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    Exactly!! In most cases the victims tend to give up due to the inconveniences and bare the damage themselves which I believe should not happen. You should stand up for justice. Something similar happened to me few months back. It was my mother’s funeral and I was travelling to the cemetery in the funeral procession in my car. Suddenly a Tipper came from behind me cutting the double lines and veered in towards the funeral procession and hit my car from the rightside. The driver fled the scene and the car was damaged with a broken tire. I Ieft the car with some of my friends and attended the funeral and later in the evening made a complaint to the police. Luckily the whole thing was recorded in my DVR and I showed it to the police and they were convinced about the crime committed by the driver. They tracked down the driver with the help of DMT and informed me once they summoned him for inquiries. Police asked us to come to a settlement but the driver was not willing to pay me the due amount for the damage that was caused. He was only willing to pay a very small amount. I challenged him to go to courts and won the case in just one sitting. He had to pay me 50,000 for the damages and I was asked to file a civil case against him to get any remaining amount from his insurance company. My friends, family and even the police asked me to come to a settlement with him but I insisted on going to courts as I wanted to teach him a lesson for the insult he caused to my dear mother. I won because I stood up against them. @jdz10 I wish the justice will prevail in your incident as well. Be strong !!
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    Dude... again you are missing the point. Keeping people alive and keeping the wards going is the profession they choose. That's what they are getting paid (very well) for. While we talk about keeping people alive, there's one profession that's keeping you and me alive today to argue on the Internet about permits. Without them, most of us will be in an economic crisis, millions will be dying from malnutrition, a dollar will cost 300 rupees or even more, a kilo of rice will be another 300 rupees, onions, potato, dhal etc. will cost another 300 rupees and probably petrol will cost even more due to the country not being able to meet its balance of payment. They are the housemaids who are being slaved in the middle east. Their remittances is what's keeping this country alive by keeping the dollar in check and prices of imports in check, thus preventing the country from going in to an economic crisis and saving millions of people from malnutrition and subsequent death. They are the Hans that's keeping the Dike from collapsing (if you know the story). So don't they deserve permits more than the doctors and the civil servants? In case you forgot, let me come back to my original point. No profession should be treated preferentially, because every hard working man,woman and child, be it a doctor, housemaid, naataami, software engineer, tower rigger, bus driver are keeping this country (you and me) alive.
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    Giving any kind of vehicle tax rebate on any particular profession is not fair on the others who toil hard in this country. This permit scheme is a gross violation of the fundamental rights of rest of the population. In a nation where law and order and justice prevails, the whole permit scheme can be challenged in courts. Unfortunately no judge in this country will rule in favour of this because ... guess why... they are entitled for the permits too...
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    Hi Guys.. this is my new username previously known as PreseaLover
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    The only description on an Ad reads "This car 2nd Owner. Both owners are doing senior level executive jobs," like who the F### cares??? 😕
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    Well....whether you should go for an upgrade or a new car is totally up to you....whilst in your mind you might feel that moving on to a newer car is the sensible thing to do, seems like emotionally your heart says otherwise. For a car guy, the logical/sensible path followed doesn't always end up being the emotionally gratifying one. Lets be honest, you are considering of buying a new car only because you got some money...not because you dislike your car and want an upgrade.. So....lets say you go for a newer car, you should not spend your entire budget on buying the car. You will have to save some money for unintended/unexpected/prudent repairs/services. So, the car is actually not going to be that much newer and you still have to do some fixing up. Since you have to do all that anyway with a car you know nothing of...why not take that money and just fix up the car you have with the things you want, the way you want it ? As I believe there are some pretty decent suspension, brake and engine options for your car. Or...just simply put the money in a FD...wait for a while and get a proper decent upgrade when you are good and ready for it (emotionally..as a car guy) Just for curiosity....any idea how much a ViRS conversion for your EK would cost ? That might be one option. If you do think you should follow your brain...then personally, I believe the Civic would be the better option. It does not feel as basic and plasticy as the Lancer and edges out both the 3 and Lancer in terms of driving pleasure and that extra bit of refinement. But c'mon...if you want to follow your brain ALL the time in regards to your wheels....be a good little boy and buy a "professional lady doctor owned Corolla 121 with just 67,000 original kilometers".
