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    The reality is that even if u spend millions on these ancillaries to coat or protect another ancillary ( paint) , we travel on public roads shared by people owning vehicles of value 10000 rs to 60mil rupees on a given day, nothing can save you from a scratch or a ding or even a stone chip. So my suggestion would be do a simple wash and a high quality wax, pay the rest for insurance.
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    Hi guys. Hope Corona has not affected anybody. we were not planning on buying a Mitsubishi Jeep at all. But corona had us at home, so me and my brothers decided to get one and restore it. Finding one proved difficult,most have bad documents and ALL of them with open papers. Service records are non existent. Badly rusted and abused the hell out. But the demand seems to be heavy. Even the rust buckets went fast for insane prices. Most Jeeps are HEAVILY overpriced and covered up. Many of them had “sale paints” And big tires to fool the buyer. We went through the clasifieds for almost 2 months and checked close to 25 vehicles all over the country. Expensive to do so, as the mechanic had to be with us to check,etc. Finally landed on this. Its a J24 short wheel base safari model. Pre-facelift model. We went for this because it was pre 1971, it needs no eco test and the condition was satisfactory for the price. It needs much love though. The Jeep went straight to the garage from sellers house and is being done up as of now. I will update the list of things to be done and what our plans are.also pics will be shared. I am currently away from the country, so I'm waiting on my bro for updates. suggestions and opinions welcome! Just doing my part to get back AL from Thel higannas and other cheapos. Edit.added plans on top post for future reference! So my plans for the Jeep is as follows, 1. New radiator and cooling system restore & re clean. 2. Switch to coolant. 3. Brakes are being changed. Liners/pads and the full works. 4. Full 4wd system overhaul. 5. Clutch pack/whatever necessary is being changed. 6. Tires are being changed. Will not go for huge tires/rims because this will actively be used for heavy off-roading around the island. Will go for mud tires in the same sizing. 7. Wheels will be resprayed in silver(original color). 8. Rear and front lights will be changed (except the front headlights). 9. The rust is bare minimum and the paint is mostly excellent, so we will be dealing with rust and a respray over the bad areas. 10. Seats are being replaced and been done up in Synthetic Leather. Rear seats will be redone in original specs. Not the bench type. Will post pics as I go. 11. New double layer Canopy with openings on the sides. Full black. 12. AC is being installed. 13.Full service with ALL the Oils and Filters change. 14. interior meters will be restored to work and other switches/lights will also be fixed. 15. New steering wheel. 16.re carpeting of the full interior. will have more stuff to be done as we go. Engine,Gearbox and Chassis is perfect. Engine needs a paint on top though. Any mechanicals needed are being done in one go. Nothing is being spared on the running aspect.
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    Well, they had so many decades of selling all sorts of illegal products.Karma is in Kohuwala these days. The list of jil mart done by these crooks can be written endlessly, but that’s just a waste of my time.
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    Meanwhile in Premio-land.... I wonder the thought process of these dudes when they select a potential female companion? "වැඩියෙන් මාකට් straight hair with a tint ද නැත්තම් නිකන්ම straight hair ද මචන් ? straight hair with a reddish tint අවුල්ද?"
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    So it's a car with US/Canada parts, German drivetrain, Austrian assembly and Japanese badge. Talk about a bastard.
