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    My old vanettes speedo glass has been faded , bubbled and cracked since I bought the vehicle and it kept getting worse and i've tried to find a suitable replacement for a while with no luck. Recently the glass cracked apart in two in middle and it looked terrible. Vanette C22 dashboards rare to find and one bugger asked 45K for a heavily warn out one. I could not spend that much for the glass and two air vents ( except those , the existing dashboard is fine) . So I decided to make a glass myself and it came out very nice. 25010M is the part I made. total cost : Rs 400/= ,only thing I bought was a piece of transparent plastic board from a number plate making place. here are few pics I took while doing it, only took about and hour for that whole job. I feel like an ass when I think about the time I wasted stopping at every breaker joint I see where ever I went. Sorry for the lack of extra details , but this is too easy for anyone to get wrong. If anyone needs more details please PM . 1. Removed front part of the cluster, and cracked glass is fixed with a piece of duct tape to take measurements for the new one. 2. Lay the glass on the plastic board and draw the outline with a pen 3. Cut the straight lines with a help of a steel ruler and a paper cutter. We dont need those small extrusions around the glass since we are going to duct tape it to the frame and hot glue it. Just cut straight. Cutting the plastic board is bit difficult using the paper cutter, put cuts on both sides before applying gentle pressure to break the glass - just like glass cutting, but put marks on both sides. 4. smooth out the edges with a angle grinder. 5. it has a small curve along two sides, use the angle grinder to grindout the plastic to get the previously marked shape 6. The original glass has a convex shape , no need to worry , we can use the frame around the dashboard to push the glass to the speedo cluster to get that shape, ( I tried to use the hot air gun to bend the plastic glass after warming it up and messed it up once - dont do it) 7. Drill out a small hole for the trip meter reset . 8. keep the glass on the meter frame and duct tape it. dont try to bend and close the gaps on the right and left sides. duct tape the top and bottom only. Use hot glue on places where the clip were before. Use it generously . 9. Fix it to the dashboard , tight in the screws well - and thats it! Looks just like new.
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    well Chamara - sadly many Sri Lankans tried VERY VERY hard to appreciate the Panda but it was simply impossible to do so. A very good friend of mine bought one and did his best to appreciate his Micro Panda but eventually he realized it was an exercise in futility - he bought a Kia Picanto recently. wow that's impressive hybrid-grade mileage. Better than Gp1, Wagon R and Vezel. Almost on par with Aqua when it comes to city fuel consumption. Are you sure you're not driving the hybrid version of the panda? what is the ccp? Central Committee of Pandas?
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    My sincere advice to you is to stay away from baic x25 i own one and it comes with so many issues from day one 1) fuel efficiency within city is 5.5 km per liter ( not exaggerating) micro is not bothered to rectify this for me 2) no warrenty even manufacturer warranty for cheap tyres which went flat twice and micro never bothered to replace for me 3) there was a deep scratch in the body on the day I bought it but gt it painted free 4) so much rattling noises from dash board and back . Addressed this issue 3 times but not resolved 5) no spare parts for steering 6) very slow pickup for a 1500 l engine and not easy to overtake 7) wheel disc were all rusted and got them all painted for free 8)as a member in this group said if you don't know much about mechanics of car then they try to fool you by sayin 5 km perlitre is normal until the warrenty and free service period ends 9)I spoke to another owner whose AC was not working 10) vehicle is not sound Proof and not air tight either as foul smell from outside enters the vehicle as you pass by any fountain or carbage areas All in all stay away from baic x25 42.5 lake would go down the drain if you spend in this vehicle as the second hand market is also low even though it looks good in appearance do not buy baic x25
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    I met an engineer at MICRO, according to him they are also not sure about Panda fuel consumption as it varies from car to car
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    Thanks , this part help us to judge the validity of your whole comment.