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    Ill be very very cautious of a 5-year old car that has done only 5000km. In fact, I would even advise straightaway not to buy that car.
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    Hi Jude, Welcome to the forum. They're all body fillers. Cataloy is a brand. From my experience, there are two types of body fillers. Curing Body Fillers These are fillers that come with a separate hardener. You basically mix the resin and hardener according to the specified ratio and they react with each other and steer to harden within a few minutes. These types of filler are used mainly as the base body filler since they're good to fill in large dents and form contours on the metal. Because it's a curing filler, they don't shrink after being applied. There are different types of curing fillers - some have fibreglass mixed into it to strengthen it and so on. Cataloy/Apoloy are some famous local brands. A couple of years ago I used an alloy based curing filler for alloy wheels and the curing process starts when the paste is kneaded like crafting clay. Drying Body Fillers These are body fillers that can be directly applied without having to mix with a hardener. The liquid in the filler evaporates and makes the filler hard. These types of filler are mostly used for glazing or final touch up work after the first type is used and then primer is applied. This is because this type of filler is much more smoother. These are the type of fillers referred to as putty locally. So basically the two types are used during two stages of the body work. If the damage is very minor, you could do without cataloy and apply putty on a sanded paint surface. The process of applying filler and preparing a car for paint is different from country to country and even region. For a hot and humid country like Sri Lanka, you can't leave exposed sheet metal for long without it developing surface rust. So we apply a sealer (the brown paint) But in dry climates, body filler is directly applied to the metal, primed, glazed, primed again before painting.
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    Its called brake binding. Happens sometimes. Nothing to panic about. Just shift a few times to forward and reverse before you move the car after a wash. It should go away. Worst case, you will have to take the car to a garage.
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    those who request vehicle permits majority were doctors. i don't heard any other professional asking for permit. Doctors always try to do is upscale there life style over other professions , They always maintain monopolistic behavior in society by step down others. Permit is on of the weapon they used for diversification, This time they manage to get nearly 5 million tax exception even MBBS doctor with 5 years working. think how much tax income lost for government. Finally those all losses should paid by innocent people while paying doctor fee to same doctor,. 90 % of doctors those work eligible for permits were sold their permit and earn near 4 million as well. what a country is this. because of this kind of stuff middle class of srilanka step down to lower class and top level class growth more and more. Shame on Sri Lanka
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    10-11 in the city is what an average small hatchback will do, so you are getting the right figures. A wagonR hybrid would do around 13. Lot of Sri Lankans lie about the fuel figures either consciously or subconsciously. Its the same as adolescent boys discussing about each other's penis sizes. Just a mental stigma.
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    All I can say is the same thing... 1. The cars have been discussed. Please SEARCH the forum !!! That way we don't repeat the same thing over and over again. 2. It is sad that we Sri Lankans buy cars thinking of who will be buying it after us....one down fall of it is people end up buying cars they can't afford and/or end up being miserable with the car they have and don't care to maintain it. 3. At the end of the day any car that has been properly and honestly taken care of and priced reasonably will get sold ! No one has or has ever come across anyone who is stuck with a car for eternity. People who say they couldn't sell their average car easily says so because they either maintained it like crap or priced it hoping they can make a profit or sell at the same price they bought it for. 4. A car is a depreciating asset. 5. Its the other way around...the Toyota Pixis is a rebadged Daihatsu.
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    Its normal, it happens when the disks get wet and dry with the hand break on! Leave the handbreak off if possible, or gently move the tires with the foot when parked. You should be ok! Audi or maruti doesn’t matter, it happens in all of them!
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    The guy has already sold the car. 🙄
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    its not a reverse camera. The back camera to be fitted in the back windscreen. Even inside the vehicle will be fine. Both cameras record simultaneously.
