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    On the bright side the classic excuse of 'owner migrating' on classified ads when trying to flog off a car has been put on a back burner thanks to corona virus.
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    So a dealer tells me; most sold car part of these few months SIRENS with mic etc and V*P lights Wannabe V*P boys at large!
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    Bought a Mitsubishi Jeep 4dr5 (J20D-J24). Being restored as we speak. Will open a thread soon.
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    planning to switch from my toyota sedan to a lancer to experience what people here have been taking about here for years on mitsubishis.
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    Anyone interested in classic bikes here? Got myself into a CD200 roadmaster restoration situation!
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    There was a 2020 C-HR with a manual gearbox (not a GS ) at $terling aftercare brought for conversion to automatic. What a waste
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    Teaser: https://i.ibb.co/6YQjLx7/DSC-2376.jpg
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    Why u no online man?
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    Corona Corona go away.. You are making my restoration so delayed.. 😭
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    So I have this habit, I go up the hantana range to a secluded spot way up in the hills and fly my drones, I do it almost every 2 weeks in my montero sport. Since my car is in the garage being painted, i took the family Montero v98 Seems the ground clearance is lower than the Montero sport that I managed to peel or off the rear bumper costing 90k for the fix, a ledge that I cross frequently Dad has been swearing since morning now. This is gonna be a fun weekend
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