car started acting up only during rainy seasons...took almost three years to sort it out). So needless to say the fuel was mixed with water and then subsequently dirty/rust. Fuel pressure was fine because the seal just had a very slight break.
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    The price for permits during mid last year was between 2.3 to 2.45 million. A relative of mine also in the government service had a very tight budget so exchanged the permit for a kei car
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    You really have to learn to search the forum. Performance - there is none, slow noisy lump Faults- nothing major so far, safety system has shown faults sometimes but nothing major, we all gonna need engine mounts soon though, 2nd hand market- only thing this car has the colour you have chosen is one of the cheaper ones, white and orange being the costlier, so don’t let them overcharge you, it’s a nice colour though, has a good demand do not even have a slight hope of the mileage being 20000 to 30000 or lesser, as taught by some of my friends here and after extensive research 95% cars have done over 60000km to 80000km and have been clocked back. It’s nothing to worry though as cars in Japan have been looked after and the wear is way less. The other 5% being hand to hand personal imports and damaged cars repaired and sent. Find a good car and finish it off soon as the budget may do wonders with the prices soon enough
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    Peugeot 407 Peugeot 508 Peugeot 3008
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    I think it is normal as I can remember in my Viva Elite, there was a clicking sound when the clutch engages and disengages for the AC. However it had no relation to braking or acceleration, the AC was working (engage and disengage with a click sound) on its own regardless of moving or standstill. You should be able to confirm it with the agents at Unimo. just show it to them on your way and they wouldn't charge anything to check it. their customer service is usually good.
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    What I am referring too is when the SL spouse is still SL and then passes away. The ownership falling in to the foreign spouse goes through this grey area sort of thing because the spouse (and sometimes even the children) are foreigners and there are certain stipulations when it comes to things like foreigners owning land (as opposed to a condominium/apartment) . Yes..there are property taxes that become an issue as it falls in to multiple areas (foreign ownership, inheritances, etc...). So there is a lot of paperwork and lot of going back and forth and knowing our system it can take a long time before the ownership is transferred fully to the people who are left behind by the deceased. Sometimes its easier for the kids if they are able to retain dual citizenship. It has to be noted that with all of the above (even immigration)....the authorities are quite courteous and helpful throughout the entire process (where property is concerned I do not have direct experience but only know through friends). Most of the time the issue is that there is nothing there in terms of policy or are no longer relevant. Nothing official, partly the statement is from one of big accounting firms when they were consulted during some investments and accounts from what friends have gone through.
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    Aha....I was not paying attention to the details...I thought he was talking about the following when he mentioned 70 Land Cruiser Okay..so if he is talking about the 90 series LC Prado then yes..not many body swaps (that I know of). The Land Cruiser...basically you had the old school 40 series which was the military Jeep style workhorse. During that time Toyota also launched a passenger oriented variant which was the Land Cruiser wagon (the J55/5x) to compete with the Nissan Safari which was more passenger friendly. The wagon variant went on to become the J60,J80,J100,J200 series Land Cruisers (which we now call the Sahara, etc...). The J40 in the early 80s was replaced with the J70 series Land Cruiser which again was workhorse type jeep. Although a workhorse many people (at least in Japan) were buying it for passenger use as well as commercial use (dual purpose) because it was reasonably priced (compared to the more luxurious J60 and J80 series station wagons of the time). Needless to say the J70 was a bit too harsh for Japanese roads and with changing regulations for passenger vehicles and the release of the Mitsubishi Pajero (which was as capable as a LC J70 more passenger friendlier than the J70 but nimbler and cheaper than the J60/80) Toyota decided to release a "station wagon" variant of the J70which was workhorsish but also had some creature comforts and somewhat softened up to suit city use. This was called the Land Cruiser II (came in 3 and 5 door variants) and was sold in Japan and some other export markets....later on the LC 70 station wagon (now called the Land Cruiser II) was called Land Cruiser Prado in some regions including Japan. As time went by The Land Cruiser Prado became its own little lineup just like the full sized station wagons (J80,100,200). It was placed right in the middle; not as plump and luxurious as the full sized wagon and not as bare-bone and harsh as the J70 jeeps. Thus, overtime we got the J90, J120 and J150 series LC Prados. During this time the J40 replacement, the J70 still continued production to this day in various forms (2-door, troop carrier, truck, double cab). What is interesting is although Toyota introduced the Prado with the hope of replacing the J70 5-door station wagon, there still was a demand for the J70 5-door series wagonvariant. So Toyota keeps on making those as well till this day. So that is the whole LC story in a moderately long paragraph...there are quite a lot of things missing...but I believe it gives the general idea.
