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  2. did you try ebay? https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Front-Complete-Struts-Shock-Absorbers-Assembly-for-Kia-Optima-Kia-Magentis-06-10-/153067275232?_mwBanner=1&_rdt=1
  3. Looking for a good mechanic near Rajagirya, IDH, Nawala area for CIVIC FD1. Thanks in advance.
  4. Well well...Reading the comments, feels very urged to do some of the mods.. For strut braces, is it required to install both upper and lower bars or just the upper bar would be enough? I guess it require some drilling on the top of the strut towers? Does it have any consequences? And where can I get them done neatly and professionally?
  5. yes but no...strut bars are reasonable in price....wheels if used can be reasonable too...then if you go with lowering/sport springs then it would be possible (assuming he doesn't lower it to an extent that he will need short stroke dampers)
  6. I don't suppose all that could be done to the standards you mentioned before for 150k though, right? I didn't manage to do it, had to let go and brake as the body roll was quite bad, it was not my car and a brand new one - didn't even have proper licence plates. I was just testing the waters so to speak
  7. toyoLUV

    Side Mirror Theft Toyota Premio,Ward Place

    sensitive alarms are the best choice however S#n l#nka do not issue a warranty against mirror theft? is there any place which gives same?
  8. Yes....the Vitz changes quite a lot with suspension upgrades...which is exactly what Toyota does to make the GR Sport and the GR Sport GR to improve handling (granted they also have a few more extra welds). But the other issue is 90% of the Vitzes in SL are the 1L variants...that engine is an old dog that has been groomed...and re-groomed until its fur has fallen off. Yes...a Vitz stock will have a lot of body roll and I suppose it can't get through a corner at 60 without body roll (its surprising that the 1L engine can keep the car moving at 60kmph)...eliminate the body roll...put some braces on..lower the car a bit....then put some wider wheels to increase the track width. Granted this would also mean the slushy ride would also be gone
  9. iRage

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    The LC70s are very old school whilst the other Land Cruisers have gotten a bit gimmicky with its 4WD system. Granted the base and outdoorsy versions Toyota specs out and sells the UN and NGOs and in markets like Africa still have the old fashioned 4WD systems. THe LC70 on hard terrain feels...well...still feels like a 80s/90s off roader. Perhaps the only difference is that the interior feels a bit ore civilized in its upholstery padding. The steering has an old fashioned "circulating ball system....at low speeds it is heavy and feels like you are steering a bloody boat (like an old fashioned jeep)..but you put it off road it kind of all works well together..
  10. So you're saying that with the body roll gone, a Vitz could actually be a fun car to drive around (like the aqua?) considering we can't put it into a corner exceeding 70kmph anyways, Vitz has quite the body roll even at 60kmph
  11. Sampath Gunasekera

    Side Mirror Theft Toyota Premio,Ward Place

    Sad to here this. These thieves are very much professional and your socks can be stolen while you are wearing your shoes. (1) I know one motor bike parked at Peoples Park, when give a simple pat or touch it warn us to be away. (Too bad my friend had a habit giving a soft pat to that bike whenever he passes it and enjoyed the warning 😜) .Try something more sensitive. (2) Fold the mirrors and use a car cover to cover the car when you park there. Then they cannot repeat same thing easily.
  12. Its very chuckable..you put it in to a corner the frame (rear end) just turns in nicely and then wants to straighten up quite well. So it has a nimbly feel to it. Whilst the body is willing to do all this dancing the suspension just simply breaks it lose. Toyotas for the most part have always been like this...which is why the "sporty" grades feel so much more different than the base/normal grades.
  13. well....it depends on the wheels you actually get...if you get 14 allows that are 6"wide (165mm) then yes you can use the current tires. If you get a wider alloy wheel....then depending on the width you might be able to use the tire (tires can be mounted on to a wheel within a small variance of width of the wheel). If you go for a larger wheel, say 15"then you will not be able to use the tires. For both of you...you can either wait till the current tires wear out (which can be a long wait depending on how much your tires have been used and how much you use the car for); or you can take your existing wheels and sell it off (you might not get a good price for it..but you will get something)
  14. What did you mean by a "lively chassis/frame" ?
  15. The reality is...the Aqua and Vitz (and to a certain extent the Axio..well a little bit) has a very lively chassis/frame and you do feel like shoving it in to the corners. Only thins is the suspension is way too soft and the steering is way too light that you have no sense of feeling or control; yet the steering is quite direct, albeit a bit delayed (which you feel doing a slalom run Yes a good JDM used set will cost you 35K at least plus the cost of tires. So he should be able to do the wheels and the braces with his 150K budget, and even good lowering springs if he goes that route (used TRD set costs about 8000yen.
  16. been reading this thread as I also own a Vitz and looking forward to add some decent cosmetic and performance mods later on. It still got steel stock wheels with 14 inch 165mm width Japanese Bridgestone tires. Tires are in good condition and only done 23k. If I were to get alloys, can I still use these tires? I am planning to keep the wheels at 14 inches. I would love to have wider tires someday but until then I wish to use the stock tires. (Step by step progress 😉) Does wheels support a bit wider tire than what is currently used? (Let's say 175 or 185)
  17. kmeeg

