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  2. alpha17

    Can 6 people ride in an allion or premio

    I totally agree with you. Even with 4 grown ups in the car most JDMs are more likely to scrape underneath.
  3. alpha17

    Can 6 people ride in an allion or premio

    I’m a humble guy my dear friend🤗
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  5. K.o.N.o.S

    Mazda 323 BJ-II Astina SP20 Hatch

    Congratulations @Davy. She’s a minter and Looks like an excellent buy. Back in the days my best friend used to have a Red Astina and I remember how it got me hooked. Brings back loads of memories!! cheerz!
  6. FrancyGim

    MG ZS

    Can you please share your experiences with mg zs Vs honda civic 2017 . Both 1l turbo and going around 5m ..
  7. Hyaenidae

    Mazda 323 BJ-II Astina SP20 Hatch

  8. Hyaenidae

    Can 6 people ride in an allion or premio

    Hope you're not talking out of experience
  9. vitz

    Toyota vitz/ Suzuki Swift/ Audi A1

    Guys, After a few weeks of hunting for a small car, the personal preference is boiled down to an Audi A1. My only worrying side is maintenance. This will be tough daily runner 160 km up/down (col-kandy) at least 4 times a week. I am thankful if you could share the following information based on experiences since this gonna be our first Euro: 1. Maintainance - I am in Kandy. I don't know any garage handling Audis in here. Let's say, for regular maintenance, do we need to take it for a specialist garage (such as Vishwa) in Colombo?. I usually do oil change regular service by myself. Is it difficult for a Euro such as A1? 2. Availability of spare parts: We won't be able to wait for weeks if something goes wrong with the car. How about the availability of spares for A1 in Sri Lanka. 3. What are the main challenges in maintaining the vehicle compared to a swift RS (though we don't like it) 4. Fuel - The car which we looking for has been imported from Aussie. Would 92 petrol be okay for the vehicle? 5. The model has been around for a while in Sri Lanka. Any known faults recorded? or experiences are highly appreciated. Thanks
  10. alpha17

    Can 6 people ride in an allion or premio

    Oh man! I can’t believe what I’m seeing!!! You can carry 5 people + 2 enemies(killed and loaded in the boot) in the Allion or Premio
  11. I've sort of been off the grid for a few weeks because of so many personal matters including moving house and what not. Finally found the time to post this. Meet the newest addition to our family. A 2003 Mazda 323 Astina SP20 BJ-II J48. Wait what?? Let me break down each part of that... It's a 2003 Mazda 323 (JDM version is known as "Familia"). I guess that's pretty clear. "Astina" is the name used for the hatch. The sedan is called the "Protege" (Remember the Mazdaspeed Protege anyone? 😍) SP20 is the top of the range model with a 2.0L FS engine (131 horses), sports suspension, different body styling, white gauge cluster, automatic AC etc. BJ is the series. BJ-II (BJ2) is the facelift version. J48 is the very last revision of the BJ series. I was on the lookout for a car to be used as a point A to B car and to be driven on a daily basis to the train station etc. I didn't want it to be boring, hence the SP20. I wanted it to be a small hatch so that my wife can easily drive it (she finds the RalliArt a bit too intimidating due to the power). It was between The 323 and Lancer CS VR-X. Gave up on the Lancer after seeing the options on the Mazda and how popular and rare the SP20 is (sounds like blasphemy I know). After about a month of hunting down one, finally found this beautiful example in Titanium Grey, just 139,000km (remember, we are talking about Australia here and that is a really low mileage). The icing on the cake is that I even got it with 1 year dealer warranty (car had been a trade-in). Of course there's signs of age - a few scratches here and there, wheel paint flaking off, front rotors need to be replaced etc. But it certainly is a zippy little car that's fun to drive. Nardi Torino steering! White gauge cluster The different front end with large fog lights. The FS engine. Note the factory fitted strut bar. I've not seen bonnet and headlight protectors in Sri Lanka, but the car has them installed from the dealership. So the headlights are like brand new -no yellowing. A couple of the SP20 stickers are faded. I've ordered a new set already.
  12. hustlehard

    Is Toyota Rav4 Vanguard 2009/10 a good 7 seater?

    Thank you very much for your detailed explanation. Do you think buying a rav4 vanguard instead of something like a 2010 petrol Kia Sorento is a good decision? Or just the Vanguard as a whole a good marketable vehicle? Cus ive only seen 1 vanguard on the road in my entire lifetime haha
  13. If im not wrong, India has very strict policy on importing vehicles, hence only the wealthy lot use imported vehicles.
  14. ramishkad

    Honda Civic FD3

    I am using a 2011 Civic Hybrid and the battery has lasted well for 100000km (and judging by the current available capacity it would do well for at least 40000km or more). The battery would do just fine if you run the car frequent enough. To get the real benefit of this car you would need to run 1500km per month or more. I heard a lot of horror stories about this vehicle back when I bought this in 2013. If you do your research well and buy one which has a battery with a reasonable usable capacity and done regular maintenance with correct lubricants, it's a great vehicle to own. I wrote a detailed post on how to check the battery usable capacity and the factors affecting cell deterioration a while back. You can check this post for more info:
  15. matroska

    Can 6 people ride in an allion or premio

    Sounds a bit like me... What is your car?
  16. Alston Alston

    Moving to India - Sell the Car or Export to India?

