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  2. It is what it is: A nice little urban runabout / A utility-style vehicle for the city. And I think its great at what its designed for...Problem is in this situation the Every AWD has been stretched to service a role its not optimally designed for. Its like using a butter knife to cut mangoes. It can be done, but its messy and not the most ideal tool for the job. But really none of the other cars @everyf4 has choosen really fit the role either...Hence my suggestion to switch focus and get an older Toyota Harrier or similar older CUV with a wider track and better (but still quite soft) suspension.
  3. Terios is not bad. Had a 2007 one which we got for the permit and ran it for 138000kms or so. Just had to do routine maintenance and mechanically it is not that complex. Will give you around 9ish in terms of fuel and the full time 4wd keeps the thing planted on the road and it gives you decent grip. There is a bit of body roll but its not that severe. It has decent ground clearance as well. I took the thing to Weviathalawa (managed to go most of the way) and Devils staircase (which I gave up halfway cause it was getting a bit out of hand). Doesn't have a lot of torque so cannot do anything extreme. Does have a centre diff lock and it does give some added power if you are stuck. But again nothing extreme. For parts, you might have to depend on the agent. I got most of the replacement parts through the agent. TL also carries certain parts. Mine was a manual so had to replace the clutch and the pressure plate twice along with the front brake pads. Other than that, I had to replace the AC compressor and put a new cooler and had to replace the Fan motor once. But other than that I had to do nothing and it was solid. Sold it and got an axio hybrid and I'm still kicking myself for doing so. Weird enough I still find the terios to be comfortable and it gave me peace of mind and it always managed to put a smile on my face for some reason or the other.
  4. Harriers are expensive, I don't think they fit my budget ! even a 2006-2007 model ! The issue is even 30kmph coroners are unbearable let alone 40 ! But I agree its a decent vehicle for driving around kandy ! but for winding roads I am not sure ! What car do you own ? @iRage Again I like the idea of Terios/Rush ! Im going to search the forums for old posts
  5. I'd avoid the 121 like the plague - simply because it has to be one of the most abused, traded, cheaply maintained cars in Sri Lanka along with it's predecessor the 110. The average 121 probably has changed hands more than the average 1000 rs note. If I had to pick one of the Toyotas you mentioned I'd probably stick with the Yaris, from my experience there are a higher percentage of unabused Yarii (yarises) out there compared to 121s or 240's - there are many brought for permits which enjoyed a considerably fair amount of TLC from their first owners. If you want a fun practical hatch (sadly your Uncle next door will not approve) you could consider the GE6 - as the others above mentioned maintenance cost will not be drastic if you use genuine parts. I've done a fair bit of used car hunting for me, friends and relatives and my personal experience is that it's really really difficult to find a clean, honest mainstream car - specially Toyota in SL . I've usually stuck with the left-field choices (read NON_TOYOTA -other than the EP71 in my avatar) and they've never actually disappointed
  6. Actually...I saw one which had been done up pretty well...had ultra racing braces and TRD wheels and exhaust...so there is atleast one....
  7. Once again thank you for helping me out in difficult times. It will be very helpful if you can share the decoder it will help most people. Of course if you need a payment I can. But i would be more than happy to give away free codes who ever requires it.
  8. Based on what I've heard, even TL themselves are no longer quite as good as they used to be. Mostly because the people actually turning wrenches are usually just there to get their 2/3 years of experience on the CV and then jump abroad.
