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    No they had 0w20 semi synthetic blend in the early 2010s, for the early pruises I think. the black can, I had one lying around as well. They do bring the new white can, with 0w20 synthetic. What they recommend is what I mentioned. Of course the consumer has the choice and the risk. Besides, recommendations aside, if one understands the concept of multi grade oils and relation to ambient temperature and operating temperatures we wouldn't be having this discussion here. Some genuises have been advising to use 0w16 for the vezel, I'm not sure what the specced oil was but the math suggests its 5w30, several cars belonging to a company fleet underwent engine overhauls at a popular hybrid specialist due to premature bearing failure and worn piston rings. I know the owner of the fleet who is a big time cheap skate used a cheap variant of oil commonly available in the market. Paid almost 1 mil for the overhauls, 3 vezels engine opened and one yaris for sludge formation. 10000km oil changes. Wouldn't happen with the correct oil. Even if it was mineral oil. We have palath sabah pajeros running 20000km per change on DS40 since 1989, Early 90s they ran monograde oils and even then now nearing 400,000km and bore still standard, big end untouched, engine not seen daylight other than the oil drain nut being re threaded occasionally.
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    In a parallel mini universe: @Hyaenidae trying to overtake @Magnum
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    LANCER EX- Life before me Found an awesome set of old clicks of my lancer courtesy of my good friend Elnino. It seems she had quite an eventful life before settling down with me in my remote village. Thought of sharing some pics to have a glimpse of her past.
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    So now is everyone using 0w20 for their engine and hair as well?🤣
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    You are wrong.....if you keep an engine running even at still..it keeps building heat. The car does not have to move for it to get hotter. The cooling system requires cool air entering and hitting the radiator....plus the fan...plus oil to actually absorb the heat. If the air does not hit the radiator...then the fan and oil does cool it up to a certain level and then it just gets too much for it to handle. If you do not trust me....feel free to leave your engine running in the hot heat for an indefinite period of time with the radiator blocked up...heck you can even drive with the radiator blocked and see what happens.... The environment is not...it is the way we have to use the car that makes it harsh. What makes usage harsh is not extreme cold or extreme heat...Short trips before engine reaching proper op temperature....or long non stop trips or heavy traffic all contribute to it. Yes..modern engines are designed to keep the engine within a specified operating temperature. How do you think it does that ? It is NOT just the radiator and the fluid. A car's cooling system has many components...the fan and the radiator and the fluid (which is all that you seem to consider)..plus the oil..the oil is supposed to absorb the heat (which is why you need a oil that can actually absorb more heat without losing its viscosity too much too rapidly which is why a heavier oil is preferred and why cars have oil coolers...if the oil gets too hot it thins out and then becomes less effective in lubricating the engine)...and the metal/compound the engine is built with AND the design of the block (eg...there is a reason why some engines have ribs in the body..it is to increase surface area so there is more surface area to dissipate heat. Yes...there should not be a fuss about it....and there would not be a fuss if you realize WHY some vehicles have 20 weight oils...and why sometimes it is better to go to 30. There is absolutely nothing wrong in putting 30 weight oil...but does have an added benefit. The only down side is that you may lose a bit of fuel efficiency....so it is up to the owner of the car to decide what is more worth for him/her...longevity of the engine or saving a few LKR on fuel.
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    Sorry...but we moderators actually have to moderate the forums..which include making sure that the forum does not get spammed. Which includes someone creating multiple threads for the same subject. Please go through the forum rules and learn what proper forum etiquette is. This includes what, when and how you should create threads. As a motor-head and lover of cars I did reply to your questions before but stopped when your questions were becoming quite petty and a repetition with simply different years and grades of the same car (especially when it is obvious that you had not read any past posts about the vehicles...). I am only replying as a moderator to ask you to not spam the forums by creating multiple threads for the same purpose. I wish you all the best in finding your car....but again..please DO NOT create more threads on the same topic.
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    @ramishkad I got mine done at “Perera wheel alignment center” in battaramulla. My experience was pretty much positive with them as the wheel alignment operator knew exactly what he was doing and he took his time to complete the job.
