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    DIY Glove boxes When I bought the car there were no original glove boxes. So decided to make by myself as a DIY task in the post corona period. Here are some images of it. Used a thin Aluminum sheet as the base metal. The size for one glove box is 36"x8".
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    Wow! Came on AL after a long while and I'm not disappointed. This is absolutely brilliant. Keep it up @kusumsiri. What a legend!
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    You sir, are a legend! Made my day seeing how beautifully that has turned out.
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    Nothing short of impressive! Never have I been so excited by seeing a glove box before.
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    No worries, that way too as I guess you can always repaint it as needed (No big deal, I think this is how the army do it on the ceramonial / operational gun carriages and associated jeeps/ troop carrier vehicles they roll out for prades and those always look great...)
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    @Kavvz Thks for your feedback. The rims painted by me with a home made air compressor. So its just a simple paint job. No way to do powder coating. But did a clear coat on top of white for good appearance.
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    Update Here are the rim painting tasks. After applying filler Final status
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    Here are some images after applying the top coat. Used Toyota white 058 as the color.
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