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  3. The description you mentioned only points to one vehicle. The Hyundai Santafe. Its the only 2007ish 7seater suv for your budget. Dont even think of converting a 5 seater to 7. Its not made to hold that weight and no proper mounts. Its a death trap. And the xtrail and rav 4 of that era never came with 7 seats. Its the vanguard a streached version of the rav4 which came later which had it. And there will be a significantly low fuel economy in the petrol suvs compared to the diesel You shouldnt be complaining about the horrible 2nd hand market of it because its the only reason it ended up in your budget. If it held on to the value like a toyota you couldnt even think of buying one. So the ones who should be upset are the ones who bought them brand new like us. The engine repair came at around 60 000km due to not using super diesel. If it was done properly. (Most were done in the company under a special warrenty). There woudnt be any issue. You could finda hacked one for 3.5 But dont be an el-cheapo and go for the cheapest one. Go for a good condition one with all the options like 4wd, 7 seats, triptronic, spped lock etc. Its better to get a well looked after one for a little bit more than a hacked one for a little cheaper and spend much more on repairs.
  4. Is there anyone use this internavi system.? Did this unit come with a USB port?
  5. Lakmal Lakmal

    Honda Internavi Audio Management

    I have a honda Intenavi system with 40GB internal storage(Honda Insight ze3 car). Does anyone know the process to copy audio from CD to Internal storage.?
  6. I'm trying to update my existing indian alto 800 car to new one. I need some suggestions to go with, I'm kind of searching around 30laks. Currently I have 4 cars on mind, Alto turbo RS Perodua axia Toyota wigo Nissan dayz hiwaystar Can i get any suggestions based on your user experiences and knowledge. Which one should i go for..?
  7. Hi guys, this is my father's swift 2004 1.3cc car. For some time now, an unusual sound comes from the engine bay when engine is started, in low RPMs and also when moving with 'D' but most of the times with lower RPM values. It's more like a 'Grrrrr...' sound. that's how I can explain it. It was checked at a local garage for a possible engine mount issue but they said there's no problem. Still it is there. I have a small video clip but the sound I mention here is barely audible in the video. If anybody has an idea what this might be, it would be of great help to get this sorted out. Thanks. URL for video clip
  8. I dont like MPV's that much and the only two that's available are Honda Freed, Avanza or an old townace. But what do you think of Santa Fe 2007/2008/2009? My main concerns are the market value and if the fuel economy is more than 10kmpl id love it
  9. UK Import S-Cross is assembled at the Suzuki plant in Hungary. You can confirm this if your VIN (Chassis No) is starting with "TSM"
  10. Chanu D

    408 & 407

    Thanks gents for your time and feedback.. I shall look something like a mazda... i Had an axela... that i loved.. probably Mazda is a better way forward. Many Thanks
  11. The GP1 is the hybrid variant of the 2nd generation FIT while the GP5 is the hybrid variant of the 3rd generation FIT. You can refer the Wikipedia article on the key differences of the 2nd and 3rd gen FITs. A few hybrid specific difference AFAIK are as follows: GP1 Based on Honda IMA Hybrid technology No full EV mode NiMH hybrid battery 1.3L engine, CVT transmission Conventional belt driven engine accessories (A/C compressor, Water pump etc) - So A/C will not work when engine stops at traffic lights etc. GP5 Based on Honda EarthDreams hybrid technology Full EV mode available Li-ion hybrid battery 1.5L engine, 7-speed dual clutch transmission (Shared with Vezel, Grace) All electric engine accessories (A/C compressor, Water pump etc) Hope this helps 😊
  12. Do not convert a RAV4 or X Trail in to 7 seats ! That was the whole reason why I wrote my previous post. It is not safe..and it is not comfortable. Do idiots in Sri Lanka do it. Yes...but then it is these are morons who do not care a s&*t about safety. Also, you convert it...no sensible person will buy it at a reasonable price afterwards (but then there is a moron born every minute in SL). There is a reason why the RAV4 and X-Trail and Vitara and old CRVs never came in 7 seat configurations. As for the double cab..depends on the double cab...some did come with bench seats in the back and front....why not a MPV ?
  13. So 6 people can ride comfortably in a double cab? That will be great. Can you please enlighten me on the best double cab models, because i saw many toyota thailand models on the net and im confused whats the best Something for 3.5 million
  14. Hey Vanguard and CR-V costs around 5-6 million so its out of option. Is it okay if i convert a rav4 5 seater to a 7 seater? I checked some 2008/7 rav4's but i find that the xtrail has more space compared to it 🤷 Yes i could easily get a pajero or a prado but i need something 2007-8ish which will have less repairs vpaired to a 20+ year old vehicle And i would love a MPV TOO BUT its not not an option for my budget :l
  15. noddy

    Hustler vs Alto JDM

    well I have 2016 alto and a wagon R 2017 the alto does 16.7 KMPL better than the wagon r. Back seats can hold a few boxes nothing more. rears shocks are very weak. if two passengers its nice car
  16. why dont you for a double cab 2 in the front and 4 at the back but there will be 3 seat belts and get a good diesel. ford is cab is cheaper then the others
  17. GP1 (2007-14) is old model, GP5 (2014 onward) is current model both are hybrids with significant mechanical differences, especially in the hybrid system. Google there are plenty of information In AL forum Fit mainly refers to hybrids as it is the most common derivative of the Fit in Sri Lanka
  18. Hi, Can someone explain the difference between GP1 and GP5? Are there any other GP versions available? I do not know much things about Honda. Any information regarding my query will be really appreciated. ——————— I used the search function, but it didn’t yield any fruitful result regarding difference between aforementioned models. There are substantial amount of content regarding Fit, but not many things illustrating difference between models. Thanks in advance.
  19. iRage