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    Yes..that is the one...actually it is a silver...just that most people think it is a grey. It is a Supra color 1B9 silver graphite flake or something. The pre-facelift Carina GT says CARINA on the grill. They put the GT badge on the grill only in the facelift Yes...the 90 series and sometimes the 100 series go for those prices. No idea what happened to it. Probably did get bought up by someone...My Trueno is doing well...it actually runs without any issues so that is a good thing I suppose... There are several original P40 series GTs in SL...and one or two conversions. Unfortunately the conversion is not that popular because finding donor cars are not easy...especially at a reasonable price. The ones that can be used as a donor are too expensive and the ones that are cheap are just not worth the trouble.
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    About the Ceres and the Marino...if you want some spirited driving then I would go for a unit with the 4A-FE (i.e. 1600cc standard engine). If I want more spirited driving then I would go for a 4A-GE variant. There are quite a few 4A-FE variants around and interestingly they are advertised as 1500cc cars quite often (Sri Lankan mentality of anything above 1500cc drinking fuel). The 4A-GE variants are a bit harder to find. The 1500cc variant just feels like any other Corolla/Sprinter of the era in a sporty body. The problem with the Ceres/Marino is that most of them (irrespective of the variant) have been modded up by boy ricers. Unfortunately most of these boy ricers got them for the Corolla cheapness of running it and then doing really unsightly cheap mods....so....you are going to be stuck with the Civic issue. If you are referring ot the one I think you are (the dark grey one)...then the mods and fix-up was done by the previous owner. I had to go through 100s of Toyota catalogs of the period with the guy to pick the color code When the previous guy got the Carina GT it had a worn out 4A-GE engine..corrosion...etc....so he did a complete engine rebuild and a full resto job on the body. Then life took over for a while and he had to part ways with it and later stumbled on to an Altezza...a Trueno..and a WRX Tobe honest though..I have not seen any decent speciments of the above cars within 14 to 17 lks though I don't know what kind of a guy you are...but how do you feel about something like a Mark II/Cresta/Chaser ? A stock avante/grande can be found for your budget (again..average condition). The 2000cc engine is actualy pretty decent...only thing is the ride is a bit soft and boat like but that gets sorted out with a simple suspension upgrade (whcih most in SL have done) Apart from that..there was a Vitz RS advertised a few weeks ago...so thta is an option...you could also look in to a stock Imprezza (non converted one).
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    This is a very nice potential budget where you're looking at a multitude of 90's cars. Let's talk about your choices - very hard to find EG8s in good condition now cos they've changed hands between wannabe racers and now completely ruined same applies for the Lancers and the EK3's to a lesser extent so you still can find a rare unit in decent condition. If the modding potential is not a big condition you can also consider slightly more 'boring' variants like Mazda 323/Familia - you can get a good specimen for the price range. If hatches are your thing you can consider a Starlet - which I admit is overpriced due to the whole Sri Lankan Toyota Loyalism but a good EP82 is well within budget there's a massive community in SL and parts are aplenty so maintaining one will be a breeze. Corolla2's (windy) Ceres etc all come into the equation. This is something i wanted to suggest as well - The P11 is a true 90's car with the good old Nissan genes and they're not on the boy-racer radar so you can find a really good car... Sticking with Nissans there are Pulsars, Preseas and (lucino - maybe not) If i was on the market for a car at this budget I'd probably go for a Primera honestly. frankly there are too many choices here - so try to go for what you really like (EK3/Lancer CK) keep the Primera's etc as backup options don't stick to one car go and see a few test drive etc...I'd skip the EG8 tho personally 90's cars make my mouth water so I'm looking forward to seeing a thread on what you brought. Good Luck.
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    Has the gearbox oil ever been changed?? If people bother to change fluids on time and carry out periodic preventive maintenance then there should be no need to contend with a large repair at such a low mileage Just because the shifting is a little pronounced jumping to a conclusion that the gearbox needs to be repaired is premature and excessive I feel. As @CNX said, have a sound qualified professional at recognized outfit (the agents even) have a look at it. Don't give them ideas saying the gearbox is broken because people will happily try to sell you a reconditioned box with no mileage provenance if they know you're trigger happy and uninitiated.
