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  2. kush

    Best sensible car for 3 million?

    You should be able to get a decent Corolla 141, there are ones with less than 100K with proper service records
  3. kush

    vitz or Wagon R turbo

    I have a Wagon R which is used for the school run. It is a different vehicle to Vitz and does feel like a tin box compared to Vitz.V If this is going to be your only vehicle you will be better off with the Vitz as it rides better, handles better, has the bigger car feel. What will be lacking will be features like climate control, autonomous safety features, stop start etc.. Wagon R does not feel that is made to last..
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  5. Davy

    Road from Kandy to Tangalle

    The two options shown in Google Maps when Kandy and Tangalle is punched in are basically the same you've listed except the second one goes through Weeraketiya after Embilipitiya instead of Angunakolapelessa. There's a significant difference in distance between the two where the expressway is about 50km more than the other route, but just over half an hour quicker. Directions Here You can go to Street View and check the condition of the roads (example), but when I checked, some of the images were from 2015, so it might be different now.
  6. This can be a positive...if we Sri Lankans actually do it properly and diligently and actually learn some skills to build the local automotive scene. As for the Kool Utility Vehicle. Seen quite a few of them running around in Malawi Build quality and feel wise it seems to be better than the Kwid. The SA reviews seem to be decent. Complaints seem to be that the engine is lethargic and unrefined and that the base models do not have safety features that are now common in the SA market.
  7. iRage

    vitz or Wagon R turbo

    Agree with most of this...however the engine dynamics are slightly different. Being a Turbo charged kei car you will be straining the engine a lot more than the NA Vits...especially on long highway drives and outstation hilly drives. So the engine does get worn out a lot more...This is why I always say I will never buy a used kei car even in Japan because I see how these things get used Only exception would be a low mileage car from a city but those are as expensive as a brand new one over here. Ff 99% of your driving is done within the city then something like the Stingray will be good as that is what the car is built for. If not..then you are better off with a larger capacity all rounder. In Japan kei cars are for city use and Japanese buy cars to fit the purpose unlike we Lankans. I too feel the best option of the two cars for the OP would be the Vitz...unless you are willing to look at other brands....unfortunately you do not get the larger capacity Vitz in SL which is a lot lot better (feels almost like a different car).
  8. I'm planning on a family trip to tangalle. From Kandy to Tangalle. I have 2 routes in mind 1. Kandy - southern highway road 2. Kandy-galigamuwa-rathnapura-angunakolapelessa-tangalle Is there any other better routes, (road condition & less traffic) Which route would be better regarding road conditions and less traffic Appreciate your help.
  9. Davy

    Honda Ek3 interior person near Malabe

    Hi Rajith, Welcome to the forum. What sort of work do you need to get done? Interior work, unless something like wiring or electrical which is specific to a model, is quite generic. If you want interior trims or upholstery repaired, any good upholsterer should be able to do it for you. So which is it?
  10. ramishkad

    prius or axio

    The most important question is how many miles will you be running a month? And i'm also curios to know why you havent included the Axio Hybrid as an option but included the Prius?
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  12. Hyaenidae

    Best sensible car for 3 million?

    I've been recommending this car for people who don't mind a Chinese ride and a 10 - 12kmpl average fuel economy - Geely Emgrand. Seriously the most value for money car I've seen which doesn't look like crap after the first 4-5 years of use like most Chinese vehicles. The driving experience is awesome for that kind of money. Civics and Lancers are great choices too but even the newest ones for this budget would be 10 years old while you can easily find a first owner 2015-2016 Emgrand for less than 3 mil (It was 3.1mil brand-new back in 2015). You can save the rest for years worth of fuel and maintenance.
  13. alpha17

    Best sensible car for 3 million?

    Finding good examples of a car like Allion or Premio is extremely hard these days as most of them have been beaten to death. Sometimes there might be better ones popping up for sale. But you have to be patient since you are looking for a nearly 15-17 years old car. Usually cars in this price range are less likely to be changed by a huge margin, so you might gain or loose depending on the market. Buying a hybrid like an Aqua is pretty useless if you do less than 1000km per month as the battery will degrade sooner. Mind that most of the Aqua batteries might be in their last breaths so you might have to keep some additional money for replacements. Fit is also a good choice, but again it’s also a hybrid, but IMO better to drive and looks better than the Aqua. Another fact is that hybrids’ values depreciate much faster than normal cars. I would never pay over 3million for an indian car. There are good cars like Mazda Axela, Honda Civic FD4 and Mitsubishi Lancer EX, which are better looking and better to drive than Toyotas. Most of them are owned by people who enjoy driving, so you’ll have a good chance of finding a nice one. As a drawback you might not be able to sell them easily. Best thing is to drive each one of these models and select the best model which suits you. Make sure to mention what are your major requirements other than the resale value as it would be easy for members to recommend accordingly.
  14. alpha17

    DFSK 580

    Yeah, all the facts are very attractive. I remember how the Baic X25 was introduced by micro saying that it has a Saab engine, Aisin gearbox etc etc... But “avuruddak dekak giyama thamai baba hambenne machan” Also about the CVT, I’m really curious about getting to know how to use it. Please enlighten me Doctor. They have a horrible build quality and when you do around 50,000km, shows the signs of a 200,000+kms done japanese car. A relation of mine owns a Baic X25 from the first batch and you have to use all your strength to close the driver’s door, and the car is still around 15,000km. That’s the skill of chinese people. Their quality is depended on the price you pay. There are some high end domestic brands like HongQi, which carry price tags closer to Bentlys and Rolls. Hope you remember the chinese phone craze in SL back in 2007-2009? Those brick sized phones with TV antennas, and huge displays with cameras saying 8megapixels? Best example. Most of them died or started giving problems after few months of usage. On the other hand mobiles like Huawei P30 pro, One Plus and Xiaomi gives a real competition to Apples and Samsungs.
  15. alpha17

    Axio 141 - Shocks or springs?

