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    Here's a write up on my Daily Driver - the new Civic 1 Litre Turbo - I've so far done just a bit over 1500 Km's and since the engine was new didn't really push it to the max and I have not yet been able to do a really long trip or a drive uphill to BUT I will continue to update the blog based on the experiences as well as services etc. For a start I will touch the basics as well as all the cosmetic stuff and then get into the overall driving experience and later on the services etc. There is also a dedicated thread in the forum that is quite informative. But I hope this blog will also prove useful to someone. First of all the basics.... In a nutshell the 2017 Civic is the 10th generation in the line up. The particular model I have, and is getting popular in SL goes under the model code FK6 and has a P10A2 engine which has a measly 988cc but is turbocharged. The car is made in the UK (at Honda's Swindon Plant). I have heard that the agents now bring it down as well. (6.2M for the SR) There are 3 grades for the 1L turbocharged civic. SE, SR and the EX. The SE is the most basic model with the EX being the highest (the Tech pack is a further extension of the EX) There is roughly a 5,000 GBP (~ 1 Mil LKR) price difference between the SE and the EX. The SR on the other hand sits comfortably in the middle - it does not have stuff like adaptive damper system that comes on the EX. The Honda UK website lists down the differences of each grade under a section called 'Build your Honda' or something. If you're interested do have a look. There are 7 colors available and the Rallye Red is the standard . Every other color will cost around 500 GBP more . There is also the "Orange Line Pack" - which is basically an accessory kit that adds a touch of orange into everything - I've seen a few such cars in car sales in SL. Though I initially contemplated Sonic Grey, ended up with a Polished Metal Metallic specimen. With the 2017 Budget a new tax structure was introduced and under the engine capacity based taxation you'd be paying 17.5 m in taxes (1,754,976 LKR to be precise) for a brand new car with reasonable creature comforts and a bunch of bells and whistles which costs something between 4-5 mill based on the grade ( see above ) First Impressions For me the new Civic hatch looks like someone started designing and spent too much time doing a good job with the front and then ran out of time to design the posterior and hastily put an end to it. This explains the rather weird looking behind. The Sedan version I have to admit looks better. There's also waay too much plastic in the rear so much so that it looks like a joint venture between Honda and Arpico. There's a bit of aggressive styling at the front. The car is quite wide and it has a solid ground hugging look to it. As for the supposed vents you see at the front and the back - well those are fake. They're simply pieces of plastic made to look like vents. And yes it does have fog lights. I like the factory fitted black 17" alloys. Note the SE comes with 16" Alloys as opposed to the 17" found in the SR. Being a brand new car it came with a humongous bible-like user manual (thankfully in English) - along with the wheel lock nut as well as the tool kit and the tire repair kit (glue and the inflator which by now we are used to) If any of you intend to buy one from a regular car sale make sure they give you your wheel lock nut.
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    The car as it may seem right now.... Broken and Shiz.. About to get a new life... Tinkering Done!
