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    I will provide some basics of the car before I go into a detail review, Model Code: GRS182 Trim: Royal Saloon G Engine: 3GR-FSE Transmission: 6AT Mods: • Buddy Club coilovers • Monza Japan Wheels wrapped with 235/45R18 Goodyear Eagle F1 Directional tyres • V*P Table • Carrozzeria tweeters • Carrozzeria secondary head unit (You cannot replace the head units in these cars as the AC controls and other car settings are built into the head unit) • 6000K low beam and 3000K fog lamps • Aftermarket exhaust until the muffler (It came from Japan with a complete aftermarket exhaust but had to fix an original muffler back in as it was deemed to be too noisy to pass the roadworthy, it also had flaps with a switch to adjust the loudness which is also illegal in Australia) • Every single interior and exterior light had been replaced with LED • Few Junction Produce goodies I recently got myself a Toyota Crown GRS182 Royal Saloon G. The 182 is powered by the 3GR-FSE which churns out 256 horses and 313NM torque, the power is sent to the rear wheels via a 6 speed automatic tranny. The GRS182 was offered in two standard trims, Royal Saloon and Athlete. The Royal Saloon is the luxury comfy trim while the Athlete is the sporty version, sort of like Premio and Allion but in this case you get different suspension tuning as well. Mine being a G trim it gets few extras which the standard Royal Saloon didnt get or was offered as optional only. The Crown has plenty of power and its always eager to get up and go, its very responsive even when you are driving on the standard mode. Switch into power mode and it becomes even more sharp and rev happy. If you launch this hard you’ll notice the traction control kicking in even with 235 thread low profile tyres, of course you can turn off the traction control if you want to do some burnouts. Handling and stability are spot on with coilovers and grippy tyres, it will go through corners without a worry. It’s also well stable and sits happily at freeway speeds, you barely feel the speed even when you are doing 100km/h. It’s a big car with a big heart but it’s still fairly economical, urban driving returns around 7.5km/l while highway driving returns around 14-15km/l, however it strictly requires 98 octane fuel. The seats are very soft and when you sit down you sink into the seats sort of like sitting on a plushy sofa, also there’s plenty of adjustments on the driver seat for the driver to get the perfect driving position. In addition the rear passengers can recline the rear seats like in Premio/Allion but in this its done electronically with the press of a button. Even on coilovers and low-profile tyres the ride doesn’t feel harsh. The car is a complete feature fest, I’ll name a few: Comfort access to unlock the car AFS headlights Dual zone fully automatic climate control system Backup camera with front and rear sensors (You can even adjust the sensitivity of the sensors) Air purifier Rear AC and head unit controls for rear passengers Fridge/Cool box Sun blinds Swinging A/C 10 speakers + centre speaker and subwoofer with an amp. Plus another pair of Carrozzeria tweeter has been added to my car. 10 airbags Front and rear electric seats (The rear seats can be tilted with the press of a button) 3 memory settings for driver seat Electronically adjustable telescopic steering wheel Cruise control Wooden trim steering wheel (optional extra). Tyre pressure monitoring Speed sensitive door locking Crown is an import to Australia so it picks up lot of attention on the road and at car parks, I have had people ask me what kind of car is it or what brand of car is it. Among the JDM community there’s a fair bit of following for the Crown and if you need any help regarding the car there are groups on FB with fellow Crown owners to sought out your problems (Haven’t had any yet though). For parts there are places who stock import car parts, of course prices aren’t cheap as parts for an Australian delivered car. Similarly, there are mechanics also who have an understanding of import cars. However, the problem with owning a JDM vehicle in Australia is that they are very popular among thieves so full insurance is a must and only a handful of companies provide insurance to JDM vehicles. In terms of second hand market and resale value JDM cars are among the top, there’s a prominent fanbase for JDM cars in Australia and they tend to hold their value well. Lately JDM cars have in fact gone up in value during the pandemic. Theres only one common problem with the 180 series Crown, that is dashboard cracks. Toyota used a very soft material for the dashboard which cracks as it ages, this problem was there on the 120 series Mark X and few other Toyota vehicles from this period as well. Only solution for this is to use a dash mat. Some pics for you all
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    This quote really hit me in the feels. AL forums have given me lifelong friendships along with great sound advice from an amazing group of members. And I'd hate for it to be another generic thel higanna forum. So here's my bit to harken back 'the good old days' Basically I'm painting my car red. Most older members here will remember my MG 2 sri 355. The car has been with us for almost half a century. It has been in many of late Lester James Peiris movies most notably 'Delowak Athara' where its basically a main actor alongside Tony Ranasinghe.(The plot is based around a hit and run accident caused by my car). I inherited this car, So I didn't buy it...And I'm paying other people to do it up. So I sure am not building it either. If you want more hands on, DIY projects done by me, please search for my older threads posted around 2008-2012. I know it looks good in black, but I want it in original red which is the colour on reg book.