  9. Still no reason to resurrect a thread that last had a response 14 years ago.
  10. You may check all fluids under the bonnet +battery water and the tyre pressure every time you fill up. TT.
  11. I'm willing to bet good money that none of the 141s in SL has suspension upgrades done for better driving dynamics, it'd be cheaper and easier to just sell the thing and go for a FD4 if one wants good driving dynamics Yep even its steering feels noticeably lighter than of a 141 despite both cars being EPS
  12. Please help me unlock my Toyota Vitz car audio system 00a6911c00000000 Required ERC Code
  13. I wish the non essential vehicle imports (cars, luxury vehicles, motorcycles) would stop for a couple of years, while still permitting commercial/special purpose ones like decent busses, panel vans, prime movers, ambulance and such. With election around the corner and a few new cronies waiting impatiently to grab a permit, I doubt that anything would change. They might say a convoy of latest Jeep's is essential for them to get to their electorate to "serve" the voters. Government servants entitled for a permit haven't changed their minds either. Personally I think now is not the best time to clamp down on non roadworthy vehicles (given the economic hardships people face now). But a good time to prevent substandard imports. (Hacked to death Japanese recons and substandard Indian bn ones). There was a hint of improvement in public transport with reserving train tickets and changing the schedule based on demand. CTB busses dedicated to offices.. it failed miserably. A step in the right direction nevertheless. Also, rather than trying to limit the drain of foreign exchange for vehicles during the immediate future, we should look in to other ways of preserving foreign exchange. We will be importing vehicles for the foreseeable future. Halting it for one year is a temporary fix. A sustainable method of preventing foreign exchange drain would be to limit imports of food, milk, fruits, clothing. Sure we may not be able to grow wheat here successfully. But we can find an alternative that we can grow here. Imported onions, potato, apples, mandarins and milk powder can stop. We can find suitable alternative food sources. It's not like we will die without wheat flour bread and milk. Intelligent omnivores animals like us can adapt much better. Permanently hanging our food habits will cumulatively save more than a temporary ban on importing vehicles for an year. Or else we are back at square one after one year. As a country, If we are not ready to give up some creature comforts, we better work out a method to bring down shit loads of FE through services sector. (I'm no economics expert. All this might be a pipe dream 😂)
  14. Why not ask your wife to wear a seat belt and get your kid a child seat? Then they won’t slide around, you can keep the car you like and you will be a responsible motorist.
  15. The only thing the the Every van has over the others is a known history of maintenance. I have not driven an AWD variant but the standard variants are..well quite scary to be honest...the body roll is excessive and at tight corners dong anything more than 30 or 40 you would be lucky not to have the body roll put you in to a weird under steer or an excessive over steer to roll you over Good question...but don't car manufacturers account for this when they do their design ? If you take most cars they either come with the sway bars or have a variant that will come with one or have manufacturer's own after market parts for the cars. So I am guessing that as long as the sway bar is of type that is recommended by the manufacturer it should be okay ? But they..yes...there are certain mods you can do that probably will hamper the "ROAD" safety of a car. There are bars you can buy to put across the floor board of the car or the roof...but those are recommended only for racing use only...same with bracing plates. I wonder what would happen if one goes about putting extra welds on the frame...
  16. No big deal, its probably your shifter solenoid engaging (don't think you should hear it in when the shifter is in N though). Read above 👆its been explained quite well by multiple members. The reason you are hearing it now in a pronounced manner vs before, is due to wear.
  17. If body roll is your concern the best yet expensive solution would be to upgrade to Coilovers/Adjustable suspension. As a resident in gampola I have driven countless times on nuwaraeliya road. With my car Sitting with coilovers I am feeling almost zero body roll.
  18. Yesterday
  19. For Kandy- NE, Gampola, Nawala-Pitiya roads: I wouldn't do anything that firms up your suspension. In fact I would do the opposite and stick with a nice soft ride and if possible as recommended further below; purchase a vehicle with even more suspension travel, and a wider wheel base. You can try just upgrading the anti-sway bars, but even then, I wouldn't really bother for: You are primarily driving on poorly surfaced roads with lots of blind corners and a typical speed limit of 60kmph or so right? But in actuality you'll be lucky to average 40 given the conditions so really, I feel you are focusing on the wrong thing... I agree that the AWD van you drive now is a decent fit. I would stick to that rather than any of the cars you've picked out to be honest. If you really want to upgrade: My pick based on what you've stated would be an older CUV, (like the Toyota Harrier) to capitalize on the soft ride, wider wheel base and better visibility.
  20. Its always possible I suppose; but as swaybars etc are installed on the suspension in areas outside or below the typical crumple zone: I believe the risk is low. (What's riskier are 'makka-bass' like weird logic modifications like putting seat covers on cars equipped with seat-side airbags or disconnecting the front airbag sensor as: "Sir, Even a small knock from a 3-wheeler will cause the dashboard to explode so for local use it has been disconnected / removed." )
  21. Thank you @Devinda_Z. the exact kind of information and insight i was looking for.
  22. Slightly OT but regarding those UltraRacing chassis reinforcement bars - wouldn't the extra rigidity whilst helping with stiffening things up also affect the dynamics of how crumple zones come in to play in modern cars? Would it dissipate force in a crash to areas of the car (or occupant!) unintended and undermine manufacturer designed passive safety measures? 🤔
  23. Yes, correct - Ultra Racing are or Malaysian origin
  24. Yup that's the one! They've riced it with some "RS" stickets/badges placed above the "G's" ones 🤦‍♂️
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