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    Wish All Auto Lanka Fans a Very Happy New Year 2019!! On behalf of Team Autolanka, I would like to thank our Top Contributors, Senior Members, Moderators and all Members for their contribution and support throughout the year. 2018 Top Ranking Contributors are as follows.. @Crosswind @Davy @matroska @iRage 2018 Top Ranking Bloggers 1) Project R by @Komisiripala [Click Here] 2) Project Refina by @PreseaLover . [Click Here] In year 2019 we aim to work closely with our top loyal contributors and make quality motoring contents for general public. We invite all of you to come and enjoy all facilities provided by autolanka.com
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    So I think I should share my opinion about Corolla 121 since I have closer to 7 years of ownership experience. I have driven an ES5 clocked around 170,000kms and a 3 clocked around 100,000km. I bought the 121 when it was clocked just 93,000km and now she's closer to 154,000km. I am nearly 80kms away from Colombo and I never had any problem regarding maintenance and sourcing parts. Other than usual running repairs, the car never came up with an issue. Still the car drives like it did on the first day I bought it. When it comes to reliability, Toyota is the best. When driving, the handling is considerably better than Axios, Allions and Premios, but the Hondas and Mazdas feels a bit more connected to the road and sharper to handle. You can feel the difference when you sit in a Honda, as the driving position feels sporty and the seats provide better side support. Also Honda seats are bit on the firm side. But the Corolla makes you feel like you are sitting on a comfortable chair. The Corolla is much more refined and isolated from the outside world. Also the suspension handles potholes and bumps much better. On the other hand both the 3 and ES5 felt way less refined for me. The ES5 i drove had Dunlops but the road noise is pretty annoying. Ride is okish until you hit a pothole or a bump, since the car is noticeably bumpier than Corolla on bad roads. It is the same story with the 3 also. But both of them gives a sporty driving experience than the 121. All the three models have equal amount of power produced by the engines, while both 3 and ES5 is about 100kg heavier than the 121.When accelerating Corolla is slightly better. When it comes to fuel economy, yeah you know the answer. A Corolla 121 is not a miracle machine by any means. It's just more suited for Sri Lankans who seeks economy and reliability. While the car is much more refined and comfortable than a Honda or Mazda, it will make you feel like you are just another guy on the road. On the other hand Mazda and Honda would make you a different person. If you need further details P.M me Cheers
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    The first thing that struck me when i sat down to drive this for the first time was the really low seating position - it did not take a lot of getting used to though. The height is of course adjustable and provides a much comfier driving position. The passengers seat on the other hand though cannot be height adjusted. The rear seats too don't have the fabled "magic seats" functionality where you can fold up the seats to increase space in the rear - but you can fold the seats down to create a humongous amount of boot space - I do not quite remember the exact capacity but it's quite a lot. Due to the shape of the roof , while the rear seats are quite comfortable and have a decent amount of space for your legs you might feel a bit of head room is missing. But it won't really translate into a problem - unless you are from Marhsall Eriksen's family . The SR grade (and the SE) for that matter comes with fabric seats - and the interior is black by default (for all grades) . So no "Baij Interiyal" advertisements on the classifieds for this model then. The materials for the seats are quite "scruffy" and the interior is a dust magnet. The material used on the seats particularly are prone to attract a lot of dust and small particles of whatnot. There are speakers on all four doors - something I noticed in other contemporary Hondas as well - the doors also have the same dust-attractive upholstery. I told you there's only a repair kit - but the good news is there is a bit of space in the rear that can double up as storage space or a spare wheel well - so if you're paranoid about having only a repair kit, you can easily carry around a spare The cockpit is contemporary Honda fare. The steering wheel itself is quite plush and has a nice feel to it - though the steering itself is light which I will talk about when i have an entry regarding handling. The usual controls are all there including the cruise control buttons and beneath the wheel you can find the paddle shifters (again paddle shifters + CVT is something i would talk about later) The control for the lane keep assistant is also in the steering wheel. Mind you the Wiper control stalk is on the right and the headlight control stalk is on the left - takes a bit of getting used to if you've previously driven JDM's only. The "Auto" mode in the Wiper means that it will enable the rain sensing wipers and depending on the amount of rain you get the speed will adjust as well. Nice touch but i personally feel it's a bit too dramatic. If i remember correctly the SE grade does not have rain sensing wipers. This being the SR grade you do not get a push start you need a key - the Push start button is there only on the EX trim. With the honda sensing package you get some features like proximity alerts, automatic breaking and lane departure warning. These can be turned on and off and the switches are located near the ignition on the right hand side along with the headlamp leveling switch. The shifter console includes the parking brake (yes there's no separate lever for that), the brake hold button (so your foot can be taken off the brake in for example color lights) there is also a button to toggle the eco-mode as well as to turn on and off auto-braking. Between these two buttons you would find the adaptive damper button on an EX-trim car. There cubby hole is quite small and disappointing given the fact that this is not an alto- and there are no individual cup holders etc - there is a circular holder that can easily accommodate a bottle in the storage area below the slide-able arm rest. This storage area also has a usb port that can be used with the infotainment system. However it has to be said both the usb outlets in front are not in the most accessible places. The other usb slot is practically invisible and hidden by the armrest console along with the HDMI port and Next to that is the 12V circular power outlet. Mind you there is another 12 V power outlet in the boot as well - handy when it comes to plug in your car vacuum. There is also dual zone climate control - other than the dedicated climate control panel fan speed etc can be set via the touch screen.
