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    If you're ready to use it for 10 years resale should be the least of your concerns. Are you really concerned about re-sale value ? 10 years is a looong time actually. Roll the clock back 10 years 1. There was a civil war in this country. 2. A certain terrorist leader was alive. 3. The Gen2 Priuses just started reaching and people ran away when they saw one. 4. Nissan Sunnies - FB14,FB15,s N16's were considered great cars. 5. Nokia phones were the best selling mobile devices. 6. I was still a student and weighed 8 kg less. 7. 512 KBPS SLT ADSL was "da bomb" the point is in 10 years time maybe sri lanka will have stopped importing cars altogether. maybe due to inflation your Yaris will fetch 625 Million instead of 62.5 million (that IS the price right?) there will be many crazy tax rules , maybe Mahendran will be back as the CBSL governor. and god forbid but we all might even be dead so dont think about reasale but think about daily running as the others mentioned.
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    Actually these "dostharala" buy the premio than the C-HR. In my hospital there are about 15 New premios and I'm the only one who is having a C-HR. When I took the C-HR for the first time to the hospital, they all came to inspect it and make sure they made the better choice by buying a premio over C-HR. Their main concerns were that premio has electric seat adjusters and C-HR has electric lumbar adjuster only. They also made sure to check my average fuel economy on my display and it was 11.6 kmpl since I bought it. They were like " Ayyo meke thel karan naane. Premio eka 20K withara karanawa." I stayed silently when they were complaining about the body shape too. Recently I went to Ambewela and came. I really enjoyed the ride. It handled the curves very well ( comparing with my previous141 axio, it is a big improvement) The 1.2L turbocharged engine gives enough boost to climb the hills and also during overtaking. I'm quite happy about the ground clearance too. All the techs inside also gives a quite futuristic feel.
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    As far as I know, the SoC values get reset and the BCM does an immediate recalibration once the 12v terminals are disconnected and reconnected. Any error codes logged by the IMA system also get cleared at this point. I am not sure if disconnecting the 12v causes the usable capacity to be reset to 75%. However, I do know for a fact that you can reset the usable capacity to 75% using an Honda Diagnostic System scanner connected to the OBD2 port. Once it's reset, it may take a several runs of the vehicle for the actual usable capacity value to be determined and normalized by the BCM. Thankfully, the same diagnostic system software would show the number of km run since the last reset. So if you see an old Honda hybrid up for sale with 75% or any high usable capacity value, just check the number of miles since the last IMA reset using a HDS scanner. There is a chance the battery is genuinely good, but there is also the chance of some cock weasel trying to sell a vehicle with a deteriorated battery by hoodwinking the buyer using an IMA reset.
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    Dress up jobs Cut and Bud Document Manipulation Odo-tampering and now battery-fakery... i think there's a little rotten gene in Sri Lankans that make them think pulling off an act of dishonesty is better than doing an honest job.
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    I wish this forum would go back to the old days. When hybrids weren't here. Fuel figures were always absurd. Anything below 1300cc was a maruti, real old petrolheads and stories of their broken cars, projects, builds and younger petrolheads (like us - now old) speaking of drags and driving civics to extinction. A world where a Suv always had 4wd. I was just a peer back then. But I learnt a lot.
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    If anyone is in a mood to make a couple of prank calls, there's a gold cefiro advertised in the classifieds, whos owner appears to be thinking very highly of the car
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    this is the best comment I have seen so far about the Sri Lankan hybrid owners mentality? First when the battery is good, driving like grandmas on the fast lane to save another cent of fuel and creating huge traffic jams behind ,now wondering if the car will run without high voltage battery. No body seems to care about saving the environment these days,LOL
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    Starting 1. Press the brake pedal 2. Start the car 3. Shift to D or R 4. Release the Hand Brake 5. Release the brake pedal and drive away Parking 1. Press the brake pedal and wait till car is completely stationary 2. Apply Hand Brake 3. Shift to P 4. Stop the the engine 5. Release the brake pedal and get out of the car This is the correct sequence! Any other method will jerk the car or will put unnecessary wear on the gear box.