    Sometimes, cars which have been repaired after severe crashes indicate these kind of issues (misaligned chassis). Since there is a notable difference between the left and right wheels in height, most probably its related to suspension components.
  16. alpha17

    prius or axio

    Better to stick with a non-hybrid if you plan to do less than 1000kms per month. According to what I've heard, the 2nd Generation Prius is believed to be much more robust than the 3rd gen in the battery department. If you have the need of a hybrid better to go for a battery replaced one or set aside some cash to do the replacement. @mcs627 What about suspension component replacements earlier? Did you replaced the shock absorbers? If replaced, what is the brand: KYB or Genuine Toyota? How long did they last?
  17. Hyaenidae

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Forever... (For those who aint @iRage or havent watched initial D, Aniki = Elder brother)
  18. Sri Cloza

    Toyota VIOS side mirror

    Thank you for the information.
  19. Dee Jay

    Toyota VIOS side mirror

    check Wijerama area and panchikawatta.. there are many recon parts shops in both areas where you can find the glass (or the full mirror)
  20. Sri Cloza

    Toyota VIOS side mirror

    Where I can replace the mirror of Toyota vios ? (glass only)
  21. Honda N-WGN only released to the Japanese domestic market. So, there is no English manual. You can try google translator to translate sections of Japanese manual to English.
  22. Hi all, if you guys have n wgn English user manual please share it with me, (need it so badly) anyway if you have mange to translate from Japanese to English, please be kind to share with me.. huge help Thanks in advance.
  23. The driver claims seat belts were on
  24. hrm

    vitz or Wagon R turbo

    Go with Viz. WagonR for some reason has become the newer car with most number of issues if you look around FB groups. SL climate and its people are giving a hard time on it.
  25. Like my good friend @Sampath Gunasekera said, the competition to choose the best piece of dog shit among a whole pile is coming soon. So expect more miracles.
  26. NeroX

    vitz or Wagon R turbo

    Performance wise Stingray is much better. Easy to maneuver with lots of torque in the lower rev range to easily overtake when needed. Its got almost similar power output from its 0.66 L engine compared to the 1.0L unit in the Vitz (64PS vs 69PS), while torque is much better & available at a lower rev range (92Nm @ 4300rpm vs 98Nm @ 3000). Given its 100+kg lighter than the Vitz it'll feel much more nimbler to drive. Also this better power-to-weight ratio is also causing it to have better fuel consumption. Maintenance wise I'd say both are similar given the CVT drive-train. Standard maintenance is enough for both. If you buy this car brand-new/recon & don't intend to keep for 10+ years I'd say the hybrid battery is a non-issue. Plus even if it comes to that given its a mild-hybrid having a smaller battery compared to a fully blown hybrid can get a recon one for around 100k. There's plenty of expertise locally given the sheer volume hence no reason to be fearful as sometime back. Interior space wise stingray is actually more spacious than a vitz (interior length 2450mm vs 1915mm) but what you sacrifice is rear boot-space. Comfort wise not a massive difference but the vitz will have an edge given that stingray has a bit more smaller, stiffer setup with low weight. Unless you travel in really bad roads it won't be noticeable. Looks wise the Stingray falls in the Kei category whereas the Yaris is a traditional hatchback. Compared to a standard stingray the Turbo model has more road presence given its 15 inch wheels with diamond cut alloys. There will be lot of peer pressure calling out the Vitz a step up model given it looking larger outside but this can be quite misleading. In terms of bells & whistles the stingray T would have more features given its the top-end model. Features such as x8 air bags standard, cruise control, lane departure warning, radar collision warning/brake, auto stop/start, heads-up display, LED headlights/fog lamps/DRL etc, 4-way camera & top spec Harmon nav unit speakers with Android Auto/Apple Carplay. Landing all these options on the vitz is a bit tricky as these are mostly individual options you pick. Eg the standard Jewela doesn't have the stop/start system its a add on package. So is the bi-beam LED pack. Unless the car you pick had included these options you'd miss one or two here & there. Cost also naturally goes up considerably when these options are included. End of the day you really can't go wrong with any of these cars just that you need to decide which is more important. If lower TCO (Total cost of ownership), driving pleasure, fuel economy & tech gadgetry is what you prioritize go for the stingray. If you're looking for a comfortable hatchback with the known reliability & resale value of a Toyota badge go for the Vitz but you'll be paying north of 1Mn+ compared to the stingray.
  27. too much negativity? Airbags won't deploy if seatbelts not worn, not only due to design or assembly issues. Just give them some time and see, otherwise our country never progresses..
  28. Hyaenidae

    Japan car DVD setup unlocking through Erc

    Glad to be of service! (It worked, right? )
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