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    http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/15723-lancer-or-axio-update-bought-a-lancer-aka-the-bratt-thread/?do=findComment&comment=254150 Thought to start this with a comment I made back in 2014. "Only thing i can say is that owning a Lancer EX is my dream, if i had the capacity of buying a one, i wouldn't think twice about it." We'll that dream came true last Sunday. I bought a Lancer EX a couple of days back!! . I was lucky enough to find a good specimen imported in 2011 which had all maintenance records with the proof of mileage. The previous owner had done all necessary maintenance at the agents. Car drives great and is in great condition. Without further ado,I bring to you,,,,,, trinity's Lancer EX
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    I finally bit the bullet and bought a set of Bridgestone Potenza RE003 tyres! For the past four years, I've been running on a set of Kenda tyres the previous owner had put (God knows when) and they had some meat left in them, but I the rubber was too brittle and old and it felt like the car was riding on plastic tyres. Anyway, these tyres are.... just incredible! The car handles like it has never done before and responds to steering quite well. Here's a shot with the Evo X BBS rims and new rubber. I need to put the centre caps on. A bit about rim and tyre size. The original rims on the RalliArt are 18" and 7" wide with a +46 offset. The Evo ones are 18" as well, but 8.5" wide and +38 offset. This meant the rims sit about 8mm closer to the wheel arch. So after extensive research, the tyre size I went for is 235/40/18 which sits flush with the wheel arch, but not too close to cause rubbing. They're also the best tyres with the closest rolling diameter to OEM. Yes the front fender gap is still there and I need coilovers, which I will be getting soon (might sound like a broken record now because I've been saying it for about 3 years). I have more reasons to get them now, so it will happen soon. Lastly, a bit of jewellery for the lady. She maybe driven on roads in Australia, but inside, she is all Sri Lankan (pun intended)! More updates soon!
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    I joined this forum in 2012 when I only had a rusty mountain bike with no brakes! Learned lots and finally obtained my dream. Didn't think of resale,fuel or what not. Just followed my heart! But sad to see the newer generation of car buyers, makes me weep hard. Does anybody even care about driving the damn thing anymore? instead of resale and fuel! This is not showing off. Just an Appreciation to AL and the community! PS. Its a 2 Liter Turbo with 200 horses and still does over 13kmpl city, so go f*** off with ur premios and vezis!
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    Hey guys! So some of you guys already saw my status and commented. Thank you. For everyone else, this is just a moment of humble brag. And a token of appreciation-to Autolanka ,for not making me a thel higanna. I joined this forum in 2012 (was reading since 2010ish actually) when I only had a rusty mountain bike with no brakes! Over the years I climbed up the ladder slowly with some very memorable cars(mostly “ engris number nemei ne” and “ market na”cars) .Learned lots and finally obtained my dream(always wanted an Audi Crossover) Didn't think of resale,fuel or what not. Just followed my heart! This is actually my second Audi, 1st one was an A4 B5 1800 Petrol non turbo. Had that car for 6 years with most of it parked at home due to no money to pump gas even though it did around 9 (my parents got me the car, I was 19ish and jobless) I got this baby on valentines day 2018 (weird 🙏🏼😅). Paid for with my very own hard earned cold hard cash! Sleepless nights ,16 hours of work per day and countless hardships later, shes here! Its a 2018 Audi Q3 2.0T Premium Quattro. 200 HP and 210 Torque! Has all the gizmos you would ever need! Didn’t go for the safety pack as I wanted to drive it, not the opposite! 0 to 60 miles takes 6.3 secs. The stock exhausts makes sounds that can put some sports cars to shame(yes it bangs,pops and chuuz). Im sure you all see in my bio near the comment top that Im not in beloved Sri Lanka at the moment! Wish I could ship her to SL,but no luck because we drive on the other side here! It does 13KMPL on the city with AC and a guy who floors it hard.BEGONE THOTS IN YOUR PREMIOS AND VEZI’s 😁. The traffic I drive is twice as much in SL and its hilly. But atleast no hooligan tuks, suicidal bikes and dham rajinas doing nagina on the road (facepalm) This is not showing off. Just an Appreciation to AL and the community for giving me the inspiration to do more(god know I would have bought a vitz if not for AL). But sad to see the newer generation of car buyers, makes me weep hard. Does anybody even care about driving the damn thing anymore? instead of resale and fuel? Nope, they want Sumana's and Hashani's jungi to drop while doing 100kmpl and spend nothing on Maintainance. Some pics for you guys to enjoy! Thank you everybody! @MADZ hats off for the great service boss 🙏🏼 Respect!