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    Better get a trusted friend with some experience in vehicles, preferably a vitz with a similar gearbox (I assume CVT) to drive it and see whether it really has a problem. If the car has been properly maintained with timely CVT oil changes, it is unlikely to cause problems at 80k km assuming the milage is genuine. The other option is to take the car to the agents to have a look. Your local 'makabass' may take you for a ride if he gets to know you have no clue so better avoid them.
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    I used to work with @E L N I N O during 2009 - 2010 or so. Both of us had CS Lancers back then. Parked side by side in the office car park some days. So I'm quite aware of the personalities of the ladies. I can vouch that they have been treated with respect and care. 😁 About the tail lights... The earlier EXs came with a red tinted light while the later models came with a clear lens with black surround which looks bette IMO. There are some really nice tail lights for the EX, but I too like the stock tail lights. Also the stock projector headlights look awesome!
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    You should try out the new direct shift transmissions from Toyota....they are actually pretty fun (although there is a bit of stringyness to it it is not bad as before....and the actual 1st gear makes a huge difference)
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    Thanks for the replies guys. So I called couple of people in customs. The tax would be close to 30 Million. The cost to buy one is 12 Million. Conversion is north of 4 Million. So the total would be like 50 million rupees. As much as I love to get it down. Thats impossible, I would do charity with that money even if I could afford it. And buy a LWB Range Rover. Hmmm I'm sad now😕
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    Go through this review. It's one of the best I've come across on T Cross https://youtu.be/SELq4bRaUCc
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    A*W PitStop used to be good when they had the Corghi machine and very experienced staff - haven't been there in ages so don't know what the Kitulwatte Road set up is like currently Sankha Digital is decent if you're anywhere around Nugegoda U&H on Malay Street have a Hunter machine and a Hunter Road Force balancer but the staff who take the wheels off are careless so make sure you hover and ensure they don't jack the car up from an arm! The actual balancing and alignment work is good.
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    The old one, the blend The new one, synthetic And this is how multi grade oils cover your car based on temperatures. Do ponder as how small the coverage is for SAE20. The whole time span you run the oil, it's off the viscosity rating, unless you park it in a refrigerator here.
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    I like these , but it will only suit an Ex which is bit modified like the one which @K.o.N.o.S has. Not a fan of red tinted lights that models from 2007 & 2008 has. Really like the clear lens one which later models came with.
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    That's 2.14 Km one way per day. Id rather walk and improve my health and keep the cash
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    I have a pic of previous owner removing the aftermarket back lights and putting the stock ones back in (could be due to a damage). So I believe he sold the aftermarket taillights along with the Vortex generator. Honestly I think the stock one looks better. It really pops out the back.
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    Yeah machan. It's been almost a year since I married her.😍
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    crude but effective explanation, but more towards Honda dcts though
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    "Torque" There is a reason why its expensive, its sought after and it's good, Again how is a turbo going to help in getting the required torque? You would be stressing the engine, premature wear Plus the cost of the whole conversion custom work The engine plus conversion work, you are looking at 700000 to 800000 if done properly. Then dmt fees and the hassle Then the "additional fees" in the dmt Youd be able to buy all new Td42 parts except the block, plus block rebuild and the gearbox for the above costs.
