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    A concerned citizen reminds you to stay focused on road
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    So Iv decided to open thread instead of a status update. (BTW its my 400th post for the 8 something years I've had this profile,used to have another profile since 08'. But I dont even remember the name on that) Ok peops. I got a story for u gents. I used to have an Audi A4 B5 since 09' upto 2014. Loved that car to bits. Gone through more men than a maradana hooker, but less than a model in SL. Treated badly,not run for years,ignornat bighead owner, etc etc. This was the Jayasuriya model A4 back in the day, he won a 95' for being man of the match(pic attached) Not the base base model,had a few options in it. But it was a 96' model year(the b5 came out in 95) so it was kinda old and sad looking because just after two years, the 97' came up with a facelift that really put it out there(bastards). I posted a few pics of my own car. I'll post the rest later as I need moment in the office 😏 I don't know why, but it said Audi A4 Limousine in a sticker in the boot!
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    Well to summarise the reason to my answer My maternal uncle, is and was an avid Peugeot collector, has had from the first 104, 305, 504, 404, 407, 406 and now has stepped to the hallowed suv grounds with a 3008. His life mission was convincing other family members buying Peugeot. Peugeot fans may know him by name, he has friends in France through forums they used to ship him stuff for free. Also my profession involves the mid decade permit trend so I tend to see gullible colleagues fall prey every season, the micro season, the vezel season, the permit premio season and now the pug season, So far I've experienced 3 cars, my uncles 3008, another colleagues 3008 and a 5008. I've no experience on the 2008, but I've met reps and was about to do a bit more research before the pandemic So my uncles car had a parking brake issue, hes done like 5000 km, idk he rectified it with the agents. Hes hiding it from me in shame, but I heard it was unusable for a few days. The 5008 had an issue with the display, again 3 days at the agent it was resolved, said it was a software thing. The other 3008 met with an accident, nothing big, front driver side quarter panel. agents repair bill was beyond fathom by the insurance, he ended up fixing it in a 3rd party place, the thing has gone AWOL since then, throwing codes. In my small random sample I've seen that brand new cars shouldn't be that hard to run and repair, hence why I said these arent the most reliable, these are sophisticated European motors, whatever you may say they need a lot of attention which people are having a ball with the so called agent. So to the offended pug owners, I respect your pride and joy and have fun running your high end cars, makes the road prettier Meanwhile some of us enjoy being able to fix a car by a sane bush mechanic or even at home after smiling for atleast 100,000km, and pile some money to spare for another car or few dozen beers.
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    You spoke of a v75 montero above hence my answer. Anyhow the 3000cc 6g72, 3500cc 6g74 petrol does like 6kmpl outstation, 2 to 4 kmpl in traffic depending on your engine condition. Older they get the more they consume. They arent that peculiarly fast either. Also the tired gearboxes add to it If you really want petrol, the 3.8l 6g75 Is the gem, pulls like a train, smooth as a euro. All of these are advised to run on 95Oc If you are that concerned about fuel economy, you are way off on the type of vehicle you are considering mate, these aren't cheap to run or maintain, hence why the 2007 montero petrol is falling in value below the montero sport. even the diesel 2013 lot ain't that good on fuel, this very moment I've run from kandy to Colombo on a montero diesel 4m41, and 3000 bucks super diesel was just enough to make it to Colombo, just 112 km, with 22 litres 5kmpl long distance. For other concerned readers.... Lol japan suv, typical market lingo.. These things are made up by sellers and grey importers. because most of the Thailand SUVs were brand new, Fortuner, Montero sport, L200 Mux etc, bought by agents so they had no control, if things went well they be out of business by now. As for the thailand made Hilux since 2005, they say "top badu" because they bought em and sold them via grey channels. They discriminate the l200 as its thailand, and mostly agent imported other than the uk ones. Yet they embrace the Thailand hilux? See a pattern ? The 2003 to 2007 montero sport yet was made in japan, again mostly got down via agents, but they say, "owa adinne Naha, lorry wage". They did this to the entire l200 lineage. Simple Marketing jargon for them to make their buck of the typical gullible sri lankan. A few in the real world know that the 150 Prado, some units here were made in china, And some made in Bangalore, I know because a friend studied there a while ago. They muffle that history as they want to continue their sale, again to add they say the Toyota lanka prado with the rear door spare wheel has less spec, blah blah. If course the 5l engine they bought was dumb. To add u realise that the company stopped production of the montero, yet they are continuing their montero sport lineage, this is because it was insanely successful in other merging markets and in cult levels, and now they are letting it wash into larger European markets as well. They did the same with the raize, the community has been brainwashed so well they have embraced the second smallest unreg suv they can buy and the smallest 4 door SUV they can buy for 6.6 million. First being the pre 2019 jimny Welcome to add opinions @Devinda_Z @iRage @AVANTE @fiat fan @ziyard_9834
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    Another beautiful drive over the weekend.