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    Ok.. so.. thanks everyone for your feedback. I have done some research on my own by speaking with dealers, spare importers, service centers, and repair shops as well as maka baas's... my findings are as follows for anyone who is interested; 1. running maintenance - service costs are almost the same for both (assuming i service the premio at the dealer) but the A3 is actually cheaper because of the longer service interval. 2. spares - spares for the A3 are mostly at the mercy of the dealer, and apparently there can be a 2 week waiting time. But this may change in the future because many people are apparently buying the new A1's, A3's and Q2's. (alot of parts are apparently interchangeable between these 3 models). I also got a quotation for a CV joint for both the premio and the a3 for the heck of it, and the Audi only costs 5k more. which is not bad at all. 3. reliability - A3 has many sensors and the car is not designed for our tropical humid climate so failing sensors is the only problem i have heard reliability wise. Toyota is a Toyota. 4. Was lucky enough to find both the vehicles in question at the same dealer, and i got to inspect/ test drive both. The A3 is a league apart in every way.. (comfort, sound, build quality) finally decided to go with the A3 - because it wont be the first car in my garage, and also i'd rather pay 8.4mil for a 33k USD vehicle than 8.4mil for a 22k USD vehicle 😂
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    Very true machan. You can try the below method (apply as much as possible) and make it last longer than 5 min
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    I guess the more important question is "What is the safe minimum speed?" Driving significantly under the speed limit can be as dangerous as driving over the speed limit. On local expressways, where the speed limit is 100 km/h, driving below 80km/h would be both obstructing other vehicles as well as dangerous. The general rule I have seen in other countries is 20km/h less than the posted speed. The other thing is merging onto the expressway and taking the off ramp. I have seen many close calls (pretty normal in Sri Lanka, but could be catastrophic at high speeds) where a vehicle entering the expressway merges with traffic on the expressway at a very low speed. If the posted speed is 100 km/h, you need to make sure you are entering at a safe speed so that vehicles on the expressway don't have to suddenly brake. Similarly, when leaving the expressway, you should not slow down until you are on the off ramp.
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    Change down a gear or two,..
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    I don't like the appearance of PRESEA
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    Don't worry. Tomorrow you will get a letter......😃
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    Discrimination.....😃. Tomorrow we are going to go for a road protest that one of AL forum member is telling that middle class people NOT ELIGIBLE to use cars on Sunny days.....😃
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    Well not quite - What the folks on this forum are trying to do is dispel the myth that The 110,121 and the Premio/Allion are god's best creation. They encourage people to think out of the box and show the public that there's other cars other than the Toyotas. I'd think it's a great service because some folk don't know what they are missing. The other day I met a doctor who had an Allion which he was struggling to sell ie was asking me what I plan to buy next and when I told him it was a Honda he was like 'Apo Malli second hand market nahane....gattha gaman 1 Million wage loss. Toyota ekak gattanam awlak na...." this is the type of mentality that we're dealing with in this country - so I really don't think it's a bad thing to make people think of alternatives. By all means buy the Toyota BUT just bear in mind you have other options. That's the point of asking the question in an automotive forum where people who are interested in more than A to B cars. If you want someone to justify your Allion/Axio buying decision you can go to the next family party and ask Ananda Uncle, Gamini Maama, and Wijerathna Baappa . "Putha - buy a Toyota ....good cars Honda? Apo wadak na Honda Motor bike ne gahanne ! Suzuki Apo It's Indian. Audi - apoo spare part na. Peugeot? Apo thel karanne naha...bowser ekakut ganna. "
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    Uhhh....there really is nothing called a 2018 Premio G Superior. G Superior was a grade in the previous facelift 2.0 variant. At the time the Toyota dealers offered a dealer package which was just a dress-up package for one of the 1.5L grades. 99% of the 1.5 G Superiors in SL are just fakes ones which the local importer stuck plastic parts on. The G Superior grade was scratched out of the latest facelift and if I am not mistaken the Toyota dealers in Japan do not offer a "G Superior"dealer package anymore (mainly because there are no 2.0L G Superior body and interior parts anymore). I might be mistaken on this though... The Premio is just a normal car with some creature comforts that will get you from A to B. The platform and tech is a decade or so old. Primary idea of the Premio is for an economical and moderately comfortable ride. That is it...not much excitement or passion in its driving (especially the 1.5L variant...the 1.8 and 2.0 variants at least have some decent punch to it) The Audi is the opposite of that. It is a premium brand. Quite fun and sporty to drive and those who think that a Premio defines what a smooth comfortable ride is...they will hate the Audi and say it is too hard (but it is not...its sporty). People also would claim the Premio is cheap to run....not really....if you take it to the agents for all repairs and even use genuine (the real genuine not the fake knock-off genuine) the maintenance cost will be as much as the Audi. Only thing is..the Premio has a lot of cheap parts all over the place. So ...wait...this is pointless.... If you really do have to ask the above question...no disrespect..but just buy the Premio...