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    Guess who is working for M*CR* and win a Bike sorry BAIC
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    Hi Guys, Having being an avid reader of the AL forum for years, I thought I'd create an account and contribute as I got a 2018 Civic SR for the wifey a couple of weeks back. (Edit: Looks like I had another account already. May bad. let me kill the new one). Since her N16 was aging (gracefully), we needed an upgrade. The SR had quite alot of features and the interior was quite impressive. With an acceptable amount of crumple zones and weight, it was the right container for the kids to go to school/tuition etc. I got it down through a friend who was kind enough to give the UK registration papers. It clearly states the First Registration date. Even though I trusted the guys, this was like the cherry on top. The Car was shipped in a container arrived in SL in 3 weeks. Put the bad boy on a flat bed and brought it home on the 3rd day after landing in Colombo. First impression of the car all positive. It looks impressive (however I still am not big fan of the back). There's interior is roomy enough for a family of 4. Has enough leg room at the back for an average Sri Lankan. However since the seats are quite low, people with long legs might find it uncomfortable on long journeys. The 3 cylinder engine does sound different.. being very blunt, if a low capacity diesel engine had sex with a land master engine, you would get something that sounds like the civic's engine. But this little turbo charged puppy tend to grow on you so at least for me it's not a deal breaker. From the performance perspective, I'm still breaking in the engine so trying to stay under 100 and 4000 rpm, but you do feel the turbo lag but once it kicks in, you can clearly feel the difference. Handling wise, I'm impressed by how road hugging the car is, quick lane changes are quite enjoyable but I'm sure the 235/45R17s are going to make me pay through the nose come new tire time. Fuel consumption wise, it started at 3km/L the moment after the first tankful and after about 100kms, it's at 6+km/L and still improving. Friends, since this is my first post, if I've violated any rules here, please let me know. More than happy to adjust accordingly.
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    Thank you for joining Crosswind's math class. Here's the first lesson. You will travel 100km a day for 25 working days. 60% of it will be on the highway. So you will be driving 1,500km on the highway and 1,350km on ordinary roads. Let's also assume that a litre of petrol costs 140 Let's take car X - something like a gas guzzling Mazda Familia. It will do 9kmpl on ordinary roads and 12kmpl on the highway. You will spend 275 litres of petrol a month. That will cost you 38,500 a month for fuel. Homework 1: Calculate how the number 38,500 was achieved. Let's take car Y - something like a Suzuki Celery-o or a Nestomalt Elite, which will do 12kmpl on ordinary roads and 16kmpl on the highway. You will spend about 207 litres of petrol, which will cost you 28,980 per month Homework 2: Calculate how the number 28,950 was achieved. For your driving requirement, you will save 10,000 a month by going for a car that will be stingy on fuel. What you really need to think, is whether the saving of 10k a month justifiable. If you think that's the right approach, within your budget, you can get a Nestomalt Elite, Suzuki Celery-o, Bulto, Wagon AAAR (Yindiyan one not the Japanese one). If not, there are nicer cars such as Mazda Familia within that budget. A noteworthy mention is Fiat Punto. Punto's fuel figures are almost the same as Bultos and Elites. Plus you get italian looks and comfort.
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    @TRC I think you have flagged your own self as a hypocrite.most of the AL members are people who posses extensive knowledge in terms of vehicle usage, mechanical knowledge and overall knowledge in every aspect of a vehicle. If you search this forum you may notice that there are lots of newbies seeking knowledge and advices from AL members.That's because then can rely on AL members advice.if you had asked for advice/help before buying this car of yours then you probably would have thought twice before purchasing the car. I think you are just being paranoid for buying what majority of the users consider to be a worthless vehicle and you are trying to feel good about your decision to buy this at the first place.anyway like mentioned above if you are happy with your car then by all means enjoy. it's your baby..