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    This is based on my experience of renewal of driving license. This is applicable to anyone has a driving license of; 1. Old school type (book) got damaged, faded. 2. Driving license with magnetic strip got damaged, faded. Both these types have no expiry date printed, it means you can use them as long as driving license is readable and undamaged. There was a circulation to mandate all these previous versions to be updated into new system, but it has not yet been implemented. AFIK There are two steps: 1. Medical Examination: It is compulsory to appear for a medical examination. This is done in several places in the country. In Colombo district you can go for Werahera or Nugegoda. Procedure is set out under this http://www.ntmi.lk/images/pdf/the_process_of_issuing_medical_fitness_cirtificate.pdf I went to National Transport Medical Institute - Nugegoda branch. - It opens around 8.30 AM but you can go there up to 10.00 AM depending on the numbers. Per day they take around 600 applicants. No parking inside the premises unless you are a V*P. - take your driving license and National Identity Card. - Queue 1: Here you will be measured for body weight and height. Then they issue you a simple form (Registration form for obtaining a medical fitness certificate) with a TIN number ( in order of the issue) mentioning your body weight and height. You have to fill out the rest of the details, your name, Driving license number and purpose of the medical test, date and signature. Make sure details are correctly filled, else your details in the final certificate may be wrong. - Queue 2 : This is for registration and payment. This takes quite bit of time. As far as I have noticed, they take nearly 3-4 hrs to serve 500 + numbers. They will take you according to your TIN number though you are smart to cross the queue. So not necessary to stand or wait in the queue all the time. If you know who is ahead of you in the queue, you can go out for a coffee and come back. Once you are called, they will ask your driving license, NID and form given to you earlier. First they will enter your details into the system. Will take a photo of you. Also they will ask your telephone number. After registration is completed they give you back the endorsed form. Take that to the payment counter. For light vehicle it cost Rs.800/= - Queue 3 : This for examining your blood. This was done at a separate place to the registration. Here you will not be taken strictly to the TIN. But more or less you will be there according the previous order. Produce your NID, Driving License and the form with you. They will test your blood glucose and blood group. Not necessary to take your blood group verification details. - Queue 4 : This is for examining your body fitness, blood pressure and vision. Here you will be called according to the TIN. Usually they will take you in group of 10 at a time. First they will verify your registration details one by one. Physical test: You will be given few hand and leg movements to verify any disability or abnormality. Similar to the school time PT period. Vision test : You will be checked for the vision, any play in your eyes. If you are wearing glasses, make sure to take them. Blood Pressure: They will verify your blood pressure. - Queue 5 : This is the final queue where you will be given the certificate. You will be called by the TIN. n.b: There are cases where you will not get the certificate without any trouble or they will deny to issue you a certificate. Specially if you have high blood sugar, high blood pressure or any problem with your legs or hands (swollen joints, cellulitis, etc) you will be further examined or will be rejected. X-ray examination is required for application for heavy vehicle driving license for first time. 1. Obtaining Driving License: It is not mandatory to obtain the driving licence on the day itself of the medical examination. you can go any date up to 6 months of the medical examination. You can obtain your driving license in any of the regional office including the head office at Werahera. In Werahera it is pretty much efficient and streamlined. If you go Werahera, you have to go before 3.00 PM for regular service and before 12.00 noon for one day service. But these times are little flexible as I noticed. - Queue 1: On arrival you will be issued a token upon verifying your NID, Driving License and Medical Fitness Examination Certificate. Then you will be taken in number on around 10. - After this, you will directed to counters. In the first counter, they will verify your details including the previous driving license details. etc. Then they issue you a form printed with those details and will direct you to another counter. In the second counter you have to produce your finger prints and they will take a photo of you. This is the photo which will be appearing in your driving license. After that they will print another page including your photograph, where you have to enter your postal address, telephone number, date and signature. This is basically the application form. In the third counter all the documents will be scanned including your NID, previous driving license, application form ,etc. They will punch the previous driving license before it is returned to you. Finally, in the payment counter you will be charged according to the type, regular or same day service. Upon payment you will get a receipt and temporary driving license (for regular service). According to them, in regular service you will be receiving the driving license within 3-4 weeks by registered post. For same day service you have to go to driving license collection center located outside the main building. n.b: If you are not planning to get the driving license on same day, it is advisable to go around 2.45 pm-3.15 pm, if you don't want to wait long in the queue. They don't accept debit/ credit cards, take enough cash with you. Else there is an ATM just outside the main gate. Have a good day.
