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  2. Sam B

    Honda Civic 2018

    Did you refill with 1234yf too? How much was the condenser?
  3. iRage

    Yaris 2020 hatchback

    By Yaris 2020 I am guessing you mean the latest model. It is wonderful. Feels nice and well built. The 1000cc engine in the past model has been an extreme disappointment. Toyota says the new Yaris' 1000cc has been improved a lot but that simply cannot be determined to be true or not until we see the car on the road (it still has not been delivered to customers). Now....5.5 mil on a newly released car is a lot of money. Body parts are going to be expensive. How experienced of a driver are you ? If you are a new driver/relatively/inexperienced; then you are going ot put some dings in a shiny new expensive car and fixing it can get pricey. So if this is the case..but a used one..get some experience behind you..and then go for the new Yaris once the car has hit our markets here and we know what the car is actually like (the 1000cc).
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  5. misnad

    Honda Civic 2018

    Ah just got it back and it’s really good to see the car back to normal. So no more smelly mold either. They’ve done a comprehensive job and serviced the entire AC system too. Got this done at a place called Sakura Auto A/C and they’re right down the end of Anderson Road. They have another branch on Hospital Road near the Budhdhagosha bus stand. Total bill was 68k. Here’s hoping this unit lasts longer than the previous one!
  6. kush

    Importing a Brand New vehicle from UK

    It does give some authenticity to the vehicle when all documentation is in place. Any one will prefer to buy a agent imported vehicle with full service history from the agent over a car without proper records. As iRage mentioned in the case of a gray import whether it is registered brand new/ recondition/ imported zero mileage will not matter much over the condition. But i know it pays if you keep proper records, all my previous car were sold with a mere test drive and comprehensive set of records.
  7. I always check them with agents at the time of service on their recommended intervals. If you are going to get it done at your friendly tire shop make sure they use the correct spec. i.e. Car Manufacture, model, with year and other spec like 1.3L/1.6L etc. as there are small differences.
  8. roosht3

    Yaris 2020 hatchback

    Guys, I've been searching for a decent car in the past and still couldn't find one. What is your take on importing a yaris 2020 hatchback 1000cc? With all the added options(LED head, panoramic view monitor, pearl white, bi color fog and more) It will cost me around 5.5million. (I feel like 5.5m is bit costly for a 1.0L but this taxation is ridiculous). And also I believe since it is Toyota resale value will be good too. or Should I stick to used vehicle as my first car ?
  9. kush

    2013/14 CRV or a 2018 CHR G-T

    4th gen has the crappiest AWD with its electronic engagement to rear wheels. 3rd gen had viscous coupling as i remember. I had the 4th gen and as far as i was concern it was FWD and handled as a FWD with ample over-steer. There are plenty of videos comparing 3rd, 4th and new 5th gen.
  10. RWD

    Honda Civic 2018

    Sorry to hear about that but as others have said that's a good deal. I paid a total of 130k for the condenser and r1234yf last year! Where is your Ac shop?
  11. Well....you are disregarding the Mazda base don one particular experience. If the error was not detectable why do you think it is the ar ? It could very well be that the car was taken to a bad mechanic/s who had no idea what they are doing. Besides....the N16 is not a Bluebird...it is a Bluebird Sylphy which is a Sunny...and there are plenty of those cars that have much more issues than the Axela/Mazda 3. Yes..the Cerato rdes well...but the plastics are not that nice and after sometime it really does not weather well and just looks old. In countries like the US it did well because they gave rather aggressively extensive warranties.
  12. Hyaenidae

    Honda Civic 2018

    New condenser + R1234yf gas for 70k? That sounds like a steal compared to the deal @Insedious got just about 2 months ago - 100k for the condenser alone and another 80k for R1234yf
  13. Hi iRage, thanks for replying. I've seen that you are an active member on the forum. 😁 Yes I'm very interested in the Civic. I find the lancer interior look a bit boring, but interested given its low maintenance cost. At the moment the Bluebird is on the top of the list due to nice interior, exterior, low maintenance expenses tho fuel at average 7kmpl in Colombo is said to be less than the average of 8 on the other models I've mentioned. A user of a 2004 Mazda said that he had issues and was finding it difficult to detect the issue. That discouraged me, though I love the look of it. I thought the Cerato was value for money. Saw a Cerato and it looked very nice. Drove a 2014 Rio and didn't have any complaints with the Korean ride. Yes, I was recommended to consider the Carina Ti my road and Corona. But I don't like the look of it 🙈
  14. trinity

    Lancer EX Running Repairs and Maintenance

    That Makes sense 😊.
  15. Rumegado

    Air purifier?

