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    I'm babysitting (or is it Car-sitting?) member @milindu's baby this week. Some pics...
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    Excellency, I believe I'm not worthy to provide my humble opinion for thy request. I am but no engineer -though I'm aware of issues . I hath but owned one car that falls in your excellency's budget of the proximity of 3 million, which is the Honda Fit GP1 which hath been extensively discussed. Would your excellency care to do a search for that particular car? There are many more models I could suggest to your excellency but sadly I'm not qualified to be worthy to provide input. The current car I own exceeds thy budget hence I'm unqualified to be honored in providing an input for your excellency. Please pardon this humble peasant.
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    Personally, I disagree. However wrong the wagenR guy is in turning suddenly with no turn signal, the speed this guy was going to cause a car to fly into the air on impact... On a narrow road like that. This isn't the highway. In this case it was a car, but on a narrow road it could just as easily be a bike, a pedestrian going around a pothole, a dog. Anything. There is NO reason to ignore the speed limit like that.
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    DIY Glove boxes When I bought the car there were no original glove boxes. So decided to make by myself as a DIY task in the post corona period. Here are some images of it. Used a thin Aluminum sheet as the base metal. The size for one glove box is 36"x8".
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    Alternatively, you also have the option of approaching padi baage jayas**dara with a bunch of other docs/similar people and asking him to issue an import license for the parts that are needed for your mahindra or micro.
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    Car sellers and car owners will tell you all kind of stories but here are some truths. 1.any car in Sri Lanka does about 9-10km/litre. Whether it's Axio, Allion, Wagon R, Alto, Bulto whatnot. Hybrids will give around 12-13kmpl. That's all. If you hear premios doing 13, 14 or 15, that's a lie! 2.ALL cars depreciate from unreg to the next 3 to 4 years. That includes axios, premios and wagon r's. All of them. Thereafter, there might be a slow depreciation or appreciation depending on government's tax policy changes. Some cars that were bought for 1 - 1.2 million in 2005 can now be sold for 2 million BUT that doesn't take currency depreciation in to account. Unless you understand these two truths, you will always be disappointed.
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    Depends on the use and the filter itself....my Corolla wagon which just reached 40,000km and is 21 years old has not had an air filter changed. Yes...it is still the stock air filter. In the RAV4 I had in Tanzania...I had it replaced in Japan before I exported it to TZ..that was at about 54,000 odd kms or so...just before I sold it I remember swapping it out (I bought one in Japan and carried it over along with some other consumables). Then the Fortuner in Vietnam..when I bought it it had 24,000km on it and had a airfilter that was dirty (had leaves and heavy dust) so had to swap it out...when I sold it a few months ago it had a bit over 49,000km the filter was pretty dusty (did not change it though....). You really cannot compare Japanese service intervals to what is required in Sri Lanka. How the cars are driven and the environment is quite different. We do tend to use a lot more urban expressways/loop roads, etc...so the speeds and time sitting around idling...how the car brakes..are rather different in SL...lets not forget that we don't have any tuk tuks drivers to defend space against in JPN . Then there is also the strict emmisions requirements and monitoring of vehicles...so ..yeah... In SL we have a lot more dust than in Japan. Hell I can go without washing the car for months and it would look nice and shiny. Quite the opposite in SL. As for AQI readings....typical AQI reading are taken at 10 - 12 m heights off the ground. I was quite close to several sites in VN, including the one at my kids' school. Hanoi has one of the worst air qualities in the world (we are talking about 350++ n average). So as parents we had to monitor AQI quite close before sending the kids out. The issue was that even though the AQI readers showed the air quality within safe margins..the surface air was quite polluted. So..yeah....becareful about how you interpret AQI data as well. Yes...SL is a small island with wind currents...but also we have quie a lot more obstacles in city areas and that wind current pretty much gets obstructed or sent through higher altitudes whilst the dusty air just gets stuck in between.