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    Hello their enthusiasts. It's been almost one a year with her. So I think this is a good time to share some pics of her with you guys.
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    Let me summarise the two previous posts in a few sentences A group of guys went to a cheap pettah whore... just because she's cheap and they couldn't afford someone better The cheap pettah whore was pimped by a known pimp in the industry, who found an opportunity The pimp and the whore promised lot of things but didn't deliver - simply because a pettah whore is always a pettah whore, no matter who the pimp is And now the customers are taking sides and arguing with each other about her , forgetting that if they choose someone from pettah, they get what they paid for
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    Members, Yes I thought I will post few to Auto Lanka. I had some problems with some AL members they used to post all unwanted posts to me. They thought I am a joker. At last Moderators started to moderate my posts. Then I refrain from posting. A am back, will help any one if they need my assistance little what I know. Good wishes for all members. Sylvester Wijesinghe Sylvi.
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    eh ? what the heck is this ? Looks like a dog whistle...but ! Its the cutting edge of technology
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    She's waiting for the engine to cool down
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    couldnt id the car typing with the lefr hand watching Ella Hughes - Shy Redheads Want A**l: Remastered
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    ok then let's try something different (need to ID the car...the redhead is not mandatory)
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    How about Apsara fuel savers and omnipotent valampuris... Oh wait...
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    Btw let me introduce myself. Devinda Yasas Rammandala. Age-27. Currently in the US, will be moving to beloved motherland asap. Worked at Toyota. Now at FCA group. Did multiple jobs in many different fields before. School-AIS. Likes projects and 90s rides. Mainly a Euro guy. But I won’t say no to a 300Z 😍 Liked tech(that stuff makes u broke, so no more) Instagram Handle is under my name. Add me guys. I post about cars alot as you may already imagine. Good friends with @AVANTE, who’s gonna be revealing himself next(or I can take the Honors). Been on AL since 07’. This is my official Handle(since 2012) as I used my Dads previously.
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    With android head unit market has made huge strides since I last posted the above question, was able to find a head unit which does the following. 1. No cutting of wires 2. The Rockford Amplifier should work 3. The Steering wheel audio controls must work 4. Bluetooth hands free usage 5. Android auto/Apple car play The head unit itself was selected after much research on android head units in the market and how they connect to car. It also comes with a CANBUS adapter which connects directly to the two connectors of the stock CD changer. Since the car didn't have the handsfree switches on the steering, I also got it down, but please note that it also requires the replacement of the hands free harness inside the steering wheel. This means you have to remove the steering airbag and as always, the Mitsubishi workshop manual is your friend but in general I don't recommend playing around with the airbags. All in all everything works fine now. Here are some nice features 1. Wireless Car Play 2. Android 10 OS 3. Built in DSP/Pre Amp 4. Reverse Camera direct wiring. The parts involved are as below. The head unit - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001227274176.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.7e234c4dYu6JyO Handfree Switch set - P# 8750A247 Handsfree Harness - P# 4400A465 Hope this helps anyone who also wants to try the same.
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    Well...Tesla has had a strong track record of over promising and under delivering. This is what they (he) said about the Model 3 (being 25,000-35,000) but then that thing costs about 45,000USD BASE (without any options/add-ons). Then there was the whole promise about the truck which was to be delivered in 2019, well its is 2020 and nothing of it. Then there was the whole home power system that was promised to be affordable.... Didn't Tesla announce a new battery that has a huge power and range jump than what they use right now ? Tesla has such a lot of time relevant and futuristing ideas but seems to get lost in its own marketing stories. If they just stuck to the tech ideas and took away all the fancy stuff I think they would have had much better success in rolling al this out.