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    The biggest issue with Hybrid and non-Hybrid cars is not the technology. It is the two-faced dishonesty of us Sri Lankans.
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    So I got my Alloygators and thank god I did because a few days after that, I got my rear wheel curbed. The gators took the whole brunt of the impact and saved the wheel. Just a quick wash and wipe down completely hid all scratches on the gator! Totally worth the investment. Here’s how they look by the way.
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    Holy shit the interior looks spotless! What u need to do first is go to RMV (with all documents) and get the forms. Go to RMV first floor car section and talk to the Assistant Commissioner on duty at the time and tell him/her your need. Although the clerks and other minor staff act like typical government employees, the Commissioners are young and educated so they are much better behaved. Be very polite. Unfortunately I can't tell you how the 25-year limit will affect you but an assistant commissioner's signature can override a few things. Remember to dress well. May be wear a tie. You have no idea what ties can achieve in government departments. If its not for the 25-year problem, all you need to do is to fill the forms, get the approval, buy the engine, plug it in, get it weighed and get it reregistered. Oh one more thing. You will need to take a bill of an engine with you so pay a small advance for a spare parts shop to reserve an engine and get a bill before you go. You will be stuck with the 325- number no matter what you do. You might be able to convert it to an EA- number (at a cost) but you will never get your old number back.
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    As far as I know there is no way to change the language in Premio. That may be due to this model is only manufactured for Japan. I used the google translator app on my mobile phone and use that to translate by holding the phone on top of the Japanese fonts.
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    I want to tell you guys an important story, but a sad one. There was a good old gentleman in our neighborhood known by the name Uncle Chesley De Silva. He is fairly a nice person except he is abnormally stingy and thinks he can save money by different ways. He had a nice petrol car and he used to drive few miles everyday for his day to day tasks. When his retirement period came, he got some money as his employment benefit. He sold his car and also applied for a small loan and bought a GP1 from a car sales. Probably as unregistered. Uncle Chesley was so concerned in battery and asked the sales guy to give him an inspection report on battery. After the report the inspector's comment was "battery is so good.....:). You can use for 2 years atleast". Uncle Chesley thought he can save a lot of money from this new car and he finally bought the car. While he was driving the car for the first time, he told me "Putha, I bought a "high breed" car and the people are telling that it can save a lot of money. If you run the car too slowly and cause lot of inconveniences to the people behind it can produce money also....?". Then after running for a couple of weeks, I met uncle Chesley again. He was not happy at all. Highly worried. He told there is no money saving as he thought. Also he is getting an "error signal" in the dashboard flashing. Then one day he brought the car to an inspector and the inspector did a battery scan and told Uncle Chesley, you need to put a battery for this and that costs this much. Those days battery price was so high. Since Uncle Chesley was too much stingy and not mentally matured, he was very sad and his pressure went so high.....He immediately got a cardiac arrest and died.....So the moral of the story - Never be too much stingy and never think how much you can save by running a hybrid....?
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    I will answer to you based on my experience of driving a Civic. Since they are based on the same IMA generation, this is possibly valid for GP1, GP2, Insight but I am not certain. The hybrid battery will not die out within a day. It's a process that happens over time and when the usable capacity of it drops below a certain percentage, your dashboard will show a warning indicator. The IMA system pairs the engine with an electric motor so the amount of 'work' the engine has to do is reduced. The hybrid battery powers the electric motor. The weaker the hybrid battery gets, the less and less the electric motor will 'assist' the engine. 1. The petrol engine will be used more frequently to charge the hybrid battery as it has lost its capacity to hold a charge. The battery control module would frequently try to recalibrate the battery to adjust to the new (lesser) level of usable capacity. Fuel consumption will be higher than normal. 2. The cars pulling power will be lower at times due to the lack of electric motors assist. In the case of the civic hybrid, it will lose 20HP of power when the battery charge is dropped. The car would feel like a drag to accelerate. 3. Car would be started by the 12v battery as opposed to the hybrid battery. The civic comes equipped with a regular starter to start the car when the hybrid battery does not have enough charge to do so. But the 12v battery will wear out faster than normal. Technically, you can drive the car for years and years with the hybrid battery almost dead (but not physically removed) and with the IMA indicator showing. It will get you from point A->B but it would be a downright shitty driving experience.