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    Enjoy some pics. Our neighbors are like “ai malli 2016 L200 ekak tyeddi oka gatte? Pinance hira welada ? Leda wadi ne owala. Thel bausar “ 🤦🏻
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    Hey man - no worries I mean when I saw your Original post and the whole 'Applicants should have 25+ years experience in.....' vibe I just could not resist It's cool that you've cleared out your stance. My man @Hyaenidae - that is impressive sh*t. Yeah well - the thing is the members in this forum are a lot of like minded people which is the nicest thing here. There are many of us who are not at all professionally into Automobile engineering etc but are just purely guys who have the seemingly unfathomable obsession with cars - the type of people who remember their co-workers by what they drive than their name or what they do, people who can identify an obscure Japanese car by looking at its light, people who know what type of car would suit a different purpose ...people like me who dreamt of being a mechanic as a kid but drifted far far away and ended up writing code (ok...now I mostly write excel formulas and make Presentations). I know some people in this forum in person and they're some of the nicest people around. Some of them provided sound mechanical advice and guess what I even got some really good opinions from the people in the forum when I wanted to fix a glass roof for my courtyard. There's no discrimination, no kunuharupa, and this forum is a pleasant place as opposed to other more popular forums and facebook automotive groups - which honestly make me cringe a bit when I interact with bus mudalalis who've bought Civics, kasippu mudalalis with Allions etc) In short it's a forum of like-minded Automobile Enthusiasts. Yeah - I guess this is where IT guys with a passion for cars end up - and as opposed to other professions we spend a hell lot of time with internet access so that adds up.
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    And I'd give my small nut to see his face when he realizes that his wife can shatter all those carefully structured requirements to small bite-sized pieces and get what she wants with a pout which promises his peace of mind would be just gone for the foreseeable future if she doesn't get her way
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    When your neighbourhood "3 wheel malli" makes it to the ESPN F1 Facebook page. 😂 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157829471453759&id=172976613758
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    What Auto "Industry" does Sri lanka have? Importing parts and assembled vehicles with zero value addition in Sri lanka, is just another part of the import industry, which drains money out of the country.
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    Wonder how many boot lids it cost him before he wised up... at least two WR owners I know are on their third bootlid
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    Wagon R - auto emergency brake
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    This man doesn't have much business these days. U should ask him about the future...
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    Left field suggestion: The E70 X5. The 2009 & 2010 model years are very solid, well equipped as well. The ones that came before 2009 had engine head problems (I cant seem to remember exactly but it has to do with the VANOS/Valve lifters and its expensive) and the ones after 2010 are facelift and complex. There was one for sale a few months back asking 6 mil. White car, rwd and having the N52 3L inline 6 engine which is the most reliable engine option available for that generation of X5. But it had a shot out TC module and a leaking rad which the owner had trouble sorting out due to the restricted imports and financial situation. Last I checked he got a customer so not sure if its still there. Good car but rare to find in lanka. But I hope you have already acknowledged, "Most reliable BMW" is a relative term and doesn't mean it will be simple and reliable like a jap vehicle. It still has issues like interior trims peeling off, breaking, suspension parts taking a hike, sensors giving out, seals giving up and letting oil leak from every orifice. I say, get an E46. Keep a minimum of 150 - 200k for any nasty surprises during initial ownership. Look for a car with service records. Get a professional inspection from car checks or the agents (Prestige). Do some preventive maintenance with a good specialist shop like Milroy or Ultimate Motor works (I think Berlin Motor works is also good) after buying (mainly seals related and try to sort out major electronic issues if any, also be mindful of rust). Nice looking car, holds value really well, great to drive, easy to work on and alot of information is available on the internet about fixing, modifying and maintaining them. A guy I know got lucky, sold his E36 318i and got himself an E46 328i last month and I think he might end up forgetting his girlfriend judging by the amount of pictures he uploads daily. You will still get that BMW prestige and also, you can keep the remaining 2 - 3 million in the bank. Buy a suit, a nice pair of shades, a good detailing session for the car, a nice set of exhausts and some M-tech accessories, some yoga classes, a night out with the wife or family, an investment maybe? After all, who doesn't like saving a bit of money?
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    Picture update. Tinkering and painting is being done. My bro is going OCD, or else there was no rust. He wants to make sure, So he’s re-doing everything.
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    On the bright side the classic excuse of 'owner migrating' on classified ads when trying to flog off a car has been put on a back burner thanks to corona virus.
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    Did someone say Supra?