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    [emoji16] Sent from my SM-M115F using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
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    Welcome to the forum @Anuradha bandara Okay..so the Luxel is actually ZZE122 (not 121) because it has a 1ZZ-FE 1.8L engine. But in Sri Lanka everything of that model is called 121...which makes no sense. You are looking at a 20 year old car. Whether the price of a car is worth it or not ultimately depends on the condition of the car (how well it has been taken care of, proper service records, no shady fix ups, gets a good result in inspections with age related wear and tear, all the paper work like the CR book, emission certificates, etc...are all in proper order). So a 121 X (which is the lowest grade) can actually be worth than the G grade most people go after. The Luxel is much much different and nicer than the usual X or G grade 121. The interior seat material and color combinations and even the optional wood grain paneling options offered is much nicer than the X and G grades. Also, the Luxel has better sound proofing so it feels quieter (which makes it feel more smoother as there is less road fatigue). Being a 2001 I suppose you are looking at the first pre-facelift model of the 121. The facelift model is even nicer. Also, the luxel comes with more standard features than the G (the usual model Sri Lankans crave for). The Luxel came with Vehicle Stability Control and few other extras like extra airbags as options. However these were offered as standard in the Alpha editions along with few other extras. Do you know if the Luxel is a Luxel Alpha or a Luxel Premium edition ? There was also a Navi edition which was just the standard Luxel with a Navigation package. The 1.8L engine is much more powerful....when new the 1.5L variant had only about 105ish horsepower and the 1.8L came with 130hp. So it is much nicer and smoother to drive. Fuel economy wise...when new the 1.8L was rated at 15kmpl and the 1.5L at 16kmpl..on a 50% highway 50% city use cycle. In reality it probably would have gotten about 9ish on average and the 1.5L 10ish on average (typically even in Japan real world figures are 70% of what the manufacturer claims). Again..this is a 20 year old car..so the actual fuel figures will depend on the condition of the car as well as YOUR driving patterns (someone who gets stuck for 1 hour in slow moving traffic will obviously get lower gas mileage than someone who can drive the same distance in just 20mins; someone who accelerates and dives hard will get less gas mileage than someone ho drives with a lighter foot). Bottom line is..the 1.8L engine will not be too much lower than a 1.5L variant. It will be slightly less (1ish kmpl or so) but the benefit you get from having the 1.8L will be far greater than the 1kmpl you will save with the 1.5L. In fact the 1.8L will give you better fuel economy if you travel a lot of the highway or even in hill country. As I said before the Luxel comes with a 1.8L 1ZZ-FE engine. This engine has been used in many other Toyota models and has been very reliable. In fact the 1ZZ-FE is the same engine that comes in the 1.8L 240 Allion/Premio. I would not expect parts to be of a big problem because it is shared with many other Toyota models. So...from a personal point of view...for me..the Luxel with the 1.8L engine is a much nicer car than the 1.5L/1.3L based Corolla 121 G or X grades. However, it ALL depends on the condition of the car you are looking at and how honest it is. Now the not so nice parts...the not so nice parts has nothing to do with the car. The bad points with the 1.8L is the same as the bad points with the 1.5L. So where the mechanical and body aspects are concerned the 1.8L is the same as the 1.5L. The issue is with Sri Lankan people. Sri Lankan people falsely believe that any car that has an engine larger than 1.5L is a fuel wasting bad car. Why ? Because they believe stupid stories made up by other people. In Sri Lanka, typical Corolla, Allion/Premio, Sunny owners lie about fuel economy. In fact, at times, the fuel economies they claim are even greater than what the manufacturer says it does. There are plenty of Corolla/Allion/Premio buyers who buy these 1.5L cars to get these high fuel figures and then message asking what is wrong with their car because it gets only 9-12 kmpl (of course these are done in private messages because posting about it in public will make them look stupid for not living everyone else's lie). So because of this people will talk bad about the 1.8L engine (so..ust learn to shut down your brain and ears around service station boys and the guys who own that G grade 1.5L 121 that gets 20kmpl). However, there are always people who will buy it and selling a 1.8L Luxel won't be any different than trying to sell a 1.5L G grade. There are plenty of 1.5L G Corolla 121s that have been stuck without getting sold for months. So...as long as the car is honest (no hidden repairs, no dirty and quick accident repairs, you maintain it properly) you will sell it even if it