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    Hey man - no worries I mean when I saw your Original post and the whole 'Applicants should have 25+ years experience in.....' vibe I just could not resist It's cool that you've cleared out your stance. My man @Hyaenidae - that is impressive sh*t. Yeah well - the thing is the members in this forum are a lot of like minded people which is the nicest thing here. There are many of us who are not at all professionally into Automobile engineering etc but are just purely guys who have the seemingly unfathomable obsession with cars - the type of people who remember their co-workers by what they drive than their name or what they do, people who can identify an obscure Japanese car by looking at its light, people who know what type of car would suit a different purpose ...people like me who dreamt of being a mechanic as a kid but drifted far far away and ended up writing code (ok...now I mostly write excel formulas and make Presentations). I know some people in this forum in person and they're some of the nicest people around. Some of them provided sound mechanical advice and guess what I even got some really good opinions from the people in the forum when I wanted to fix a glass roof for my courtyard. There's no discrimination, no kunuharupa, and this forum is a pleasant place as opposed to other more popular forums and facebook automotive groups - which honestly make me cringe a bit when I interact with bus mudalalis who've bought Civics, kasippu mudalalis with Allions etc) In short it's a forum of like-minded Automobile Enthusiasts. Yeah - I guess this is where IT guys with a passion for cars end up - and as opposed to other professions we spend a hell lot of time with internet access so that adds up.
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    And I'd give my small nut to see his face when he realizes that his wife can shatter all those carefully structured requirements to small bite-sized pieces and get what she wants with a pout which promises his peace of mind would be just gone for the foreseeable future if she doesn't get her way
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    Aiise Kolitha, Why you ask this question from Consumer Reports who seem to have no idea about cars and the prices in Sri Lanka?
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    This is one of those rare occasions I am actually agreeing with @gayanath...servicing and costs associated with it have been completely blown out of proportion in Sri Lanka mostly by service station operators. They are literally a mafia by themselves and it is because of them and the cheap parts suppliers that has held back this particular side of the industry for ages. Cars are not that fickle even when it is loaded with tech. Figuring out the Hybrid system status in a Toyota does not require processes that need space age technology. If the car is showing errors..do a scan...heck..do a scan anyway...(for the life of me I cannot imagine why plugging in a scanner costs so much in SL...in Vietnam, East Timor and Malawi the agent plug in scanners for the heck of it..for nothing as well !). I know a poor guy who had to pay 7500LKR to get a sensor on his front bumper and another one behind the grill emblem cleaned off mud. WTH ??? About not all errors trigger check lights....used to be true...but with newer systems all the critical components do trigger check lights. If something is causing a system to start going bad..then regular checkups might detect it and fix it before the check lights go on. Again..cars are not that fickle that the check engine light goes off as soon as something goes slightly out of the stock calibration. Yes...cleaning the Hybrid system's vent is not that complicated. As long as the vents are cleaned it will do just fine until an annual check or something of the sort (Japanese cars are subject to an annual maintenance check hich is semi-legal..and this checks all these). Let's not even get in to the whole big deal of washing the under carriage ! Geez...not rocket science ! Then there is the whole Toyota/Nissan/Honda oil. None of these manufacturers make oil. They buy it from other suppliers. But car owners are told otherwise. But then you cannot blame the owners as well because the parts suppliers just bring in all kinds of fake and cheap ##@@! Manufacturer's parts are not the best that is out there for the car.... Anyway...done with my rant....
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    Losing control of a low slung, all wheel drive, computerized sports car? Hmm... That's some talent.
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    if you want some entertainment - head out to the Allion Premio Group on FB and read the post where a dude has upgraded from a Premio to a 520 πŸ€ͺ
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    Wonder how many boot lids it cost him before he wised up... at least two WR owners I know are on their third bootlid
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    This man doesn't have much business these days. U should ask him about the future...
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    Okay...well...I do not meet any of your eligibility criteria for provision of advice For starters..you need to do your own leg work. You cannot expect forum members to hand you the solution and you just buy it (although I must admit there are a lot of posts with that attitude these days). In general: 1. Go through other threads for car recommendations on the forum. 2. There is a thread called How to buy a second hand car in SL. It will give you a comprehensive list of what to do, what to check and by whom. 3. A car should be (and is) a personal preference. What car models interest you ? At the end of the day..it is your money and you are the one who has to live with it day in and out. Would you be happy with dating a girl you have never seen in your life before that your parents told you to date ? OR Would you be happEIR dating a girl that you met on your own and fancied ? 4. Market price...this is something you should do your own homework sadly...once you figure out what you fancy..check the classified and maybe even drop by a few cars sales to see what the asking rates are and we can discuss about what the actual going rates are (they are different).
