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  2. I know a case of a GP5 but that car is a recent model compared to yours. True, you should not replace cells of an old pack (say more than 3 years) with new cells because due to aging the older cells would have different charging characteristics compared with new cells and you may end up ruining the new cells fast. However if your other cells are reasonably OK, there is no harm in replacing with used cells provided the guy give you a reasonable warranty (say 6 months) and a price. Talk to him and see if you are interested.
  3. When I contacted HybridHub they mentioned for this car model, replacing few cells won't work. I don't know if they say that because its less hassle for them with a good amount of money or, out of actual experience. Has your contact successfully replaced only some cells and recovered the battery to the running condition for a long time without any issues? If so that would be a great option.
  4. Not planing to keep the vehicle for a long time , and I don't want to sell the vehicle to someone with a faulty battery either. My car's usable capacity is probably around 15% and surprisingly it gives exact fuel economies like a one with a good battery. 20km/L in long distance. It's been this way for past 2 years. However charging cycles are more frequent as it drains quickly due to low capacity. So if I were to keep this I wouldn't change the battery now as it hasn't given much of a trouble yet. It's a 2010 model with 60000km mileage. Anyone have experience with this place? https://kachybridbatteryclinic.net/ Website looks informative. They say they give 5yrs warranty.
  5. Where to buy a mini lathe machine

    They also sell it on eBay.
  6. I have a contact of a person who brings down used batteries from Japan. If it is only a few cells that needs to be replaced then that could be a good option. However, with a whole battery perhaps you will have to take a chance with the warranty offered. You can talk to him and see how it goes. If you are interested send me a PM.
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  8. yes,go for the cheap place only if you plan to sell immediately after replacement and don't care if the cheap cells explode or catch fire 🔥in our heat.By the way,how old is the car and its mileage? anyway don't expect the battery to be reconditioned to original condition,in that case they should give 8-10years warranty like manufacturers but the maximum warranty you get even at the expensive places is what,2 years?
  9. Need help, regarding an Issue

    Ha...ha of course yes, that guy went speechless and tried to cook a new story like its the first step of troubleshooting blah...blah...blah. I said cut the crap for god's sake and learn first about vehicle repairing before ruining someones vehicle. Person gone to silent mode. Thanks again to all of you for your valuable suggestions , Keep up the good work
  10. Car doesn't run smooth

    Hi , I have noticed some rough riding( not engine related) in my car. It is clearly noticed when driving slowly in a well carpet road. This happened after I have done a rack repair along with replacing front wheel bearings. Mechanic said one side drive axle also worn out. What would be the cause ??. During the last repair changed rack bush ,rack ends, knuckle bushes, wheel bearings, lower arms. even if the axle was faulty did not changed as it is not yet in worst situation. Car_swift 2003 jeep
  11. Hello, I'm new on the forum, need help for my Honda Vezel. How to retract the rear brake caliper piston before replacing rear brake pads on the Electronic Parking Brake system ?

    Thanks petro...your feed back is most valued. Just a quick question...if you are to re do the whole thing again, would you still go for a honda vezel or different make
  13. Formula 1 - 2017

    Ha ha, both Kimi and Fernando had good starts and got screwed. Fernando was P3 for a split second before his race was effectively ended for him
  14. Nissan QG15 Auto Gear Box Oil

    AFAIK manufacturers recommended oil is Nissan Magic J. So something compatible will do.
  15. Its not just the procedure but might be the replacement part itself that contributes towards the price difference. So you better double check and triple check and think about going with the cheaper place.
  16. Anyone here have experience with Hybrid battery replacement of a Honda Civic FD3 ? I'm looking for an alternative option other than agents as their price is ridiculously high (probably because of extended warranty period ). HybridHub by Edirisinhe motors quoted 330k for a replacement and someone told me some other place near kohuwala does this for around 170k. (I can't exactly remember the name of this place, let me know if someone know such a place near kohuwala). If both of these companies doing the same procedure I'd go with later. I've also heard some people had trouble later with the replaced battery when they get this done by much cheaper places. Anyways, can anyone recommend me a good place with a reasonable price?
  17. Silicon Axle Boots

