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    Not really funny tho, poor car
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    I would not advise you to go for a Hybrid since you are not driving it enough for it to make sense. But look in to other pure gasoline vehicles. To be honest the Raize does fit your profile....although....I would say not to rush in to it. I believe most of the C-HRs are being sold becuase people rushed in to it thinking because it is a small engine and a Toyota it will do like 19-20kmpl...the "thel higanna" types who feel for the car salesmen's stories went for it and now selling it off....it is not because there is anything inherently wrong with the C-HR. As for this whole resale business....and "market naha" stories...it is utter bs. As long as cars are properly taken care of and are honest and reasonably priced (taking in to account depreciation) they sell ! There is no one in the country who is stuck with a Vitara or any other car brand for that matter because of "market naha". The issue is Sri Lankans dress up cars like Toyotas and Nissans and then try to sell it at a profit after using it for 10years and putting about 120000km (but sold as 60000).
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    Has anyone removed their car's steering rack limiter? Those things that look like a piece of cut PVC pipe that's hidden inside a rubber gaiter on the front axle? I know it's there to prevent the wheels from rubbing against anything. But I'm just toying with the idea of removing mine because in my area, it's hard to do a u-turn/park sometimes (in a compact hatchback, doing a 3-point u-turn just kills the whole point of a compact car). The swift runs on 14 inch 185/70 tyres on all four sides. But there's tons of space in there that even a bit more of turn angle wont hit anything. You could start a tiny coconut plantation in there. But even if it were to rub, at slow speeds a tiny rub won't kill anything and if I can get used to the steering position which misses the 'rubbing' by a tiny bit, i'd be alright. Right?
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    I think it also protects the steering rack from out-of-specified forces during turning. Shorter turning radius is a feature which depends on rack design. Therefor even a Merc E-klass can have same radius as a cheaper hatchback, but at higher cost.
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    The guy started off by saying he does not want a Vitara because of low resale value...which is why I said the whole stories of "no resale market value"is just utter rubbish that is spawned by car salesmen. This is exactly what they said about Mazdas until they started bringing in Hybrid Axelas....this is exactly what they have been saying about Daihatsu's until now when the Daihatsu comes with a Toyota badge on it. Even the Raize does not have parts in SL...so wth ???
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    I've purchased this vehicle one month back. I was compared with my previous car corolla 121. thanks again. I'm statify with your anwers.
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    Why not try a Suzuki Vitara? If you can stretch your budget a bit. Its a well known vehicle for decades and a proper SUV unlike Reize.
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    That's normal for a CVT box at low speeds. Have you changed the fluid on time?
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    On the matter of 4WD/ AWD and resale market sentiment has changed last few years as most of the SUVs that were imported are FWD (Vezel/ CRV). In fact Vezel 2WD is easier to sell and in the CRV it does not make any difference. On larger SUVs like the Sorento AWD fetch premium (most of the time you can recover what you paid for AWD initially) I'm not disputing advantage of AWD even in the dry as it gives better balance in cornering, taking off on steep inclines, traction from standing start etc.. They some times have better rear suspension setup multi-link vs basic which also improve handling and ride. But how many of average driver make use of this, most of the SUVs in SL are bought for their perceived status, driving position and the ride height to manage the bad roads. They never go off road not even on grass.
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    This didn't happen before? Sounds normal to me . CVT applies kind of engine brake if you release accelerator at low speeds below 40 kmph. In such scenarios RPM would also increase especially noticeable when you are going downhill. This doesn't happen when you doing above 40. Hope CVT was changed at regular intervals.
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    Anybody knows how to calculate luxury tax? Is it (CIF Value - 3,500,000.00) in case of petrol vehicles? For an example, if a CIF of certain vehicle is EUR 18,187, then on 20/11/2019, the selling rate of Euro is 201.8802 18,187 x 201.8802 = LKR 3,671,595 Therefore extra amount beyond 3,500,000 is LKR 171,595 Then luxury tax = 100% of extra amount = LKR 171,595 Is this calculation correct? Thanks in advance.
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    You are asking for opinions on a car that NO ONE in SL has actually seen or touched. Fine..I saw the car in person but I have not driven or ridden in one so again...makes no sense to comment on anything. If you are concerned so much about fuel economy...then go buy a Hybrid or a kei car. Not a SUV of any size ! I keep telling this in every Raize thread....the car is the same size as a Vitz...a little bit larger..but that is it....because of the boxy shape it looks larger, but its not, and has a better utilization of space. That is it. Ride wise..it is probably going to be the same as a little hatchback...so if you hated travelling in an an aqua or Vitz because of its small-ness and the bounciness due to its small-ness..this is not going to be much different. If you are going to go for a 2WD version..then go for a Vitz...because that is what it is (well...a Vitz with a 1.3L engine so it will drive a bit better than the 1L variant)....just taller. If you are going to go for a SUV looking vehicle...just go for a 4WD variant. The thel higannas who want the looks of a SUV will always defend saying an AWD Vezel, CHR, RAV4, etc....is pointless..but those who have an AWD variant will know versatile how useful AWD is. The AWD variants of the CHR, Vezel, RAV4 are not that far off in fuel efficiency. The AWD system in this is not necessarily designed for off-roading..but to just get you up and down a snowy or muddy or wet road, just like an AWD Corolla or Vitz or Corona or Allion. That is it...so the engine will be sufficient. As for resale value...how the heck would anyone know since the car has not even been mass sold in Japan yet ? Right now there is a huge demand for it in SL..but after sometime..who knows ? Some people are going to get turned off by it (and will be grumbling and looking toget rid of it) and some will keep on lusting for it and make having one the sole purpose of their existence. Also, if your budget is 4 to 6 million, which is quite a lot for a young new car owner, there are so many other options in the hatchback, sedan and crossover market that are actually sporty and youthful. You just have to look beyond the average Vitz, Aqua, Allion/Axio. Even the Vitz/Aqua for your budget; you should be able to find sporty variants...
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    Nobody: Dudes with wrx & evos:
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    What the actual F### is this? Lancer "Teddy"? with a corolla face? I mean how mentally ill can someone be to create an abomination like this?
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    and I am sure there would have been a herd of cows who were going "patta" and then seriously thinking of doing it....I once saw an old Lancer (tube light) in a garage where the suspension had been completely screwed. The owner had cut the springs to make it lower and then welded a metal part back on as the cut was too much and he wanted to raise it back
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