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  2. A bit of guerilla marketing for your blog there buddy? No worries, its all good and I can get behind that, as its in public interest! Pretty decent advice overall really. And the pro-tip about checking the original auction sheet is a good one. Good job exposing it. A couple of quick questions to you and to any member who is knowledgeable on the below : I thought changing the odometer / rolling back the mileage on cars was not easy since things went digital? And it was my understanding that if you did change the odometer the ECU would see that the mileage didn't tally with its internal count (as well as the number of start-stops stored) and throw an error code? So how do these crooked car-sale buggers pull off this fraud? Also is there no authority or association of car dealers in Sri Lanka to complain to when we see fraud like this? Because its not individual consumers claiming they did a service when they didn't etc. This is seems to be done in an organized fashion by large carsales and in public interest we should complain or highlight frauds like this whenever we can shouldn't we?
  3. Hello friends, I saw a car advertisement which was mentioned low mileage and higher auction grade, but is is fraud if someone wants more details https://dreamcarbest.blogspot.com/2020/05/dont-get-panic-when-you-plan-to-buy-new.html Rgds
  4. Thanks. Yeah it got a dedicated video card, next I am going to rip it apart and clean. if it does not resolve, I will use the mainboard graphics to verify any issues in video card. Good news is after thermal paste treatment I did not get the problem yet. But, needs some more time to see the stability.
  5. Oh! Good one @Devinda_Z Now we're cooking with fire: Subaru Forester for the win! And are we talking Forester XT here? For I'd sell a Harrier for one of those!! (I'd still rank the Harrier 1st if comfort is a priority, but if it's down to Rav4 vs Forester then I'd get the Forester...And if you can find a Forester XT- Oh mama! Then its bye-bye Harrier! )
  6. 8mil was what I was thinking too: I think a .5 mil premium is decent ( well, to be honest I was thinking of a 2 lakh premium; but I'm cheap / aggressive, so a 0.5mil premium is probably more inline with what is reasonable. It does certainly sound like a very well maintained suv...( I do like the sound of it having an engine so smooth you get tricked into having to turn the key twice etc. I guess the new owner is a lucky chap! And hopefully he didn't have any other additional expenses other than the above market premium)
  7. @tiv in my hunt I also noted that the interiors on most Montero's were subpar. Cracked plastics, discolourations, seat rips, rattles.... Compared to other higher end vehicles i thought the interiors were a let down. We used a brand new imported Montero IO for a decade and a half almost and it was the picture of reliability and the interior was solid so it was a real let down to think the big brother premium full size Montero wore so poorly
  8. I know @everyf4 said no left field brands but if a Harrier or RAV4 are in the fray perhaps consider a Subaru Forester ? Or even an Impreza or Legacy wagon? AWD, heaps of space and Japanese reliability with excellent manners on or (light) off road👍 If you bag one with a turbo you're in for a treat!
  9. Not a must but i'm guessing you've carried out all the specified maintenance? Any particular reason you're focusing on the fuel tank? 🤔
  10. https://www.jica.go.jp/english/news/press/2018/20190311_01.html https://www.clr.lk/project-progress.php
  11. My budget was 7 to 7.5, I was trying to purchase it while keeping my old one, I could scrape up enough, for 3.8l As for the 3l, couldn't find a good example I even tried looking for the petrol 1st gen montero sport, Devindaz even guided me onto a few, never found one good enough, I'm not picky but atleast 50% reasonable condition is a must This one, 3.8l v6 with massaging seats, theres a handful here , it's got Rockford sounds as well. I've seen black and grey ones Those are JDM, distinctive 18 matte wheels and got a few extras. You ll turn the key again while the engine is running. It's that silent. And in tune so well, spurting water off the exhaust. Just ask unimo, they know The one I went to see was owned by a well off businessman, he was quoting 8.5 and was not bothered to even discuss a deal, well off budget. I'm not sure if it's worth the number. Mileage was 115k ish The 3l v6 ones go for 6.5 to 7mil, I guess the ideal no would be 8mil. It was like it rolled off the factory yesterday, that good, was sold within the week.