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    I’ve been following couple of YouTubers and they are using LC70 (not the LC200). Though I’ve never owned or driven one had fallen in love with the LC70s. I also follow one insane group that uses old LC80s and a Isuzu D max ute, their videos are insane. (The channel is 4wd action)
  18. I’d like to add, the vitz has kinda good handling and feels very planted, but then again I’m used to old school suvs, does your car have steel wheels or an alloy set, if not I’d suggest a safe set of jdm alloys, a tad bit wider with the factory tyre size, my car came with Enkei factory alloys, they are butt ugly but came specced to the car, emblems and everything and I’ve decided to keep em, moving. Between Vitz s I’ve realized the wheels make a huge difference, my first car had steelies, I swapped em for some oz racing used wheels, I saw the difference the new one with the enkeis and a wider tyre feels even better, you ll loose like 35k on a used jdm set
  19. I have been trying in vain for 3 months to find shock absorbers for my 2012 OptimaTF. A little background to my search I've tried getting a quote from the agents. Their prices seem to be going up every month. First time I called (April) they don't even have the parts in stock to begin with and quoted me 55k for both front shock absorbers and informed me that the waiting period is at least 4 weeks. I was quite angry that the agents don't even have vital parts in stock for their own models. Then after searching elsewhere unsuccessfully in June I checked on the agents again to see at least then if they had stocked up. As expected no. This time they are quoting me 70k for both front shock absorbers. Ridiculously expensive. In the meantime I called and went to Ajantha Motors several times to try and get them to bring down the parts but the old fellow there just takes down the part number each time and never follow up on it. Like this I went behind 2 individual importers who go to South Korea to bring down parts. My usual guy will not be going to Korea until late August while the other guy said that the Kia Motors Parent company doesn't allow 3rd party sellers to buy parts in bulk anymore because the agents here have complained to the parent company. The Kia agents here don't like competition. I went to TAAS as well. As helpful as they were, their KYB catalog didn't have a compatible shock absorber offering for my Optima TF. What I need Could someone please share any reliable business or importer that brings down genuine Kia parts?
  20. YesinLegend

    Best suv for around 5-6 million

    For Kia the models that came after 2012; they are pretty reliable, but better think twice before buying any Kia here because the agents here are quite a greedy bunch. They are only focused on ripping off their existing customer base atm rather than competing with other agents here by selling new models and providing fairly priced after-sale service (includes spare parts). If you're buying a used Sportage with mileage over 60,000Km make sure the transmission service has been done as the agents charge 80k+ for it last I checked in late 2017.
  21. Sha20