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    If you are really concern in comfortability, go for a Nissan.
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    Corolla may not be worth for the money which is usually claimed for in our market. But there is a reason for that. Compared to cars in similar range, corolla has proven ( even in other countries) to be very reliable and durable in terms of engine, transmission, electrical/electronics and even body. Top on this in SL, there are ample spare parts island wide, so spare parts are not over priced. Being a very popular car, you get lot of places when it comes to repair and service. Many technicians/ mechanics for you to choose which avoids overpriced repair charges. In my experience it is a well designed car in terms of its mechanical, which can be easily dismantled without much hassle in repairs. Even all the documentations ( service and repair manuals) are well organised. Also it offers you a reasonable fuel economy if you are looking after the car correctly. So even a car with over 200k would do fine as a brad new car if it has been looked after well. Its correct that similar range other brands will give you more and better options, better comfort and better driving experience. But they are not as equally corolla when it comes to what I said above. That's why their 2nd hand values are relatively less. In fact this is same in other countries as well. Another point in SL is, people tend to think that cars are some sort of investments where they can get their money back at the end of the day. This also has caused the corolla to get a higher price tag in second hand market and not all corolla users really wanted to go for a corolla. I know many people who has least knowledge of automobile tend to go for Toyotas since they are scared of costly repairs. Even my first car was a corolla and it didn't give me any trouble at all. If I had kept it with me, now I can easily sell it more than twice the price I paid it for in 2003. Anyway, nothing will going to exist for ever on this earth, none of us...so don't bother too much on choosing cars.
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    I currently own a CHR GT AWD and I have to agree with most of the things our members have pointed out here. I have driven a few Vezel hybrids including the RS version and compared to that CHR is fun to drive (specially the AWD version) and interior built quality is better. Both of them have latest features and techs. CHR has front and rear parking sensors, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert which are not included in the Vezel. Also it has some cool features like interior illumination, CHR logo projected on the floor when you unlock the car, sequential turning lamp which includes 16 LEDs. For me it looks futuristic and sportier than the Vezel. The 1.2L turbo engine is quite fun to drive. I agree that the rear passengers feel a bit clostrophobic but it is a price to pay for its sporty design. I don't know why the hell they did not include a rear armrest. On the other hand the Vezel will always be good on fuel since it is a hybrid but cannot expect it to give fuel figures of a aqua or axio. The latest high trim model gets electric seat adjusters with memory. And the new all LED headlight design is nice too. It has got more interior space too. One last word: if you are concerned on fuel economy and carry a lot of baggage when you travel, go for the Vezel. If you're looking for a fun to drive car with latest techs and design, go for the Coupe High Rider. [emoji4] Sent from my HTC Desire 630 dual sim using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
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    None of these will do 12 in the city. Viva might come close and might even hit 12.110 usually does 8 or 9. K10 is not very efficient either. Resale value is a myth. If the government increases tax on a particular category of cars tomorrow, then the resale value goes up. If the govt reduces taxes, resale value will plummet. Resale value is not value for money. Value for money is when you get a better car for cheaper price. For example, 110 and lancer cs1 or a civic may cost the same and the lancer and the civic is more value for money than the 110 due to options and comfort.