  12. I think the Japanese government offered a grant for the LRT construction but that was for the overland monorail
  13. Oh hell no! The Every's main issue is that its got a narrow track ( and higher center of gravity). But that's common to all Kei cars right? I mean comparing a Kei car variant to a proper workhorse like a Hiace is just not a fair comparison at all...
  14. Woha that a big markup! Plus just because you paid 1 mil more, there's no guarantee that there won't be any further repairs. But still there is something to be said for buying a well-maintained vehicle vs one owned by a cheap skate who has run it to the ground! However a full 1 mil is a pretty steep premium.... I suppose this paticular vehicle you mentioned above is one of the vehicles you looked at when were considering the switch from the diesel to the petrol varient? If so, how much of a market premuim would you have accepted for that one?
  15. Reliability Diesel and petrol in our context are equally reliable, If fact ive seen lesser problems in the petrol one. Diesel 4m40 has all the classic 4m40 issues pls search and most are manual 3.2 l 4m41 needs super diesel, timing chain kit issues are common, typical diesel engine hoo haa, pulley bearings etc The petrol one is super smooth, but not that gutsy. Gearbox feels pretty much the same in both. Both are equally noisy 2 to 4kmpl and 95 oc is advised , pls do not get optimistic on the fuel figures, they are not cheap to run, do not buy If fuel economy is a concern. 7kmpl is highly exaggerated and hard to reach even in a diesel The main problem is most of these vehicles are poorly used and maintained by cheap skates Run on poor quality petrol, mileages clocked back. Masked gearbox issues, hidden CELs, skipped preventive maintenance Poor botched repairs on suspension etc So find a good one and u are set for life, or look for another car. Dont try to get the cheapest one in the classifieds. I own a diesel one for ages, looked for a petrol recebtly one, and gave up due to the bad examples in the market. Do not buy a lemon keeping a margin of like 500,000 for repairs, bits are far more expensive and some repairs can only be done by the agents. Instead search hard and find a good car To add there is a marvellous 3.8l petrol variant, tight as a drum and super duper smooth, extremely silent but about 1 mil more expensive
  16. Better check temperatures using a software like hwinfo, coretemp or any other of your choice. Normally, CPU temperatures should not get close to 80-90 degrees at full load, if you have a desktop with proper cooling. I assume you have a dedicated video card, in which case you could try using the onboard graphic card on the motherboard itself. Other things to check next include RAM sticks, the motherboard and PSU. A freezing computer can also be caused by a failing hard drive, but that should only cause freezing and not automatic shutdown.
  17. Thanks,,,, Today, I cleaned and reapplied thermal paste between CPU and HeatSink, waiting for the outcome..... Graphics Card could be also a culprit.... need to check that out Meantime,I installed the freeware "Open Hardware Monitor" and trying to figureout what get heated up :{
  18. Read a few threads on Auto Lanka but need specific input on the 3000CC Petrol version of the vehicle. Any recommendations/advice for or otherwise will be greatly appreciated regarding the choice of the Engine, Reliability and Fuel Consumption of the vehicle. A little concerned as I received a few recommendations regarding getting the diesel instead of the petrol and saying that the reliability of the vehicle wasn't great. Need to get some real user input.
  19. Uhh...but doesn't he want to move away from any kind of Every ? But seriously..the Every's body roll is bad...irrespective of comfort of any variant You simply cannot compare to a hiace or anything...
  20. I agree with you, Its practical and I have done moving things using the van when needed ! its a lot practical than a car ! I use the auto side step a lot ! it is spacious ! I get your point on driving another wagon ! I will do that
  21. DCT normally wear out around 80K mileage. Rarely will last longer if driven carefully.
  22. Finding the exact root cause of the issue might be tricky IMO. I experienced a similar situation some time back on my gaming Pc. Checked motherboard,CPU ,Memory sticks and even the PSU.They were all good. Then I checked the Graphics card. Ripped it apart and cleaned the dust. That did the trick.
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