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  3. Hyaenidae

    Nissan Presea

    It will if you stop sniffing the seats and drive the car like a normal person would
  4. Hyaenidae

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    This was my ultimate dream car too - but I want my dream car to be a daily runner, Evo X with its 98 octane fuel requirement doesn't seem like a "feasible" daily runner (at least in Sri Lanka) so I'm hoping to buy an EX and swap a 4B11 non-turbo engine + Manual transmission, as a "fun" car
  5. mash1981

    Any experience with colonial motors

    So what happened guys?you kept an engine?
  6. hustlehard

    Need a 7 seat SUV for 5/4.5 million

    What are the other options you know?? Do you think Mitsubishi Outlander 2010/11/12 would be a better choice but i heard spare parts are hard to find for it :|
  7. Splat

    Exhaust Gasket

    Greetings AL Fiends, Does anyone know where to buy Exhaust gaskets in the local market ? Usual solution would be to get a gasket cut and punched out by a packing cutting person at Panchikawatta, unfortunately the packing material they use are of bad quality. Is there a place to buy good quality gasket material to get one cut out ? ✂️ Thank you for your kind help.
  8. priyanka

    Lug nut lock nut on audi a6

    Make sure you disconnect the battery before the job... I also had the same issue sometime back with a freelancer 2 .... did the same thing..
  9. matroska

    Digital Camera Photography

    ...with wedding cars in the background
  10. Thought of starting something for fun. Would like to know the ultimate dream vehicle of auto lanka members. I know some of you have already bought your respective dream vehicle. So this choice can be your already owned car, A realistic choice or an unrealistic choice. It does not really matter though. I will start with mine. My ultimate dream car- Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X- Final edition
  11. Prangi

    Lug nut lock nut on audi a6

    Check your inbox I have sent you two places details.
  12. tiv

    Lug nut lock nut on audi a6

    Don’t try to drill it, the drill will jump and damage / score / scuff your wheel and the stud threads as well, go to a reputed lathe or a garage, they ll tack weld a small bit of metal and use that to rotate the nut, simple job most lathes know as its a very common mishap when importing euros
  13. Pericles

    Digital Camera Photography

    I would say so! The restriction is on the device, not the subject. Maybe I'll upload some bridals
  14. vag2

    Lug nut lock nut on audi a6

    I guess then no option other than to drill the lock-nut and put in a regular one (Or try to get one from ebay etc)
  15. fahadlk

    Lug nut lock nut on audi a6

    I checked but its not there..
  16. tharindra

    Any Horologists with us? Watch lovers?

    We have a group on FB - Sri Lankan Wrist Watch collective
  17. vag2

    Lug nut lock nut on audi a6

    it should be in your Tool/Jack box
  18. Hi Guys, Im facing an issue with a lug nut in my audi A6 hybrid. I have not recieved a key from to remove the wheel lug nut when I purchased. I have attached the image of the lug nut type. I need your help me to find a tool to remove this. Or if anyone know a place where I take the car in order to remove this. Thanks in advace. I have already tried JJ LANKA but they said no.
  19. HI Everyone i drive a HOnda Fit GP1 2013 and and there is ENgine oil burnign issue in my vehicle. can any of you recommend someone near Colombo to show my vehicle
  20. iRage

    Japanese Car News

    No it wasn't.... Well..the Super Custom is not needed in Japan because that spawned off to vehicles like the Vellfire/Alphard.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Manura sampth

    Honda Fit Gp5 User Manual..?

    What is the km limit gp5 cluch
  23. Took the car for the colour change process to werahera at 2.30pm and the head mofo said cant take in now as he has to go at 4.15 and told to come another day at 8am. i begged him for 10 minutes and he scolded me, so i scolded him back and told him to kiss the fattest part of my big ass. So instead of going to werahera again i can do the process at Gampaha kachcheri too right? anyone know an inside connection who works at gampaha kachcheri? 

  24. PreseaLover

    Nissan Presea

    @Hyaenidae but it wont affect the smell from the seats noh?
  25. Magnum

    Japanese Car News

    Also if i'm not wrong the old Granvia wasnt a success in Japan. I wish they bring back the Super Custom
  26. matroska

    Honda GP1 Oil Leak Issue

    Read this post : Not quite sure what you mean here - BUT in the GP1's CVT box when you do accelerate while in a lower speed sometimes there is a jerk but I wouldn't call it a vibration. Get it checked at the agents Sta###rd - costs 4500/-
  27. Sampath Gunasekera

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Vitz, I suggest you to post these old valuables in my below thread rather than posting them on Post Whoring threads. (Sadly many links were broken there 😞)
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