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  2. Hello and welcome to the forum. The Kelisa is quite a decent hatchback. Used to be my wifes daily driver - trouble free little car based on the Daihatsu Mira. Overall no complains at all. It's a small hatch so you have to expect it to behave like one - not super luxurious or very refined but quite decent. The car is quite nimble and handles well. The EJDE 3 Cylinder 1000 cc engine is very noisy and tends to vibrate a lot. It has around 55 BHP which is quite enough as the car is small and light. Manages hills and all without breaking sweat. The interior is quite spartan and functional, the interior build quality feels a tad bit cheap (understandable considering it's a budget hatch). Interior bits are prone to wear out a bit sooner than Japanese cars. The car is extremely simple mechanically - any decent mechanic can fix it and so simple that some minor jobs can be done DIY as well. Spares are freely available - either at the agents or at a few panchikawatta shops. Some parts are interchangeable with other Daihatsu/Toyota cars as well (For instance,break pads are the same as on the Daihatsu Hijet) The biggest issue usually is the engine mounts tend to wear out quickly - maybe due to the excessive vibration. Original Mounts are comparatively expensive so most people tend to use cheap third party mounts which just last a few months and the car starts vibrating like crazy again. That's something to look out for when inspecting. A little bit of vibration is normal but if it acts like if the car has had an epileptic fit the mounts are bust. Even this is a straightforward fix. Since the car is about 15+ years old you need to look out for other more generic issues such as corrosion, poorly done accident repairs etc. Overall the car is extremely simple and easy to maintain. What we had was one with Automatic transmission and it consistently did 10KMPL - nothing more nothing less.
  3. Hi friends, I am looking for a small car and found couple of Perodua Kelisa which match with my budget. (Around 1.3m) How is Perodua Kelisa car? Please help experts. Is it a good car? How is the Spares and services in Sri Lanka? What is the current market price for year 2003 makes? Expecting your advices before proceed. Many thanks Thilina Bandara Herath
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  5. Hi Friends, I 'm interesting on Tata Nexon. Could you pl. share your views?
  6. Well the cars are not quite comparable one to one and also at varying price points The Camry would ideally have a little more bells and whistles, the civic will be a little bit more basic than that but still it's a nice car to drive. The G11 would be more expensive than the others wouldn't it? Again a relatively comfy car. Many G11 Bluebirds were used in tourism and would have run to the moon and back - as always with used cars do a proper check. Being a 2002 I guess it would be below 2.5 Mil? The Civic would be in the same range or a big higher - would vary with the YOM . Bluebird G11 would be closer to the 3 Mil range since it's newer.
  7. Noticed that thread today I did the last timing belt replacement and the engine tune-up from the Agents. Was thinking whether to go there again or try and find some other skilled + trustworthy mechanic (because my CS3 is 17 years old now). Finding such mechanic is quite difficult, especially for a task like this. Safest option is the Agents I believe.
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  9. Yeah, consider it cheap insurance... Here's the complete process and the cost of a timing belt replacement of a Lancer CS, documented and shared by @Sampath Gunasekera
  10. Someone can take my turn
  11. This is the Ssangyong Rexton the new version
  12. Thanks @Hyaenidae I should do it then. So it seems 5 years is the max age wherever rubber is used. Be it tyres or belts.
  13. Well - you have quite a structured approach and that's good. If we take your list The Sedans are about 10+ years old now and in the case of the Lancer you might find a 2011/2012 model - overall the lancer is a good car. Avoid the Belta as it's overrated and prone to exchange hands like a 100 rupee note due to the whole good on fuel myths. When it comes to Yaris - you still might find very sparingly used car because some of them were bought on permit and are still with first owners - I personally knew a couple of such cars and were in pristine condition when they were sold off last year. Manuals are a bit cheaper and being a very uncomplicated car so it won't be a big hassle to maintain. The only thing is to find a Good honest car which is easier said than done. I have no experience on Fords or any other euros but the general consensus is they provide more bang-for-the-buck. From the hatchback list - the NEWEST you can get is a Perodua Axia and I fully agree with the views expressed by the others - We've had a Perodua Kelisa some years back and it was quite a decent car and Peroduas aren't too far behind their Japanese counterparts. You could also consider the Kia Picanto and you might get one still under agent warranty. A 2010 Vitz would be a very simple easy to maintain car but then again hard to find an unmolested version (common problem with the popular Toyotas) . 2010 ish Swift will be a fun-to-drive car. Of course it may not be the most practical in case you think of it as a family vehicle - the rear seating area is a bit cramped and boot space is minimal so if the whole purpose is to use as a family car then it might not be the best choice. The Fit (GP1 I assume for that budget ) is a decent car barring the well documented Oil burn issue: You get a lot more car for that budget it has Cruise control, a LOT of space (Once transported a couch for 90km) handling is good and with sports mode on quite a fun to drive car. Overall though - if you don't really travel long distance and you just want the car to be there in the background getting you from A-B without too much fuss AND since it's your first car the best option would still be an Axia even though it may not be the most comfy or exciting. Agent will always have spares and there's Perodua spares aplenty in Panchikawatta too. A car made specifically for the market with agent involvement as opposed to a Grey Import is usually a good starting point for a new car user. If you head over to the Honda Civic 2018 (1.0L Turbo Grey Import) thread you can see that we've been debating the exact oil to use at services for the past 2 years now ....