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    Members, All Opel cars came to Ceylon during that era had 6 Volts system, only later years they were installed by the manufactor with 12 volts. Most of German cars had similar Dynamos. Only VW had a long shaft dynamo, to drive the cooling fan fitted to dynamo one end. Later 1970 some VW owners did not sanctify with head light power to drive in the night. Out of Colombo which was not lighted well like now days. M/s. Bogala Motors which was existing at that time in Fort close to old clock tower left hand side oppesite of Bover's building, until the Central Bank development project started, imported German "HELLA" Head lamp high powered sealed beams 6Volts. That was a conversion kit did not hit the market. I converted few cars VW , Opel, Skoda, Bogward Renault to 12 volts, Some with 12 Volts complete Dynamos of UK made (lucas). VW had to change the Dynamo field coils winding also new dynamo Armature winding. To give 12 Volts high Amperage. VW dynamo turns at very high RPM to cool the engine. With a very large pulley on crank shaft end, therefore slow generating was never a problem. Some other cars had the slow driving on top gear at very slow speeds, lights used to get dim due to dynamo did not compensate the draw of current during night driving. Mainly due to some motorists did not drive vehicles at recommended gears on low speed therefore the generators did not give high amperage. Alternators did very well for this problem. Few years back I had experienced a long wheel base, 4DR5 engine Jeep had this problem. The owner had spend few thousands to convert to duel A/C New complete system, double insulated soft rear hood so that day heat will not come in, same problem when he drives at slow speeds Alternator was not charging enough in the night. I do not do any electrical repairs now days due to my present service in Automobiles. I corrected his problem with minimal cost. Most of my old friends want me to commence Electrical repairs again. Some what I have mentioned are not relevant to the topic, but it is very important to younger generation motorists to know the past era what our motorist faced. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
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    When you run out of face masks and DIY is life. The successor to the N95 mask... The K&N95! 😂
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    For the guys who are waiting for the self driving car, they have now introduced a sex toy to enjoy whilst the car drives you. Am not kidding, https://jalopnik.com/this-blowjob-machine-designed-for-teslas-on-autopilot-i-1844296987 Its targeted at the Tesla fans.
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    Depending on your usage pattern - weekend driver/long distance trips there's no point in getting a used hybrid and running the risk of hybrid related maintenance headaches. Overall the obvious choice would be a Corolla 141 - it's a simple car easy to maintain and will be more comfy than the Yaris on long drives/Outstation trips.
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    In 2016 did any of us ever think there will be a total import stoppage and the world would come to a standstill for 6 months? Leave alone cars the way things are going will we be alive in 4 years? 4-5 years is too far down the line to make a prediction. Think of 4-5 years ago - Hybrids were killing it but now they're depreciating like crazy. Also if you observe current trends cars are no longer assets even the most coveted among Sri Lankans - Corollas and Allions and Premios will not go for crazy prices like they used to do. IF you're buying a car do not spend every cent on it so that it will HAVE to be an investment. Be prepared to lose money when you sell it - if you do make a profit that's a bonus.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum. The Kelisa is quite a decent hatchback. Used to be my wifes daily driver - trouble free little car based on the Daihatsu Mira. Overall no complains at all. It's a small hatch so you have to expect it to behave like one - not super luxurious or very refined but quite decent. The car is quite nimble and handles well. The EJDE 3 Cylinder 1000 cc engine is very noisy and tends to vibrate a lot. It has around 55 BHP which is quite enough as the car is small and light. Manages hills and all without breaking sweat. The interior is quite spartan and functional, the interior build quality feels a tad bit cheap (understandable considering it's a budget hatch). Interior bits are prone to wear out a bit sooner than Japanese cars. The car is extremely simple mechanically - any decent mechanic can fix it and so simple that some minor jobs can be done DIY as well. Spares are freely available - either at the agents or at a few panchikawatta shops. Some parts are interchangeable with other Daihatsu/Toyota cars as well (For instance,break pads are the same as on the Daihatsu Hijet) The biggest issue usually is the engine mounts tend to wear out quickly - maybe due to the excessive vibration. Original Mounts are comparatively expensive so most people tend to use cheap third party mounts which just last a few months and the car starts vibrating like crazy again. That's something to look out for when inspecting. A little bit of vibration is normal but if it acts like if the car has had an epileptic fit the mounts are bust. Even this is a straightforward fix. Since the car is about 15+ years old you need to look out for other more generic issues such as corrosion, poorly done accident repairs etc. Overall the car is extremely simple and easy to maintain. What we had was one with Automatic transmission and it consistently did 10KMPL - nothing more nothing less. I'm not sure about the market price right now 2003 would probably be around 1.3/1.4 Mil? Do a price check and of course you can always bargain.