is a 1.8L or a 1.5L. The above is the only downside for the car in Sri Lanka and it has nothing to do with the car..nor is it a downside. Because of the stupid things SL beleive, you are more likely to find a 1.8L in better condition with lesser number of owners (you will be surprised at the number of 1.5L variants, especially the G grades, that are fake...with fake badges, etc...). Also, because not many people run for the price of the 1.8L is relatively lower than the 1.5L X and G grades...so you will be getting a lot more car for a lesser price. Interestingly a few days ago I saw a Luxel being advertised in the quicksite (it looked dirty and crap) but they had fixed G bagdes all over the place. So....I would say...first and foremost 1. Check the model code on the ID plate and see if it is an actual Luxel (or identify what the actual Luxel type is) 2. Do a pre-lim assessment, test drive, check document, service history, etc... 3. Get an extensive inspection... and move forward from that point... As for different options....well there are Lancers and Axelas. But those have the same issue as the 1.8L Luxel...the "market naha" stories. So if you are concerned about this..then sadly you are going to have to stick to the Corolla/Premio/Allions. The issue is the 1.5L variants of these cars have passed through many users (most of who were cheap as they bought the car to run cheaply so they never maintained it properly) so finding a good car is going to be a very hard thing to do these days (good ones hardly get sold as people hold on to them and when they do get advertised gets sold really fast). But again, ironically, Lancers and Axelas actually do get sold and sometimes a lot faster than the "market" models Sri Lankans talk about.
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    If a Honda-built SUV is your preference look no further than the CRV as kush suggested - yes it will not give you temporary satisfaction of 15 KMPL but in the long run it's a really reliable SUV that will just keep on running. The thing with the hybrids is that whatever you save on fuel you eventually spend on some costly repair so you really can't have both 🙂
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    Yes they are, they have Premio and Corolla with 2ZZ-GE swap
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    When you fix sudu yakada to your premio at the same place you fixed them for your leyland viking
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    Are people actually still buying vehicles at these ridiculously inflated prices ??
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    For starters...90,000 for a genuine, brand new rack is not that expensive considering the price of everything else. Whether it is worth it or not depends on how long you would keep the car (if you plan to keep the car for 4 or 5 years..then yes you will recoup the cost...). Reconditioned racks...well most of what you find at Delkanda, Panchi, etc... are not reconditioned. They are just removed as is..cleaned up and resold. Whether the used rack is good or not depends on your luck (if the part was pulled off of a relatively new car then it probably will be good...but you have no way of finding it out). As for repairing the rack...the Sunday paper with the separate smaller paper used to have a lot of places that do the job. Someone in the forums recommended a place but cannot find it now. Maybe you will have better luck finding it ? Usually they give a 6 month guarantee. However, after that..again it is on your luck and what was wrong with the rack in the first place.
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    OK since you insist @fiat fan bro Name: Ridhwan Ramzi Age: 19 Location : Mawanella School : RIS Kegalle/Zahira Mawanella Simple fellow, doing random things and enjoying the finer things of life, nostalgic, old school also, no show off/loud partying vibes here lol. Not the best with tech either. Into aquascaping, cooking, fitness related stuff, DIY, general trivia and also motorcycles as most of you know.
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    Every modern car these days comes with one time clips you have to replace. And a CHR is just another car, so a decent mechanic can do the repair and refix. But do you really want to do the repair? By the looks of it, it seems just 1" long to me. Do you really want to repaint the whole/part of the bumper just for that ? If I were you I would wait until I get more scratches and dents to do a complete pait job. 🙂 As bumpers are always prone to such. That way you could save the NCB on insurance as well. No experience with TL, but the 'agent' doesnt always gurantee excellent service.
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    As soon as one panel was done, it was primer coated.
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    i.e. stop driving like a grand mother and start driving it like you stole it PSA: Stealing cars is BAD...no one endorses stealing or borrowing anyone else's car on a permanent to semi-permanent basis under any circumstances.
