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  2. Please search the forum. The Demio DE has quite a bit of information here. Start with this thread. 1. It's more comfortable than the Vitz in my opinion. I've done some long distance trips of roughly 100 - 200km one way and it's quite good. 2. Power steering rack issues are common. Look for rattling steering wheel and noises on rough roads. 3. I'd pick the Demio any day over the Vitz. It's fun to drive and the fully loaded version with climate control AC, projector headlights, tachometer and multifunction steering is quite sought after. 4. They're the same. The exact capacity of the ZY-VE engine is 1348cc. But it's referred to as 1.3L, 1300cc etc. Quite normal for engine capacity to be rounded to the nearest 100cc for ease. Noting that there are a couple of 1.5L Demios in the country as well. Most of them are fully loaded ones with paddle shifters and red gauge cluster. You'll find more info in the above thread. Good luck!
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  4. lol !! Welcome! We could use some comic relief amongst all the talk of buying 141's and what not... As for your question: I'm pretty lazy and have always taken my car in for transmission fluid changes (when required) so I can't really help you out other than to say: It looks pretty easy. I can also direct you to the video below, which is more helpful. (I watched a video of the same dude change a brake caliper that was pretty good too...I think the key thing is to get the right replacement fluid and the right quantity of fluid back in. Anyways I digress here's the video) :
  5. Thank you all, Good news... The cleaning of old thermal paste between the cpu and the heatsink then application of a thin layer of new paste (apply a pea sized squeeze to the center of the processor head, then make it a thin layer by using a business card) solved the problem. Total Cost : Rs. 100.00
  6. You can use a software like prime95 for stress testing your PC. Also you can view windows logs under event viewer to get a better understanding of previously experienced error. Good Luck
  7. Hello guys, I m a frequent visitor to this forum but never took part in the membership. I have a small question. I m planning to buy a Mazda Demio 2012 or higher. I need comments on this from the people who have used or still using this. 1. How was the comfort of the car? , Is it good for a long trip, say, about 600km up and down?(not per day, obviously) or is it just a city car? 2. And most importantly, what are the defects and troubles related to the engine or other systems? I know there are Vitz every where but this kinda spoke to me somehow. 3. Honestly, comparing with a Vitz, is DEmio a good choice ? My budget is under 30. 4. There are some 1300cc models and also 1340cc ? What is the difference? Thanks. Hoping for your grateful responses
  8. This is a rollercoaster of a thread! Started with a guy looking for something that can navigate a corner at 30kmph without the passengers (without seatbelts?) sliding across. One dude suggested a Forester @everyf4 will be hitting apexes in perfect racing lines! Overkill. But my heart says go for it before someone talks you in to buying a 141! The inner pragmatist in me suggests you test drive a decent sedan. Pretty much any sedan has significantly less body roll than the every. A wagon such as a fielder offers decent body roll with space. Give it a test drive.
  9. I saw this old thread and now I have a question. Is it safe to change transmission fluid if you don't have such experience? I bought a car not so long ago. I think, it was three months since then. An old Chrysler. Last weekend I saw some weird noise from inside my car. My neighbor said that I need to change transmission fluid, but he refused to help me with that. Because he's an asshole, I guess.
  10. Get agent maintained. If not inspection by the agent. 1.8T had engine sludge issues as far as i know. If you have a higher budget go for a Mazda 6, more comfortable and roomy, plus bullet proof built quality.
  11. Thanks for your post. I was able to tune my carb piston perfectly. now my lancer run smoothly. Sent
  12. The turbo charged Forester XT is a superb vehicle but my concern is SL, we do not have proper agent nor the spare parts mudalalis dont have any parts for it, As I said in earlier posts I have to factor in repairs, accidents, It is one of the fine vehicle for the winding roads ! 141 is the last choice not the first my options are set vitz 1.3 if I cant find one then TANK and then the swift
  13. I'll be honest: I am a bit disappointed. Your application seemed a shoo-in for the Forester but oh well: I guess the 'Hills won't be alive to the sound of (boxster) music just yet... (At least not in Gampola.) Gasp! Did this thread actually switch from discussing the potential of a Forester XT to buying a 141...?!! 🤔
  14. No kidding? I always did wonder what competitive advantage that big 'trader' from Kandy had, that made them so successful. I always thought it was due to their location giving them prime access to the central and northern province consumers. Its Sad. Quite sad that they were one of first to adopt this scam...No wonder they did so well as buyers from those areas wouldn't be as savvy either. 😔
  15. Not my first choice ! So I wont select 141 unless the first 3 options fall down, I need to find some threads or ask some people about swifts ground clearance issues
  16. 2011-2013 Audi A4 is my selection now with bit improved budget. I have shortlisted few cars. 1. What are the common issues of them that owners experienced or complained ? Also any areas should I pay special attention when buying ? 2. Where Can I do an inspection like Toyota inspection for A4 ?
