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  2. I would say it is fake... 1. Never seen an air filter with a glue strip in the middle. That does not make sense....with heat inside the engine that glue is going to melt and drip 2. That printing seems off...I thought the Denso lettering as more closely printed together 3. Is that shrinkage ? Seriously doubt an original filter would shrink like that.
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  4. Guys, I replaced the air-filter of our C-HR some time ago. What I bought was said to be a genuine one (not from TL) and the appearance and the construction did not show any hallmarks of a fake one. As usual the seller wowed that it is a baggage import from Dubai or elsewhere. Today, when I removed the air filter, i could found glue strip (see the figure-marked in red) applied to the air inlet side has dripped on to the air filter case. I am not sure whether this glue strip was there in the the original one. This observation questions me whether I bought a fake one... pls consider this post as a precaution when purchasing spares!!
  5. Golly! Well knock me down and call me stupid- I believe you're right! Good catch @Devinda_Z Man, that last 'bot' / spam post had me in completely as the link was accurate as was the approach: Wow! The 'bots' are getting smarter these days...( Or am I loosing brain cells? - Very possible too 😄 )
  6. Hi @Harshak, welcome to the forum. I have merged your question with the existing thread you made a second post on. Please continue your discussion here. As others have said above, the 1000cc Vitz does vibrate quite a bit. But if this is a recent development, then I suspect worn out engine and transmission mounts since you seem to have done a fuel system clean up. I personally wouldn't recommend using reconditioned parts for something like engine mounts. "Reconditioned" is just a fancy word for "used" because there's nothing to recondition in an engine mount compared to something like a reconditioned alternator or starter for example. So yes... get the engine mounts inspected first.
  7. I have toyota vitz ksp90 version and its having vibration when vehicle is in ideal. i have done a engine tuneup recently. also changed the plugs / coils in order to avoid this. but still having the issue. previously , i have changed the jell mount (re-conditioned) and i think it also expired now. please help me on this ASAP.
  8. I also having same issue. i think this issue mainly coming with engine mounts and if we replace mounts we can avoid this up to 2 to 3 years.
  9. @Davy thanks a lot did fill my tank and the range is showing now. @GK_007 thanks for the advice it worked.
  10. @Kavvz i wonder if those are bot/spam posts If you notice there have been random posts from newbies with no prior posts but always with a link or url to an outside website added🤔 Colour me skeptical or 😅
  11. It's mighty conscientious of you to be proactive on this but I'm just wondering if it might be overkill🤔 I don't know if the GP1 has an in tank filter but most cars do have a filter of sorts fitted to the submersible pump. Have you checked the fuel pressure and noticed a drop over the manufacturer specified levels? If not, then perhaps some fuel system cleaner and a petrol filter change might be sufficient rather than having to get in to petrol tank
  12. @kush is there enough of a margin to be made come resale time to justify the expense of all that, not to mention the effort? Crazy the lengths people go to
  13. @kush is there enough of a margin come resale to justify all that effort? Is there sufficient return on investment? Crazy the lengths people will go to though
  14. It is but the construction of most of those in circulation leaves much to be desired! I have a bad feeling most go with the shiny ones because they're colourful & cheap 🤦‍♂️ Various issues ranging from unwanted flex, rips, leaks Oil is another mess....so many issues, import licensing drama....🤦‍♂️
  15. This is what happens when you fill up to the point fuel overflows
  16. Thanks a lot again, will try on that.
  17. Which is sort of what I meant...there are no common good Allions/Premios/Axios that are good for sale and they are not taken care of. They all have to be treated with distrustful eyes as they are all crap. Only a very very very small percentage of common Toyotas have been taken care of and they rarely come up for sale. Even those..after the second owner most of them fall in to the s**** status as the others. So in SL...the idea of a well maintained good common Toyota is a bit of a mythical creature. Kind of like the big foot
  18. Well..to be fair..that applies to all major donors other than China. If you think about it....most countries other than China have seriously reduced funding any large scale infrastructure projects haven't they (apart from the US land management fund) ? or they are pretty much at a standstill. Most that are progressing seem to focus on grass-roots/community or social development projects where the scale of corruption is minimal.
  19. Has the vehicle came to "Ready" mode ?
  20. Ah I see. I assume it was imported brand new through the agent? If so, you might be able to get the chassis number from them. Not saying that they will just hand it over to you, but you just might be able to get it through a contact. 😉 I'm not sure if they maintain records that date so far back though.
  21. GBP 680? Eesh, was this for an impreza? I thought they'd be cheaper since it's a common upgrade for subie owners. Also, not just parts. I'm even skeptical about buying oil these days. There are counterfeits too!
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  23. Thanks for the reply. Tried that Davy, but to get the full details report we need to give the chassis no which we dont have now Yes at the moment ownership states as a finance company, probably due to a lease.
  24. Have you tried the vehicle information service on the RMV website? You can pay Rs. 150 and get all the information (including name and address of the current owner). http://eservices.motortraffic.gov.lk/VehicleInfo/home.action The "Limited vehicle information" option says that the absolute owner is a finance company. So it is still running. Good luck!
  25. Have you been filling up small quantities of fuel? The range sometimes doesn't get updated if you repeatedly do this. Try pumping a full tank of fuel and that should cause the range to update. Similar thread here. You might also want to try if you can hold the odometer reset button for a few seconds. As for the lights dimming when you switch on headlights, you need to get your battery checked as @GK_007 has mentioned above. Take it to a battery shop and get the battery and charging system checked.
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