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    Hi all, Thought of sharing this with you guys, I just manage to secure one of the ugliest cars (as per Clarkson) Share the same platform from Vitara and use the same 4WD drive gears. Production ended in 2 years as the sale didn't go well. soon it's going to become a collector's item (my guess), I am going to use this for promotions & beach runs as it's catching lots of eye's (maybe because it's cool, wired looking or ugly) Going to take him to the beach this weekend and going to have some fun.
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    Happy new year everyone.Best wishes for 2019.May our Mitsubishi fraternity grow stronger and stronger in 2019!!
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    Also I forgot to mention that most of the Corollas for sale have been beaten to death and the with tampered mileages you might have to be extremely careful when choosing one.I also had plans to go for a 2007 Allion around 4.2million and gave up the idea due to bad examples.Better to go for a known car.Always request for service records and eco test reports.Sometimes you can assume that the mileage is faulty even by looking at the cars condition.Finally I decided to go for a 2013 Allion by the end of next month even I have to stretch my budget to the max, because the car is owned by a close relation of mine.So wish you good luck on finding a nice ride.
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    Keep the money in the bank and get a good rental when you visit, it will be cheaper than your maintenance and insurance.
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    Well, your opinion doesn't represent what most people use to believe in SL. Though you like or not, second hand price as well as reputation of Toyota is leading in SL. This is the ultimate truth. In terms of research and development ,corolla has gone into a greater depth for improving its reliability and efficiency. I am not personally discriminating other brands, but people take decisions not simply based on the advertisements, not what next door is using but also on their personnel experience and budget. Baseline reason is the second hand market price. Its true that, baselines models of toyotas don't offer you all the options in that class. For a middle class people they are OK with these essential features. If someone really insist on extra comfort and options, yes there are many jap and euro models for a higher price tag. In my life I sold five toyotas without any trouble. "after how most of the cars' multiple owners had taken care of them the "reliability" and "robustness" that you refer too also has diminished (use of cheap and easily accessible parts, maka baas work, etc..used by people who know nothing about cars and maintained it based on the service station Jonny's and down the road Ranjith baas's advice...)" What you are claiming above is not on a particular brand. How do you say all the corollas have been repaired by makabasses. ?? This is brand independent. Place of repair and the person is decided by the owners themselves. So it is up to the second hand buyer to get the vehicle checked by professionals before giving away the money. I had bad experience with even so called with professionals and agents. But there are many genuine technicians and mechanics, who has enough knowledge, talents and experience in solving problems. "So the high price that people put on it because it is a Corolla is not justifiable when you consider the fact that the reliability and robustness actually has diminished and for a decade old car it will have (or not have) the same issues of its competitor models. Also, now cars actually do depreciate in SL...." Its true, cars depreciate. But unfortunately due to the ever increasing import duties, depreciation of Ruppe and inflation, most people are after used cars. So the second hand market is not representing the exact value for money in SL context. It is very much opposite in Japan. For an example I bought a 110 (auto 1997 make) back in 2004 for less than 1.0 million and sold for 1.3 m in 2007. Now same car is having price tag of nearly 2.0 million. This is not representing the real value of the car rather how good our economy and standard of living. Only time when the second hand prices came down was before 2015 with slashed in taxes for hybrids import. after that prices never dropped. "In fact, I believe most of the Civics and 3s of the era have aged a lot better than the 121 because they were built with a slightly higher finish (dashboard materials, etc...)" It true. European models are much better in terms of finish and interior quality. Unfortunately this has not been one of the principal parameters in determining the second hand market price in SL. Finally, when it comes to hybrids models, toyotas have claimed less trouble ( software updates, recalls, transmission issues, clutch issues) compared to other brands top on a better fuel efficiency. Anyway I am not promoting a particular brand or model here, all the models have their inherent pros and kons. Once you have taken a decision never bother to compare it with your neighbors, friends one. ..Be satisfied..Buying a car is similar to getting a ..