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    People have the right to voice their opinion. This is how the world works, and you should get used to it. You just can't shut people up just because their opinion differs from yours. If you think the car is as good as you say it is, then please... do tell us what's good about it. You also need to understand that peoples' expectations are not the same. You might think the car is "perfect", but you have to accept the fact that there are others who think it doesn't meet their expectations. Also, reviews on Facebook should not be taken as the only source of evidence as social media is highly unreliable. This page for example has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 and most of the reviews are just ratings without a comment attached to it. I just clicked the very first rating that has a rating of 5 stars and that person's profession is "Marketing and Media Manager at Micro Cars Ltd.". Says it all about the 5 star rating.
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    This is so true. the 225 is a fair representation of the 20 Million. If you look at some opinions of the masses on social media you get to realize how retarded this nation is.
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    Its not the system that needs the change. Its the people who need to be changed. Not the 225 but the 20 million -odd who choose the 225. This country needs a widespread natural disaster badly.
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    Your knowledge about cars sounds like typical Sri Lankan knowledge. Knowledge fed by the village idiots all over the country to their friends and neighbours. 1. Easy to find good parts for Toyotas - WRONG. Its easy to find fake/duplicate parts for Toyotas. That's why they are popular. A genuine Toyota part will cost almost the same price as the part of a Mazda or even a Volvo sometimes. 2. Lancer EX Made in Thailand or Taiwan - WRONG. I have quoted this story in Autolanka many times in the past so at the risk of sounding senile, let me quote again. A friend of mine had a Ford Laser BH (Made in Japan) which came with an engine made in Thailand or Malaysia (cant remember exactly which country but the user manual clearly mentioned that it was a Thailand or Malaysia sourced engine). That car was used for 360,000km and to the day he sold it, it never had a single drop of oil leak or even a bit of under-compression. It always started on teh first go in the morning. So would I doubt the quality of a car made in Thailand or Malaysia? Never! 3. Difficult to find good auto parts for Mazda - WRONG. Its probably easier to find a genuine part for a Mazda than a Toyota. Most Toyota parts (if you don't buy from agent) in the market are fake. C^rmart is an exceptionally bad agent. Tell your friend to take his car to Colonial Motors or Mazna. 4. Honda Civic CVT Gearboxes are problematic - Semi-truth. Yes, Civic CVT gearboxes, if not maintained properly, will give problems. Its the same story with Axios and Allions. As an added bonus, you will also get cracking dashboards if you buy an Axio. 5. I'm looking for the best overall car - sorry, you will never find the perfect car or the perfect girl.
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    The interior of the car is essentially sealed. This is a pressure relief valve helps maintain proper pressure, temperature and to minimise fogging up on the windows. It also helps bleed out excess pressure when closing doors of the car, because a sudden spike in pressure occurs when doors are closed. In most cars, the pressure relief valve is located behind the rear bumper, towards the side.
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    @ TRC i am not expecting the SUV to be perfect as a luxurious mercedez Benz and i have never mentioned anywhere in my post about that Mind you that I have spent hard earned money not to buy a vehicle with defective tyres with absolutely no options for replacement which puts passengers life at risk and I have spent millions of rupees not just to buy an SUV with corroded wheel disc either. i cannot afford to use this vehicle at a very high fuel consumption rate of 5.5km per litre and I am sure there are many who cannot afford and it's for their benifits I have reviewed my honest opinion about this vehicle . Negative comments and reviews actually increases resale value in the long run if micro makes an attempt to rectify their problem areas based on customer feedback. As other members have advised keep your vehicle for your self and don't worry much about resale value as you are 100 percent perfectly satisfied with the vehicle Finally why don't you try a sales marketing job at micro ? You have a good future over there
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    Welcome to the forum ! For starters you are talking about a car model that is 18 to 23 years old ! After getting used for all these years how good the car is depends on how it was used by its previous owners. With age and use things like the engine and gearbox get worn out which effects things like fuel efficiency. OKay the REVIERE was released around 2000 so its about 18 years old. When the car was new, yes, it was a good car...solidly built with engine and drive train compoents that were solidly built and proven to be really durable in previous Corollas and other Toyota models. The Reviere was a special commenration model so it got a bit of a few extras on top of the standard SE Saloon accessories (mist clearing side mirrors, plated door handles and badges, fake wood panels, etc...)The interior finish of course was a bit of a let down compared to the E100 series Corolla (that Corolla was seriously over engineered because the chief engineer wanted a small segment Lexus LS). Its durability is also its problem. Over the last 18 to 25 years the car would have gone through several owners. Most of these owners buy the car for its "fuel efficiency" and "cheapness" to maintain. As a result a lot of these cars were not properly maintained and yet the cars keep working. So there are a lot of these cars around that are made to look shiny just to sell it off. On top of that they ask for ridiculous prices for a car that is so so old....especially for something like a Reviere because of the plated badges, and door handles, etc... So yes..the E110 Corolla (Reviere or any other grade) was a good car. 25 years later whether the car is good depends on the condition of the car. Buying one of these cars is a tough call because of the prices they go for and the effort involved in finding a good unit.