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    We do own 2017 Picanto I will list down Pros and Cons according to my knowledge and personal experience. We used this as a secondary vehicle and some statements may not fit to your requirement. Pros Body style. Preferred body style for small hatch Very easy to drive in traffic. Non-hybrid basic car. Handling also not bad. Very good acceleration. 1000CC engine is preferred than 660CC. Basic oil and maintenance is good enough. Alloy wheel is standard for most of the version. I don’t like steel wheels with cover. Do have doughnut spare wheel. Never use that but still prefer then repair kit. Cabin space is ok size. Good driving position. I am 5 10 and wife is 5 2. We both can drive comfortably and good visibility around the car. Verified and trustworthy mileage on ODO. Conventional auto gear box. No need to worry about CVT belt , oil and expensive maintenance. day to day repair parts like bulb, wiper blades, tires, filters and etc are cheap. No need high tech items. Mine is around 50K KM and no repairs except brake pad change I don’t think you face any issue on spare parts since it’s dealer imported car and they have responsibility to supply your needs. Ride comfort is not bad. Ideal max speed is 100km/h. 80-85 is most comfortable speed. I drove around 120km/h and feel it’s not safe for that tiny car. Finally most important thing is, Can buy newer car for very reasonable price. Cons Basic climate controllers. Minimum safety features. Only ABS and airbag (Even lower grade doesn’t have both) Second hand market is low. (I got a secondhand car and financial lost is very minimum. But it’s totally different story for who brought it as a brand new car) Fuel consumption. Max 9.5 to 10 on light city traffic. I am always heavily foot on gas paddle to match my primary drives acceleration. J but again highway its around 16-18 km/l Not a WOW factor car. Even Vitz and WagonR also not in that category. Swift is bit closer to that. Finally, Why Picanto: We had requirement to buy small hatch car for my wife to do school trip and short distance trips for daily needs. Our main goal is buy newer car with good pulling power for quick traffic jump. We don’t worry about fuel consumption since it’s use only for short distances and total 500-600 km per month. Picanto fulfill all above with less price tag. So, why not?
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    Disconnecting the battery on a car with an EFI engine causes the ECU to be reset. This throws the fuel trims and stuff which contributes to the rough idle. The ECU takes a while to re-learn and let the engine run smoothly. If the car has a factory fitted navigation unit, the map data might be cached in the unit's memory which is volatile. If this is the case, disconnecting the battery without a backup erases the memory which will cause the unit to show the "Insert Correct Map Disc" error. Other obvious things that get wiped are your fuel consumption stats, mileages, radio stations, and other settings depending on options in the car. So no, it's not just hybrids.
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    Smell was back as the compressed air flush of the vents wasn’t sufficient (thank you Sta**ord! 🤬). Got a can of BG Frigi Clean evaporator foam cleaner and did it myself by passing the tubing through the blower motor assembly. Total time taken: 30min. The AC is now draining perfectly as I can see a steady stream of water (initially some brown stuff) coming out of the drain tube under the car. Here’s a guide so anyone reading can do the same without spending big money at idiots’ garages. 1) Remove the glove-box by following instructions in the owner’s manual (carefully unhook the dampener) 2) Open the cabin filter cover making note of the airflow direction indicator (downwards). You need to press on the two side clamps to release it 3) Pull out the filter from the slot to expose the blower motor assembly below 4) Shake the can of FrigiClean and attach the tubing to its nozzle 5) Cut off the other end of the tubing if it has a screw adapter nozzle as it won’t fit through the blower motor 6) Pass the tubing through the blower motor (important to get the tubing past the fin otherwise you’ll damage the motor) 7) Spray the can until empty and foam will fill through the assembly all the way into the evaporator. If you see or feel foam backing up into the motor fins, stop immediately and withdraw the tubing 8 ) Replace the cabin filter cover only (without the filter) and start the engine 9) Switch AC blower on Full and temp Lo with standard ventilation (face). recirculate mode off. 10) Watch the stuff coming out out of the drain tube under the car and leave it running for 10min 11) Switch off the car and replace the cabin filter into position while closing the lid (cabin filter airflow direction has to be downwards). 12) Re-fit the glovebox but first get the dampener hook attached (it’s very hard to do this after you’ve got it into the hinges) 13) Leave the car unused and unoccupied for 30min and you’re good to go!