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    You missed my point...like I said... "The Corolla is a nice, reliable, no frills car just like the others on your list and yes it does have the typical Toyota reliability and robustness of the past." But in Sri Lanka..it simply is not worth it because of the prices people ask for. Yes, the car is tried and proven but; decades later, after how most of the cars' multiple owners had taken care of them the "reliability" and "robustness" that you refer too also has diminished (use of cheap and easily accessible parts, maka baas work, etc..used by people who know nothing about cars and maintained it based on the service station Jonny's and down the road Ranjith baas's advice...) So the high price that people put on it because it is a Corolla is not justifiable when you consider the fact that the reliability and robustness actually has diminished and for a decade old car it will have (or not have) the same issues of its competitor models. Also, now cars actually do depreciate in SL.... Also, it is unfair to say that the Honda and the Mazda have not proven itself as they have and both the Civic and the 3 of the era have been as reliable and robust as the 121. In fact the Civics and 3s have faired a lot better than the Sunnaes. Its just that the masses in SL never knew about it because they followed the stories of the car salesmen and the baases. So they never got sold in ship loads over here; so you do not get cheap parts all over the country (which by itself is a good thing because owners had to go get proper parts). In fact, I believe most of the Civics and 3s of the era have aged a lot better than the 121 because they were built with a slightly higher finish (dashboard materials, etc...) As I said in the end if one can find a good, honest one then yes go for it..but finding one will be quite hard..also it would be a high price.
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    Ok so this time Restoration I think, I replaced every possible worn out part, and spent more than the last and and the satisfaction is also higher than the last.. still not done with it though.. Basically to replace a worn out nickle handle I purchased an entire Presea door! We are talking about that kind of a restoration here cuz i have severe OCD.
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    Did the same on mine and the AC worked pretty well after that. And yes, there were leaks after it was filled up with R134a, so many o-rings needed to be either replaced or hoses crimped at the ends. The drier was replaced with one since the old one didn't have a high pressure access port. You'll probably have to do the same.
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    As tiv said, Lal Cusion is a good place. Another good place is Deens in Havelock Road. They are expensive, but don't think they'll charge much for this since it's a simple job. If you are up for it, I think you could easily repair it yourself. Just take the door card off, inspect how the fabric is secured to the plastic and slowly separate if from one edge. Then use a very thin layer of adhesive (Multibond would do) and paste the fabric. This is what any place you take the car to would do. If you are not sure, do a spot test somewhere inconspicuous on the dashboard and observe for a couple of weeks before actually using it. I think it should be fine.
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    Just go for the Viva Elite. Ticks all the boxes at that price range. Just don't expect 12+kmpl in city. No one can predict resale value. For example the "Model eka market" days are long gone. I have a friend who has found it almost impossible to sell his vios (which many assume to be a car with good resale prospects)
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    Lal cushion in mount lavinia may handle small jobs like this, the big places in darley road are overated and too busy We have meds with longer shelf lives, I doubt it will have any effect even if it's oil based , aerosol paints last usually 4 years.
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    Strong cleaning chemicals may have caused this,..
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    There are little water drain holes on all the doors (they are not even holes..they are like slight slits in the weld...). These, in combination with air vents, help water that gets dripped in to the door get drained/vaporized out. Check if those holes are clogged (they have a tendency to get blocked with grime after some time). When the water gets trapped inside the excess humidity inside the door kind of starts soaking up the door cars and material. As this happens the glue sort of gets messed up and the upholstery material starts to wrinkle like that. Sometimes this also effects the mechanicals and electricals inside... Depending on the door design of the model/manufacturer and this can be a common occurrence in high rain and humidity areas. Also, check if the window beading (especially the bottom one which wipes the windows when they get rolled down) are not worn-out. When these get worn out the water does not get wiped off properly as the window gets rolled down and too much water goes in to the door. This can also happen if for some reason the humidity inside the car (either because of the area but most likely because of how it is parked) is quite high.... But yes..those can be fixed quite easily....if you are brave enough it can be an easy DIY job as well (I believe @Davy did a thread about fixing up door upholstery sometime back). If not just take it to any decent "seat cover" guy....
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    Hope u two have many intimate moments together :)
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