    Hi Guys, Any of you have used silicon axle boots for your vehicle? (Not rubber ones)
  18. I want to change my gear box oil.Currently its having Caltex texamatic 1888 oil. So I want to know that oil is good or do i need to go for a new oil.Gear box is not CVT. Your valuable advice are highly appreciated.
  19. Comfy, so the suspension is a bit on the pudgy side; the back is a little bit late to turn in on bends at speed and does have a sense of wanting to under-steer. The new one is more direct but still suspension is soft.
  20. Amazing fuel on Aqua (2013)

    I used a aqua for more than 2 years and ran exceeding 100,000 kms.experienced an excellent fuel economy.troubles free.good vehicle
  21. Last week
  22. Thats pretty good, hows it to drive?
  23. O2 sensor alarm

    How many wires does the connector have and what's the car we're talking about here? Unlike hall effect sensors, the Oxygen sensor actually produces a small voltage between 100mV to 900mV or so. If one of the wires in your connector is a +12V line (some sensors are heated ones where a separate line heats up the sensor for cold starts), then yes, you have a risk of frying your ECU. Did you note a sudden drop in fuel efficiency recently? Does your car idle normally?

    I can shed some light as I've been using a 2017 Vezel RS for the last 5 months. It was bought brand new and has done 6000 km up to now. First of all, the car feels solid, well built and is packed with good features. My one has the Sensing package where you get adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist etc. Pulling power is a little bit low in the Eco mode. However, you can use the sports mode along with paddle shifters for better performance. It really does make a difference and is fast enough to have a bit of fun (by sacrificing the fuel efficiency figures.). The car also feel planted around 140 - 160 kmph (tested on the expressway). Suspension is on the stiff side and feels sporty. You can feel the bumps and uneven surfaces on the road. By using the exact manufacturer recommended tire pressures (33 psi and 29 psi), this stiffness effect can be reduced to a certain extent. The vehicle is comfortable enough for long distance cruising but not in heavy traffic conditions. You can feel the clutch engaging during the launch which becomes somewhat of a mild headache.This is due to its Dual Clutch Transmission setup. It was quite weird as I used to drive a CVT equipped car (a Belta) earlier. I guess this setup is more stable when compared to the 2014 models as one of my relatives uses a 2015 vezel with 60K on the clock. The only issue he got was with the remote key battery. Fuel efficiency gets dropped to 12.5 - 13 kmpl in heavy traffic while you could achieve 14 - 15 kmpl easily in low traffic conditions. I averaged 19 - 20 kmpl in the southern highway using cruise control at 90 kmph. However if you could really drive it efficiently and patiently, achieving 22 kmpl is possible. All in all, its a good vehicle with loads of goodies. It is not the most efficient car nor the most powerful hybrid. But it gets the job done with good adaptive technology and ground clearance. However make sure that you take care of the transmission and it will take care of you. Good luck!!
  25. O2 sensor alarm

    Yes... check engine is working.. unlike OBDII cars mine has just a code set identified by blinking counts of check engine light. (OBDI). So no scanner port in my car. ECU and check engine seems working bcoz in test mode, check engine gives code 51 which is "AC is on" when I switch on my AC. Code 21 is fpr O2 sensor problem. If the ecu input from O2 sensor is normally open then for open connection it gives no alarm. I am going to short it and check. Will it be burn my ecu?
  26. Nissan Leaf

    It is supposed to be like how you would cruise to a stop in an AT by slightly stepping on the brake but not going all out and coming to a quick stop.
  27. Honda Grace Gearbox question

    Hi..I saw some comments on the fuel consumption of Grace. I jst want to share my experience on that. Usually I drive towards Kandy from kegalle and car indicates consumption around 23km per litre. Since, I have to go through kadugannawa I think its ok. But recently I did drive towards Anuradhapure, and car indicated ,29km per litre. Hence, I think Grace is doing well
  28. Formula 1 - 2017

    Was about to post the video yesterday but got distracted and forgot. What a start that was. My opinion also is that it was Vettel who went across the track abruptly, pushing Verstappen into into Kimi's car, causing the Ferrari's rear wheel to be clipped off by the RedBull. Didn't expect this from an experienced driver like Vettel. Oh well, now this is clearly going to cost him the championship as Hamilton is now in the lead. According to the board "no one is at fault". Here's the race highlights video:
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