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    Sahara plash gahanawada machan buc eka dript karaddi? Eka wasi! thada thada! thada kora! jathi Monara pattikge dhoom machale horn eka fatta ne machan @AVANTE?
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    Mazda, This car was not popular in Sl during the open era. Later Mazda bongo was produced by the Japanese factory this van was popular in Sl they had two different rims bigger wheels in front and duel small wheels on the rear, therefore, the owner had to maintain two tires as spare tires. I in 1980 till 1988 imported plenty of Mazda vehicles including the buses also. Buses were difficult to sell in SL because other brands were more popular. Prisons department had few Mazda buses. Originally RX7 was imported to Sl with rotary engines. Few cars were running in SL, suddenly this engine capacity as stated in CR was questioned by SL Customs, that was a false complaint, as to CC was not the original as stated on the CR. This was a piece of false information which they had received, from other Vehicle importers. SL Customs banded the RX7 to SL, also the one vehicle in the SL port waiting for clearance. I remember importer from Kotahena contacted me because he had heard of my connections with Mazda in Japan. I immediately gave him the contact number of the factory engineer to confirm the CC capacity of the rotary engine. The importer managed to clear the vehicle from SL port without any difficulty. Thereafter few of Mazda RX& cars came to SL. I imported duel rear wheel Bongos Diesel duel rear wheel with a little modification in japan made them 15 seaters and sold few of them to North of SL. I used a duel wheel Gasoline engine Mazda van, made it a 9 seater paid the duty difference and used the same for 30000 Kilometers. Very good engine had no problems with that vehicle. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
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    Posting this as it will hopefully benefit future readers. Unless all the hybrid threads and value for money threads chase all the useful members here. So about 2years ago we purchased an L200, as a fleet vehicle, runs between Kandy and UVA and down south for plantation purposes, high mileages with passengers but no tub load.. The thing had done approx 100k km when we got it, the so called seller/ first owner / well known relative vowed the Timing belt was changed, being my paranoid self I took it to The agent once a year for inspection, drivers handled the routine services. So upon inspection, the belt was pristine, nevertheless not even dust had gone past the cover. So this thing has the 4D56U engine, common rail turbo, got lots of grunt and we use super diesel on it, and religiously make sure the driver does it too. So last week at about 150,000 odd km near bible, the thing came to a halt. To see the timing belt and the balancer belt both torn apart. Well it’s a 4d56 how bad can it be, said my dad, So put the thing on a carrier, had it bought to my mechanic, not the agent this time. To see this engine ain’t nothing like the old 4d56 its got 2 cams for the valves run by the belts, tappets deep in the head, no typical pushrods, the whole head is different, and this an interference engine, sadly, so the forged pistons decided to do a number on the valves, which in turn cracked the cams and split the head, stripped the teeth off the vacuum pump, and sheer all the reaming for oil channels, and crack a few studs between the engine and head. after around 0.8mil and a week of garage duty it’s back on the road now. the Sad part is the bore was 99.99% in good shape, turbo like new. but had to source a new head with internals, new pistons, new bearings, new crank coz of my ocd. The agents were extremely resourceful, despite the price had almost every part. Lesson learnt. Do follow If the car has done 100,000km or anything near the timing belt / chain interval, do the replacement, don’t believe any scum, no matter how known / related they are, just do it, or buy with a margin to do it, Because once the whole thing was apart we realized the schmuck had not changed the belt or the kit. Despite me repeatedly asking and asking for the receipts which he promised but never gave. Do not assess timing belts based on looks / wear Engine codes maybe the same, it doesn’t mean it’s the same engine, newer engines need more attention. All in all it was fun to rebuild an old school engine, but it came at a price. DO PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE OR BE GENUINE AND LET THE NEXT BUYER KNOW. if he haggles on that the price is upto u but just Don’t let your ignorance ruin a good car.
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    Your car may have a compression leak into the cooling system causing the over flow.. TT.
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    Woah..!! Look at that Audi trademark longitudinally mounted engine.!! You know why? Because Quattro.! Even the FWD`s are designed the same to provision for Quattro. Even today, there`s very few FWD cars with a similar design.
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    @Sir Lancerlot is much better than Hyundai..😝😝
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    Wait what? That's you?? Oh it is frowned upon in all corners of the Internet. Do you remember what happened tk the last guy who was using multiple profiles? @MADZ, what are our options here? Can we deactivate @Sir Lancerlot and rename @Hyaenidae to be @Sir Lancerlot? Ane manda bung... You and your fancy names. At least now I don't have to look at your username every time I mention you to make sure I've spelt it correctly.