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    Well then why do people pay close to 8million for a premio which has a double din hole in the dash board. And in the uk people prefer to drive manuals. Because they enjoy driving and are better drivers. I also always prefer the manual over the auto its gives you total contol. And its more responsive than the usual autos and cvts. And for sri lankans its much cheap to maintain and fuel efficiency is also increased by a significant margin (which i dont bother about). If you are not a typical sri lankan who buy the car and think about selling it from the following day. If you are a person who enjoys driving you should use a manual. So theres nothing to cry about a car being available with manual transmision its a plus point. In uk auto reviews sometimes they get disappointed when vehicles come only in auto. Anyway auto or manual transmission can be selected so for the left limb amputees you can order an auto too
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    I have to disagree. AWD and 4WD (4X4) are different things. A lot of people think they're the same thing. I use an AWD car and I am not a 4X4 enthusiast, but I really enjoy the stability of my car on twisty roads, bad weather and snow (and even on a daily basis on feeways etc.). Let me clarify: All wheel drive is when a car uses limited slip differentials or electronic clutches to split torque to each wheel as required. This means the car will remain remarkably stable as the wheels with the most grip receive the highest torque. 4WD is just a temporary setting that is switched on to lock front and rear differentials to create an equal torque split between the front and rear wheels. Having said that, there are AWD vehicles on which you can lock the diff., but not all AWD cars are 4X4. I assume you're referring to Mazda's iActiv AWD system. There is a difference between the 2WD Cx-5 and the iActiv AWD version. You're just not going to notice it in city traffic. But if you're driven on a slippery road or if any of the wheels lose traction, the AWD system will definitely show it's colours. In your case (and I suppose the local context where we don't drive on snow or in the desert) , it's more of a safety feature where the car will be more stable than it's 2WD counterpart. As for maintenance, I doubt it will be that significant as members have stated above. The differential oil does require changing, but the interval is like 50,000km or so (please don't quote me on this), so it's not going to be frequent. I don't think fuel consumption will be drastically higher either as the iActiv system, like their SkyActiv system is meant to be very efficient. At least that's that they say.
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    AWD is not just to get you out when you are stuck in mud or help you when the road is full of snow. AWD systems are setup so that it activates on a stand-still start, loose grip on cornering, etc....so yes AWD can be useful even when there is no snow. Been having AWD cars for the better part of the last 2 decades....for me..yes it was "worth" it even in SL. My family travels quite a lot out of Colombo (and I have worked in areas that are quite sh****y) and the AWD has been quite useful. Apart from that...the AWD vehicles have stronger suspension components than sedans, etc...so whilst our Corollas and Fits and Civics went through several suspension component swaps the AWDs lasted a bit more. Sri Lankans automatically think heavier cars are a lot worst on fuel consumption than lighter cars. Its really not too far off. Have plenty of friends who have the 2WD variants of the AWD vehicles I have had and there fuel consumption over long periods of time is highly negligible (and yes...they have all had times where they wished their 2WD variants were AWD).