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    Think of all the wagon-r's that were used as taxis and rented out ones that were used to haul gravel (you saw the video on Facebook ?) those are probably getting re-sold as well. Anyways cars depreciate - this is a norm this was not the case in the past simply because of the prevailing tax structures then and there were no 'new' options. In the 2010's the hybrid wave made sure the 1.5 L ICE cars depreciated...then the hybrids themselves lost value pretty quickly since never hybrids were available for a tad above the same amount - remember Sri Lankan's love the new number. When the next tax revision came the kei's came to the party but at the same time the hybrids actually had a mild spike in re-sale value only to go down when the batteries failed and DCT issues came up. Then with the emergence of Turbo charged 1 Liter cars/Suv's people got on the band-wagon and naturally even the best car to be ever made in the history of all parallel universes combined (Premio 260- rumored to have been designed by god himself) depreciated somewhat (the faithful of the Premio-Allion club will say otherwise) but yeah that's the new norm so it's something we should accept and move on. Cars are no longer an investment on wheels.
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    Interesting post I found on FB..
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    This is another myth. As an Aqua user, I would say that this is one of a cheapest car to maintain if you are not doing unnecessary and unwanted things. Dealing with service station people is also an Art....🀣🀣 Engine - I do around 9,000 km per six months so, regular oil and filter replacement is by 9,000 km with Toyota oil and Toyota/VIC filter (VIC filter would cost Rs. 1,100). Going to a normal service station will will save a lot. The Engine is running half of the time so Air Filter could used around 50,000 km without harm. Replacement labor cost would be Rs. 800 in Laugfs . Under washing - Only once per year (no point of under washing in every service) Hybrid battery report - I never let them to plug scanner because it gives us nothing. Do battery report extend your battery lifetime?? 🀣🀣For HV battery, the only thing I do is cleaning the air inlet once a year (DIY) and I cleaned the air duct and blower only once after 4 years (DIY) 12v Battery - Its bit expensive but it will payoff by extended duration Transaxle - Cheap to maintain than ordinary AT. Other hybrid components - No maintenance. ** Fortunately my HV battery is still good (however, the amount needed for replacement already saved by Fuel) and ABS is still good too. Statistics, Fuel cost - Rs. 7.04 per km Service & Maintenance and other Costs - Rs. 3.87 per km (Everything including tires. * Even a tire punch) Revenue License and Insurance - Rs. 3.17 per km Irrespective of the model of the car, you will ended up with huge maintenance cost if you are not going to correct place.
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    Also i just repaired my car recently and now it's stunning in my view. Hoping to do few engine bay and body kit upgrades recently.
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    For the guys who are waiting for the self driving car, they have now introduced a sex toy to enjoy whilst the car drives you. Am not kidding, https://jalopnik.com/this-blowjob-machine-designed-for-teslas-on-autopilot-i-1844296987 Its targeted at the Tesla fans.