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    Never thought things would fall into this level
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    Don't want to Jinx it but I think the AL community can all breathe a collective sigh of relief today!
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    Unbiased indeed
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    Keep politics out of this forum please.
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    This image from Motor Traffic Act (1951) and I guess it answer your question.
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    This also not valid bro. I know how a conversion to diesel of a Peugeot 504 affected our neighbor. There was a good aunt who is called 'Poochchi aunty' in our neighborhood. She had a nice Pug 504 in excellent condition which was used by her father and presented to her. Some idiot have told that a 'diesel conversion' can be done on that. So she appointed a mech to do this task. They got a 2C Noah engine and somehow put that to the Pug. That mech somehow linked the Pug's 4 forward gearbox to the Noah engine and given to Poochi aunty. They ripped off huge some (Around 4 lakh in 2008) from aunt. Then aunt told them that she wants a Power steering since she feels difficult to turn. So the same mech got a Carina AT150 power steering rack and parts and somehow fitted to the car. After fitting the issue was it only had half turn (Original Pug 504 have a great turn...😃). So aunty was struggling to turn this car on middle of the road due to this half turn. Then aunty told one day to me to come to their home (She had a pretty daughter - same age as me. We are teens those days....😃. Usually aunty was reluctant to allow boys to their home......) and drive and see what improvements can be done to the car. I do not like to drive a Pug with a wrong heart. Anyway........😃😃 went there and ran the car few kms after getting permission from my mom. I never driven such a horrible car. It was very, very worse than Tata loader pickup (You can imagine.....😃). Poochi aunty asked what can be done from me after the drive. I told her - ONLY thing good to do for that car is - "DEMOLISH IT"......😃
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    We are taking about this due to the idiotic tax system in this country As per the current tax regime tax for Audi A3 1.0L = Rs. 1.75 Mn. Allion 1.5L = Rs. 4.785 Mn. Given the fact the fact that both cars are similarly priced any one with grade 5 mathematics knowledge knows that actual value of the Audi is Rs. 3.0 Mn more. Go and get it before the government change their mind
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    Yup, that’s better especially if you wax monthly. By the way, this is the finish I got on my door panel after applying these two products.
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    I have spent 50k on transport and mechanic costs inspecting Presea's all around the country for the past month upto today. And I'm getting tired of it. But do I settle for less? No, the hunt continues for an H' number automatic...
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    ASFAIK the 1NZ-FE engine loves to sludge up if the oil isn't changed religiously. I would just use the normal mineral oil and change it every 5000km. good example of this - A good friend of mine owned a 2003 vios with the 1NZ-FE for the past 4 years and just as he bought it he replaced the valve cover gasket (Doing so revealed zero sludge in the head) and started using synthetic engine oil and changing the oil every 10,000km. Recently the valve cover was being removed again and he found a good amount of sludge inside. Synthetic oils do not sludge and are designed to run 10k without a hitch however as I said before the 1NZ-FE engine head has areas which pool oil and can cause sludge fairly quickly. For oil filter find the best quality you can. If not then go for VIC but make sure it's the original one and not some replica.
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    @Crosswind. I have tried share my experience here. As a experienced user why you want to insult people. You have crossed a line here. I don't want insult back. If I'm wrong show me where I'm wrong. Why do you want to insult and be a dick ( is it because it's lot easier when you in safety behind the keyboard then you can type whatever you want). Be a professional. Talk to the point. https://www.metrompg.com/posts/pulse-and-glide.htm. If this is wrong tell why ? Why do you want to insult people without any reason ?
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    If the OP really wanted to jump into a Euro, don't you think he would just go and buy one rather than comparing it with a jdm econobox with 10 years old technology?
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