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  2. dhanushkahw

    Corolla 141 spare parts

    Do you know what is the purpose of Rear Buffer in the attached photo. Is it compulsory to have it. When I bought the car this has not been fixed with the buffer.
  3. Newer, actually car was spot less apart from few scratches in the bumper. Was rear ended twice by a motor bike and a Nissan Sunny both instances bumper bounced back with a gentle push. Only time I had a issues were Swift when the oil filter got bottomed up, got loose and I lost all oil for my luck with loss of oil pressure car went in to limp mode and i had to park on the roadside replace the filter and oil. No permanent damage, bloody thing had the filter right in front carved in to the sump. Long time back managed to go over a rock that was in middle of the road in my moms car (Nissan Sunny). Damaged the sump and oil was leaking all over the place. Managed to do the repair at the friendly welder near my place FOC.
  4. tiv

    Iridium spark plugs

    I sold the car
  5. virajn

    Grace system warning

    This is due to low hybrid battery i guess. It came to me once i climbed Navaloka Hospital car park ( tower ) in GP5. I think when you constantly running with very low speed battery will not get charge to required point. Its not a issue. Never came the again.
  6. mazdaspeed

    Mazda Axela hybrid gear box oil change

    Hi With regards to the engine oil, strongly recommend Castrol as said by the agents. On previous models such as the BJ , slug buildup was there for engines which used Mobil . Best avoid fully syntactic oil completely. castrol magnatec is a good oil and can run up to 10K without an issue but I changed in 7-8000. stick to the ratings mus as possible as the velocity is critical. As for the gearbox, Well I totally disagree with concept of "Lifetime" as said by one member, it means 50,000K . Having said that u need to ensure that you have the correct brand and oil type specified by manufacture. I had to suffer from a case where the previous owner not using the Mazda MV oil. Did a lot of research and found out that the MV or M5 oil velocity is different form other oils who claim it is compatible. Hence don't risk and try to get the correct oil. Also note the interval would be best changed at least 30-40000 Km simply due to the heat condition we have here along with the lovely traffic . PS not trying to promote the brand but just the simple fact that type of oils do have it;s own characteristics . Please delete if not allowed
  7. Who woulda thought ground clearance is such a pressing issue for car owners 🤔 I feel spoiled 😁 @kush how many times did you manage to bottom out the Lancer?
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  9. Dhaham

    How to Wash an EFI engine

    Yes, all service stations do wash engine. But I'm not sure whether they follow correct method and / or use proper material. I have seen some service stations spray kerosene to wash the engine. A*t* M*r*j uses a chemical called H2L (Not H2O) which doesn't conduct electricity according to them. Are H2L or kerosene suitable for this? Is it ok to use WD40 to clean the engine as shown in the above video? I prefer to do this type of things myself because, most of the workers who wash cars in service stations in Sri Lanka, are uneducated laborers. I have seen some times, when the brake oil level is in the "Max" level, they top up, up to the lid. Same thing happen for battery electrolyte level. When they do underwash, some times they use pointed nozzle instead of 40 degrees nozzle and keep the pressure gun very close to the under carriage. Yes it will remove mud completely. But it will remove the protective coating of under carriage as well. When tightening wheel nuts, almost all times, they use very high torque (using a long galvanized bar) than than required. That is how they break wheel bolt. We never can find professional car washers, plumbers, masons, electricians, carpenters etc. in Sri Lanka. So, I prefer to do every possible things myself.
  10. In Japanese cars things like brake fluid are not indicated in the users service manual as they are mandatory replace items at the shaken inspection.
  11. iRu

    Hyundai accent engine oil leak

    Have done a full service. Now the leak is reduced. Planing to replace seals near feauture. Thank you all.
  12. Hyaenidae

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    I didn't get the joke 🤔 Are you insinuating that the car in question is popular among the gay community (like May said about the Jeep wrangler?)
  13. kush

    Iridium spark plugs

    Toyota Lanka prices are ridicules they quoted Rs 60-70K for a Vitz service 40K km to a person working with me. This is for normal service with oil and filter change, CVT oil change, tuneup with spark plugs replacement.
  14. gayanath

    Iridium spark plugs

    Did you replace them or still running with?
  15. dude! you should see the road that leads to my house it's an unpaved gravel road which was fine but then a new house was constructed and the trucks damaged the road and then there were rains so now that road is basically an off road track and yet i manage fine - The Kandalama lake bunt - that's a bit of a b#### isn't it - been there in my Fit did you scrape the bottom there? Or can it be negotiated with a bit of slow driving? One place I know for sure the car will not be able to handle is that pit-like car park near SLECC and I've never gone there. I saw a Mazda 6 get scraped coming out of it - it wasn't pleasant.
  16. Crosswind

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    Autolanka is full of homos!
  17. kush

    How to Calculate Luxury Tax

    Is this implemented in the first place There are no formal announcement from either treasury or customs.
  18. I still don't understand why you want to wash the engine, most of the garages service stations wash it because owners expect them to do so. Get a blower just blow off the dust, wipe the stubborn stuff with a wet cloth. If you have grease or grime apply bit of petrol to a cloth and wipe off. If really soiled may be you can look at the options given above.
  19. I here you, my Corolla Sport has only 135mm, you need to plan the route. negotiating the entry exit out of the road is the worse as there is either a hump, gradient too much etc.. This is the reason most of the buyers look for SUVs, just for the ground clearance nothing else.
  20. In SL normal thumb rule is divide by 2 and do the servicing Oil / Oil filter 7.5K Air cleaner 20-25K max (more frequent if soiled) due to our dusty conditions they will not last long, sometimes i have even changed them in 10K Coolant can go up to about 5 years 100K as the anti freeze property is not a big concern They have missed the brake oil change every 2 years, 40K km most important and ignored in SL, high humidity in SL has significant effect on the quality and performance of brake fluid.
  21. Magnum

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    Probably the bonnet was removed without marking the original location to fix at the hinge
  22. Yesterday
  23. Hyaenidae

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    Oh no, it's a 4A91.
  24. Twin Turbo

    AE100 5A-FE Questions

    The T valve should be rated at 82'c After taking into account the age and mileage of the car, I'd get a major tuneup replacing all. consumables enjoy your car!.
  25. Davy

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    Is this an Evo or a Lancer with an Evo front end? Asking because I don't see the vents on the bonnet and the car looks narrow. Maybe it's the angle of the photo. I can see this happening on the Evo, because the bonnet is Aluminium, and weighs like a feather. The downside is that it bends quite easily.
  26. See..this is what is funny and is contradictory about these stickers. The stickers indicate recommended intervals where at these intervals and the car being used under normal conditions, the car will perform up to its minimum indicated specifications. However, in Japan it is also complemented with requirements of (mandatory) shaken and (optional) annual inspections. During the annual inspection or shaken inspection things get swapped out . I know for a fact that the coolant is not left for 7 years in new cars. It can get swapped out at the first shaken inspection and then every other shaken inspection..so we are looking at about coolant replacement at 3 to 4 years In fact what is stated within brackets <> is the change interval for severe condition/high usage vehicles <so pretty much every car is considered a severe usage vehicle....even if the car is left parked with just being run for 4 or 5 km a day is considered severe usage . As for the plugs and even components like gearboxes would say servicing not required but they still do get checked at 50 - 75 inspections and swapped if needed as indicated in workshop manuals/service instructions(directives). Just like transmission fluid and filters (where in quite a few types it says servicing not required but it still does get done)
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