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    Typical idiotic Lankan-buyer mindset.. I have recieved calls from 7 different people in the past 4 days and and none of them bother to read the description and try to negotiate the price over the phone. One fella told me he had a specific amount of money in hand and is demanding my car for that specific amount and tried to teach me what my car is worth in today's market as he wants to resell for a profit. My mom hearing the convo, asked for the phone and politely told the caller to take a hike. Pisses me off everytime.
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    Toyota Lanka are replacing the Air Bag detonator of several models that came around 2008(Corolla 141, etc), which is free of charge. Check with Toyota Lanka whether your model needs this replacement as well.
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    A suggestion to the admins / moderators Why not upgrade the whole advert experience, pics are tiny, it looks dated, and hard to find stuff. Plus due to insane charges, the “famous site” has lesser ads by the day and it’s getting hard to get hold of a good vehicle there. Pretty much there’s no competition either, so why not use this opportunity to boost the advert section. We d all love to see this forum go on in every aspect. This is the oldest site here AFAIK
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    We have a grease monkey among us.who is also a spammer! 44 threads godammit
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    The 'Nissan Leaf Srilankan owners club' is the most depressing FB page ever. Lots of good & reasonable people, all waiting for the messiah to descend from the heavens with a set of affordable & brand new batteries. Some even selling their cars by openly saying it can only do 50km on a full charge
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    I see ur from mawanella. I used to live in kadugannawa few years back. Howdy neighbor
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    Drove a Mahindra Truck yesterday - absolute automotive minimalism. Zero sound insulation + an absolute racket but that engine packs a punch.
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    I’ve started to loose it with all the noob posts popping up, maybe it’s an age thing
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    Mr. Sampath Gunasekara, My belated reply to your post was due to few reasons. I do not log into AL much now days. I was down with a Stroke three years ago, did not effect my legs or arms. I lost about 50% of my right eye sight. Cannot correct that due to a block in the left side of my Brain. Wishing all all AL members Compliments of the season. Sylvester, Sylvi wijesinghe.
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