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  2. Hyaenidae

    92 or 95 octane for the Suzuki Alto Turbo RS?

    Glad to be of service!
  3. Hyaenidae

    Suzuki hustler

    Me on the passenger seat be like :
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  5. ChamaraHarry

    Suzuki hustler

    I feel the same time to time. As for my understanding, it occurs how we pedal the acceleration.
  6. also...after changing shocks it is customary to check the telemetry of your wheels/suspension. So when you change the tires check the alignment/camber/etc...
  7. iRage

    Stepping stone

    The point is...I feel what you are looking at is just the RS grade (considering the vintage of the model and budget)...this ain't sporty....its just the standard econobox..a littleless econy and dressed up. For the most part same with the Swift RS if you are looking at the 1L variant
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      My profile pic is my reaction (seriously this is happy news!)

  8. iRage

    Stepping stone

    GRs are the newer ones Even in the older Vitz the actual hot versions are the Turbo TRDs..there are two that I know of in SL. The VItz RS...well with the P10 series the Vitz RS was a larger engined low end sporty variant with stiffer suspension and then 4 disk brakes and then had the option of a manual transmission for sportier option. The high powered and sportier Turbo TRDs were based on this. When the P90 was introduced..things changed a bit. They kept the 1.5L large engined Vitz RS with stiffer suspension, elds and 4 disk brakes as a sporty variant. However, they also turned the RS in to a sports grade with a 1.3 engine. This just had body parts stuck to it to look sporty but had the same old 1.3 L engine had normal suspension, drum braked in the rear...within the 2007 - 2009 model years this is what you get mostly in SL. The same fate happened to the Fit RS and the March Autech/Nismo When the 130 was introduced they went back to the original recipe of the RS being a bit of a sporty variant where they kept the 1.5L engine, disk brakes, stiffer suspension...again this was the base for TUrbo TRD limited editions *NOTE : Stiffer suspension is mainly achieved through added strut bars and slightly stiffer springs. Then with one of the facelifts for the 130, they scrapped the Vitz RS from the line up and replaced it with the GR Sport (least tuned), GR and GRMN (most tuned). With the GR sport they went a bit more hot hatch focused because (well for starters the Europeans started developing it and they were trying to spruce it up to go against the EUro hatches). So the GR Sport has stiffer shocks, extra welds, 1.5L engine...etc...and this is the base for the GRMN turbo charge variant. The GR Sport comes in Hybrid and gasoline forms. The Hybrid has rear drums whilst the gasoline GR Sport, GR and GRMN have disks all around.
  9. amsandun

    Stepping stone

    Are these available in SL? I have seen Vitz RS 2007/2008 like models of course. But that's not the GR right? I am yet to see any newer GR versions. If available, I wonder what price tag hanging on that. 🙄
  10. Man, good info on the petrol station.. Need to keep a track of this as well... I am putting it to service today, so I will change the air-filter and I will get the brake binding checked.. I replaced the shocks only last week so I am guessing I will see a change there as well? I maintain a 32psi on the tires.. However, I do need to replace the tires for this since they are a reasonably old (Was like that when I bought the car). I may need to check the spark plugs as well like you guys mentioned.. Will do the changes and give you guys an update.. Any more info would help!
  11. iRage

    Honda Crv

    and you know this because you obviously read it off of wikipedia. The more common types in SL are the Japanese variant 2.4L variant (its not 2.5!!) and the 2.0L variant brought down by the agents. I have hardly seen any diesel 2.2L variants in SL (it was offered mainly in Europe). For most markets the 2.0L variant was offered only in 2WD form and in SL most of the 2.0L are in 2WD form. Pretty decent car..well built and definitely one of the more refined interiors compared to the RAV4 and X-Trail. In fact its a bit too refined that it feels more like a large station wagon rather than a want-to-be SUV crossover. For the most part its well built..you might want to check the EPS unit for issues which some variants came with (some models came with the standard Hydraulic PS). Secondly if you are getting an AWD variant, first check that the rear diff is actually there and connected ! Then check for any whining coming from the rear diff (to do this you will have to do something to make the front wheels loose traction and the AWD system to kick in (hard kicking the accelerator on a gravel patch or something). The older Hondas require Honda specific diff oil (Hyperbolic something something ). The compatible non Honda oils were as expensive or more expensive than the Honda oil itself so most people used diff oils were close enough because it was cheap (resulting in the diff giving out). Apart from that..just look for the usual oil leaks, suspension issues etc...because it is an old car and those things wear out...then you have the usual stuff of looking for one with a proper service history (most would have been taken care by the agent), gettig it inspected, etc...
  12. iRage