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    In 2016 did any of us ever think there will be a total import stoppage and the world would come to a standstill for 6 months? Leave alone cars the way things are going will we be alive in 4 years? 4-5 years is too far down the line to make a prediction. Think of 4-5 years ago - Hybrids were killing it but now they're depreciating like crazy. Also if you observe current trends cars are no longer assets even the most coveted among Sri Lankans - Corollas and Allions and Premios will not go for crazy prices like they used to do. IF you're buying a car do not spend every cent on it so that it will HAVE to be an investment. Be prepared to lose money when you sell it - if you do make a profit that's a bonus.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum. The Kelisa is quite a decent hatchback. Used to be my wifes daily driver - trouble free little car based on the Daihatsu Mira. Overall no complains at all. It's a small hatch so you have to expect it to behave like one - not super luxurious or very refined but quite decent. The car is quite nimble and handles well. The EJDE 3 Cylinder 1000 cc engine is very noisy and tends to vibrate a lot. It has around 55 BHP which is quite enough as the car is small and light. Manages hills and all without breaking sweat. The interior is quite spartan and functional, the interior build quality feels a tad bit cheap (understandable considering it's a budget hatch). Interior bits are prone to wear out a bit sooner than Japanese cars. The car is extremely simple mechanically - any decent mechanic can fix it and so simple that some minor jobs can be done DIY as well. Spares are freely available - either at the agents or at a few panchikawatta shops. Some parts are interchangeable with other Daihatsu/Toyota cars as well (For instance,break pads are the same as on the Daihatsu Hijet) The biggest issue usually is the engine mounts tend to wear out quickly - maybe due to the excessive vibration. Original Mounts are comparatively expensive so most people tend to use cheap third party mounts which just last a few months and the car starts vibrating like crazy again. That's something to look out for when inspecting. A little bit of vibration is normal but if it acts like if the car has had an epileptic fit the mounts are bust. Even this is a straightforward fix. Since the car is about 15+ years old you need to look out for other more generic issues such as corrosion, poorly done accident repairs etc. Overall the car is extremely simple and easy to maintain. What we had was one with Automatic transmission and it consistently did 10KMPL - nothing more nothing less. I'm not sure about the market price right now 2003 would probably be around 1.3/1.4 Mil? Do a price check and of course you can always bargain.
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    Not really, no. Most regulars around here are just a bunch of guys who enjoy driving and discussing anything related to automobiles in general... driven by passion instead of reason, pleasure instead of practicality, beauty instead of purpose, experience instead of theory, romance instead of cost-benefit analysis... you get the picture Well, going by your requirements and approach to cars in general I think you'd be quite happy with a 1st owner company maintained Perodua Axia 2017 or newer. That's the closest you're going to get to owning a brand new car for your budget atm
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    Firstly dayum your demands! Buddy there are plenty experts here but there's no way you can meet every demand you have listed. This price category has been repeatedly discussed more than a few times so i reckon u go through the forums. As far as my recommendations go id say an entree level hybrid kei car might be your best bet. For your pricepoint you should be able to find one with a fairly low mileage and with a 2 year warranty apart from running costs and your fuel economy should not be that bad unless you abuse it. They are prone to faults under extensive engine load like if you are carrying some heavy cargo upcountry but they are pretty good for city driving. An alto would start at 2.4-2.6 and you should be able to find a decent Wagon R or equivalent for 2.7-3 Mil. As for a much more decent car you are looking at a 8+ year old car and that would be a Fit GP1( never owned one, but driven and its pretty smooth), Passo/Vitz(Owned and can recommend), or a swift (Much older 2008, used for a while back and can say its pretty worth the pricepoint). As for a sedan you are looking at a car well over 10 years and with some mileage on the clock. Honda Civic ES5, Corolla 121 (old but awesome car), Mazda 3, Nissan Sunny Fb15,N16, N17, Tida, Lancer (2008-9). All these cars have their own ups and downs, theres no perfect car but thats the whole point of owning a car. The experience you gain of taking care of it and giving the attention it needs. And the on and off mods that make you happy.
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    Okay let's see if this works... Convinced yet @trinity? Also this is why you need the high spoiler as well.
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    He is probably one of those F&F wannabes. The guy who wants to buy the flashiest car with the biggest exhaust to "stray away from the crowd of Toyotas and be a true street king" or whatever corny stuff they come up with. You tend to see alot of these so called "car enthusiasts/petrolheads/car guys/street racers" in Instagram, having that tiktok stigma also. I won't be surprised if they pointed at the alternator and said "nice turbo machan".
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    If the wagonR fuel economy disappoints you, then the viva's economy will make you cry.
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    What do you mean Sri Lankan Assembled car? Micro? Mahendra? As for your permit usually there are the bunch of importers who'd happily take it off your hands for you.