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    Hi Everyone, Dont go to Vishwa Motors!!! Let me explain why?! for nearly two years my VW passat was serviced & maintained by them. Initially I didn't no much about the car & it was my best option at the time. *A month ago my passat needed replacement of its turbo. So I went to Vishwa to get the job done, the technician assigned was a trainee. While removing the defective turbo, he also had to pull out the rubber hose connected to it. He forcefully pulled out the hose (I thought it was normal to be pulled out like that) somehow the hose started tearing apart and became unusable. Due to technicians fault the hose cost me an additional 15k. *Then he started pulling out vacuum tubes & wire harnesses, instead of pulling the wires carefully from its clips the technician pulled the wires apart & broke it. I couldn't bear to watch what they were doing to my car & I questioned the technician, he said the wires were decayed and needed replacement. (But that wasn't the case, they carelessly broke it) After the turbo was fixed I asked them to attend to a small oil leak near the power steering pump. It was such a small leak, about 2 or 3 drops in a day. The guy took an instrument & tightened the hose connecting to the pump & asked me to start the car. When I got off the car to see if the leak had stopped, it was a nightmare. Oil was sprinkling all over the rubber belts & engine. Due to over tightening the threads of the power steering pump, had worn out. SOLUTION- A NEW POWER STEERING PUMP. Another 45k down the drain in a day! + additional charges for new wires and clips for which they broke. Total was around 95k. Left Vishwa motors around 10pm due to their negligence & faults.end of the day I was landed with a thumping bill which I had to pay anyways. The Latest which happened last week... Went to Vishwa to get a bearing replaced..since they were busy that day I handed over the keys to the senior gentleman in the office and asked them do a test run to rectify the faulty bearing and tookoff for lunch. When I came back, the gent himself had done the test ride and said that it was from the front left hand side.. They hoisted the car and technician (dilruk) inspected the same and confirmed that it was the front bearing.. So replaced front bearing that day. The bill 29000/= Released the car around 9pm. On my way home, I noticed the same sound was audible during my drive home..the repair didn't make any difference whatsoever.. At this point I was thoroughly disappointed with these guys. Went back to them next morning around 9am. Told them the situation.. Then Dilruk ( the guy who confirmed that it was the front bearing) took the car out for another test drive with me in it.. I insisted we went on the main road...and sound with a vibration was there.. Now there was no hoist available.. So patiently I had to wait until around 1pm and they put my car up for checking. It was only then they realized that the sound was coming from the left rear.. they never bothered to check the rear wheels the previous evening.. It was the rear left bearing. Cost of replacement 19000/= I was very upset of what had happened.. For the 1st time in 2years, I wanted to speak to the boss (Ruwan) to explain the unjust situation I was in. When I went up to him and told him what had happened, he said to speak to the person concerned.. So went back to the office to tell the gentleman who first drove the car on trial.. guess what... Ho throws the ball back at me.He tells me that its the technician who is responsible... I knew this isn't going in the right direction. So I tried to approach Ruwan ( the boss) .. I said chief, I have a problem which I'm not responsible for. He refused to even listen to what I had to say..he said he doesn't have time to listen to problems and that he has to go get his kid from school..( that's exactly what he said ) Now How professional is that.. I never knew that they were of this calibre....it used to be customer is king. Since we need to go to them, they feel like kings..they dont give a damn about the vehicles or customers. All they want is our money.. Dear friends I stand by what I say it's the absolute truth. * about 6 months ago went over due to miss in the car.. l told them to let me know the problem before they repair it. I left the car and came home since I am in the middle of a construction. An hour later they call me and say that the car is ready..I asked the what was the problem.happily went to get my car.. When I went, they hand me a bill of 22000/=. They didn't even let me know that they were doing the repair since I had requested a quote prior to the repair.. Instead of replacing the faulty plug, they replaced all 4, landing me a bill of 24k for 4 VW labelled spark plugs.. Same on Ebay was 50 dollars including shipping.. Dont go there and strengthen this company... Never leave your car there,unless it's a job that takes a couple of days..and you have no choice.. I Personally don't go there anymore since I found a pretty trustworthy place in Mt lavinia.. Also a brake away group has opened shop..heard their well equipped and some of best technicians have left Vishwa and joined them. Contact Lalan - 077 2531949 but a bit of distance to get there. ***For cheap VW/Audi Spares go to Taiyo in Mt Lavinia..owner is a humble gentleman..**** Also he can guide you to the Service centre in Mt.lavinia. Dont judge the book by its cover. Owner of this garage is well qualified and has a workshop in the UAE too. THEY TACKLE BMW- MERCEDIS BENZ-AUDI and VW. Even Japanese cars. Full service at Vishwa cost me 25k. Full service at mount 12k including oil. DONT BE A FOOL LIKE ME. I HAVE WASTED MY TIME AND MONEY AT VISHWA FOR A Long time. Paying almost double for maintenance of my car. I can go with many more stories but will stick to what's relevant to me. I will be opening a forum soon, so if any of you guys have similar experiences, they can be published there as well..please dont be lazy and silent.. Share your experience and let the management of Vishwa Motors know how we customers feel. They should know that "customer is king"and that no one is indispensable.. Cheers, Ash
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