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  2. sujeeva

    Future of Mobility ~ EV

    Program for Owners, Drivers, Car Salesmen, Fleet owners, future EV buyers. What it’s about? EVs take the global mobility by storm. Sri Lanka will be no exception. Many confused whether to buy an EV or ICE, cost benefits, battery life, resale values and more. Bespoke program in consideration with the brands, costs, usage, driving and infrastructure ~ global offering in a local perspective. We cover it all and more Knowing EVs Vs Hybrid & ICE technology Purchase decision making, to buy or not! Checking before buying a used EV Living with EV - Features, Autonomy & Emergencies Preserving Battery - it costs 1/3 of the EV! Charging, Driving, Maintenance & DIY (Do It Yourself) CPK - Cost per Kilometer / TCO - Total Cost of Ownership Better returns for your investment/resale values Contribute to the environment better Value added products, EV ecosystem Resource person: Sujeeva Premaratne of JLanka e Mobility (Pvt) Limited A professional in Automotive / mobility trade over 25 years of experience representing franchises for global brands including Toyota, Ford, Volvo, Daihatsu, Jaguar, Land Rover & Suzuki. In-depth knowledge on EV ecosystem, its disruptive developments and future on both global and local perspectives. Qualified on Auto technology from CGTTI and City & Guilds + Financial and Marketing qualifications from NIBM & CIM UK. Venue : Green Academy, 98, Main Street Battaramulla. Opposite Sethsiripaya Medium : Sinhala & English as required Date : Sunday the 30th June 2019, 9 AM to 1 PM Investment: LKR 1,500 for online bookings. Standard LKR 2,500 Click for Registration / payments : online www.goev.lk & www.786.lk Reserve your seats: https://786.lk/event.html 011 786 786 011 364 1741 | 076 422 1806 [email protected] | https://www.goev.lk/know-your-ev/
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  4. Hi I've just bought an OBD2 Scanner from Ebay to scan my Alto LXI (2008). I've tried the two Android apps called "Car Scanner" and "Torque (lite)". Both can connect to the device but can't connect to the ECU. The "Car Scanner" app goes through all the Protocols available with it and none matches with the vehicle. Could this be a problem with the car (maybe the port)? Or is there any app that supports this car? Thanks.
  5. This is 2 months old but for those of you who don't know: The story of the legendary Toyota Mark X (Successor of the Mark II) is coming to an end this December 2019. Since 1968 to 2019, more than half a century spent on providing joy to many luxury lovers, collectors, drifters & enthusiasts. Toyota will sign this book with a Final edition Mark X 250S, available in RWD & AWD with a 2.5L V6. In some iterations this car was basically a 4-door supra. 

  6. spectre

    Axio - New shocks or 'used' shocks?

    If you don’t mind, could you share the total cost for the shock replacement or separately if you can please.
  7. sudarsan

    Toyota CHR tax

    Hi friends, Any know about the tax amount for CHR none hybrid..
  8. Renushan

    Auto Gear Shifting

    Thanks. Any ideas
  9. Hi Welcome to the forum - don't open multiple threads please. Already there are 2 threads by you for more or less the same requirement. Can a moderator please merge these threads?
  10. GG7 (./GG8 = AWD) : Fit Shuttle 1.5L + IMA GP3 : Honda Freed..but it came with the 1.5L = IMA...the Freed never came with a 1.3L engine GP6 : Same size as the GP5....only difference is GP6 was the AWD variant.
  11. Buy the Santa Fe....other 7 seater SUVs are out of your budget or are too old for you...so you really do not have much of an option here...(unless by some luck you find one of the extremely rare Honda Stream or Toyota Wish which are MPVs but in reality station wagons)
  12. Kingston777

    Good repair spot around Panadura / Moratuwa?

    OK I Have no idea abt the prices but there's one reliable garage I found in Horana Road. If you're coming from Panadura bus stand along the Horana road, when you pass CTB bus depot, there's a road to the right named "Kaviraja Mawatha". Just travel for abt 200 mtrs and you will see the "Kaviraja Mawatha 2nd Lane" to your left. Just ride for about 10 mtrs and take the bend - you will find a Garage to your left. (Working hrs 9.30 am to 7.30 p.m)
  13. Magnum

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Hands down Evo IV-VI is the best looking in the series! Specially in white
  14. I had driven the GP1 for a trip to the airport, and a full day around Kegalle town. I agree that it is a breeze to park and reverse the car due to the small size. Handling is easy. But issue about driving in the traffic might be because I’m new to the car.
  15. matroska