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    Too late to talk about "point of saturation" isn't it? The current number of cars on the road far exceeds the capacity of the road network to a point where it takes hours to travel a short distance. What's the point in having a car if the commute itself isn't efficient? So point of saturation was a few years ago IMO.
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    All the systems in SL need a good review from "top to bottom" - but i don't think this will ever happen. If the vehicle is not road worth then they should be off from the road this is the system most of the countries use unlike the "Eco test" you check the engine performance but don't give a s**t about the reset of the car. ie Don't check if seat belt lock work brake performance on all 4 wheels. Some argue what happen to the classic cars - if you maintain them up to the standard then you have no issues yo can keep it. This "System" need a change regards JC
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    Hi, DONT BUY MICRO BAIC X25!!!! im an owner of Micro x25 and my advice is don’t even think of buying the x25 or any vehicle from Micro!!! a) The sales staff lied to us (first batch ) when we bought the x25 saying it’s a ‘special price 42.5/- and the price will increase after the sale of 60 units. But they went and did the exact opposite by reducing the price by further 250,000/- !!! This ruined the chances of selling the vehicle in the secondary market for reasonable price (given the fact that Micro vehicle does not have decent a re sale value ) b )when we tried to address the issue to the company they gave vague explanations. Worse the rouge sales staff who sold us saying the price will be increased shortly did not even answer the call!!! Called them so many times.... D )cheap quality seats and fabric - (the new Maruti have better quality seats ) seats are the only thing Micro manufactured in SL for Baic and it’s really SHIT!!!! C ) pick up is extremely poor for a 1500cc, d ) fuel consumption is not good e ) the wheel disk was rusted and got it painted (free of charge ) f ) extremely poor quality car mats g ) they stopped the trade in for the X25 at thalahena Micro trade in show room . The guys won’t even answer your call!! We feel that we got caught to this. We had to wait 4 months to get our vehicles some of us ended up paying the first month lease without even getting the vehicle to the hand. We ordinary Srilankans not only have to carry the burden of paying hefty tax for vehicles , but also to get fooled and played out by our own company is really disgraceful.
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    I have Wagon R Fx 2017 with safety model it does 11- 12KM/L from gale road to baseline in high traffic time during 7-8 AM daily. measured through full tank and refill method.
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    Saw this today - Outlaw
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    Just because a car is unregistered do not automatically think it is going to be trouble free. There are a lot of junk cars being imported to Sri Lanka....some are accident repair cars and quite a few are high mileage cars with the odometer tampered (so when things like battery packs, timing belts, clutches, transmissions, etc...start going bad they think the model is bad because the odomoeter would say 30k or 40k when in reality the car would have done a much higher mileage. Also, in the same manner, do not think that just because a car is registered that it is going to breakdown every weekend. It is just that you got yourself a bad EE101 that probably was not taken care of well and perhaps dressed up later on for a quick sale. If you literal about the car being at the garage every (or every other weekend) I would urge you to consider a different garage as well. Unregistered or registered you will have to do pre-emptive scheduled maintenance work..it is just that an older car might have a slightly longer list or different items to be looked in to than a newer vehicle . In SL when you are buying a car off of a Sri Lankan dealer you need to treat unregistered and registered cars the same way. GET IT PROFESSIONALLY CHECKED ! Agents do them and there are quite a few third party organizations that do Car Checks now a days. As for which car suits you...depends on what you actually want to do with the car. The Wagon R is a city car with a 660cc engine. Will do fine in traffic....will manage to get around on the highways...but will suffer under load. As for the Yaris...well larger engine...more power..more space....so yeah...what will you use the car for ?