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    The Montero/Pajero V60 series is actually pretty comfy. I personally do not like the seats as they are a bit too benchy for my liking but they are nice and plump. The thing...when in good condition...moves like a bat out of hell....compared to its rival models and alternatives in the price range you get a lot more for the price. The Montero Sport...well its bouncy but not too bad, but bouncy...decently put together...feels heavier and a tab more plasticy than the likes of the Fortuner. I like the ride of the Fortuner better. The Fortuner feels more grounded than the Sport. Don't forget the Fortuner too is based on a truck chassis... The old 70 series Land Cruiser..yes for its age its surprisingly comfy. Yes..there are plenty of 70 series land cruisers (II and Prados) that have had the body swapped. Quite a few military 70 series LCs that have gotten restored with new bodies around. Some are legal with proper permits and amendments to books...most are not. Buying an old diesel...well...as with any engine it will require preemptive maintenance done and should be fine. However, the fine part depends on how well the thing has been taken care of. Some people swap the engines out as they start showing age related issues...a few rebuild them. Either way, you need to check what has been done. I am guessing you want a large diesel SUV for the size (to carry the entire family) and for the long runs ? I guess something like a RAV4, X trail, Vitar, etc would be out ? Even if it looks like a SUV with the rear mounted wheel and such ?
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    Yes....I know myself who is married to a Japanese Yes...the spouse has to renew visa every few years...2,3,5,etc.... That is pretty normal in most countries...I have to renew my spouse status residency every few years in Japan. the difference in other countries is that in other countries after X number of years the spouse is eligible to apply for permanent residency and subsequently nationality. In Sri Lanka that seems to be questionable. Even after decades the foreign spouse may not be granted PR (or nationality) and has to keep on renewing the spouse visa. In the mean time if the Sri Lankan spouse passes away then the foreign spouse faces a whole lot of issues in renewing visa and there are quite a few I know who are living in uncertainty. What happens with the property is a whole different story but seems to be changing (slowly) and becoming more flexible with time..mainly because Sri Lankan expats investing in property in SL. Getting it...well..getting it was not difficult for us. There were some requirements of having to be in SL for 6 months before applying, etc..or some ridiculous thing like that...so wife had to apply for a normal visa for 3 months or something in Japan to come here, then start the application for spouse visa whilst extending her 3 month visa for another 3 months. They just gave both the visa extension an the souse visa or for free (back then) and the people at the immigration office were quite helpful and courteous (in fact they helped us save money we tried to apply for the extension and then apply for the spouse visa later...but they forced us to apply for spouse visa because then we get the extension for free) . During that time an immigration Police officer visited me and my life at separate occasions and asked some questions. The giy was a plain clothes officer who looked like a vagabond and totally freaked out my wife. When we applied my wife and I had been married for 4 years and had a kid so it was pretty straight forward..they just gave it. If a couple is newly married we were told that it is a bit more difficult (longer probation periods, more interviews, etc...), especially if the husband and wife do not have significant assets or something like a kid. The spouse's Nationality and Gender seems to play a bit of factor. At the time we applied they were strict with Chinese women who were getting in to fake marriages....If the spouse is a male, then it is harder as well because the male is considered to be the main bread-winner and because the foreign-spouse cannot be employed questions of income gets raised. The spouse visa in Sri Lanka is quite restrictive...on one hand there is this huge grey area about property ownership and subsequent transfer. The foreign spouse cannot get employed. However, the person can engage in a "home business" or be self employed. Foreign spouse is not entitled to any free national healthcare, voting, etc...However, the only one time I had to take my wife to a national hospital the doctor and the nurse just said it was FoC.
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    That's because of the typical Sri Lankan mentalityIMO! We do not know how to let things go when the time comes but choose to cling on to whatever unnecessary things for trivial reasons. In the end, we do not enjoy, nor are content with whatever we have now but instead keep on worrying about what we might lose in future.
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    before i go for Honda my dream vehicle is serena. But with the same stories that everyone tells about serena thought of not to go for it. But still i like that model.
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