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    I have used alcohol sanitizer spray for a long time for personal hygiene, also in car. No complaints
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    Found this on FB. Sharing here as I think its important. Moderators, feel free to delete if you think it's not worth. ඔබත් මේ වංචාවට හසුවුනාද? පසුගිය 4 වෙනිදා ( 04/03/2020) රාත්‍රී 9 පමන කලල්ගොඩ keels ආයතනයට ගියේ ගෙදරට අවශ්‍ය බඩු කීපයක් මිලදී ගැනීමටයි. මම වාහනය ( කලු පැහැති ) නතර කරන විට යම් පුත්ගලයෙක් වාහනය නතර කරන සීමාවේ සිට මදක් නැවතී මග හරස්කර නැවත මට ඉඩදී ඉවත්විය. මා ඒ ගැන එතරම් ගනන් නොගෙන ආයතනය තුලට ඇතුලු විය. පසුව මා ආයතනය තුල විනාඩි 30 වැනි කාලයක් ගතකර මට අවශ්‍ය දේ රැගෙන ආයතනයෙන් පිටත් විය. මා පන්නිපිටිය දෙසට මගේ කාරය දාවනය කලෙමි. පොල්වත්ත හන්දිය පසුවී මගදුරක් ගියවිට රතු පැහැති ත්‍රී රෝද රථයක් ( SP QH - 3718 )මග හරස්කර මට නවතින ලෙස පැවසිය. ඔහු පැවසුවේ මා ඔහුගේ ත්‍රී රෝදරතය හප්පා නොනවත්වා දාවනය කල බවයි.( වාහනයේ කැමරාවේ දිනය හා වේලාව වැරදිය.) මා දන්නා පරිදී මා දැනුවත්ව එවැනි අනතුරක් සිදු නොවුවද ඔහුගේ කීමට මා වාහනය නතරකර වාහනයින් බැස්ස විට ඔහු කියා සිටියේ ඔහු ත්‍රී විලය නතර කර කෙනෙක් බස්සන විට මම දකුනු මන්තීරුවට වාහනය එකවර ගත් බවත් එවිට ඔහුගේ ඉදිරිපස කොටස මගේ කාරයේ පිටුපස වැදුනු බවත්‍ය. මට එසේ අනතුරක් සිදුවූ බව නොදැනුනු බව පැවසූ විට ඔහු කියා සිටියේ මගේ වාහනය පරීක්ෂා කර බලන ලෙසත් ඔහුගේ වාහනයේ පාට ගෑවී තිබිය හැකි බවත්‍ය. මා කාරය පරීක්ෂා කලවිට ඔහුගේ රතු තීන්ත මගේ කාරයේ ගෑවී තිබූ අතර පිටුපස ලයිට් එක සීරී තිබුනි. මට අදහා ගත නොහැකි උවත් නොදැනුවත්වම හෝ අනතුරක් සිදූවී ඇති බව මට සිතුනි. අනතුරුව ඔහු පැවසුවේ ඔහුගේ රතය සාදා ගැනීමට 10000/= මුදලක් අවශ්‍ය බවත් රැකියාව ලෙස හයර් දුවන බවත් මේ අනතුර නිසා දින දෙකක් වත් රැකියාව කරගැනීමට නොහැකි වන බවය. මගේ වාහනයේ ඉදිරිපස කැමරාවක් පවතින බැවින් එය පරික්ෂාකල යුතු බව මා ඔහුට පැවසුව අතර ඔහු එකවරම පිටුපස කැමරා ඇත්දැයි අසා සිටි අතර මා පැවසුවේ පිටුපස නොමැති බවත් යම් අනතුරක් සිදුවී ඇත්දැයි හෝඩුවාවක් ඉදිරිපස කැමරාවෙන් ලබාගත හැකි බවත්ය. මා හට කැමරාව හරි හැටි ක්‍රියාත්මක කරගැනීමට නොහැකි වූ බැවින් මා මිතුරෙකුට දුරකතනයෙන් කතා කර පැමිනෙනෙ ලෙස දැනුම් දුන්නේ මෙය හරියට පරීක්ෂා කර මොහුගේ මුදල මොහුට ලබා දීමටයි. නමුත් ඔහු ඉතා හදිසි බවත් රැකියාව කරගැනීමට ඇති කාලය අපතේ යන බවත් 5000 හෝ ලබාදෙන ලෙස පැවසිය. මා පැවසුවේ එසේනම් පොලිසිය ට ගොස් ගැටලුව විසදා ගත හැකි බවයි. ඔහු පැවසුවේ පොලිසියට ගොස් තවත් කාලය යන බැවින් දරුවන් තුනක් සිටින තමාට හයර් දිවීමට නොහැකි වන බවය. අවසානයේ මගේ මිතුරා පැමින ඔහුගේ හා මගේ වාහන පරීක්ෂා කර කියා සිටියේ ත්‍රී රෝද රතයයේ ඇත්තේ පරන හැප්පිම් ලකුනු බවත් මගේ වාහනයේ සිදුවී ඇති හානිය සැලකීමේදී ඔහුගේ රතයට වී දැති හානිය ඉතා වැඩි බවත් ඒවා පරන ඒවා බවත්ය. අවසානයේ ත්‍රී ‍රෝද හිමිකරු එය පිලිගත් අතර ලයිට් එක සදහා පමනක් 2400 ලබාදෙන මෙන් ඉල්ලීය. මගේ මිතුරා මගේ වාහනයේ කැමරාව පරීක්ෂා කිරීමට කීප විටක් උත්සාහ කලත් නිසි ආකාරයට එම වේලාවේදී කරගැනීමට නොහැකි විය. මා අතද laptop එකක් ඒ අවස්ථාවේ නොතිබුන නිසා ගෙදර ගොස් පරීක්ෂා කිරීමට තීරනය කල අප ඔහුට 2000 ලබා දුන්නේ මා අතින් යම් වරදක් සිදුවී ඇත්නම් සොයා බලා ඔහුට