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    If you buy a used car manufactured in early 2000; you may have to do few repairs here and there. No matter how well maintained they are; it is usual to come across a repair or two here and there. But; definitely you won’t have to spend the additional 10 lakhs you save by not buying a brand new one on those repairs. There will be few other benefits as well and it’s up to you to decide. The comparison would be as follows; Buying a reliable used car for 20 lakhs Low cost in spare parts. Easy diagnosis and low labor costs for repairs as the models are well known by local mechanics More spacious than the brand new hatchbacks Some may even have more options than the brand new ones Better value in resale You can remain debt free (invest your cash, go on a trip or too, By some fancy stuff, donate to charity Oh.. the possibilities :D) Buying a new car for 30 lakhs Better fuel economy Peace of mind due to less repairs and company warranties Sense of accomplishment in owning a new ride Opportunity to Impress the neighbors, “Pretend” friends, relatives, nagging in-laws etc. etc.
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    My 2015 Axio will also struggle to achieve momentum on a relatively steep hill, it's down to how the power is delivered to the wheels. Switching off Eco will help things.
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    As promised, here are some things I got my attention my brand spanking new 2018 Civic SR. Fuse box location. it's right under the dash, I found the only way to access it properly was to sit up side down on the divers seat. No HID unless you go for Tech pack which will give you LED. The best option was to get put some LED lights in the low and the high beams, and it worked like the charm, even the auto high beam played ball with it. Lack of Spare tire The car is like Frankenstein's Monster (Lights from Hungary,Seat Belts from Rumania). This is not something that's putting me off the car. I thought I'd mention it. Accessibility for light bulb changes. Other than the head lights, others will require some mechanical knowledge and some lights (i.e. the number plate light I think) come as one unit. Missing sections of the harness. For missing options, unlike in other cars they have saved the harness for unused options, ergo you can't get away by just adding the auto dimming mirror, you have to wire the harness from the fuse box. Garmin navigation hardcoded for Europe. Can’t see the Turbo performance in SR Second row head room is rather limited if you are above 5'10" Reduced visibility/darker cabin due to smaller windows at the back Fabric trim in the center console and the door cars are like magnets for sweat and dirt Again, these are things I noticed, doesn't mean I don't like the car, will share the things I found to be nice as well. Just thought I share it so people will see a well balanced picture.
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    I'm getting 10+ kmpl during rush hour. This is with the Eco mode on 50% of the time and the engine auto stop on. i still see it improving as I'm still on second tank of gas. Haven't done outstation trips etc, running under 80kmph and 4000 rpm waiting for the engine to break in ( another 500kms to go). -Edit- I'm compiling a list of things I like and don't like about this car, for now it's a mixed bag. Will share it soon.
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    I am not a fan of the Indian automotive industry. But I have to admit that build quality of Marutis is far far ahead of that of Geelys. Unfortunately Indians do compromise a lot on passenger safety though.
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    @kusumsirimachan, yes i used it for awhile and have comments of a owner of a Panda as well to judge it to be a pretty shitty car, even wiring isn't colour coded to ID which goes where as i clearly remember an electrician getting pissed while trying to connect a security system for a customer (this is not a makabaas electrician mind you), I do not know how ever in recent models they have improved this but when it came out it wasn't. I have not owned it i would rather eat or throw the money to charity rather than buying one as the one i reversed up that ramp was new (atleast from appearance). most cars you see on the road, unless brand new have degraded very badly in a short lifespan on that vehicle, even compared to a maruthi Alto which in looks atleast is in good nick where the paint hasn't worn or panels or fittings broken off. Yes, u need to use a car "well" to achieve results but u can't deny that its a poorly built and finished off
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    @TRC definitely you will change your words, once you enjoy MICROS's excellent after sales service!!!! I am uncertain about the strengthening strategy of Micro as a company. Rather than bringing one or two brands and become an expert on maintaining and repairing the same brand with ample spare part stock, they try to bring down different brands. Now all of sudden,,,,,BIAC. It seems they try different chinese bands for quick money and just neglect the customer.
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    Apparently Mr. Perera is an ingiris tiyusan maaster from Gampaha area. He teaches ingiris to bisi profeshanal peepl in 30 hrs for only 45,000 bucks. Chaamara saar, I olso had a panda kaar in the past. It did onli 8kmpl no. kan yu halp me to find sumwan to push it so that I kan also get 14kmpl?