  17. Finding a 140 Series Axio is also going to be hard. These cars too were used by the cheapo owners who just wanted a pump and run type of car with bare minimum to no maintenance. But they are all shiny..they magically never do more than 75,000km and prices are ridiculous...the prices will go up for stupid things like the presence of a RPM meter....or some badge/sticker...etc... The 140 Corolla, which is the export model has a bad rep because it did fuel a little bit worst than any other 1.5L car (this had a 1.6L engine). But it is a pretty decent car. Parts wise...most consumbales are shared with other Toyotas but there will be many parts you will have to rely on the agent for. However, many of them were bought under the permit so there are quie a few with well documented maintenance records...also..the typical cheapo users stayed away from them because of the fuel consumption fears. Having said that...yes..keep looking for a car..do not rush in to it. Right now might not be he best time for you to be buying a car actually..but that depends on your income. There is also a risk that prices will go crazy if the imports stop for extended periods, etc...
  18. Why would you want to clean the fuel tank specifically? Is 53 k the overall mileage of the car? It's a bit too low for a car of that age.
  19. Guys I really appreciate your inputs I learned a lot ! Thank you ALL ! Anyway I understand Forester XT & Harrier are great vehicles specially the subaru ! but it doesn't make sense for me to own either of these 1. Harrier is expensive out of my budget 2. Forester is not a mass marketed model as @iRage said these cars are owned by motorheads God help me if any repairs or accidents happen I cannot spend bolt load to fix things nor search for parts, Sorry this is SriLanka I have to think about repairs and spare parts ! I am not looking for GT class cornering nor RR comfort ! I understand the major point any vehicle other than k-cars would be an upgrade I want to select a proper one I am ready to make sacrifices ie, A car is not spacious nor the boot space isn't enough ! I am still sticking to 1 Vitz 1.3 (2010 - 2016) 2 May be tank turbo (I liked the 1.0 NA but after reading threads im switching to 1KR-VET the turbo variant ) 3 I still love the swift ! RS mild Hybrid 4 pot 90hp is more than enough ! (BUT damn suzuki at least 130mm I would have chosen you but 120mm really ??? ) This is I will search for a vitz as others said its rare ! and finding one with good maintenance record is a challenge, If that did not work out then will decide between tank and swift BTW in the back of my mind I have the idea for a (RUSH RAV4 141 or 141 axio) I will get to this idea if all of the above 3 fails ! sacrificing compactness ! (Assuming RUSH RAV4 141 corolla does 8 kmpl city and 10-12 outstation) BTW spoke to a guy who owns a Tank and may be go for a test ride PS- Love the every wagon but Its time for an upgrade ! UPDATE - Also worried about the import situation, theres was a thread saying they gonna stop imports for 1 year (Corona WHY you do this ? )
  20. It was the larger ones who stated this in the first place way back in the 80s. In 1987ish my dad wanted to buy a car and all he could find were not very good cars...coincidentally mom went to Japan during that time on a work trip and dad went specifically to buy a car (got an EE80 for 280,000LKR after taxes). There after he started importing cars for a few of his friends and acquaintances. At that time it was mainly the big car dealers...famous one from Kandy/Mahagastota, then another one who had a showroom next to a girls'school in Bamba...plus one or two more. The smaller homegrown sellers were the more honest ones. In fact some of these large car salesmen were caught out in Japan when a famous exporter over here was caught welding up cars together as part of their reconditioning process. This is why the whole "recondition" certification was stopped back in the mid/late 80s.
  21. Hi I just wanted to educate people to get rid of such trouble, I also had an experience of it, I bought a car with very low mileage however after short running I realized that car engine was too exhaust & much oil consumed. thus I want to prevent such trouble to other people Rgds
  22. What no way! My experience and research is a couple of years old so I'm pretty out of touch with the newer technology that these crooks are using; but I thought newer Mercs and Beemers were pretty much tamper-proof?! 😳 Gosh! Wow...I guess I need to hit-up the web and update myself. Crazy times! I guess "You learn something every day!"
  23. Wow, I'm pretty shocked at how widespread this seems to be in the industry: I always distrusted smaller car sales that sold mostly older cars and kind of expect a bit of shady stuff from them; but based on the above it looks like even larger importers are being deceitful as well! Its eye-opening. (My belief was that since larger businesses have more to lose if their reputation is sullied, they generally tend to be honest; but I guess this goes to reinforce the belief that one should not trust any of these car dealers!) I suppose this makes careful inspection and verifying information via the original auction documents even more important when buying from 3rd party importers...
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