තවදුරටත් කල හැකි උපකාරයක් කිරීමටත් , සිදුවූ දෙය නිවැරැදිව දැනගෙන ඔහුට දැනුම් දීමටත් ඔහුගේ තොරතුරු ලබාගෙන එතනින් පිටත් විය. පසුදා මා මගේ වාහනයේ කැමරාවේ චිප් එක ගලාවා laptop එකට දමා බැලූ විට අනතුරක් සිදු වූ ලකුනු එහි නොවීය. පාර අයිනේ හැප්පිය හැකි ආකාරයට ත්‍රී ‍රෝද රතයක් කීල්ස් ආයතනයේ සිට මොහු කාරය නතර කරන තුරුම දක්නට නොමැති විය. කෙසේ වෙතත් මෙගේ කාරය BMW නිසා ඉන්සුවරස් මගින් සාදාගැනීමට වඩා අතින් සාදා ගැනීම වාසි දායක නිසා මා දන්නා ආයතනයකට යොමුකර 16000 මුදලක් ගෙවා මගේ වාහනය සාදා ගත්තෙමි. මගේ මිතුරාට මට වඩා වාහන හා අනතුරු පිලිබද හොද දැනුමක් ඇති නිසා ඔහුගේ උවමනාවටම මා වාහනය හදන ස්තානයට පැමිනි ඔහු මගේ laptop එකෙන් විඩියෝ පරීක්ෂා කරන ලදී. කීප විටක්ම විඩියෝ පරීක්ෂා කල ඔහු එක් වීඩියෝවක ත්‍රී විල් රියදුරු කීල්ස් ආයතනයේ සිටින බව හදුනා ගත් අතර මා වාහනය නතර කරන විට ඉදිරියට පැමිනෙන්නේ ඔහු බව හදුනා ගත්තෙමු. අප කෙලින්ම ගියේ කලල්ගොඩ කීල්ස් ආයතනයටයි. එහි කලමනාකරු අපගේ ගැටලුව පිලිබදව අසා අපට cctv පරීක්ශා කිරීමට අවස්ථාව ලබාදුනි. කීල්ස් ආයතනයේ එලියට සවිකර ඇති කැමරාවේ දෝශයක් පැවතුනුද අපට අවශ්‍ය කොටස පෙර පිනකට මෙන් සටහන් වී තිබුනි. එහි දැක්වෙනේ මගේ කාරය නතර කර ඇති විට පිටුපසින් ත්‍රී ‍රෝද රතය දෙවරක් හප්පා වෙනත් ස්තානයක නවතා මගේ කාරය පරීක්ෂා කිරීමට ත්‍රී ‍රෝද රත රියදුරු පැමිනෙන ආකාරයි. ඔහු අනතුර හිතා මතා සිදුකර මා පිටත්වූ විට මග හරස්කර මා අනතුරක් කල බව පවසා මගෙන් මුදල් ගැනීමට සැලසුම් කරන ආකාරයයි. මොහු මෙය වියාපාරයක් ලෙස සිදුකරන අයෙක් ලෙස අපට පසක් විය. තවදුරටත් ඔහුගේ දුරකතන අංකය ( 0702866156 ) truecaller පරීක්ෂා කල විට ඇත්තේ accident ලෙසය. ඒ මොහු විශාල පිරිසකට මෙය සිදුකල බවට කදිම ශාක්ශියකි. අවසානයේ මා තලංගම පොලිසියට මේ පිලිබදව පැමිනිලි කල අතර ඔහුට පොලිසියට පැමිනීමට දැනුම් දුන්නද තවම පොලිසිය මග හරිමින් සිටී. ඔබත් මෙම වංචාවට හසුවූ අයෙක්නම් තලංගම පොලිසියේ රථවාහන ස්තානාධිපතිවරයා හමුවන්න. ( තරුණයා පාඨකයෙක් එවන ලද තොරතුරකි )
  18. 2 points
    Here is the good news! After being tracking each and every data ECM produces while driving and knocking, it was realized that there is nothing to do with any sensors or anything related to false data. Purely it was a dead end by the way. so it was convinced that this is something related to combustion chamber or exhaust back pressure. Since pulling the exhaust header out is the easier way, I decided to go ahead with it. After removing the header, I realized that one catalytic converter honeycomb was entirely missing and other one is still in tact. I believe there should be two cat converters by the way! In this model, there are two exhaust header chambers (bank 1 and bank 2) with two separate o2 sensors in place and no o2 sensors in place after the cat converters. Each chamber/bank has each cat converter in place. My expectation was a clogged cat but one is already missing and other one was not so clogged, it was a dead end again to me. But when I was trying to clean the cat with soapy water, I realized it took so long to travel water to the other side. I submerged it for few hours and cleaned thouraly and dried it under