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    Don't worry' it'll sort itself out on the 4th test
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    Uhhh...I don't know why you are sighting just VW and Toyota...the same applies to all manufacturers.... Everyone knows Toyota is late in to the EV game...in fact so are all the Japanese manufacturers except for Nissan and Mitsubishi in some convoluted way. For the most part all the Japanese manufacturers were working on EVs a long long time ago...Mitsubishi as early as the 1970s and Toyota had a commercial ready EV RAV4 in the 90s (which got clamped down by big O)...for some reason most of them went the fuel cell route...and now are partnering up with a lot of Chinese companies for a boost in EV tech. Now they are extending that solution to community based mobility solutions (last Tokyo Motorshow Toyota had 3 actual concept cars on display...that was it...everything else was a bunch of robots and hospital on wheels, etc...) and seem to be believing that cars are going to be a niche market. As for Tesla...well...Musk is showman....kind of like Jobs. He makes a splash with all his presentations...over promising without promising and under delivering without actually making it obvious. There are a lot of smart people working behind him but what sells everything at the end is Musk's showmanship and taking the approach to being a tech shop rather than an auto production shop (they R&D more in to tech like AI, batteries, etc...than in to the actual car component of the car itself (which is pretty much borrowed from the others and modified for the most part). Obviously the traditional car manufacturers cannot easily pivot due to their pre-establishment.
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    Exactly. Even for regular use this is a very decent car from every aspect. Newer one like many other new cars lost that character.
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    Not really an enthusiast of the fine pieces but I love me a good G-Shock: Currently own GA100 (Grey casing with Cyan handles) DW Series {I think} (Watch is about 25 years old, belonged to my father replaced the battery for the first time a couple of years ago) AW-591ML (With the radium handles) Edific EFV-570D (Cyan Handles, bought "because you can't wear G-Shocks for a long sleeved shirt" - Mother) Samsung Galaxy Gear S2 Classic - Smartwatch that eventually made me not wear anything else Probably would've bought more but found a great distraction for the money afterwards (Car)
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    Timex is still good. They are a proper watch company but targets the low end of the market just like Casio. I think they are part-owned by Tata but that doesn't matter. FYI your Frederique Constant is a Citizen on the inside but do remember that Citizen is also a reputed watch manufacturer and they also own Bulova. Citizen 8210 movement is the most widely used automatic watch movement in the world (though I doubt whether your watch has an 8210 on the inside. Most likely its a Ronda). So you have a proper watch in your hands. Here's my little experience with a zombie brand. Faithfully recorded here, but in summary: I bought a Hanowa from a fairly reputed seller on eBay (in fact, I bought two at the same time). One was a world timer. The Hanowa was the only 'Swiss' world timer from the recent years which had COLOMBO (instead of Delhi or Dhaka) as a seperate time zone. That's why I bought it in the first place One of the watches (the world timer) had a spelling mistake on the bezel - LOS ANGELES was printed as LOS ANGEIES. At first I suspected it was a fake so I asked the guys from Watchuseek to authenticate. They too, were under the impression that it was a fake. In any case, I e-mailed Hanowa to check. Hanowa's manufacturer came up with a hilarious response. This was it: <Quote> We are the manufacturer of this Swiss Military/Hanowa watch, style 6-4131 and called REVENGE DUAL TIME. The first launch of this watch was with mineral crystal. In a later stage, on request of most customers, a sapphire crystal was added but there was no such writing on dial. Only recently, 1 or 1.5 years ago, the supplier of components was changed and the new manufacturer unfortunately did not copy the original 100%. In addition there happened a writing mistake in the wording LOS ANGELES as shown and explained by you. We still have watches on stock looking exactly as your picture even with SAPPHIRE printed in de Dual Time area. This means, that your watch is an original Swiss Military/Hanowa watch but with a small mistake. I am sorry that you have an "imperfect" watch but I hope that it gives a lot of pleasure to you anyway. </Quote> In other words, they knew about the spelling mistake (which was a significant QC problem) but were still selling the watches!!!! Now I stay away from zombies.
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    Just bought a Frederique Constant to the list Seems not that famous here in NZ so got a good deal, wasn’t able to walk away.
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    මල්ලි බොරැල්ල හන්දියට කීයද? නැත්තම් මීටර් ටැක්සි ද? (Brother, how much to Borella junction? Or is this meter taxi?)
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    Giving away the Presea if I get a very high offer over 2.1. If it doesn't meet my expected offer, I won't sell it. Why? Because I'm bored with my life and keeping it only cause I've invested a lot on it. I will either way sell it when Covid is over to fly for Music concerts. I don't love cars anymore.
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    The Truck at the bottom will outlive the dudes in the back .The truck at the top may or may not outlive the dudes travelling in it - depends on the level of burger-induced diabeetus they have. Guess the truck is a very American thing i mean look at these for instance - all they need is a big hat and a pair of horns ... I can almost hear the trucks speaking in a southern twang.