  14. Hey man - no worries I mean when I saw your Original post and the whole 'Applicants should have 25+ years experience in.....' vibe I just could not resist It's cool that you've cleared out your stance. My man @Hyaenidae - that is impressive sh*t. Yeah well - the thing is the members in this forum are a lot of like minded people which is the nicest thing here. There are many of us who are not at all professionally into Automobile engineering etc but are just purely guys who have the seemingly unfathomable obsession with cars - the type of people who remember their co-workers by what they drive than their name or what they do, people who can identify an obscure Japanese car by looking at its light, people who know what type of car would suit a different purpose ...people like me who dreamt of being a mechanic as a kid but drifted far far away and ended up writing code (ok...now I mostly write excel formulas and make Presentations). I know some people in this forum in person and they're some of the nicest people around. Some of them provided sound mechanical advice and guess what I even got some really good opinions from the people in the forum when I wanted to fix a glass roof for my courtyard. There's no discrimination, no kunuharupa, and this forum is a pleasant place as opposed to other more popular forums and facebook automotive groups - which honestly make me cringe a bit when I interact with bus mudalalis who've bought Civics, kasippu mudalalis with Allions etc) In short it's a forum of like-minded Automobile Enthusiasts. Yeah - I guess this is where IT guys with a passion for cars end up - and as opposed to other professions we spend a hell lot of time with internet access so that adds up.
  15. A nice public transport system would be nice. Unfortunately I can't work remotely since taking pics requires being at the place things are happening. Still, the WFH thing has definitely had a good effect on the traffic right now. Unfortunately it means people are speeding more coz the roads are clearer, but hopefully those things will be sorted out.
  16. It's weird you say this, and I've wondered about it a helluva lot myself, but I'm currently running at 70k kms on my original breakpads (as in, came with the brand new car), and the service guys keep saying they are still ok.
  17. It came with these yellow springs.About 1 inch lowered with normal shocks.I could live with it but since i replaced the shocks with kyb Now it’s too bumpy.
  18. If it is bumpy then its because the spring rate is too high. You need to get a lower spring rate and maybe even progressive springs. If your car is lowered what type of shocks do you use ? If properly lowered you should have short stroke shocks. If you do have short stroke shocks, then putting on stock springs will not work (shocks will be constantly engaged and will not compress and decompress that much) as you would need standard shock absorbers. If you have standard shock absorbers...well..it goes to explain why your ride is bumpy (the shocks are always compressed because the strut is pulling it down so nothing gets absorbed). All this is solved with coil overs If you want standard springs then try a place like MM Organization as @Devinda_Z had mentioned. You could try the agent but then they are certainly going to be pricey. As for used parts...no idea...you will have to walk around the usual areas. I kind of feel as if they will want to sell you the entire strut (for some reason I have mental images of piles and piles of entire struts at these places) but then you can always negotiate your way in to getting what you want with these guys.
  19. @Devinda_Z...yes but no...quite a few of the members did hands-on projects and had experience that way. Some members actually knew more about specific cars more than the agents themselves. Then there is @Sylvi...and @VVTi who are officially dabbling in the field.
  20. Yes i went with the classics.It’s no different than the excel g.Not so soft.Very bumpy
  21. I do have the same setup.To be honest it’s very bumpy on the road.I’m looking for oem springs.From where i can buy the originals?
  22. Actually my one got lowering springs😬It’s bumpy now.
  23. I have classics in front and exel gs in rear, allion 260. Ride is not as soft as the oem. Better to go oem.
  24. It's 5 years or 100,000kms - whichever comes first IIRC
  25. Hi All, I got the timing belt changed in my CS3 about 53000km ago, in 2015. Recently, one mechanic told me that the belt looks a bit worn out. Then I enquired about the timing belt lifespan from the Agents. They told me it is about 5 years regardless of the number of KMs. When I googled about this, the average lifespan seems to be 7 - 10 years. I want to get the opinion from the Lancer experts here. Should I worry about changing it right now since that 5 years are reached? Thanks in advance! P.S. It's been ages since I posted something. (Should try to be more active on the forum )
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