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  2. Nuwarasa

    Upgrade to Vitz

    I have a wagonr Fx 2018, Im planning to upgrade to vitz. So what is advantages or disadvantages of it. What model of vitz I can buy around 3.6M? What is fuel consumption of Vitz?
  3. vag2

    Budget 2019

    S straight to the point, a Half sized Prius needing 1.8L is just absurd compared to the bigger European rivals equipped with modern technology. Especially Toyota seems to stick with PFI naturally aspirated engines which provide low power per displacement.
  4. SigurdAlj


  5. SigurdAlj

    New Members - Posting Help

    Hi !!!
  6. noddy

    Bump of rear wheels

    well we had two alto 2004 and 2016 both had very poor suspension at the back. its good to take 2 people and a tiny person at the back. not to take 4 or 5 people. That how it is designed and don,t put a lot of air its a small car. when we go over a hump slow down well.
  7. kusumsiri

    Project Moggie - Disassemble Body Parts

    Thank you for the idea. I will contact the lathe machine guy and discuss possibility.
  8. The most unrefined petrol car I’ve driven - Vitz KSP130 3cyl 1.0l


  9. tiv

    Bump of rear wheels

    Does this mean they’ve sorta cut the panels and fixed windows to it? Meaning van spec what is the apparent difference in cargo capability besides the loading capacity?
  10. Twin Turbo

    Project Moggie - Disassemble Body Parts

    Cut the existing ones and re-thread?
  11. iRage

    Bump of rear wheels

    Your alto....is it a van variant ? If you and your friend's Alto has the chassis code HA36V, then you have the van variant which is the variant made for business use (i.e. carrying cargo). The passenger variant would be HA36S. Both the variants have variants of the a Torsion Beam suspension system (Suzuki says the 4WD has a ITL ?). The difference is the HA36S has softer suspension and the van has harder suspension. So that could be the main cause for the hard feeling. But it being bumpy...well..like the others have suggested maybe too much air pressure or some alignment/balancing problem ? or worst yet...it has had an accident and poorly fixed (that is the extreme case). But yes...don't be surprised if more than one car has been subjected to the above....a lot of people get their cars maintained through ********* or use it harshly (slammimng over curbs, pot holes, etcc messing up the telemetry of the wheels...and quite a lot of people over inflate their tires (on the advice of service station boys) so that they save fuel...
  12. Renushan

    Bump of rear wheels

    Thanks for replying for this.There are no issue with tyres but didnt check wheel balance. I think this car has poor rear suspension. Other cars of this model have the same issue. Cn someone explain me that its depends on the performance of rear coil spring and shockabsobers which use for this model and change of the coil or shockabsobers will fix this issue?
  13. Magnum

    Bump of rear wheels

    Did you check the tyre pressure? Maybe the tyre pressure is too high
  14. Yesterday
  15. After a cold start (i.e in the morning), does the engine rev upto about 1500 RPM and slowly settle down to normal as the engine warms up? If the rest of the throttle body is good, and if it is actually the IACV that is faulty, just replace the IACV. There's no benefit in replacing the entire throttle body unless the one on the car has a crack or irreparable damage.
  16. Davy

    Bump of rear wheels

    First check the condition of the tyres. Check for previous puncture repairs that have the repair cord sticking out. Check for pebbles stuck in between treads. Check for bulges in the sidewall. Next, get the rear wheels balanced. Maybe a balancing weight has fallen off causing vibration. If none of them solve the issue, get the rear suspension checked out from a good garage.
  17. mcs627

    Budget 2019

    My point here being Japs have not mated Turbos with Hybrid or PHEV tech in any significant scale yet and are lagging behind their {luxury} European counterparts who are doing it in a large scale to achieve tax breaks and fuel efficiency goals with far better safety tech. Though the manufacturer price of these high end vehicles might be almost twice the price of a similar Jap vehicle the tax/duty benefits and the final cost makes these modern euros more appealing ( CIF value expressed as a fraction of the total cost to acquire). One can only presume that plenty of C & E 300de Mercs will be finding their way here at least on retirement permits. Most of the budget ICE vehicles and sub 800 cc hybrids that the ever evolving duty cum luxury taxes are progressively promoting to be imported are death traps considering the developing road network and expressways. Kei cars designed for town use in Japan are plying highways with varying road conditions and major expressways whereby being utilised beyond their intended purpose and safety limits.
  18. Anyone else using Akebono brake pads?

    Last time I installed Akebono pads at the front and FBK shoes at the back. Planning to get Akebono front and back

  19. Renushan

    Bump of rear wheels

    Hi, i got japan Alto 2016 model. Done 16000 kms. It feels a bump when sitting on a rear seat. Its feel lot when drive on a rural roads. On a good carpet road its feel little bump. I experience it with anothor alto which belongs to my friend . On a same surface indian alto got good rear suspension . Can we fix this? Changing spring coil or shock will work?
  20. Gabrielknights

    Trying too unlock a deck

    Toyota deck eclipse avn-z03iw
  21. iRage

    Budget 2019

    A few points: 1. Nope....the HSD was completely revamped for the TNGA platform...does it have know-how from the original HSD integrated in to it...yes. But that is like saying a modern internal combustion engine is the same as a century old technology. 2. This is luxury tax..not to be confused with eco tax. The excise taxes, etc...are there for providing benefits for eco friendly cars. If the objective was to lessen the foreign exchange being seeped out in buying cars...then incentivisizing the purchase of a high value vehicle does not work does it ? 3. The Japanese have been R&Ding the downsized engines for a sometime and now they are being rolled out...so yes...the Corolla and even the mini cross overs come with a 1.2L engine.
  22. mcs627

    Budget 2019

    Actually a E300 de (and C300 de) is more eco friendly as it is a PHEV and can do daily city commutes on EV mode and long distance trips on diesel which gives better fuel economy than a petrol non PHEV hybrid vehicle. The Camry Hybrid which has a 2.5 litre petrol engine cannot be considered equally versatile. The Camry hybrid is based on 2 decade old hybrid synergy drive tech. If the Japs can combine turbo and PHEV tech like euro cars one could have Camrys and Accords running on 1.5-1.8 L engines and Axios and Prii running on 1 - 1.2 l. *The BMW 740e and Range Rover PHEV have 2 L engines.
  23. Prangi

    Budget 2019

    That is how our policy makers think. Camry is luxurious than a Merc E300. I think best way is horse power or the CIF if they really want to save foreign currency.
  24. iRage

    Budget 2019

    Still makes no sense....so a base Hybrid Camry will be slammed with luxury tax whilst a Turbo charged diesel Hybrid E-Class will not ? (the CIF value will exceed the tax threshold but still it says 0% luxury tax).
  25. Do i see a crack there in the rail ? that rail will break away. You are better off replacing i guess. Some of my caps are cracked due to UV damage. Even if I try to remove them to repair, they will break like papadam 🙂
  26. Skyonline

    Shanghai Motor Show 2019

    Shanghai Motor Show 2019
  27. Crosswind

    place to buy Suzuki Swift Ignis 2003 Roof Rail Front cap

    Try Japan Lanka. If they have a broken rail, you might be able to get a cap off it. If not, you may have to buy the whole thing. I had the same problem sometime ago. Ended up buying a pair of roof rails. As I recall, it didn't cost much. Around 5000 for the pair I think.
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