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    Not really, no. Most regulars around here are just a bunch of guys who enjoy driving and discussing anything related to automobiles in general... driven by passion instead of reason, pleasure instead of practicality, beauty instead of purpose, experience instead of theory, romance instead of cost-benefit analysis... you get the picture Well, going by your requirements and approach to cars in general I think you'd be quite happy with a 1st owner company maintained Perodua Axia 2017 or newer. That's the closest you're going to get to owning a brand new car for your budget atm
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    Excellency, I believe I'm not worthy to provide my humble opinion for thy request. I am but no engineer -though I'm aware of issues . I hath but owned one car that falls in your excellency's budget of the proximity of 3 million, which is the Honda Fit GP1 which hath been extensively discussed. Would your excellency care to do a search for that particular car? There are many more models I could suggest to your excellency but sadly I'm not qualified to be worthy to provide input. The current car I own exceeds thy budget hence I'm unqualified to be honored in providing an input for your excellency. Please pardon this humble peasant.
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    A used 2013 CDI diesel is out of warranty anyway so no point going to the agents...Unless you want to maintain a perfect service history, otherwise a simple service can be done outside for a fraction of that cost. The cost of doing a simple oil change at an independent garage including Mobil or Castrol fully synthetic oil and Mann filters will be only 45,000 to 50,000 depending on what you get and where you go. (I know most owners balk at the thought of taking their cars to anyone else other than the agents, but really as shown above it doesn't have to be the case. And at the time of resale as long as you are honest and show potential buyers how you've maintained major component failures or car specific work on the car at the agents but opted to do simple maintenance like oil changes, tyre changes, wheel alignments etc at independent garages it should not be a big deal, especially if the car is in good condition and you can demonstrate that you have kept up with all the required maintenance.) (2013 CDI Merc Engines are pretty decent and is a good choice if buying a used diesel Merc. The only extraordinary issue you will have to check for is: Build-up of black soot under the injector covers caused by weak injector seals.)
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    Members, Little memories I have on Jeeps in Ceylon. This I should post to the page, requested by the moderators to write, still I post because jeep subject is disused above. During my young days Ceylon did not have many Japanese vehicles. Almost all jeeps available in the country was American Willis Jeeps, they were sold in Army auctions. I cannot remember any exclusive agent in Ceylon in 1950. Many motor spare parts dealers imported spares for them. Ms, Bogala Motors imported all electrical spares for them. They also had plenty of engine spares, Pistons, Piston rings Gaskets many others for the WW2 and post WW2 models. Many parts of USA jeeps were fitted to UK vehicles, some spares our mechanics were able to fix them without any difficulty. Innovative mechanics fixed them with few modifications. Most Peugeot Diesel vehicles came to Sri Lanka after 1970 I did a modification to starting problem they had due to a inherited problem on early Peugeot Diesel engines. Few hundred vehicles were imported and given to Transport contractors, Planters, Industrialists and few others who were close to then Government. They were the first new vehicles came to Sri Lanka with Alternators. Our Auto Electricians were not used to alternators, what they did was fixing 12 Volts UK make dynamos. At that time all leading spare part dealers did not have any spares for Alternators. Like Diode plates, Regulators Alternator slip ring brushes. Later Auto alternators came with Electronic regulators inbuilt. Lucas of UK had few alternators with a Electronic regulator can be fitted outside. Above is very little I remember mostly on my specialty during past era before switching to another modern technology in Automobiles. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
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    One of my favourite scenes from the Fast and Furious franchise. Such a variation of cars and modified in their own ways. Looking back at this scene reminds me how awesome early 2000s car culture was.