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    Next gen BRZ/86 teased ❤ The new BRZ/86 was teased at Subarufest in the US last weekend. Not sure if this is a major refresh or the actual next gen....but probably is the latter as some of the articles also say the new model will be revealed this Fall and released in Spring 2022 (considering the current BRZ/86 production has ended and orders are not being taken...that is a long long wait) Yeah...those wheels are straight out of the GR Yaris RZ High Performance.
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    Got to hear from few nano coating service providers that, due to the water repellent activity, windscreen wiper blades wont be necessary. Any pros and cons about this. Even after the nano coating is applied, if necessary we can still use the wiper blades. They provide at least 2 years gurantee for the coating. Within a range of Rs. 5000 this can be done. I think it is a good option than changing the wipers blades.
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    I too am having issues with the boss, the boss went on to levels to claim that I have another boss on the side and wants to impress her with a flashy sports car! Anyways Robe S is kinda rare here, if you do know someone who wants to sell theirs please let me know. Again please do share anything on the subject as i tend to keep it as a project car lifelong
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    Quite nice ! Was looking for a enw set of wheels after our return to Japan earlier this year and drove a Copen Robe S and GR Sport and a S660. They are both nice cars...the Honda has a bit more of a driver focus to it..so you et slightly better feed back and sharpness...but the Copen I would say is 99% there. The GR Sport Copen felt a bit tighter than the S..though I did prefer the S (so it will be a personal preference I suppose and whether one wanted to spill an extra 500,000yen more). Now..like I said the S660 is slightly more driver focused. However, the Copen is a far far more practical car to own and use. The S660 does not even have a luggage compartment for anything larger than a briefcase. The S660 you do feel rather cocooned and being a chubby dude I found out exactly how those sardines feel inside those cans. The Copen felt much more open and roomier (because of the open ness). Visibility is a lot better as well as a result. Too bad @Octanehead is not around...the guy has a sweet little Copen. ..and no...did not buy a S660 nor a Copen....I have been banned on buying cars with just two doors since 2014...the ban was reminded to me and extended to cover vehicles with just two seats in it. The ban is superseded only when meeting the big bosses primary requirements.
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    tempted to say Jessica-Jane Clement...but those shoes look so 2010ish...so that puts her out...also JJ has much slender fingers Hmmm EDIT : Oh...the car is a Jaguar XF is it ? Somewhere between 2007-2014/15 ish ?
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    Distributor rebuild I wanted to do some preemptive maintenance on the distributor even if it was working fine. Just to check and adjust the contacts gap, check the capacitor, and lubricate the shaft. I ended up removing the distributor and dissembling it. These were the problems 1.contact gap was too small 2. Contact electrodes are pitted and covered in carbon 3. Screws holding the contacts had stripped heads. Doesn't tight enough. 4. Capacitor was good. 5. Vacuum advance canister had a damaged diaphragm. Doesn't work anymore. (Initially the vacuum line in the carb was also blocked. After the carb rebuild, I was aware of this problem. Temporary fixed by plugging the vacuum hose) 6. Mechanical advance mechanism was probably never lubricated enough. It was not freely moving. 7. Oil seal in the distributor shaft was leaking a little. 8. Shaft and bushes were in good order. Wear was within tolerance limits. Here are pics when I took it apar Following maintenance was done 1. Fully dissembling and thorough cleaning. The centrifugal advance was very tight. Had to clamp down to the bench and remove with vice grips. It is ment to spinn freely! 2. Replaced contacts and capacitor as preemptive maintenance. 3. Replaced the oil seal. 4. Shaft has a spiral grove that helps to draw engine oil up the shaft and lubricate when the engine is running. Thoroughly cleaned the grove. 5. Replacement vacuum advance canister was available. Fixed it and connected the vacuum hose from the carb. 6. Set the static timing when fixing the distributor 7. Adjusted the contacts gap. Spec is 0.45-0.55mm. I set to 0.50mm with a feeler gauge. 8. Checked the dynamic timing with my DIY timing light. I can't verify that dynamic timing due to the lack of a RPM sensor. I'm sure that the centrifugal advance works because of the advancing timing when revving up. Applying suction to the vacuum line further advances the timing. So, the vacuum advance also works.
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