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    Depends on the job and type of products being used. As I've mentioned above, if it's a minor scratch or ding, once manual straightening is done, you might be able to skip applying cataloy. For a general job however, after bodywork is done, local mechs use a sealant to prevent the metal from rusting. The sealant is then sanded and cataloy is applied. Some types of cataloy (when I say cataloy, I mean curing Body Fillers. Using cataloy and putty here for ease) can retain moisture. So primer needs to be applied on it to create a moisture barrier. After this, the primer is sanded, then small imperfections are filled with putty. Then goes primer. You can repeat a couple of putty - > primer - > wet sanding cycles to get the surfaces to the level you want. Base coat goes on after this. Sikkens is the best from my experience.
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    Watch this video and read below pdf to gather information. After watching it, I`m doing most basic things of restoring my Morris minor by myself. How To Paint A Car At Home In 4 Easy Steps (video) Causeway Automotive Paints (pdf) Debeer Paints (pdf)
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    Who likes to volunteer to come with me to inspect a Cefiro this saturday (would be a joy ride to downsouth) as I dont know what to check in a big engine like this
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    If you let these guys escape easily after taking the law to their own hands many other people will also face similar to what i faced. They will simply assault you and come back and collect the vehicle later while we have to run around spending our own money.Taking at least one of these guys off the road and teaching them a lesson is considered a win in my book.
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    lets understand the basis of government servants permit. According to the government service regulations ( which was prepared by sudda fellows) most of the executive grade government officers are entitled for an official vehicle. However, due to the expansion of state sector and prevailing economic situation the government was not afford to buy and maintain a official vehicle for all executive grade state servants. As a remedy for this problem then government proposed a duty concessionary permit for state servants , where they could import a vehicle from their private funds. Importantly, this vehicle should be used for official duties for five years and then only the absolute ownership of the vehicle would be transferred to the original importer. This scheme was mutually beneficial for both government and state servants. In fact, those days government servants were very reluctant to transfer the ownership fearing departmental disciplinary action for violating permit conditions. Unfortunately, as usual in this wonderful Island nation the discipline of state servants drastically dropped during early 2000. Gradually state servants began follow their parliamentary counterparts and began selling their permits two third parties and no action was taken against these violations. Finally during the regiment of our former president, he completely removed the clause restricting selling of duty concessionary vehicles. thus ending what ever benefit government attained through this scheme and converting it to an expense. Rather than arguing about the permit we must first analyse why it was issued.
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    This is utter rubbish. I have plenty of government employees in the family (in different fields). True... the basic salary very low. Some experienced folks /grads get about 30k But they get allowance after allowance. They claim OT even if they do it or not. Some get 120 hrs of OT per month. If you add them all up, a person who gets a 30k basic will take home around 200k. We look at the 30k basic and say they earn extremely less. Even now, lot of people join government jobs because 'aanduwe rassaawak' mindset. We colombo folks dont care about that but in villages, people die for them because of the stigma and the pressure by parents etc. Finally, NO ONE forced anyone to become a low-paid government servant. Every government employee chose it. Its like you choosing to work for a company that pays 10,000 over a company that pays 50,000. If you are capable, you can always choose a higher paying job. Getting paid low is not an excuse for violation of fundamental rights of 20million people.
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    New Kelani Bridge Project (with visual)
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    No dude. One of my friend did. I am in Katunayake. If you are around we could help. Nothing much. Just remove the switch and open by pressing the two locks. clean the circuit with a good contact cleaner and re-fix. You save Rs.30,000.00 for sure Thilak
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    Hi, Yes monocular vision driving is allowed in sri lanka under some conditions.(I'm a guy with monocular vision and got the licence [through the legal process]). They allow to drive a car(should be registered under your name) with additional side mirrors.Licence should be renew in two years period and they are printing the vehicle no on the backside of the driver's licence.Hope this helps cheers!!!
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