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    I have a similar story to @K.o.N.o.S. About 10 years ago when I had my CS3, I was travelling to my grandparents place in Mathugama. This was before the expressway, so I was heading south on Galle Road. At Katukurunda, we decided to to stop at a Cargills supermarket to pick up some stuff. As I was slowing down with my left indicator on, I saw a white CS heading in the opposite direction. The driver and I made eye contact and I knew at that moment that I may know the dude because the car had a GI number - just like mine. I was parked on the side of the road, still in the car and just about to get out when the white car had made a U Turn, and parked in parallel to my car. I put my window down and the passenger of the white car put their window down. He goes "Davy?" This guy is none other than @trinity. 😁 Someone I hadn't even seen in person or had a personal conversation with prior to this. He had made a U Turn just to come and say hi. A few years later, we're visiting each other, working on the other person's car and taking photos of the ladies together. 🙂
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    On the Subject of the Wrangler and Bronco. Also worth noting that Bronco seems to be taking the center stage from Wrangler and the Defender. I infact do like the Bronco more.
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    6th April 2019 - At the movies 21st September 2019 - In front of an Auto Spares Shop Gotta love the plates of both the cars. I spoke to the owner of the white one too.
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    Sri Lankans be like:
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    From my experience and from what I've observed with other owners, the slave cylinder on the CS Lancer usually lasts for around 60,000km before starting to give trouble. During my ownership, I've replaced the clutch plate once, but the slave cylinder twice. So it might be this. Note that the slave cylinder is sealed and integrated to the clutch fork which is also connected to the release bearing. The entire unit needs replacement, and cannot be serviced. As for the issue being intermittent, yes it's quite possible to to either of the cylinders failing. As the engine and transmission warm up, the bore of the cylinder expands, and if the hydraulic oil seals inside are old and brittle, it can cause fluid to leak within the unit causing the pedal to not engage/disengage the clutch properly. As first point of the diagnosis, take out the transmission oil filler bolt and check if the oil level is low. The oil level should be just below the filler bolt and a little bit of oil coming out when the bolt is taken out means the oil level is spot on. If the oil level is low, this would explain difficulty in shifting (especially when warm). Next, drain the oil observe the colour and if the oil has any metal shavings. The colour should be a nice and golden with a hint of green/grey. Top up with new oil and take the car for a good drive. This will be a good point to start before taking apart the transmission. I had trouble downshifting to second gear after I bought my car and I did a transmission oil change which sorted it out. People rarely think about manual transmission oil changes, but it does matter although oil changes are not needed as frequently as with automatic transmissions.
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    Writing is not really my profession, Just a very,very fulfilling side hustle. Owner of the Batmobile is a good friend. We are both second generation car collectors as our dads were among the first to start collecting cars as a hobby in SL back in the day. So that,and the fact I also have a collection myself, with experience in ownership and restoration helps other owners be at ease when handing me the keys I guess. Just to be clear I didn't "thrash" the car. Just drove it fairly hard,at a decent pace that I was certain to not have any adverse effect on the mechanicals. I know how to show respect to the machine and have fun at the same time, especially when in a classic. I think that's what separates me from most other auto journos. Trust me, I was well aware that it was a super rare and worth 400,000$. Edit - Found a pic . Mods pls remove if it violates forum rules regarding other publications.
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    Members, As far as I remember Holden statesmen cars, were a gift from Australian government for summit in 1976. Few cars imported to Sri Lanka before the conference in 1976 by M/s, Colets in Borella before you come to Raymends, funeral undertakes on the same road. At present a big Textile shop is their Colets closed their work shop. That property was a very large area covering their show room and work shop. The statesmen car model which came to SL was a big one, all were red color. All summit Holden cars were sold to general public after the sumit, few cars were converted to Diesel. All had German technology Electrical system, was Similar to VW 12 volts at that time manufactured cars. With 4 speed auto gear box vehicles. The above car was a beautiful and a stately car. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
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    Fun Fact : These placards at the Ceylon Motor Show is prepared by yours truly.