hot sun. while the cat dries, I inspected the exhaust ports and found out leaking oil from top of the valve may be due to leaky valve seals (hoping). This could be same in intake side I assume. Since this requires tons of work and head needs to come out, I kept it for future repair. after drying out I fixed the header and also cleaned both o2 sensors just in case if there are any clogged passages that may not visible to bare eye. today I drove the car as usual to office and had few mid day trips around Colombo and did all the possible steps to create the knock but it was hardly there! So I assume that there was an exhaust back pressure that was causing the engine to knock. Or may be cleaned o2 sensors did the trick? I don’t think so as I get the same reading from sensors like before. opened for discussion.
  19. 2 points
    Lovely car, but not the recipe for a beginner. As a first car I believe you expect reliability A to b and all that, cheap to run None of the above in this car sadly More or less for a intermediate as a weekend project till it's in good nick. If you have the funds, buy it cheap as a hobby car, rebuild it slowly, while you have a main daily runner. But if you are scraping savings and getting into loans leases, go far far away from these, The involved costs and requirement of parts and attention is far beyond an average user and investment point of view, just a black hole
  20. 2 points
    Lot of lessons to be learned. It is about time that we also factor cost of replacement tires. 17,18,19 inch with low profiles look nice but cost arm and legs to replace.
  21. 2 points
    Monawada bn fatta? Fatta withara newai, maxxa machan maxxa Aniwaren balanda one, oyata danne ne thiyanna athal eka? Thada thada Dn Monawada karanne? enda balamu. Supiri machan, kiyala wedak ne
  22. 2 points
    @fiat fan you need this in your life.
  23. 2 points
    A nice Clair perhaps? Maybe sir would fancy a Familia, true vintage, With a spice of interplay by the side?
  24. 2 points
    Sorry for joining lately I did a 2500 km road trip including the Expressway with 3 mountain bikes + 4 adults, in 2015 no fuss what so ever in my wifes Paradua Axia (See attached photo)
  25. 2 points
  26. 1 point
    @fiat fan on the subject of B5's and Quattro's that red one was for sale some months ago.... Would that be a simpler place to start your project from?🤔
  27. 1 point
    @sathyajithj99 your surprise is fair but this i will concede - the Mazda 2 feels a little floaty over 90 in that it doesn't feel as planted as a Euro car would on the highway nor as well insulated as a big Japanese sedan might. It doesn't like crosswinds either but these are minor considering that neither are major issues when driven at/under the speed limit. @zebra speed is often relative so when you say slow to get up to speed are we talking 100 kmph or beyond?
