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    I used to use AutoGlym Ultra Deep Shine (UDS) as the cleaner and AutoGlym Extra Gloss Protection (EGP) as a protective coating. Now I use Ultra Deep Shine as the cleaner (because so far I don't see any Soft99 or other products in japan that does anything better than UDS). For the coating I use Fusso MirrorShine (which again is going out of production and replaced by something else apparently). EGP in the past lasted only about 4 months on average before I I lost the protective properties (film and the beading and smooth touch it results in). MirrorShine says it will last 6 - 9 months with a light touch up recommended at the 6th month time....so far the MirrorShine film has lasted a lot longer than the EGP film. Interestingly it does not bead like EGP did but when washed it still has that deep buttery look and the soft touch to it. The following photo was taken on the 3rd of August soon after washing and before wiping and drying....see..the bead looks crappy...but after wiping it is like in Pic 2.
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    I have tried Soft99 and it’s properly good. They have many different models, what I bought was a premium one. It was expensive but worth it.
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    I meant these products: According to the label "Made in USA with globally sourced materials". I've seen these in supermarkets i.e Arpico Supercenter but only on some outlets. Or you can easily get them from any 3M authorized applicator. I personally get it these days from Echo Zone. As I remember they had AutoGlym products as well but I've never tried. Durability is as I mentioned earlier. Paste wax lasts a couple of months but you have to use the quick wax once every two weeks or so to complement it.
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    Eagle one superior nanowax spray. Promises 6 months of protection on the container, I do a quick wax once or twice every month, no complaints whatsoever, the price is very reasonable at 1k a pop. The car hasn't been polished even once yet.
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    I can vouch for meguires ultimate quick wax. My weekly ritual is using meguires gold class car wash on my ride and once every month or two I use UQW to boost the shine. Does a great job of keeping the paint looking good and water breading. Once a year and I do a proper detailing and this routine is more than enough to keep the car in top shape. Below shot is after applying UQW this weekend. Not the best of shots because the weather was pretty gloomy outside.
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