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    Do not under estimate..... I m doing my services perfectly at right time (but never do unnecessary things) A story fabricated by poor service guys..... πŸ˜ƒ. Engine oil - Toyota 0W20 - 1st can - Rs. 4,800 (2015), Last Can - Rs. 6,325 (2020) Oil Filter - Rs. 1,030 to 1,980 Depend on Toyota or VIC Air Filter - Toyota - Rs. 3,650, Cabin Filter - VIC Rs. 2,800 - 3,600 (You can use 3 VIC's for Toyota cost) Just rubbish... The car itself giving the warning (check engine ) if such. Why you pay for it??🀣 Fan inlet cleaning is nothing for anyone who is having a vacuum cleaner. You are wrong.... HV battery - you could run the car even with check engine. Safe mode runs with 100% engine so fuel efficiency will drop, but car runs safely so could come home easily. (Believe me, two known cars still running with HV battery fault since 1.5 years and 11 months) 12v battery - same with another automatic car. Jump start is possible and no harm Again..... A fabricated story. Opposite is the truth. The first set of tires cost me Rs. 60,000 (Bridgestone - EP300). Still running with Everything is written (as a research and as for fun..... That's why I could answer for you guys πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ🀜 ) Buy cheap (Car cost + battery cost 285 k), use cheap and sell cheap ...... No difference but you could use bit new car + touch the technology
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    @Gandalf I'm far more of a Subaru guy than a Ford fan to be perfectly honest but the modern Ford ownership experience was brief but pleasant one In terms of the safety I don't think very many other cars come close to the Fiesta in that particular class of car nor in the same price/size/age bracket. IIHS Top Safety Pick in it's day with 7 airbags (including a knee airbag) & Euro NCAP 5* https://www.iihs.org/ratings/vehicle/ford/fiesta-4-door-sedan/2011 https://www.euroncap.com/en/results/ford/fiesta/10922 I owned it for less than a year and it was quite reliable. I had a coolant hose pop out once - they're attached with a clip so it was just a matter of clipping it back, fill up and go. Admittedly i'm fussy about preemptive maintenance and had just a tonne of things done after I bought the car - so all the fluids, filters, plugs, belts, shocks, rubber bushes, tires, etc etc. In a sense that probably held me in good stead. The car shares a tonne of parts with the Mazda Demio & older Mazda 2 so those work perfectly if the original FoMoCo bits are unavailable. There are a number of places like Rainbow Motors who stock aftermarket bits but I got a little lazy and had Mazna Motors source things. Some parts I did order online and like @Crosswind had mentioned earlier in this thread are quite reasonable. Body parts are a little tricky i found out when i wanted to replace a faded reverse light. Api Singhe Motors in Delkanda has bits but they sell at a premium to a Japanese car part. Keep in mind the Softlogic imported ones were made in Thailand but the Fiesta was assembled in a number of places including China, which means that cheap cosmetic bits, interior plastics or even larger items like lights etc are freely available on AliExpress as well if you want to chance it. My one grouse is with the automatic gearbox. It's a lowly 4 speed (4F27E) which has a Mazda iteration as well ( FN4A-EL) It's not like the disastrous Ford PowerShift dual clutch units in that this is a box that can be serviced. Overhaul parts are readily available from various reputed transmission component manufacturers and can be purchased online. That said, the gearbox isn't perfect. There are many online accounts of rough shifts, flares etc. It has a manumatic (tiptronic) option as well but the shifts can feel a little sluggish. Keep in mind it was a seperate transmission controller unit as well. Personally if I ever bought one again, i'd get a manual instead because the engine despite being a simple 1.4L 4 pot, was fine and I felt would have been far more responsive and fun to drive with a manual. The chassis and driving dynamics are what you would expect from a European designed car, but keep in mind this isn't a premium offering. The cabin is quiet so the NVH levels felt marginally superior to the newer generation Mazda 2 which @Supra_Natural owns which I got to use parallel to the Ford. There is sufficient sound deadening and the it has factory fitted steering mounted ICE controls. On the highway it's very smooth and despite it sitting a little tall it was unaffected by crosswinds nor was it unsettled by undulations elsewhere. Never had an issue with ground clearance either. It felt surprisingly refined for a car of that class and the ride was quite compliant.