  28. 1 point
    Have you cleaned the throttle body/injectors/plugs/fuel filter/fuel pump? Our car required long cranking a while back until I got those things cleaned and now it's a one shot start
  29. 1 point
    This is the key. Always turn off the engine and refuel. I faced it only once in My Vitz 2016. As I remember I forgot to shut the engine. it took nearly 5 minutes and a start and stop update fuel gauge. If you turn off the engine and refuel, I am sure this will not occur. And this is not a problem with the car of course.
  30. 1 point
    Seems this is common issue. Few other car models also having such kind of issues time to time
  31. 1 point
  32. 1 point
    Welcome to the forum. I owned a v35 many years ago and I always managed to find suspension parts at pioneer motors at panchikawatte. But I have no idea if they are still available though. How is the car treating you? That V6 must be terrific to drive on expressways. It always managed to put a smile on my face.
  33. 1 point
    Depends on your budget, top end Pirelli, Bridgestone, Good Year, Michelin, Continental Intermediate - Yokohama, Maxxis, Nankang, Kumho, cheap - Minerva, gt radial, federal, mileage and comfort + Wear may vary but have used all of the above brands and had no issues.
  34. 1 point
    Yes. You should get it replaced soon. You don't want a blowout especially at highway speeds. It's recommended to replace both tyres on an axle rather than just one tyre. What is the tread depth of the other tyre and the year of manufacture? If it's practically new you may be able to get away with just replacing the damaged one but have to be cautious when the tread depth of the old one becomes less than 3mm as the car may spin out of control in wet conditions at speed as the one with less tread depth may loose grip due to aquaplaning.
  35. 1 point
    Also don't underestimate the value of a good test drive on top of an inspection (Agent ideally or else a reputed 3rd party) There are things that can manifest itself on a drive that can be missed easily with a stationary inspection which in turn can hide expensive to fix issues
  36. 1 point
    If you are buying a montero buy the v93 petrol or v97 v98 diesels, the last shape or the center spare wheel shape. Do not buy the older ones above 6 mil, they are just being overrated and played by these new kids who make a quick buck doing car sales and Facebook propaganda, and will plummet in value in few months once the craze is over, The v75 petrol was 3.8 to 4.4 mil in 2008, just floated now. Consider the montero sport otherwise, cheaper to buy run, equally fast, taller, equally large, equal road presence, a bit less comfortable but far more capable off road.
  37. 1 point
  38. 1 point
    Whoever thought a tire patch kit could replace a spare tire ought to be shot. Seriously.
  39. 1 point
    The agents are pretty decent..so is car checks. They are both good for different things. You have to expect that people find these reports excessive based on what they report. For example, the agent might on its report say that a control arm bushing is incompatible or something when functionally it works. However the agent would have pointed it out because based on the manufacturers recommendation, fixing the control arm bushing might include replacing the entire arm, thus, based on manufacturer's recommendation it does not meet the required standards (i.e. the standard the agent has to maintain). Car checks on the other hand gets nit picky about a lot of things...including dried up rubber bushes to a rusted out nail. Yes..this is excessive as you would expect a 10 year old car to have dried out bushes....but on the other hand it is something that would inevitably have to be replaced...So as a buyer...both the reports will inform you on how the car had been maintained and what would be needed immediately and what you should expect to replace in the medium term
  40. 1 point
    What about interest from our "Baappas"?
  41. 1 point
    don't own one but a colleague of mine purchased the car in 2015 brand new (hatchback) and has been using it ever since. Its now done close to 50,000kms. According to her no known issues apart from the infamous front suspension rattles which popped up quite early. This was a manufacturer defect on the first batch of Mazda3's and Mazda 2's and the agent would have replaced it under warranty if the owner complained about it. The car does around 8 km/l in town and can make do with oil changes every 10,000 kms. The Sky-Activ Engine hasn't had any issues and in the Mazda2 is more than adequate to push the tiny car around. Recently the check engine light came on and it required an injector clean up. She imported it from Colonial Motors and they have all the parts and take care of all the servicing so you should have no issues on maintenance. The car has a really cramped rear seats so not the best for shuttling full size adults long distance but fine if you have smaller children. Even if you are taking it out of town there is good enough ground clearance and its a comfortable cruiser. So long as you can find an agent maintained car with a solid service history- like most of these cars do have- you should have many trouble free km's. Good luck.
  42. 1 point
    Congrats on the ride. You won't regret buying the AWD, believe me.