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    It's simple. Hybrids are DESIGNED to run the petrol engine and Hybrid Battery complementing each other. No hybrid will run properly without the Hybrid battery. Period. Stop asking stupid questions! Man what's wrong with Sri Lanka? ? All these guys want to run Hybrids without the Hybrid Batteries, Cars without Servicing and finally deceive the next buyer with cheap makabass scams! Don't always try to find cheap ways to do everything!
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    I think what he has said was that manual transmissions have more control over the car not that it can change gears faster. This is so far true as no matter if you get a car even with DCT it still wont let you smash the throttle at 1500RPM, it will upshift automatically. Same goes for the redline, it will downshift. That said I would never want to have a manual vehicle due to Autos being evolved really well except for the CVTs. Artificial shift points in a CVT with paddle shifters is ridiculous. I think it will accelerate better in normal mode.
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    Newest fuel efficiency measure in SL.... Push-meters-per-kilometer (PMPK), to be used in conjunction with KMPL When the Allion/Premio end production in the next few months/year to come, these Doctors are going to value their Premios higher than gold; and another set of Doctors are going to need therapy
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    What's the source and destination of your 122km trip?
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    Unfortunately on board diagnostics on these older cars can be extremely limited and can return confusing codes/messages. I can’t even get proper sensor readings on my N17 with an OBD2 port, the same code reader with the same app returns better/more data when connected to my Mazda 6. But the good thing is that older cars are much simpler with a few basic sensors and simple reliable fuel injection. There is a higher chance that the error is actually ECM related (anything from wiring harness or ground to internal memory), so yes, getting it scanned from the agent is a good idea. If you have access to a spare ECM (i.e. friend’s car), can try swapping the ECM, it will work as long as there is no immobiliser module/code within the ECM itself. Additionally, a competent auto electrician may be able to check the basic supporting sensors such as O2 sensor (since you mentioned cold start issues), air flow, throttle position (if there is any) etc… One more thing about the ABS warning, in an older car, there is a higher chance that the ABS module is completely independent of main OBD (i.e. ABS module and ECM does not talk to each other). I don’t know about this particular model in detail, but it is a possibility. If you are waiting to get it checked/fixed, just pull the fuse and completely disable the module. It`s extremely dangerous if ABS kicks in when it`s not supposed to (ask me how I know). You can get a second opinion if you like, but I would always run a car with an ABS warning with the ABS fuse pulled off OR after disabling the ABS modulator by disconnecting the plug that connects to the modulator.
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    Ahh the sri lankan measure of a cars success ?? I have a cousin who uses a 2017 Allion and im pretty sure it does about 12 or 13. Your doc.friends maybe put surgical spirit as a fuel additive?? ? That car looks mean machan. Im a bit of an old school car fan but still having travelled in the CHR i feel it's a good overall package.
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    Here is some pics I took before it registered just after its arrival Sent from my HUAWEI KII-L21 using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
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    unbelievable talent used to fool the poor buyers who had to mortgage his arm and leg to the Leasing company. I would rather buy a 20 year old AE110 instead of a Aqua with tampered hi-voltage components. At least know what I am getting,although it has been gang-banged by 15 makabaas before it will not have some never known before STDs like this !
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    I am glad you realized that the emission test was required...but I am sure seem to have realized that it is also a mere farce and a really really bad joke and much much more needs to be done. Yes..each country has its own system. I was siting Aus, Japan, UK as in having strict requirements which you really can't run away from. Not that these countries have the same system in place Aus can be very strict on vehicle imports. In fact most of my friends in Japan shiver in anguish when they have to deal with the auto industry stake holders there. In SL anyone can bring any piece of junk as the only thing SL requires is a inspection report from the exporting country which is forged more often than not. In
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    yes although these were the REAL reasons many hybrid buyers at the time DID brag about saving the environment. Even in this forum,LOLZ ?
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