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    @Vega I believe @Hyaenidae 's suggestion is a good one. The Axia isn't a particularly special car to drive (I actually feel the Alto 800 of the same vintage with the manual gearbox is a far more enjoyable car to chuck about) but it'll tick most of your boxes. My view is based on a month using the Axia as a daily city run about so it might not be enough to give you the insights you need as I don't recall if i ever took it out on the highway for an example so can't comment on something like highway cruising stability etc. but it's decent little car. There's very little to go wrong. @Hyaenidae is also right about the sites member profile 😅 I don't think we've had many (any?) active qualified mechanical engineers, mechanics or technicians here right @iRage in the last 14 years i've been around that I can remember off hand. Lots and lots of IT guys though, make of that what you will😅
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    I had a passo for some time (KGC30 model, 2013), it shares a lot of commonalities with the vitz so imo, the ride height is good, fuel efficiency is around 10-12 in city and around 14-17 outstation( depends on the road and conditions). Maintenance ofc was cheap as it was a newer toyota model that only i used so other than a battery replacement, a tune up and tyres there was nothing to be replaced other than regular service with proper oils at agents. Car has a good turning radius and has a more simplistic dashboard. You get standard new car features like power mirrors, ABS, airbags, VSC, smart key etc (if you get the Hana grade). Engine comes mostly in 1L 1KR_FE(which does have a noticable vibration in idle but not as bad as in the vitz, could be because of less wear on engine mounts or whatnot). The car has an eco idle mode and currently you can find a second hand one of simillar grade for about 2.6 mil. (late K or early CA numbers). Full insurance costs 62,190 at C*y*inko V*P. Service at agents cost roughly 9500-12000 depending on the lubricants needed and detailing. leg space and cabin space is a lot more than vitz and its a pretty decent ride for everyday use. Yaris/Belta also uses the same 1KR-FE engine except its a compact sedan. Never used one but you do need to know that these cars are well over 10 years old so there is going to be considerable abuse, some decent mileage and wear. You cant expect it to not have some occassional repairs. Considerably a comfy car for a normal commute. Axia seems to be the newest car you can get for your budget. most of the axias on market are post 2017 so they are considerably new. Perodua is a pretty decent car manufactuter and the brand does hold its value well in the second hand market in sri lanka. Viva's that were brought back in 2010 still go for close to 1.8-2Mil so compared to the deprecitation of other non JDM cars id say its good. The aircon is pretty decent and the car does come with factory fitted alloys and a few extras. Never owned or used one so i guess a person who owned one might have a better say on this. If you are referring to the beetle swift then yes, its a good car too. 2008 model back in 2010-ish gave it up but the car was well on its track. The car comes standard with auto climate control and extras like steering wheel controls etc for the JDM version. the engine is a 1.3L tho but the pulling power is decent. U get a standard CVT gearbox and interior space, seats and luggage wise its a no brainer that its good. Did notice that it idles a little high on hot days and the car does seem to miss gears occasionally (could be just a one off case of a defective car for me). service is almost the same as any other car at A*W p*tstop. but this too is a pretty older car considering most of them within your budget would be 2008-2010 models. Fuel wise its around 9-10 in city, outstation around 13-14 Havent owned pugs or a fit so i guess other users will elaborate on them. Aqua though is a tricy car. Its low so you are going to hit potholes and bumps with a screetch a lot more often. The car is well engineered, and the interior space is decent. has a lot of features like SWC, TRC, auto headlight washer etc and even LED headlights(depends on model). Car does around 11-14 in city and outstation its mostly around 17. the engine is 1.5L so you can expect more power compared to a vitz. downsides would be the expensive maintenance and the problem of having to find mechanics with knowledge on hybrids if something goes haywire. The car is full of electronics and the regular makabaas engineering myt not cut it. Battery replacement is cheaper now at aronud 390K done at TL. back then it was around 410K on grey import batteries. But considering all this if you are not a heavy user, i guess a regular petrol car would be a better choice. the fuel efficiency wont make that much of a difference on your pocket when you add up maintenance. My final adv would be for you to search for each of the car you narrowed down on autolanka. you might find threads about the common problems in them and make up your mind for a choice.
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