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    Yes Honorable Master Don I came to your house few years ago, Then I was very fit now I am not so needs a person to accompany me because of my age at 77. I can walk very well but for safety always goes with another person. Thank you for your reply. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
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    @Vega I believe @Hyaenidae 's suggestion is a good one. The Axia isn't a particularly special car to drive (I actually feel the Alto 800 of the same vintage with the manual gearbox is a far more enjoyable car to chuck about) but it'll tick most of your boxes. My view is based on a month using the Axia as a daily city run about so it might not be enough to give you the insights you need as I don't recall if i ever took it out on the highway for an example so can't comment on something like highway cruising stability etc. but it's decent little car. There's very little to go wrong. @Hyaenidae is also right about the sites member profile πŸ˜… I don't think we've had many (any?) active qualified mechanical engineers, mechanics or technicians here right @iRage in the last 14 years i've been around that I can remember off hand. Lots and lots of IT guys though, make of that what you willπŸ˜…
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    I had a passo for some time (KGC30 model, 2013), it shares a lot of commonalities with the vitz so imo, the ride height is good, fuel efficiency is around 10-12 in city and around 14-17 outstation( depends on the road and conditions). Maintenance ofc was cheap as it was a newer toyota model that only i used so other than a battery replacement, a tune up and tyres there was nothing to be replaced other than regular service with proper oils at agents. Car has a good turning radius and has a more simplistic dashboard. You get standard new car features like power mirrors, ABS, airbags, VSC, smart key etc (if you get the Hana grade). Engine comes mostly in 1L 1KR_FE(which does have a noticable vibration in idle but not as bad as in the vitz, could be because of less wear on engine mounts or whatnot). The car has an eco idle mode and currently you can find a second hand one of simillar grade for about 2.6 mil. (late K or early CA numbers). Full insurance costs 62,190 at C*y*inko V*P. Service at agents cost roughly 9500-12000 depending on the lubricants needed and detailing. leg space and cabin space is a lot more than vitz and its a pretty decent ride for everyday use. Yaris/Belta also uses the same 1KR-FE engine except its a compact sedan. Never used one but you do need to know that these cars are well over 10 years old so there is going to be considerable abuse, some decent mileage and wear. You cant expect it to not have some occassional repairs. Considerably a comfy car for a normal commute. Axia seems to be the newest car you can get for your budget. most of the axias on market are post 2017 so they are considerably new. Perodua is a pretty decent car manufactuter and the brand does hold its value well in the second hand market in sri lanka. Viva's that were brought back in 2010 still go for close to 1.8-2Mil so compared to the deprecitation of other non JDM cars id say its good. The aircon is pretty decent and the car does come with factory fitted alloys and a few extras. Never owned or used one so i guess a person who owned one might have a better say on this. If you are referring to the beetle swift then yes, its a good car too. 2008 model back in 2010-ish gave it up but the car was well on its track. The car comes standard with auto climate control and extras like steering wheel controls etc for the JDM version. the engine is a 1.3L tho but the pulling power is decent. U get a standard CVT gearbox and interior space, seats and luggage wise its a no brainer that its good. Did notice that it idles a little high on hot days and the car does seem to miss gears occasionally (could be just a one off case of a defective car for me). service is almost the same as any other car at A*W p*tstop. but this too is a pretty older car considering most of them within your budget would be 2008-2010 models. Fuel wise its around 9-10 in city, outstation around 13-14 Havent owned pugs or a fit so i guess other users will elaborate on them. Aqua though is a tricy car. Its low so you are going to hit potholes and bumps with a screetch a lot more often. The car is well engineered, and the interior space is decent. has a lot of features like SWC, TRC, auto headlight washer etc and even LED headlights(depends on model). Car does around 11-14 in city and outstation its mostly around 17. the engine is 1.5L so you can expect more power compared to a vitz. downsides would be the expensive maintenance and the problem of having to find mechanics with knowledge on hybrids if something goes haywire. The car is full of electronics and the regular makabaas engineering myt not cut it. Battery replacement is cheaper now at aronud 390K done at TL. back then it was around 410K on grey import batteries. But considering all this if you are not a heavy user, i guess a regular petrol car would be a better choice. the fuel efficiency wont make that much of a difference on your pocket when you add up maintenance. My final adv would be for you to search for each of the car you narrowed down on autolanka. you might find threads about the common problems in them and make up your mind for a choice.
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    Could this be Jeremy or Hammond?
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    @Hyaenidae this guide was given to me by @ELNINO when he sold the car to me.I think this is much more relevant to us as the person who has written this has done it on a 2008 lancer ex.Believe we can use this along with what @Davy has mentioned above.