    Stepping stone

    If you are looking for used ones: There will be a Mark X for sale...which is fun..not an econo box and quite luxurious as well. I sold my Mark X within a few days...and then the guy who bought it busted the engine and resold it again in a few days...its a reare car and people are on the look out for a good speciment all the time. WIll be within the 3.5 - 4.2 mil budget You could look in to a Vitz RS....fun to drive and has the Toyota badge. I would say Aqua GR Sport (or even G Sport) but being a Hybrid you never know what the battery condition, etc...is like. New cars for that price range are econo boxes no matter whow and hat you look at it...yes things like the Swift RS have some sporty feel to it but really is not performance or luxury oriented. They are econo boxes but a little bit engaging to drive. Swift Sport, VITZ GR GR Sport are the hot hatches...
  13. Chanu D

    Honda Crv

    Greetings to all Honda lovers, I wish to by a Honda CRV 2007 or 2008 model. Yet, I found that there are 3 engine types namely 2000cc,2200cc and 2450cc(2500cc). Which is better in terms of comfort,maintainance and fuel effeciency. And do I need to look for anything specific (factory faults or failures) Pls guide Thanks in advance
  14. I have been following up in Japanese auction sites and cars that are subsequently advertised in sites and available in car sales. Most of the used ones given at low prices are category D (UK imported insurance write offs) and Auction grade R (Japanese grade for repaired) There are experts who can inspect and identify these and i believe it is worth paying few thousand rupees and get it done rather than regretting later.
  15. Apart from the efficiency,.. or lack of it,.. ( for such a big, heavy car) lift the car up and get the brakes checked for binding, replace the air filter , new sparks. When calculating efficiency,.. you drive with over 40 liters of empty space in the tank,..guess what happens to petrol in our mid day heat? do a drive without A/C at night and you'll see better, Basically,,.. it's how you drive, when and where,.. Lastly, every petrol station has it's own definition of a liter,.. so go to different station in your locality or 'shop arround' for the best 'fill'. TT.
  16. Yesterday
  17. ramishkad

    Best Service Place For Audi Vehicles

    Hi, New Audi owner here. May I please know why you are not satisfied with Vishwa mototrs? Everyone I know is recommending them. As for suggestions, several people have suggested to me the new Bosch service center by D*MO lanka. Please note that I've personally not serviced a vehicle yet at either of these places.
  18. 808

    Stepping stone

    Hey everyone.. I recently sold my old car and I've been looking for a 2013-2014 mazda 6 (preferably in that tasty red). I have however had no luck finding one so far and I figured I'll just get something for the time being. I don't really want to go back to driving an econobox and I can't think of anything that's fun to drive and (hopefully) easy to sell other than the swift rs. Hoping you guys could give me some more suggestions? My budget is around 4 - 4.2 mil for the "until I find a mazda" ride.
  19. Jason Bourne

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Your life ain't complete if you haven't read this yet
  20. Thank you v much iRage and Clark'sson
  21. Hmmm...5.2 does seem to be low...know quite a few people who have Mark 2s and on average they seem to get about 7ish (some a bit lower some a bit higher; which is pretty decent considering the size of the car and the amount of work the stock engine has to do..and they are quite spirited when it comes to driving..the ones who do get close to 9 drive the car mostly on open roads and/or like grand mothers). Have you checked your filters, spark plugs, etc... ? How about the tires ? have you increased the size/width ? How is the pressure ?
  22. Also note that the car you get have been used for around 7-8 years in SL, so don’t expect it to be in brand new condition. Repainted buffers(even 1 or 2 body panel) is not a major issue, if the job is done in the right way. But make sure to perform a full inspection from the agent before proceeding to the final step of the transaction if the car suits you(cost around 6000-8000). This would let you know about damages caused by crashes, which is really helpful in long term use. A relation of mine bought a gp1 in pristine condition, few years ago, clocked around 40,000km, which had met with a severe crash and repaired. He had an issue with the gearbox and the mechanic told him about the accident, which was most probably took place in Japan. Save some money aside for the repairs, atleast around 100k
  23. Jason Bourne

    OBD2 Scan App for Alto LXI 2008

    Nothing wrong with the car or the scanner, it's just that the ECU doesn't comply to any OBD2 standard protocols, like crosswind said it might be using an old Japanese JDM OBD standard
  24. Crosswind

    OBD2 Scan App for Alto LXI 2008

    Most probably the indian bulto uses an older version of JOBD. OBD2 scanners wont work.
  25. Crosswind

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Scientific research is one area which is completely bastardized nowadays. Some scientists are worse than politicians. They will do anything to blow up a rare/ virtually non-existent phenomenon, just to build a reputation for themselves and eventually attain celebrity status. After going thru the wikipedia article, I noticed that the whole 'aphantasia' thingy is based on one scientific research by a guy called Adam Zeman and suddenly there are thousands of people around the world with 'aphantasia'. Ill be very careful of it... and you have no idea to what extent some crooked scientists will go, to gain money, reputation and fame. Google 'Andrew Wakefield' if you are not convinced.
  26. kusumsiri

    Project Moggie - Mechanical Work

    Cleaned steering gear components
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