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    Vagina eke light wada lu...
  16. Forgot to mention. GP1 has the climbing issue. I once had to push a car to help on a very steep hill without even being loaded. On the same place a FIT ARIA also hesitated and had to push that also(road towards next door house). The same hill is easily climbed by a 1.2l CHR every day. But the issue is more apparent in the GP5 hybrid system. At the beginning of the hill the car stops like its been confused to choose the right gear. This issue is present in the Grace and Vezel too. I experience the same issue even in the new 1.5 Turbo CRV(even the car had no passengers and had plenty of power). But never experienced this issue in the good old ES5.
  17. These are sister cars but Brand new a similar spec Santa fe is more expensive than the Sorento. And hyundai owns Kia. So the build quality of the santafe is much above the sorento. And there is a model change (not a facelift) during that years. So theres no sense buying the 2012 sorento over the Santafe. Actually its better to have a similar spec 2012 santafe than a 2012 sorento
  18. Yes the company told to use normal diesel when i drove it out brand new. But i used super diesel. The one i used with super didnt get the engine issue at even 100 000km. It was manual. The cluch pump and flywheel fail in the manuals so avoid them. Then i exchanged it to a fully loaded auto. It had its overhaul at 65 000km. But there are no issues afterwards. There is nothing to be afraid of if the overhaul had been done in the company. The fuel economy reduces with time but a diesel will do above 10kmpl easyly. But never expect 10 in any petrol suv. Youd lucky if you got around 5kmpl in the 2.7 v6 petrol. So if you need fuel economy never buy the petrol varient. 10years is nothing for a diesel suv and for the price theres no other vehicle thats comes to your requirement. The other optioms would be a Palathsaba Pajero or a Prado from the 1980s You can only buy something like a wagonr or alto new at that price which is totally useless for your requirement
  19. planning to buy a KIA Sorento 2011.What do you mean by 1-10 options, 1-7 options,1-12 optio
  20. planning to buy a KIA Sorento 2011.What do you mean by 1-10 options, 1-7 options,1-12 options? Need feedback urgently
  21. spot On! I've driven both cars and to summarize: GP1 - Old school petrol car you really don't feel you're driving a hybrid it guzzles fuel like an ordinary petrol car too. A bit more rugged than the GP5. Other than the oil burn issue (factory defect in a set of cars) it's a nice old school trouble free car. In 3 years of ownership i only changed the wiper blades. If you can find a car with the oil burn issue fixed/ one that doesnt fall in the affected VIN # range you have a trusty old school car. Batteries have held out well so far I sold mine last year (6 years old 61,000 KMS done) with 75% usable capacity on the battery. GP5 - Puts a smile on your face. Peppy car with lots of pulling power. Nicer interior and more bells and whistles. 'Rockets out' is an apt description. I hate the gear shifter though puny little piece of plastic. People tend to fall in love with GP5s. Despite my warnings about potential DCT issues 2 of my friends after test driving GP5's fell in love with them and ended up buying them. ( One of them - a lady liked it so much that she already ended up ramming a parked Isuzu Elf ) Both models are fun and practical. Nowadays due to the lower price are good bargains.
  22. whaaa? Drove a GP1 daily for 3 years -this is news to me 😄 . For me the GP1 is a perfect traffic car due to it's handling dynamics you can easily maneuver it in traffic and lane switching is a breeze. Partially true - but not as severe as you say : if you have to break on an incline and then start again there is a slight 'roll-back' effect but nothing severe and lol no it's not like clutch balancing at all. This is mostly due to the CVT box as far as I know. This is not there in the GP5. You guys should try driving an old car like a vw beetle - i had to break on an incline on an old beetle once and balancing the clutch on that mother was so difficult I think I shit myself. GP1 - Hybrid 1.3 L Engine + IMA - same body shape as the GE6 the last Fit to retain the original Fit design genes IMHO. GP2 - Fit Shuttle - Hybrid 1.3 L Engine + IMA same car as GP1 only longer. GP3 - Honda Freed : A mini mpv/car abomination has the same 1.3 L engine + IMA GP4: FIT RS. 1.5 L Engine + IMA Sportier version of GP1 - same basic design few cosmetic differences other than the more powerful engine. ---------- In 2013 Honda Ditched IMA ----------- GP5: from 2013 onwards - based on honda's new 'Earth dreams bla bla bla' 1.5 L Engine + DCT GP7 : Honda fit Shuttle based on the GP5 - same internals larger car. There's also a GP6 somewhere which seems to be a larger variant of the GP5? I'm not too sure about that though. Correct other than the years. GP1 is more or less the hybrid version of the GE6 it was produced from 2010-2013 and the GP5 started in 2013.
  23. Ishantha84

    Garmin Gps Maps For Sri Lanka

    replaced only the gmapsupp.img file with downloaded SL map. everything work fine. thanks @WIKUM100
  24. I find that the driving the GP1 in the traffic is a bit hard until you get used to it, because when you leave the breaks the car feels like its in a hurry to go even without pressing the accelerator. Haven’t noticed that in the GP5. I don't have driven GP5 but about GP1 you are 100% correct. indeed i also found that the GP1 is hard to drive in traffic until you get used. After you familiar with GP1 for a long time it will be hard to drive other car. Also i have things to clarify about GP1. 1. At the very steep climb with 4 people if you break the car it is very hard to accelerate and get up. You have to reverse down and get pickup. then it will be ok anyone noticed about it? 2. Break and stop at climb when releasing break pedal car is reverse backward. you have to put handbrake or press gas pedal to stop reverse ( i didn't experience that much in any other car) like balancing clutch on manual car. Are above common things on GP1 and also with GP5?
  25. Yesterday
  26. Hello guys, I want to know the fuel consumption of Santa Fe 2008/9/10 and 2011 (both petrol and diesel) I heard it does 10 on diesel and 8 on petrol, that true? and I wonder if it is a bad vehicle to buy in 2019 cus I heard all the Santa fes have gone through an engine overhaul by 60 000kms (diesel ones - did petrol vehicle engines got overhauled too?)
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