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  3. I'm considering buying a 2011 GP1. It chassis number starts from GP1 - 1088XXX. Is this in affected range for oil leak issue? And how to know the battery is in good condition? I did a small test drive and when I accelerate a bit drive fast and release the accelerator, I felt a vibration/shaking in the car. Sales guy said it's how it is in every GP1. Never driven a GP1 before. Any idea on this? Please help me with above questions since I need to make a decision soon. Thanks!
  4. tiv

    Tools for DIY of Vehicles

    Spoken by someone who literally taught the words DIY to this forum, nice to see you back mate!
  5. mustand

    heavy vehical licence

    Minimum height for heavy vehical licence
  6. iRage

    Car registration

    Well...if you ahve all the documentation showing the last few days' dates you will be able to reason with the policemen (if they stop you) that you just bought the car and finished the reigstration process and that you are going to your hometown for the revenue license
  7. akboselk

    Car registration

    Thanks for you and "kush" for replying. I already have the insurgence and will able to complete the emission test after i receive registration details tomorrow. However i have to drive the vehicle to my home in central province (without revenue license ) to get revenue license. (online service not allow for central province ) In this situation will there any legal issue ?
  8. Quiet

    Tools for DIY of Vehicles

    I would stop at microfiber cloth
  9. Ripper

    Tools for DIY of Vehicles

    IMHO it's very hard to lock it down to a particular set. As you grow in capability and skill, more and more tools will be required and it is a never ending process
  10. iRage

    Car registration

    1. On paper your car is a USED car, even if it was used in Japan for a day or less. Even in Japan your car is classified as a used car even if it has been used in Japan for less than a day 2. Can't you register your car in the central province ? You can get it online and drive with the receipt...even if you don't as long as you can show that you just registered your car and taking it back to your residing area
  11. K.o.N.o.S

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    waiting for more..😊
  12. kush

    Car registration

    You need to get the emission test done and of cause the insurance You can get the revenue license online at https://www.gov.lk/index.php You will be able to print a temporary receipt, original will be posted to registered address
  13. kush

    Need a 7 seat SUV for 5/4.5 million

    Second hand market is low as there are plenty around being sold by permit holders who are importing vehicles on new permits. Prices are likely to go up as you cannot get down diesels or decent petrol SUVs due to ridiculous tax structure.
  14. john cooper

    SUV's : Old vs New (Montero-Montero Sport--Land Cruiser)

    Mine is a B/N purchased here in NZ just before Toyota planted the 1GD engine. mine has done high k's (close to 200k) but full-service history. I am the 2nd owner prior to me this use to be a company car done long runs (about 40k annual) This was fitted with a catch can when I bought (stop clogging EGR and manifold) I have installed the remap kit and I have done about 50k and never missed the beat. DYNO test indicates about 500Nm at 2000rpm and I am happy about that, as per the manufacturer this is safe to push about 550NM but I am ok what I have got. Pre 2012 1KD's having the injector issue which caused some of the engines to fail so advise to change injector seals every 40k. regards, JC
  15. Yesterday
  16. Traveler

    Suzuki Hustler/wagon r Vs Demio

    Thank You for the help.
  17. rikkirose

    Passo kgc10 ac compressor replacement

    Hi there! I can recommend you to search on site boodmo. I often buy car accessories and consumables there, and of course spare parts, when there is such a need. Prices are good there, if you will find a spare part for your model, I think you will be satisfied with the cost.😊
  18. hustlehard

    Need a 7 seat SUV for 5/4.5 million

    Sorento is a great vehicle. I love it, but the second-hand market is bad right?
  19. akboselk

    Car registration

    I purchased a new car from japan auction and imported to Sri Lanka last week and driven it from hambantota to colombo (my relative's home ) with chassis number. Now I need to take it to my home (in Central province ) after I receive my number plate. 1) should I need to do the Emission test for recondition car from first year ? 2) can I drive it without revenue license from colombo to my home in central province ? (because i think i have to take the revenue license from a AG office in central province ) thanks
  20. tiv