    Do you have an air purifier you love? Or one I should avoid? I just want it for a smallish bedroom. Please do share the info! Thanks!
  16. Sam B

    Honda Civic 2018

    Oh, no. Yours is kaput too? Still, for replacement of condenser and filling it back up for 70k seems reasonable (reasonable is not the word here frankly speaking 😨). Earlier I heard of cases where condenser alone was around that much.
  17. misnad

    Honda Civic 2018

    As if the mold wasn’t enough, my condenser gave way today in the midst of scorching heat! Took it to my usual A/C shop and they showed me the leaky condenser. So here’s to replacing it now with a new one. Estimated cost is 70k with the R1234yf gas. Sitting here waiting for the job to complete.
  18. Hyaenidae

    Lancer EX Running Repairs and Maintenance

    My last full brake fluid flush was done in the previous service (6 months prior to replacing the boot kit) so I guess a flush wasn't necessary
  19. trinity

    Lancer EX Running Repairs and Maintenance

    Updated the original post.
  20. What is wrong with a 2018 model for 2020 ? The 2020 model is the same as the 2018 model right ? No significant tech updates or a model change ? What are the significant repairs you are worried of with a Demio ? Cars depreciate for a reason....so if you find a well maintained example and you do the required preemptive maintenance work with the money you save from your purchase...then I cannot see what the doom and gloom is. There are plenty of people in the country who buy well taken care of used cars and do not have doom and gloom. Heck.there are plenty of people who buy crappy, dressed up used cars and do not have doom and gloom So..if a Demio is what you want...then go look for a good unit and buy it and do the pre-emptive repairs you should do irrespective of what used car you buy. Secondly....there should be Mazda 2 sedans (and maybe a few hatches) that were agent imported and maintained.
  21. The Civic and the Lancer does stand out as he better option in your list. The Corolla is a pretty good car but most of them are really badly used/maintained. SO you won't be able to find a good Corolla. Some of the Civics have gone through rcier boys but still good examples are available, especially those that have been in the hands of enthusiasts. I cannot see why the Mazda 3/Axela is a no. They are pretty good cars and most are in pretty good shape too. I don't think you have verifiable evidence that the Mazda 3/Axela is actually bad..but just hear-say. Stories like parts not available, etc... If you are okay going for a Yaris/Vios I cannot see why you are saying no for a Belta. The Belta is a newer version of the Yaris/Vios you are looking at with the same platform with some improvements. Being an entry level sedan it is not as nice as the Civic, Lancer or the Corolla. I do not think the Korenas of that era has aged well. So I would not comment on their suitability. Have you thought of a Corona or Carina (T200 series) ?
  22. Car has 2 worn out engine mounts. I'm gonna DIY the thing as the only trustworthy garage I know is very busy this week & we need to use the car alot too. People who have done it before, any specific precautions to take? (Aside from being patient & jacking up the oil pan with a wooden board?)

  23. Go for a slightly used Picanto? other than a bit of depreciation there is nothing to worry about (heck, most of the depreciation would have been absorbed by the first owner). Also, do a professional checkup at Kia, Carchecks, greasemonkey or any reputated service places for valuable peace of mind. Ask for service records too. Fiesta is a decent car, but the agent (Softlogic) has a bad reputation so you might run into headaches. I thought the Vitz & Raize would be the craze. But it seems the picanto is gaining lots of traction here now. Finally the koreans are respected here.
  24. aamarakoon