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    You must have mistaken it with a fiat panda which is a honest little motor. But in sri lanka there is a car called the micro(geely) panda. It is a different kind of animal. Actually it is a chinese turd with had been steped on and swiped all over the place by micro.
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    LOL,which vehicle did you have before the BAIC, a Bullock cart? people used to Japanese-used quality have a hard time with these "adjustments" you mention(could you elaborate?), from a "Brand-new" vehicle.
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    The awful lot of money is paid for the Mercedes Logo,everything else is an customizing option. Anyway Reverse Cameras are not popular in Europe like in Asian vehicles. You may not even find them in an S-class,7-series or A8, because 1.Drivers have very good driving license training and can reverse while turning their head backwards or only with rear-view mirror 2.the function is better covered with having more Ultrasonic sensors around the body. It is more effective at detecting small objects near to the Ground, compared to having to look painstakingly in to the view of Reverse camera while manoeuvring the vehicle. Manual is also preferred choice compared to AT, because european drivers and roads are also looking for Agility,Response and Driving-Fun. Is this your first Euro vehicle?
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    Modern day AWD comes in different types. 1. Full time AWD: vehicle stays on AWD mode all the time and vehicle will have a center differential which will alter the power going to the front and rear wheels to allow the vehicle to steer without an issue. 2. On demand AWD: the vehicle stays primarily as 2WD(most FWD) and the vehicle automatically kicks in the AWD system when it detects loss of grip on the primary 2 wheels 3. Part time AWD: This is similar to the on demand system, only difference is that the user has to press a button to turn on the AWD system. This could be called as 4WD as well.
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    Creating a new thread to share updates and discuss about Formula 1 this year. Race calendar: https://www.formula1.com/en/championship/races/2018.html Driver standings to date: https://www.formula1.com/en/results.html/2018/drivers.html Car rule changes for 2018: The 2018 season kicked off yesterday at Albert Park in Melbourne, Australia and in spectacular style. Hamilton managed to secure pole position, breaking an all time lap record in the process. This guy... damn! Lewis Hamilton pulled off from the line in first, followed by Raikkonen and then Vettel, He managed to hold on to his place, but the virtual safety car was deployed following an incident and Vettel was in the pit during this time (while Hamilton was still on the track - driving slow due to the virtual safety car). Hamilton had already pit the car by this time, so in essence, Vettel entered and exited the pit faster than Hamilton was on the track. This put him in front of Hamilton who was stumped, thinking what just happened. With Hamilton's tyres 7 laps older than Vettel's, all the Ferrari had to do was hold on to that position and continue the race. And that was what he did. Aussie boy Daniel Ricciardo finished qualifying 4th, but received a fuel irregularity penalty and suffered a 3 position loss on the grid, but he finished 4th, overtaking Max Verstappen who spun his car during the race and ended up finishing 6th. Race highlights below:
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    AWD - function use as a safety feature in my opinion and it's works really well, Safety come last in the list for most of the SL motorist. Last time when i was at SL few said to me about the seat belt law and they were pissed about that, they only follow that because of the law not because of the safety. How much your life worth? most of you struggle to think of a number. So don't worry about the extra liter of fuel that you burn for safety. Any money you spending for safety is an investment. regards JC
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    This indicator actually does matter. It's there to let the driver know that the engine has not yet reached operating temperature, which means the engine oil (in some transmissions, transmission oil as well) has not reached the optimum operating viscosity. Therefore the car should not be pushed too hard (keep the RPMs low) until the light goes off. This is to ensure longevity of the engine.
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    All these JDMs with CVT for cost-cutting, not suitable for our hot and City traffic conditions. Especially when the people want to change CVT oil at intervals recommended for Japanese driving conditions.
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    I'm afraid its not possible. Only the official manufacturers can send brand new cars from UK to SL and that too only to the official agent in SL. E.g. you can get a range rover brand new imported from UK from the official dealer here but the other "car sale" dealers would have to buy one there, pay taxes, register, cancel registration and then ship to SL.
