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    It may be the end of an era for Sri Lankan motoring. Unless they offer a 1.2 CVT later or the present tax structure changes, the new version of the corolla which dominated the Sri Lankan market for over 30 years will end up being more expensive than a BMW 3 series, mercedes C class or an Audi A4!
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    Having my CRV for 9 months and always pumped 92. Not a single knock so far.
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    Yes...the leg room space in the back is apparently limited than the Allion/Premio and less well utilized than in the Axio. The reasoning for the size to be smaller for Japan is so that it will fit and be easily maneuverable in typical Japanese streets. Toyota has no concern for what people wanted from the Allion/Premio because the model (and the segment) has been dead for the last 6 or 7 years (so yes....it is only countries like Sri Lanka who were hungriy purchasing 12 year old tech for 12 years). So for a Japanese market model, it made no sense to try meet what was required of a sedan the size of the Allion/Premio as that segment is been taken over by crossovers and MPVs
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    I know a few people who pump 95 on their vezels,axios etc these are the same folks who use 'nitrogen' for their tires
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    No, these turbos operate under low pressure and intended purpose is marginally higher out put from a lower capacity with intention of low emissions and fuel consumption. Power output for the given capacity in not very high in comparison to sport tuned turbos. Besides if you go through the owners manuals the requirement is 92 octane. If it is UK import and says regular then it is 95 as in UK regular is 95, Super/ Premium 98 If it is JDM/ Aus and says regular it is 92 I still cant believe the logic of wasting Rs. 24 on every liter of fuel when it is not required by the specific vehicle.
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    What ever discussion there is I'm still waiting to see its off-roadability and see if it better than the legendary Defender.. Or NOT.. Something like..
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    Stay away from R grades (true even cars that have been modified with after market parts get graded R....but for the car you are looking at it is going to be a car that has had some repair damage done...). I would not go anything lower than a 4 for any car...but for a relatively newer car I would try to get one that is not less than a 4.5. I would go for a 4 with a newer car if the damage is like a small scratch that can be buffed out or easily touched or a small ding or two in places that cannot be seen. The WxB is not bad..in fact it first tarted off as a specia edition (White by Black) and it was so popular they turned it in to an actual grade. The Allion/Premio is a bit more comfortable than the Axio..yes...but the Allion/Premio are really old cars. They have not been doing well in Japan. Most of the Allions/Premios sold in Japan are bought by car exporters in Japan to be shipped off to Sri Lanka/Bangladesh/etc...as a locally popular model it died off a good 5-6 years ago. What is the car YOU want to have ? Forget about what the Premathilekas and Pereras and the doctors and certified engineer down the road and at office say....what is the car that YOU want ? WIll a WxB make you happy ? WIll an Allion/Premio make you happy ? Go look at a few cars available for sale. Test drive them and see what makes you feel better and would want to live with for the next few years. If it is a Premio that you want...then you cannot import one. Sell your permit and then get a slightly used one for about 6 - 6.5mil (remember to get it professionally checked because there are a lot of cars that have not been taken care of properly). If a WxB is what you want...then you can import one (if you are able to pick one out of an auction then there chances of it being more honest is greater). Yes..a sedan has its own level of comfort that a cross over would nt have..but crossovers are not bad. As the others have said....look in to other types as well like the C-HR which is as comfortable as a Axio and has a bit more bells and whistles.
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