    Solar power systems

    I am thinking of getting a solar net metering system fixed at home. Though there are many companies, I want to go through one that is reliable and stable as many of them don't exist beyond the a couple of years. Appreciate your valuable advice.
  25. We have been using a Nissan N16 for 15 years and sorry mate I cannot agree with you. There seems to be few variants of N16 in SL and this might true for some but what we have is an EX saloon with QG16DE engine and the car is extreamly reliable. We bought this in 2004 from 1st owner who brough this brand new. This comes with fabric seats and manual transmission and the car is superb if maintained properly. Would you believe we have average 16Km/L and sometimes it consumed just 18Km/L? (Measured through old full tank to full tank method) Maintiaing RPM below 2 will do magics though. The silencer produced water untill very recently and the mechanics of the car is nimble. Parts are available but some tend to be pricier that other models. The look of any car is subjective and I will not comment on this. Thank you.
  26. Hello fellow ALs, This is the first time I'm posting on the forum after using this as an unregistered visitor for quiet some times. I have this average looking question, which I came up with different answers each time I ran it through my mind. Therefore your expertise is strongly required & I seek your valuable advices. I have bit of knowledge on vehicles as my famly owns few from time to time and now its time to grab one for myself. My budget is ranging from LKR 2 million to 4 million. This is the tricky part. I have first hand experience on used car repairs and sometimes I feel like I should go either with brand new one from agents or unregistered reconditioned one (With validated pre-shipment inspection sheets). Then as I found out my available options are Kia Picanto (Unfortunately they still sell 2018 model), Perodua Axia and other 600CC-650CC kei cars. I cannot justify myself buying a kei car at current price tags. And rear of the Axia is a big NO for my desires which left me with Picanto. It is a good option since it is brand new and comes with agent warranty but being the 2018 model keeps me doubting myself. I really likes the new Suzuki Xbee but unfortunately it is out of my budget. And I don't like to sit behind the steering wheel of a Vitz either. Then I looked at used car market. Only thing keep me away from these are repairs. I love Mazdas and I always wanted to grab an Axela/3 or a Demio. Since manufacturing year is newer and since it is a beauty I looked at Demios and I could find 2008-2009 ones for about 2.6million (In average as a guide) These are normally clocked around 100,000 kms and I'm afraid of repairs which might occur in those if I buy these. Except that I really like the Demio (BTW I ready through all 8 pages of "The Demio thread") Ford fiesta was another car I really love (Not the indian version) and I was thinking about importing one with 1L eco boost engine (Assuming custom duty is around 2million) but unfortunately I couldn't find any stock which was matching with custom requirements (Not older than 3 years old & RHD). ( I know my researching skills are not great, therefore kindly point me at right direction if importing used RHD Ford Fiesta (1L) is still a viable option.) So above description sums it up upto some extent as how my mind works nowadays. Love the demio but afraid of serious repairs 😕, Loves Picanto but buying 2018 model in 2020 is unjustifiable 😔, Xbee is lovely but out of budget, FIesta 1L is superb but where to get one 😞 Dear fellow experienced members, I'm expecting your valuable opinion/comment regarding this matter 💐
  27. Hi motorheads 😁, this is my second post since I asked for advice 2 years back. I am searching for your valuable inputs to buy a car. My requirements, *Automatic transmission *Sedan *A car with low cost maintenance and less issues (don't want to spend a big amount on a frequently needed part change or big one off cost) *I am fine if I get 8 kmpl coz I'll be driving in Colombo. *A nice looking ride After reading through the forum and speaking to people I have come with the following options. *Nissan Sunny/bluebird (N16) *Honda Civic (ES3, EK8) *Corolla 121 *Yaris (1300 cc)/ Vios 2004 ish model *Kia Cerato 2011 *Hyundai Elantra 2011 *Lancer CS1 2008 ish Was advised to stay away from the 1st Gen Mazda 3/axela and Belta. Heard a few mixed reviews about the Elantra. 1. Are the models I've selected to go ahead with good or is there any other I should consider? 2. Of the ones on the list is there one or a few I should be looking for over another for maintenance cost/ value for money/ good car reasons? Thank you. 😃
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