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  3. Angelo Barnabas

    Mazda Flair hybrid 2015

    Thank you. Have you come across any faults in this model, e.g. Gear box issues or any other. Kindly advise?
  4. □AVANTE□

    Mazda Flair hybrid 2015

    It's the same (wagonR), just a different badge. Like the: Suzuki Hustler/Mazda Flair Suzuki Every/Mazda Scrum Daihatsu Move/Subaru Stella Daihatsu Cast/ Toyota Pixis Joy Also remembered seeing a japan Alto with a Mazda badge. But when it comes to reselling, people who aren't sure if they are the same model might create a minor fuss (ane..mazda 2nd market ne bn) so you have to explain them that. But this is a rare occurence so don't worry.
  5. Angelo Barnabas

    Mazda Flair hybrid 2015

    Hi All Has anyone have an idea about the Mazda Flair Hybrid 2015 version? I inspected one and hoping to buy. This exacrly looks like the Suzuki Wagon R Stingray but cannot find any review on this. Can somebody help me with feed back? Thanks
  6. NODE72

    Buying CiviC FD1/FD4

    How much a timing belt will cost?
  7. Saw an AE85 for sale in a quick site. Any initial D/Itsuki wannabes (Note: Not Takumi) with a million to spare, now is the chance!

  8. Yesterday
  9. Upesam

    What is the best hybrid to buy

    Its for more than 70km/h, just for 71km/h
  10. □AVANTE□

    Suzuki Every Join turbo 2018

    We used havoline for our motorbikes & for our previous cars too. Good for the budget. If you want a better oil, then Mobil1 is the way to go.
  11. Conner carter

    Suzuki Every Join turbo 2018

    Thanks for all the answer and sorry for late reply. finally solved after changing the Engine Oli. oil color and oil which i use , can anybody suggest me better oil?
  12. Conner carter

    Suzuki Every Join turbo 2018

    Thanks for all the answer and sorry for late reply. finally solved after changing the Engine Oli. oil color and oil which i use , can anybody suggest me better oil?
  13. I desperately am. 😞 My car being a 2011 RalliArt, doesn't have the factory wiring for the automatic headlight levelling system (projector headlamps were not offered on the Australian RalliArt after 2010. Neither was the sunroof). So I can't install the OEM projectors unless I do some serious wiring mods which I am not too keen on doing. I've had a look into replica "OEM" projector headlamps as well, but didn't bite the bullet yet. My advice for you would be to keep the original projector headlights and take care of them as if though they're your own eyes. 🙂 True, there are pretty cool looking aftermarket headlights with daytime running LEDs built in and so on, but from what I gather from local communities, the OEM projectors are damn good. So what most people end up doing is custom mods on the OEM lights where they open up the housing, black out the inside and install angel eyes, DRLs and so on. There are even aftermarket inserts that go in the OEM housing (see video below). Lights from companies like MARS are apparently very weak at night with poor light output. There are good ones out there though. Ones with sequential turn signals which really makes the car look unique. Talking about sequential turn signals, this is the one of the nicest aftermarket tail light I've seen for the car. 😍
  14. Magnum

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    I knew something is wrong with this list when I saw Ford above Mercedes and Mitsubishi
  15. @iRage. Do you have any suggestions for 2.5 mil bro. Greatly appreciated. 1) Nissan Tiida 2) Toyota Vios 3) Passo 4) Vitz 5) Mazda Axela 6) Swift 7) Nissan FB15 😎 Toyota ist. Or Brand new Hustler. ???? Or Any other. Thanks & regards.
  16. iRage

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Well...even for the US....the scoring mechanism really is not reflective of what the true reliability is....even if a person calls to find out to find out how to store a radio channel or call to ask what the red button on the remote key is...they get counted in to a failure call. Secondly, Mazda has been doing quite well in terms of reliability for a long time...it is just that Americans have discovered Mazda only since recently
  17. Thank you @iRage. Still have doubts about the Vitz. Older Vits look isn't that good.
  18. But please do remember that the 1L engine in the Vitz is somewhat of a lazy grumbly dog. The 1.3L Vitz (or 1.5L) is a lot lot lot better. 1.3/1.5 will be a little bit lesser fuel efficient than the 1L variant, but it (1.3 and 1.5) is totally worth it as it is a completely different car that is much nicer to drive.
  19. □AVANTE□

    Best place for wagonR spares

    My cousin's 2016 Stingray (yes, almost everyone in my life is a wagonR user) had met with an accident with damages to the bumper left side and hood. He had rented it out with normal insurance and therefore insurance has denied him claim. He wants to know a good place in colombo where he could get a new hood and front bumper for an affordable price. Thanks in advance!
  20. □AVANTE□

    Knowledge Box

    I've noted lots of people who don't know the proper way to use an A/C during the summer. Here are some tips: https://carfromjapan.com/article/car-maintenance/tips-using-car-ac-hot-weather-efficiently/amp/
  21. Monkey King Stu

    Toyota Axio - Sound when making a right turn

    To the best of my knowledge, a bad CV joint doesn't necessarily have to be changed urgently, depending on the condition. I first noticed the 'kata kata' sounds 😅 as well when taking a right u-turn (I turn steering all the way to make the turn in one go), maybe about 5 'katas' in a turn. Upon inspection we found a ruptured CV boot on left side, I was adviced that replacing the boot would help prevent it getting worse, so i went with that for now since i could manage my aggressive turns. Later, during a more thorough service we noticed damage on the steering rack and had that repaired. Since then I've hardly noticed the sound anymore. You can find videos on Google so you can ID the sound of really bad CV Joints, it's a LOT of 'katas' 😅, and even on small turns. If the sound is from CV joint then don't worry about it, you will definitely KNOW when to change it as the noise starts to get annoying, check out Google for reference.
  22. Vihanga321

    Honda fit battery

    Hello guy, Im thinking of buying a honda fit gp5 2014 but it has been used for somtime...if were to replace the battery how much would it cost me??
  23. Thanks @Devinda_Z for the info. So u propose a vitz over Tiida. But the thing is the year and price are very similar in both. Whereas Vitz is a hatchback. But I'll honor your advice and look for a good vitz. The thing is most of them look veryyyyyy old when it passes 6/7 years. Btw, my main concern is the MAINTENANCE cost. What will be the car with least maintenance cost. And what about Brandnew Hustler or Passo.??? Thanks and regards.
  24. The Tiida is more Renault Nissan than a proper Nissan - i've heard of various little niggles including the air conditioning Why not the Vitz? It'll have all the Toyota reliability and re-sale value going for it but be newer than the Vios The Axela is good proposition but is unlikely to return the kind of fuel figures some of the others will To be honest all your choices are pretty solid - what will set them apart would be the actual specimen Look for proper maintenance records - not just oil changes done at the agent - but actual bills and receipts for consumables like brake pads etc etc - the quality of the parts used and the place where the work was done will tell you a lot about how the owner has treated the car. Get it scanned for errors and inspected for accident damage too
  25. sathyajithj99

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    I always park mine where I can see it from my clinic
  26. Pubsamare

    Good Garages around Kandy

    Try excellent motors kiribathkumbura, they have helped me several times and they did well.
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