  43. 1 point
    The 1.6 engines on Ford Focus mk 2.5 and mk3 both, were made in Ford's Valencia engine plant in Spain. The final assembly took place in Spain for the previous generation. Mk3 Focus was assembled in Cologne. All Ford Focus that came to Sri Lanka were made in Europe by Ford of Europe. Fiesta was made in UK for the European market only. Asian market Fiestas came from Thailand. Engines were also made in an Asian engine plant. Double Cabs were assembled in Thailand. Their diesel engines were made in Dagenham, UK. This is the info I got from a friend who was with Ford sometime ago.
  44. 1 point
    The Demio is a pretty decent car all in all I'd go out on a limb and say there are more Mazda's out there compared to Toyota's, Nissan's or Suzuki's that have been used by enthusiasts who are likely to have not cut corners on maintenance and even maintained records Regarding the Ford, the Fiesta was Thai made not Indian (though they made in a number of countries, even China!). The bulk of the Fords imported by the agents are Thai made. The reconditioned grey market imports were from the UK. The bigger Focus of the same era was made in Spain right @Crosswind? The newer Focus was made in Germany. The new (2016+) Fiesta is just a face lifted version of the old one going back to 2010 so it's not a new chassis. The platform was engineered with driving dynamics in mind so it has an edge over a lot of cars even those to which it's related like the Mazda 2/3/Demio which it shares many components with. The 1.4L Fiesta with the regular 4 speed transmission is a very decent car (comfy, quiet, spacious, easy to drive) and is the safest car you can buy in that price range and class with it's IIHS Top Pick rating as well as EuroNCAP 5* with 7 airbags, including a knee airbag to boot! The 1L Eco Boost is said to be nice engine but i'd avoid it for one simple reason - the 6 speed DCT transmission which is a global disaster for Ford is bound to be problematic if everything said about them overseas holds true here.
  45. 1 point
    Go for a slightly used Picanto? other than a bit of depreciation there is nothing to worry about (heck, most of the depreciation would have been absorbed by the first owner). Also, do a professional checkup at Kia, Carchecks, greasemonkey or any reputated service places for valuable peace of mind. Ask for service records too. Fiesta is a decent car, but the agent (Softlogic) has a bad reputation so you might run into headaches. I thought the Vitz & Raize would be the craze. But it seems the picanto is gaining lots of traction here now. Finally the koreans are respected here.
  46. 1 point
    I'm still trying to figure out what all this fuss is about. A car in not going to die if coolant brands get mixed up or even get mixed with with water as it is any way water mixed with anti freeze and anti rust chemicals added. Do not recommend tap water though as it contains chlorine. I'm sure more damage is done to our vehicles due to inferior fuel, dusty and humid climate.
  47. 1 point
    Sell it. The first option is a great hassle and you will end up losing more than that 600k. You can try to transfer the lease.
  48. 1 point
    Is some one know are Honda Fit GE6(non Hybrid) and Honda Fit GP1(Hybrid) same car? Is GE6 only difference it doesn't have hybrid Battery? Are other parts (Body, Engine, Suspension,Interior is same) so the GP 1 spares will compatible with GE6. I have searched the Forum buy couldn't find the answers. If anyone know in details please knowledge me. Any idea highly appreciated.
  49. 1 point
    BL5P is little lower (10mm) in ground clearance than BK5P. Similar engines (MZR- ZY) do not bring much fuel consumption variances in 5P Series. Mazda3 (BK,BL) for Asia came with 1,6L Engine , but 1.5L JDM version is good in performances and emission control . Later Axela BL-20E, (2011 Sep to mid 2013) came with Skyactiv Engine- PE 2L, this continues in BY chassis to-date. . Mazda normally offers new engines in between model changes unlike in other auto manufacturers.
  50. 1 point
    Again, I have to reiterate that reliability is a relative thing and depends on how much care and attention you put on the car. I do not use cars in the vain hope of making a buck on it. I have bought and used cars, spent a packet on them and sold them off for a song, with the new owner benefiting from my toothpick and tooth brush levels of care on the car. I have used a Alfa Romeo 164 in ways that would make a diesel Nissan Caravan driver pucker his asshole. I have used the two BMWs like a sales executive uses a rented Toyota Corolla. but in all cases, I have maintained the cars using only the original parts and used only people who knows what they were doing for repairs and maintenance, and most of the time, all work was done by myself, Not a single car has stranded me on the by ways and the highways of Sri Lanka. But I know of people whose Mazdas and Hondas and Corollas were towed, carried or had mechanics travel 200Kms to bring back due to some issue. So it all comes down to how you use the car and how far you are willing to spend on the car and maintain it in the best mechanical condition it can be maintained. It applies to every brand of car. There is no 100% reliable car.
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