    CHR G-T vs. S-T

    Hi iRage, Many thanks for the explanation.
  22. Yea I meant a registered vehicle
  23. but is there much choice in terms of a 4 pot that i decent to drive as it is in the same budget range ? unless one goes used....
  24. Nice explanation ! Thanks !
  25. ^This If I were you I'd sell the Vitz and buy something that is exciting to drive as it is - possibly a 4-pot.
  26. What you say has validity...but your reasoning for compromise of sfety and performance applies only when you do modifications pointlessly and aimlessly like a majority of Sri Lanka's so called car fans who are ricers. Yes..in stock form the car is configured to be safe and economical to the best of its ability. However, NOT optimally. The car in stock form is configured to meet the regulatory and consumer requirements in the best possible way. This means the manufacturer has to balance all performance and functional aspects of the vehicle. This is coupled with the fact that the components used are components have the minimal specifications that will meet the given requirements (i.e. the above balance); after all no one will buy an over engineered car because it would be too expensive. So looking at it...this way....in stock form cars like the Vitz, Fit, etc, have significant body roll and this contributes to under-steering and can be dangerous..can the manufacturers drastically reduce body roll ? Yes...they can and in special models they have ! But the stock Vitz and Fit still has the softer, body-rolling suspension because it gives the best between comfort, performance and price. Adding strut braces will improve handling/steering and will have NO compromise of safety; tests have shown that it will drastically reduce the chances of a roll-over in an emergency maneauver. Does Toyota had strut bars to the Vitz ? No..only on the higher grade models.Why ? Original strut bars which are TRD or CUSCO adds 30,000-50,000yen to the price tag of the car. Considering the type of people buying the low-end Vitz and what the car is used for, putting that extra 30K-50K to the price tag is not worth it because a lot of buyers will get turned off by the price. These cars have appalling braking distances and the type of brakes they have are susceptible to heat fade making the car dangerous if you drive and brake constantly on curvy roads. Can you improve this ? Yes....and Toyota has with special models with better ventilated brakes, etc.... Out in the market there are plenty of performance and upgrade parts made by third parties that are far better than the stock parts. Manufacturers themselves use these parts for special models. They do not put them on standard models because although it improves the performance it compromises on the customers' requirements of cars like the Vitz which are budget friendly city vehicle (thus breaking the balance I mentioned earlier). We Sri lankans have this stupid mentality that stock parts are the best (in reality even the manufacturers do not make these parts, they buy it from other manufacturers). So upgrading the vehicle with these proper parts is a value addition. In Sri Lanka the issue is 90% of the people "modify" their cars with sub-standard Chinese parts that are untested ripoffs. Then there is the actual modification itself. When a proper car enthusiast does a proper modification, it is a carefully planned project that will be done with a lot of research so that it will not compromise the safety and performance of the vehicle. Then the modifications themselves are done with people who actually are skilled and know what they are doing. These modifications will improve many aspects of the car. Granted it will compromise things like fuel economy, ride softness, etc...slightly; but then those who do proper modifications do so because for them improving certain other areas of the car whilst reducing fuel economy and ride softness is acceptable (as long as the car's safety and functionality is not compromised). Now..the issue in Sri Lanka....90% of the modifiers are ricers...they just stick things on the car just so that it looks "patta". To make it worst they use cheap parts (for example cheap Chinese "allow" wheels that break in to pieces if it hits a curb at 40kmph). Then there is the senseless and unplanned fitment of random parts and modifying existing parts, look at the beat cans..what the hell do they do ? NOTHING except piss everyone off...but our ricer boys get their panties wet over these. Then they go and make stupid changes like cutting the original springs to lower the car (dangerous as it gets) which completely changes the telemetry of the steering and the balance of the car. Then they go and add various things like huge spoilers without thinking of how it effects the car (the added weight of the plastic they stick on and what kind of lift/drag it creates. Lets not forget...we live in a country where we take a car that has crashed and flattened to a pancake; fix it up and then proudly use it like we hit the freaking jackpot. Bottom line is....if you do modifications/upgrades like the ricers in SL do..yes you spoil the car. You might as well throw the car in to a junk yard. But, if you do a proper planned modification with proper parts, you will not compromise the safety of the car nor its intended functionality (manufactures themselves do it and manufacturers sponsor popular third parties to do them as well). You will change some of its attributes like kmpl; but you will gain something else in return and will be a value addition.
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