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    Hey guys I finally found a car! And a red one at that!
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    Drove the new Mitsu Eclipse Cross and I’m amazed by the balance between comfort and handling. Certainly comfortable as a car, while being sporty enough to rocket out the corners. Highly recommend over the Honda CRV. The turbocharged 1500cc is much more livelier than what you get in the CRV. Only downside is the fuel economy which is around 12kmpl during long runs and 6-7 round the town.
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    Update : Brake system rebuilt with a master pump repair kit, wheel cylinder rubbers (washers) and new brake liners. All pipes cleaned, flushed and filled with new oil. Here are some images.
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    Picture time !!!
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    Thanks everybody for your inputs. Finally cranked a notch up and went for a 2012 one. Personally known. Need to do a few upgrades though thanks again ❤️
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    I also went through a similar process not so long ago. My budget was 6 mil and was looking for a brand new or reconditioned (import) car as I don’t trust the second hand car market in Sri Lanka. The problem is due to recent tariff changes, it is very difficult to bring down a vehicle from Japan or Europe. My initial thought of bringing down a reconditioned Fit GP5 which was supposed to be around 4.5 mil mark ended up in 6.5 mil. 😑 The tariff changes effect the higher engine capacity vehicles more. So GP5 went out of the window with other similar cars like Aqua. The only contemporary car remaining was Swift RS as it had a smaller engine. But I found the car to be too small for my liking, and as you noted, it is not as good as other hatches in terms or safety according to reviews. The Swift also said to have stiff suspension system which gives better driving experience in Highways but not so much for comfort in bumpy Sri Lanka roads. So I extended my budget a bit and bought a Civic hatch last week. Too early to comment about it but looks like ground clearance will be an issue according to forum members which is one of your prime requirements. 🙃 Also I think not only the Vezel, but CHR too is out of your budget range. They are priced 6.5 M+ as per online advertisements. Unfortunately this price bracket seem to be a dead end for new/ reconditioned cars unless you have a permit. I am not a car expert, just sharing my two cents. Happy hunting. 🙂
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    Hi there, are you having a Uno/Regata? then you can get an evap/blowere unit in the dash behind the dash .A bit of a tricky job but worth it,.. the rad should b e ungraded to meet with the increased demand fir engine cooling,./as well as extra cooling fans, lastly, look at the alternator and service/upgrade to meet the extra demand. p.s. add some piccs please. TT.
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    @Magnum today I got a chance to drive a KDH205(correct me if the code is wrong) which is 3000cc and fully loaded with climate control ac. I'm really impressed how this babe perform as a van!! I never thought that I would love to drive a van. But my mind totally changed after driving it. I totally agree with every detail you provided in the review. Really comfortable in long journeys. It's not comfortable as a car, but there is a totally different way how a Hiace handles the potholes or bumps: It just gives a boat like feeling when hitting a pothole, softening the sudden impact. This is totally different from a Hilux. And man the engine is a devil on mountains. I did a few risky overtakes on a hilly road and this babe pulled like a demon. Really impressed how she performed as a van. Would really love to drive something like an Alphard.
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    Not by only changing the fuel pump, unless you change the ECU mapping and may be the injectors. You may be able to get more fuel in to the system if the pressure is increased but doubt there will be a significant improvement. Fuel mixture will be too rich and will have other issues plus reduction in economy. If you need more power upgrade to a CS3 .
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    Hey guys! Bought a mint condition 2008 indian swift beetle from a friend! Very BIG Thanks to all the AL members for helping me avoid crapboxes along the way!!!
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    If your life only worth the price of 4 tires.Then yes
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    Hi Sameed..welcome to the forums...the Insight has been discussed quite a lot on the forums. Please search the forums (you will see a search option above as well). If you budget is 3mil..please do not spend all 3mil on buying a car. You should save a bit for unplanned issues with the car and some basic repairs you must do as soon as you buy the car. Especially if you are buying a Hybrid....you are looking at a really old Hybrid so battery replacements and repairs of the other Hybrid system components are a very high probability. I advice you to read the thread on "How to buy a used car" on the forum. As for the Insight....may I ask why you want to buy an Insight ? Out of all the Hybrids of the time period the Insight would not necessarily be the number 1 choice....also..why do you need a Hybrid ? For your budget there could be a few other better options especially if you are willing to go with a hatchback and gasoline (and korean or malaysian)
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    For me the best automotive related youtube channels are, Chrisfix- IMO Chris is a Legend when it comes to DIY videos.His clear presentation is top notch and to the point.Been following his "Driftstang" project from the beginning and I am totally hooked. Gears & Gasoline- This is relatively a new channel and from a tuner perceptive their videos are excellent. It attracts tuner cars from all over and let them take through an overview of their respective build. Highly entertaining and top notch video editing. More importantly the channel covers all the aspects of the automotive industry. Project builds,Tuning, Walkthroughs, Maintenance, to name a few. Eric the Car guy- If you are extremely into mechanical aspect then this is channel for you. Eric is a guy who will completely tear down the engine and explain every single part in detail.
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    Not to mention the fact that at some point of time, you will need to use silicone or no-leak to seal the damn thing shut!
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    අම්මට හුඩු .!! I just found my long lost twin! 😀😀 Haven’t met many people who had the same feeling towards cars (not only BMW`s but in general as well). I drive car made in 2018 daily, the thing can brake by itself, tries to keep within the lane, supremely quiet and comfortable, accelerates like anything, etc…... I have also driven a few BMW models: E36`s, E46`s, E90`s, few modern ones (440i, 120i, 320i etc…). Also other stuff from Golf Gti`s to WRX`s to Audi A4`s.. But my GOD the E30 is so much more engaging and fun at legal speed limits! I`ve driven a 320HP BMW 440i to its limits, honestly felt a bit ‘meh’ in comparison (power, safety and comfort is a completely different story here but..). The airiness of the cabin, knowing exactly what the 4 wheels are doing, feeling the steering linkage doing its thing, hearing the brake booster hissing when the pedal is pressed, the engine being lethargic as soon as its started then coming to life slowly. Any of this can hardly be experienced in a newer car. !
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    Think of it this way. Would you marry a reliable Japanese woman or a flashy looking Chinese woman?
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    @matroska here is my source of information for Civics. You can find a blog entry under his name about Civic hatches. It will give you an overall view of the car. No idea about the fuel economy of new Civic. But am sure it will not perform as other smaller hatchbacks in Sri Lankan market. Specially comparing to cars like Vitz or Fit. But as @matroska said, most cars perform well in fuel economy in long distance driving.
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    Logged in after 5 Years. Whats happening here people! Any old timers around? Madz?
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    My best option - Rxxxl homogeneous tiles with matt surface Affordable, very easy to clean, not slippery, strong enough...
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    Exactly. So the sambola sticks to the rice ... you can eat just rice and sambol if the rice is like that. Next best thing is with string-hoppers, and finally with good old roast-paan. Damn it it's 4pm i'm in office and now I'm hungry.
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    Yes....thus why he replenishes his ingredient stock every two months When my parents come to visit me their suitcases look like they are smuggling spices.... Roast pan !!! If with rice..I need the rice to slightly over cooked
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