    Thank you for the thought, so you mean to try to sell the car with lease?
  17. ThushanthaSrimal

    Normal operating coolant temperature

    Hi all, My car is toyota vios 2007 and has 1.5 l 1NZ engine. Recently I was driving a long trip and suddenly heat bulb started to blink. So I stopped the car and checked. Coolant level is fine and the fan is working. So after a while when I start the car bulb is off. So I plugged a bluetooth obd reader and observed the coolant temperature while driving. It shows around 94c - 100c and blub never started to blink. Is this temperature is normal? What is the temp level that blinks the bulb? Can that problem is a senser problem? Can anyone help.
  18. Crosswind

    Moving to India - Sell the Car or Export to India?

    Sell it. The first option is a great hassle and you will end up losing more than that 600k. You can try to transfer the lease.
  19. Experts here, Looking for expert advice regarding rough idle and EGR, EVAP failures on my car Audi A4 B6 2004 1.6 engine. I have sporadic rough idle. When I scan, I found two issues. EGR System Regulation Divergence : P1403 - sporadic 008-Implausible pulse Potentiometer for EGR (G212): Signal too Low : P1443 - sporadic 007-Short to ground EVAP - failed When I talk with my service provider (not the Audi agent), they didn't worry about EGR issue and told it is exhaust gas related so to ignore it. They didn't say anything about EVAP (I also forgot to ask it later ). When I study about EGR and EVAP, I found that these two can contribute to rough idle too. I have sporadic rough idle and I have sporadic failures (both I don't like at all). So I feel these two could contribute to the sporadic rough idle my car faces. Interesting thing is that so far I didn't feel this rough idle when the A/C is ON. But my service provider seems they are not interested in fixing these two. My question is, do I need to worry about these issues and pressure them to fix? Because I feel the sporadic rough idle would be fixed by fixing these two? Thanks in advanced.
  20. Hi Auto Experts, I am a newbie in the automotive industry so thought to ask your opinion in a situation. The situation We are planning to move to south India, and one of my main concern is my car, which I bought two years ago. It's Toyota wigo bought directly Toyota wattala. I am a lite user, so for the last two years, I only driven 3200 km (car is in brand new condition) and still has free service from Toyota and also a warranty from them. When I bought the car, I paid half of the price in cash, and for the other half, I took a loan from HNB for four years ( so far I have paid around 1.5 years). So these are the options I thought. 1. Export the Car to India. Since this a really good car and haven't used a lot, I am thinking of transferring it to India too. If this a choice then do you have any idea on import and fees I have to pay both in Sri Lanka and India for a used car? What will be the procedure for exporting and importing? Will it be easy to get it to the public from India? (Any sort of info will be highly helpful) 2. Sell the Car If selling the car good option then will able to sell and transfer the loan? Or do I need to sell it by paying off the loan? Do you think what will be the resale value (According to brief calculations even if sold the car for 36 lakhs still I will incur 6 lakhs loss so when the resale value goes lower than the 36 then loss will be even greater)? What will my best place to try to sell? Finally can share safety tips on how to sell correctly? I will appreciate any sort of info and help. If you any other suggestions also please let me know. Thank You Alston Antony
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  22. The 3rd Generation RAV4 came in two body types....the Japanese and some european markets got the RAV4 in Shortwheel base form, whilst some markets got it in Long Wheel Base form. However in Japan both the Short and Long wheel base versions were sold. The SWB was badged as RAV4 and the LWB version as Vanguard (so it is incorrect to call it RAV4 Vanguard...although one can be understood for calling it such). THe Vanguard was introduced to the Japense market as the replacement for the Kluger (Highlander in other markets) as the new model of Kluger was not introduced in Japan. If you are looking at the 2.4L Vangauard then it has the same engine and gearbox as the RAV4 (the variant that is common in SL) which is a 2AZ engine with a K112 series CVT. If you are looking at a 3.5L variant, then is has the 2GR engine from the Crown with a U151 5 speed automatic transmission. The 2.4L variant machanical parts would be easy to find because there are plenty of SWB RAV4s around. The 3.5L engine parts would be a bit harder to find but not impossible. Some body parts between the RAV4 and Vanguard are interchangeable..some are not...so those parts owuld requires some hunting down. The 3.5L variant is a lot more nippier and fun to drive with the extra power and raunchiness of the automatic transmission. The 2.4L with the CVT is also prettier decent but the CVT takes a bit of the fun away. The Vanguard is not as nimble as the shorter RAV4 but it does feel a bit more stable and comfy at higher speeds (as to be expected with a LWB). As for the third row seat at the back....it is quite easy to get in and out of and has enough leg room space if you are a short built person and the middle row seat has been pulled a bit forward. Same goes with head room. Shoulders would be rubbing a bit though. With the third row seats down you will have luggage room for 1 medium suitcase and some grocery bags and that is it.
  23. iRage

    Can 6 people ride in an allion or premio

    Usually the JDM vehicles would have softer spring rates and lower perches along with, in some cases, shocks that have different strokes and captive regions than their export model counter parts. The latter models, especially for places like Sri Lanka, SEA, etc...; are designed with the assumption of them being for hard road usage (emerging/developing markets).
  24. Hyaenidae

    Mitsubishi Lancer

    Here you go
  25. Damithdmahaliyanage

    Mitsubishi Lancer

    Thanks all..I'm actually searching about cs versions...
  26. Damithdmahaliyanage

    Mitsubishi Lancer

  27. Prangi

    Japanese Car News

    The New RAV4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jn92giMkUbk
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