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    No worries: I hardly take offence at anything. I welcome discussions as long as its logical. But so far your logic isn't holding up. So far you claim to: 1. Know better than oil companies 2. Claim that there is no benefit between using synthetic oil and mineral oil. Neither claims are very confidence inspiring. However if you are prepared to lay out your claim in a logical fashion I will be prepared to hear it. But to counter: 1. Its pretty much accepted that oil companies do alot of research into conditions all around the world when developing their oils. Also the tests to certify these oils for different standards are harsher than conditions we in SL would ever face. (Fact check) 2. Its a very commonly known fact that Synthetic Oils have a longer oil change interval. Saying that they are the same as Mineral based oils and that one should stick to the same oil change interval doesn't make any sense. Driving conditions in SL are different to the US and Europe, but most oil companies have taken that into consideration, plus conditions in Sri Lanka when compared globally are not too bad. (Conditions in Europe and the US are far worse than SL sometimes. For example winter conditions cause more wear and tear on an engine than any conditions in SL that I know of, and traffic conditions in LA and London are, I believe, worse than what we have in Colombo) True for accurate measurement an engine run time calculator would be better, but as cars are usually not mostly stationary unlike some heavy machinery, changing oil by the mileage run has become the standard so we must unfortunately work with the tools we have been given with. Some cars do calculate the engine oil lifespan based on runtime, load, average start-stop spans etc and when those are factored in usually the oil interval ends up being even longer that the general rule of thumb we use. Read here: Fact check. Also as odometers already measure the mileage travelled: I don't see the need for further mileage calculations as you have mentioned above? True. I'm glad your oil pan was clean and that you had no signs of sludge. That's pretty amazing. And certainly something to be happy about. But using expensive oil (Mobil being a premium brand) and changing it after 2500km or 3500km is a bit unaffordable for most people. Also even if it was affordable (it's not) the amount of time it would take to go and do an oil change every 2-3 months would make that impractical for most people. I mean its great that your oil change intervals are proving effective for you...I'm happy for you. But for most people that would be unaffordable and impractical. Furthermore it would be extremely taxing on the environment if we were all disposing of oil that hasn't been utilized fully. (Fact check) Having said that, I'm not endorsing stretching out oil changes, I am saying we should generally stick with the general guidelines...
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    Ha... ha... you need my travel history? Visited Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Takamatsu in Japan. Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Trichy (india), Amsterdam, London, Bergen (Norway), Paris, Zurich, Venice, Rome, etc. People telling things without knowing the truth. Sri Lanka in not such a bad country. Being a small county surrounded by Sea, we have several advantageous when we consider the air quality. Comparatively no above city air quality was far better than Colombo for me. Dust (Duuvili) is included to PM2.5 & PM10. So AQI covers all.
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    😁 Quite possible. Either that or he's a former ambulance driver and remembered the fact that the patient needs to be on their back while being transported.
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    Hey that reminds me of my last car selling experience- So I advertised my previous car for sale alright, the first buyer who agreed to pay the asking price was a queer one - he didn't even take a good look at the interior, much less a test drive - he just fell in love with how good the exterior looked- "brand new wage thiyenne mahaththaya!" was what he said. He was right - I know a thing or two about paint protection (wax, people, wax!) - so the very next day we travel to the bank, do the paperwork, he deposits the agreed amount while I fill out MTA forms and stuff - while all this is going on in comes the protagonist of the story. The buyer introduces the newcomer to me as a close relative of his - a professional astrologer. He had calculated the best auspicious time for the new owner to get in the car (or hand the key over- I can't remember which) so anyway, after a wait of more than half an hour we do the deed on the auspicious time - the new owner wanted to take me home, didn't want me to take the bus, bless his kind soul! We were on our merry way when he suddenly remembered he needed a photocopy of some document and we kept an eye for a "communication". You see where this is going now dontcha? Le wild communication appears - driver slams on the brakes - a poor sod who was riding his CD90 too close rear ends the car - gets airborne - lands on the rear trunk and leaves one of his incisors on the trunk lid. We all get out - the very first thing the astrologer told me was "hondha welawata nekathata waahane paarata dhamme, naththan apey passen enne bike ekak nemey tipper ekak!"
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