    Tire air drops

    Basic car ownership check the valves, stems check the tyre bead, pull it off and set the bead again check the expiry date for the tyre, expired Tyres leak a bit lastly swap the tyre to another wheel and see if the rim has a leak.
  21. tiv

    Tire air drops

    Basic car ownership check the valves, stems check the tyre bead, pull it off and set the bead again check the expiry date for the tyre, expired Tyres leak a bit lastly swap the tyre to another wheel and see if the rim has a leak.
  22. dilan_randika

    Tire air drops

    hi, after i pump 30psi to all 4 tires, when checking after about 1 month, 3 tires become 27. 1 ack tire become 17. no tire puncture detected after checking in 3 tire shops. what can be the reason?
  23. iRage

    Honda Insight 2019 vs Toyota Premio 2019

    Uhh...about this statement....you need to understand certain things. "G Superior" PACKAGE was an actual/official thing Toyota dealers offered as a DEALER PACKAGE. It was offered on the highest grade of the 1.5 or 1.8L variant. So it isn't that Sri Lankans call the F-EX package or whatever the G Superior. So when Toyota dealers sell an F-EX or what ever with the G Superior PACKAGE they would have gotten the highest grade with all the logical manufacturer options and then attached the original accessories. In SL, in order to save money on import (both in purchase and taxes which compound the cost), they just got the standard highest grades of the 1.5L (usually without the spec'd manufacture options) and stuck the locally purchased accessories. No..this is the oxymoronic way (sorry). Through-out the time of the model, the manufacturer releases special/limited editions. When they do that they typically mix and match options/accessories. So saying that grade CDE will have a certain type of LED bulb'd lamp and speedometer and grade ABC will only have a lesser type is not accurate. Also, these parts can be changed and our car sales people do change them because doing so increases their profit margins. the ONLY way to figure out what the actual grade for Toyotas is the frame code/type. Nothing else...that is it (unfortunately this does not work with some brands). Unfortunately, you still will not know whether the package/edition is legit or not. If the package/edition is a manufacturer (or special dealer) variant then there will be a notation at the end of the the frame code/type. Example ACA31 RAV4 X Limited package would have the code AXA31-AW....-X (<-- the last -X shows the special variant) The Allion comes as A15, A18 and A20 grades A15 = NZT26x-CEXEK A18 = ZRT26x - CEXEK (with 2ZR-FE engine) ZRT26x - CEXEP (for 2ZR-FAE engine) A20 = ZRT261 - CEXGP Then each grade has variants/editions. Within the 2007 - 2010 model year G and S packages were offered. Thus the above codes had a -G and uhh...I think a -S at the end of the code. In 2008 they released a trimmed down variant called the standard package for the A15 and A18 (primarily as a business/fleet model) and those had the -U at the end. The Premio has the same frame codes as the above for each of its grades 1.5F, 1.8X, 2.0G (replace the C in the code with A). then the L packages and L packages came with -F and -L and other letters depending on what Toyota fancied on calling its grade range. The above works for MANUFACTURER packages/editions. For normal dealer packages/editions that were available, like the G Superior DEALER package for the 1.5L or 1.8L variants would have no coded identification.
  24. nmreyaz

    Giving for hire - Legal agreement

    As the owner of the vehicle, you must also take precautions to ensure the driver does not commit any offences using the vehicle. You can request the driver to submit a police report or the driver could give you a written letter that he was not involved in any crimes previously. There are some specific laws (like section 40 of the Forests Ordinance) which result in automatic confiscation of the vehicle. Using the vehicle to transport drugs, firearms, explosives or to commit offences under the Prevention of Terrorism Act are likely to result in the seizure of the vehicle. The owner will then have to go to Court and satisfy the Judge that he took all reasonable precautions to prevent the commission of a crime. If the owner fails, the vehicle will be confiscated to the State. The owner will end up without a car and under obligation to pay the balance lease. Sorry to present a bleak picture but this is how things happen in Court. It would be better if you consult a lawyer to decide what precautions you need to take that will, if brought to Court, to prevent the commission of a crime. A legal agreement drawn by a lawyer between the owner and the driver will enhance your credibility when investigated by the authorities.
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