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  2. matroska

    Aqua vs Fit

    This has been discussed multiple times. Do a forum search please. Good luck.
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  5. Permits have been allowed again . For government servants that means for the professor, senior lecturers who work at government universities does anybody know what the retirement permit value they are given? I've been hearing people call 12 million, 16 million and 22 million tax slashes for retirement permits. However the permits provided for the persons who are in the above mentioned category was $30000 and according to my knowledge the retirement permit is $35000 (not 100% sure), and what is the tax reduction percentage for this retirement permit category? . Really appreciate if someone knows the categories and retirement permit types and could help me on this. Thank you!
  6. tilvin

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    My dream car is below,
  7. Hyaenidae

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    Prolly in the same way Gordon Ramsay would answer if someone asks him what his dream food is
  8. Demio 2008, Picanto 2016, Fit GE6, Fit Area. Can you guys help me to decide between above cars? Considering below points. 01. Acceleration 02. Realiability 03. Fuel consumption. 04. Comfort Thank you for your valuable time.
  9. Devinda_Z

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    Wonder how someone like Jay Leno who has such an extensive collection would answer the same question?🤔😅 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQMELFlXQL38KPm8kM-4Adg
  10. Devinda_Z

    heavy vehical licence

    4 Feet 10 Inches as per the Department of Motor Traffic http://www.motortraffic.gov.lk/web/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=83&Itemid=140&lang=en
  11. L.K

    Aqua vs Fit

    What is the best between Toyota aqua 2014 & Honda fit Gp5 2014
  12. hustlehard

    Need a 7 seat SUV for 5/4.5 million

    Yes :| the outlander 2011/12 thats for sale here on ###### and all cant be found on the internet idk. the thing is im always looking for a japanese 7 seater suv for the budget of 4.5 million that will have a good market value, fuel efficiency is not a problem so the only vehicle that i find good is the outlander 2011/12 eventho i dont like it as much as a sorento Id love a crv but it goes way beyond my budget and no 7 seaters ye
  13. Doesn't the ID plate on the Car say Suzuki Motor Corporation (or some corp) - <Some country> ?
  14. Crosswind

    Sri Lanka Registered post question

    If it's a registered package or letter, they attempt to deliver 3 times. On the 4th day, the postman will leave a slip in your post box. You need to go to the post office and collect the package. This is actually better than Australia, where they attempt delivery only once. Assigning your neighbour to collect is fine as long as the postman agrees. Otherwise, you need to give an authorization letter to the post master at the nearest post office.
  15. MrCat

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    Pretty much a hypothetical ('if-i-win-the-loto' kind of) list mate. The Lotus Elise is probably the only car I wont mind actually owning. One thing you tend to learn as life goes by is that the dream cars are actually not that spectacular when DO get to own/drive/live with Nothing wrong with aiming for one though, if you don't try you'll never know..
  16. tiv

    car setup

    There are kenwood models, if you already have a setup and the wiring then it can be done. If you just have the camera with no setup installed very less likely the car has steering input for the camera, in that case if you really want the guide lines, you can install a camera that already has the lines which automatically move at angles to work like moving guidelines do not expect the guidelines in ANY system to be accurate as even a 10 degree slope or incline throws them off by about a foot, check the mirrors a 2019 Vitz bumper cost around 80k and the tailgate included around 400k
  17. kusumsiri

    Sri Lanka Registered post question

    1.Sent back or discarded : They try 3 times to deliver. If those all attempts failed, send back to sender (Think its only for registered post letters). Between the deliver attempts, letter remains in the post office. So you may visit and collect it. 2. Auto forwarding : Never heard such thing from our SL post 3.Assign a neighbor : Could be possible. First meet your postman and update him . Then write to the post master of your post office.
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  19. Twin Turbo

    Lug nut lock nut on audi a6

    Take the car to the dealer so they can not help you.
  20. Hey guys, I am expecting some registered local post in next month. Due to work and other commitments no one will be available during this time at home. 1.what happens to registered post if not possible to deliver, sent back to sender or discarded? 2. Is there some kind of auto forwarding service like we have in other countries? 3.not possible to assign a neighbour to sign and collect it?
  21. K.o.N.o.S

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    The list is impressive!!
  22. sujaya

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    Porsche 911 😍😍😍👌
  23. akboselk

    car setup

    my Vitz ( 2019 , safety edition 3 navi ready) already has original reverse camera. now i need to fix a setup but it should support for auto adjusting guidelines. Is there suitable setup for support "Reverse camera auto adjusting guidelines" ?
  24. Would a newer petrol prado 2.7l TRJ150 be a wise swap to a 3.2 diesel Montero 2013 v98, can it be called an upgrade? 


    1. fiat fan

      fiat fan

      Options and Prestige wise,Prado it is.

      But 2.7 is hella underpowered. The 4 liter V6 is awesome,but rare to find. But the suspension is soft. Hard bends make it swing like a boat. The monty is much better to drive. Off road would be bit more capable on the 2014 onwards 150 more than the monty(took them out recently after asking for your advice).


      Also the prado has amathi thuma status. So u can hoon in traffic a bit more than the monty. 

    2. tiv


      UI don’t daily drive the montero, and it does 4 kmpl in traffic, touched around 75k km, but tight as a drum, my dad drives it mostly really don’t care about the amathi status as I mostly drive around in a kei or the vitz lol, I get looked down upon daily by my colleagues and subordinates who show off,  off road though is a big point. Was wondering since prices have come down, still it’s s hefty sum to go for a petrol prado, just wondering if it will be worth it, the 2.7 vvti is the budget and sensible one

      and the prado is the only petrol suv that won’t depreciate a lot. 

  25. MrCat

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    Just too many to list i`ve tried, but the 'one-car-that-does-all' is a very difficult one to get right. Tend to find some issue/drawback with every car I owned/drove/looked at/researched . Just a quick list based on what comes to mind Track - any Supercharged Lotus Elise Daily drive (weekdays) - Tesla Model S Weekender - anything with an Chevy LS3 V8, has to be an LS3 Long distance cruiser - Lexus LS 500h Offroad/camping - Landcruiser 200 series with a Diesel V8 Classic - Any water cooled, non-turbo Porsche 911 Just for show with no real purpose - Range Rover Autobiography
  26. Thanks Kush for the clarification.
  27. Harry (aq)

    Honda Insight 2019 vs Toyota Premio 2019

    Definitely Honda Insight. Far superior car in all aspects.
  28. Dear Autolankans, Thanks for reading my post. There are myriad of options when it comes to e bikes. There are dedicated electric bikes then there are e-bike conversion kits. Lets say if I converted my mountain bike to by adding a motor and a battery pack, what will be the legal aspects that I need to look into? should I register it? Conversion kits typically come with 250W or 350W motors and battery packs with 8-10 Ah.
  29. A simple google search shows that the car is manufactured in plants in Hungary India etc - the UK version probably gets manufactured in Hungary - this should be fine : no cause for concern.
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