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    Why don't you wax the car regularly? Waxing should be enough to protect the clearcoat from acid rains and hard water spots imo.
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    Would I buy a Tuk Tuk? Never.. If my budget was less than 500k, I would buy an old KE72 or a Mazda 323. Below that.. I would take the bus (or the train). Would you?... depends on your taste.
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    I own a Lancer EX, I'm pretty sure it's made in Japan. Even all the user manuals are printed in Japan. Chassis code says the same: Identification paper on the windscreen when the car was imported from Japan And it doesn't have a carburetor - seriously, whoever told you that has no idea what he is talking about.
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    In the News today in Europe: Due to the increase in Vehicles(EV,Hybrid) with Li-ion batteries, firefighters and rescue workers throughout the world are struggling to develop new methods to put out fires. Conventional methods and materials,seem to have less impact on a controlling a burning Li-ion Battery. Recntly an EV parked in an outdoor park caught fire in the German city of Stuttgart. After using 700kg of CO2/Fire hydrant ,the fire was still not possible to control which would have not been the case with Petrol/Diesel..Then they brought a 40-foot container filled with water and put the car into it.After 4 days in quarantine,they took the car out thinking it was safe. Guess what,in a few minutes it started burning again! In the statement said that 65% of the Car-fires reported in EU last year were equipped with Li-ion Batteries. In addition ,although Theoretically the Safety-mechanism "Cuts-off" power to the vehicle immediately after an accident,it seems there is no 100% solution to reduce the Voltage at all places where the rescue worker might touch/cut through. Rescue personnel are now required to have training based on vehicle wiring diagrams, to decide within seconds where to cut through the chassis and save the passengers without electrocuting themselves.In one case,the Rescue team had to call Tesla in USA,to get information. Tesls had specifically instructed to keep the wrecked car in an outdooe/free area,away from other cars and not indoors. Therefore it is recommended to keep a diagram showing the safe and risky areas , inside the vehicle to be used by rescue personnel in case of an accident,which will be obligatory soon. Wonder if our Firefighters/Rescue workers/Drivers are prepared/trained to handle these new challenges,or plan it the usual way "to learn by doing and by mistakes"..
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    Welcome to the forum. First of all Two things: 1) You're looking at used vehicles at this price range around 7 years old at least so it's a bit difficult to say how they will fare by 2027. 4) You're looking at hybrid fuel efficiency I'm afraid ( assuming city driving). Expect a more realistic 10 kmpl in normal city traffic and a little bit less in peak traffic. (Assumption:. A/T. Manual is marginally better) For 3 Mil the "new" options are only 660cc Kei cars. With those out of the way I recommend: Lancer CS2/ CS3 : 2010-2011 Nissan Tiida : 2009-2010 Honda Fit GE 6:2009-2010 Honda Fit Aria :2009 Civic ES5 : 2003/4 Mazda Axela : 2004-2007 Toyota Yaris : 2006. Considering you're going to keep this for a decade I suggest going for a newer vehicle. My personal choice would be a Lancer CS2/CS3. All of these cars have been extensively discussed. Please do a search. Happy Hunting
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    I have to ask, where do you get all this information that you spout so authoritatively? "Honda is not having a good rep regarding engines in resant times" you say, care to provide some sources? Pretty much every engine Honda has made in the last decade or more has been perfectly fine in terms of durability based on any source I can find, maybe you've found different info? The 3 pot is actually quite smooth in use and if you didn't actually know what it was you'd not be able to tell it was different from an average 4 cyl. Honda like most Japanese makers does not adapt a technology until they are quite sure they can make it work reliably, unlike the euros (and especially the VW group). Between the two, I would still bet that the CIvic will be a better long term prospect than any VAG 1.0l turbo.
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    They now deal only with Pug, so the Sales team would,nt get you mixed with them. Sadly ,they wouldn't recognize a potential customer even if they tripped over one.
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