    Upgrading my current car to new one

    Alto RS : loads of fun to drive and the funnest car on your list. Very bare and baron inside (in terms of dash design etc...)... Dayz : Again...well built and feels nicer than the Maruti. A bit of a bore to drive with the lethargic NA engine and the sterring is..well its nice and sharp but has not much feeling and has a bit of body roll. Both of the above cars have decent safety equipment as standard and the Days can have much more safety features and other accessories in some grades. Being kei cars the rear seats are bench-like but the Dayz seats do have a nice form and hold you well. The Alto Turbo RS rear seats..well...it is more benchy than the others. Being kei cars the engines are quite small with limited output but the Turbo RS feels nippier with a bit more power and torque than the Dayz. If possible try to get a turbo variant of the Dayz. Kei cars are quite peppy low down the rev range and then just simply start suffocating towards the higher revs...so you will be pushing the engine to the max on hilly rides or highway rides. The Turbo makes it a bit better. I would be somewhat reluctant to buy used kei cars from Japan, especially those that are not from large cities because these things get rev'd the life out of them when they use it on the Highway. Axia/Wigo : Both are the same car by different manufacturers (I haven't ridden and driven the Axia but considering its the same platform it can't bee too far off from the Wigo). Same type of budget conscious car as the Maruti, albeit it will feel nicer and better assembled. Some what plasticy inside and the car is quite nippy at turns and the ride is pretty decent for its category. The lowest grade of the Wigo is very bare. Interior space wise it feels the same as the Dayz. However, the Dayz feels more refine. Power wise the Wigo has about 65hp so a bit more than the Dayz but the Turbo RS has pretty much the same amount of power (but a bit more torque). Safety features wise the Days is better and the As suggested by Kush you also might want to look in to Kia and Hyundai options (Picanto/Morning/i10). I believe they are a good balance between what the kei cars and the Wigo can offer (again depending on the grade). Unlike the Dayz and the Turbo RS the Axia, Wigo and the Korean cars have official manufacturer support if you ever do need it, so take that in to account as well (I believe the Koran models'agents are a bit more customer focused and economically sensible than the other two).
  20. K.o.N.o.S

    92 or 95 octane for the Suzuki Alto Turbo RS?

    If you search this forum you will be surprised to know that lots of members are convinced to buy lancers over the others. They are still very happy customers including myself. As @Hyaenidae suggested the alto might have the edge on the acceleration. But I highly doubt on the other aspects. Making this sentiment Cause I am highly biased towards lancers.
  21. Do not fix extra seats in the back on a X-Trail, RAV4, CRV. In Sri Lanka there are morons who do it but it is NOT safe. The 5 seater variants do not have the necessary support braces to safely and securely hold the 3rd row of seats and there are no points to fix seat belts on to. Our Sri Lankan morons just drill holes on to the floor boards and just bolt seats and belts on just like they did in old school vans (which was possible with the frame on ladder construct and the body for the passenger variant was the same as the body for the cargo variant). They do not look at what other braces and welds and support arms will need to be added on. These are NOT safe ! In case of an accident its going to just rip through. Also, the vehicle was not designed for 7 seats so there will not be enough leg room space, getting in and out will be a pain and when the seats are folded you will not have enough storage space...so you are not going ot have a good people carrier...nor will you have a good crossover for carrying passenger's luggage. The new CR-V and the Toyota Vanguard have 5 & 7 seat variants....the 5 seat variants of these could be converted to 7 seats. However, you will need to rip a few things out of the rear interior and then a proper conversion kit (with the proper mounts at the very least) will need to be purchased. You could look in to older Pajeros and Prados....but may I as why you need a SUV to transport 6 people ? MPVs are another option.
  22. Yesterday
  23. I need a 7 seater SUV for 3.5 million which has a good fuel economy. (diesel) I could only find that Hyundai Santa Fe 2007/2008 will help all my requirements but all the vehicles available have crossed 100,000kms on the clock and I heard the engine needs to be overhauled after reaching 100k and the second-hand market is horrible too. The main reason I need a 7 seater is that there are 6 people in my family and we mostly travel together. I also have thought of buying something like an x-trail or rav4 2007ish and ride with the family by turning down the back seats or I heard that a seat can be installed as a 7 seater on a Facebook post. I could only find old posts about this from 2013 on this website so please help me. Thanks in advance, Somasiri
  24. HelaS

    Hustler vs Alto JDM

    Thanks. Search didn't turn up what I was looking for.
  25. tiv

    Hustler vs Alto JDM

    We have discussed the this on many posts, do a search Hustler would be better in every aspect compared with the standard alto, bit costlier too though
  26. 35Nmwas something we gained by losing an air filter back in the day off road!
  27. HelaS

    Hustler vs Alto JDM

    Guys, which one is the better car of the two? Interior space, ride comfort, available features etc. There are threads on other kei cars but I couldn't find a direct comparison between these two. If you have experience driving these models, please share your opinions. Thank you in advance 🙏
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