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  2. Someone call the UN !!! Again...lets just agree to disagree and we shall all pray that maybe at least in 5 generations time our country will be enlightened. Cheers!
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  4. Help With My New Cs3

    @nagaya, your gauge cluster is different from mine. Anyway I post a photo of mine and hope it may help you. I have got factory fitted fog lamps. Cannot find connector at horns (not visible to me), but can observe some wire going down words between two horns (See 3rd photo)
  5. Help With My New Cs3

    @nagaya, you're following the correct path so far. Yes, the connector near the horn is for the fog lamps. The gauge cluster should be having a fog lamp indicator. If you shine a torch at an angle to the cluster, you should be able to make out the outline of each indicator. You'll have to take the gauge cluster out and place a bulb behind the fog lamp indicator as it may not have been installed from the factory. Also, check the cabin fuse box for a fog lamp symbol and check it the fuse is there. @trinity installed fog lamps on his CS1 and should be able to assist you as well.
  6. Kia Picanto 2017 fuel consumption?

    Hi all, im new to this forum. I m also looking for a brandnew car around 3~3.5 mil Rs range. So, I inspected following 5 options, 1. Kia Picanto 1L (Full option) 2. Toyota Wigo 3. Perodua Axia 4. Perodua Bezza 5 Wagon R (Japanese one from agent) Basic things I have noticed are , 1. Kia Picanto Auto Full option version is best. It has superior interior (has European touch) compared to others Almost all the items are from S/Korea. Build quality is good. Even lamps from reputed brands. 2. Toyota Wigo it is similar to Axia and manufactured in Indonesia. Has more Indian touch. 3. Perodua Axia Same car as Toyota Wigo, but has better exterior look and build quality. Has some more features than Wigo and price is nearly 2 lakhs less. made in Malaysia 4. Perodua Bezza More like a Sedan version of Axia. 5 Wagon R (Japanese one from agent) 3.1 mil. Agent told that they dont take orders till August 2018. Interior and exterior is very attractive. But rear side has VAN look. All these except Wagon R have 1 L engines,
  7. You may right in calling personal vehicle a Life style element. But that does not negate the fact that how important it has become in modern lifestyle. Owning a car is a human right and I say it again that government should not bar common man from having it. Even though public transportation is much convenient and easy it doesn't cancel out human tendency to roam free on his/her own. You should not misunderstand the need for a car and the need for convenient public transport. I don't think anyone would like to sit in bumper to bumper traffic for hours. There should be good public transportation system as well as the freedom to own a good quality car.
  8. Help With My New Cs3

    Guys, I need some info on plugging fogs to a CS3. Thanks in advance. I got a fog lamp switch and plugged it and put the relay to the position mentioned in the fuse box in the engine compartment. But when I push the button there is no indicator on the dash board. It seems there is no place for a fog lamp even in the dash board Is this the connector ( near horn) should I connect the power wires of the fog lamps ? If anybody has photos can you please share I connected fog lamp switch as below near the side mirror switch.
  9. Using contaminated ATF will cause long term probs on your vehicle.
  10. Project R - Redux - from 2014 to 2018: ENGINE

    @MrCat here you go kid sir. the full monty on the engine rebuild.
  11. Project R - March 2018 - Katukurunda Drags

    thanks man. the B18 block was given up on long ago. its now a B20B block, with forged internals and a B18 head with an LS-VTEC conversion. i've described this in the engine rebuild post. i'll tag you there.
  12. It is NOT a basic human need ! it is a Life style element ! You are not going to die or be deprived of a fair chance of living a safe and healthy life if you don't have a car ! Like you yourself said...it is a status symbol and everything you said pertains to life style choices ! NOT A BASIC HUMAN NEED (seriously what have they been teaching in schools lately ? but I shouldn't be surprised; wasn't there a group demanding permits as not getting it violated their human rights as well ?) !! It used to pertain to one's quality of life but if a country is developed public transportation infrastructure provides a much better quality of life than personal transport. Heck a refrigerator should be considered a basic human need BEFORE a car. Yes....public transport is mainly used in big cities...sorry I didn't frame it properly. And outside of the big cities personal transport is an auxiliary transport mechanism to compliment the public infrastructure as a matter of convenience....not as a necessity (presuming you are not living in the middle of nowhere with a population of 50). Like I always say...we as a society have misplaced our values and believing that a "car" is a basic human need is one of the many reasons our country is in such a dilapidated state (we sacrifice "benefits for the collective" for the "individual gain" on a daily basis). We measure a person's worth and success by the car he/she drives and even worst what characters are on its number plate. Yes...we as citizens should not be hindered of the privilege of owning a car; however if we can't have a car and are given a functioning public transportation system; we should not be made to believe that we are oppressed or deprived or poor. In fact we should feel deprived and poor because we don't have a functioning public transport system even when we might have a whole garage full of cars. Many countries in the world have high taxes for cars...so we are not alone in this....responsible governments have utilized those taxes in building public transport systems...our's...well...we all know what happens... Okay...back to the topic....I will not respond more on this...we will have to agree to disagree and we shall all pray. Please...if you comment off topic..change the font color to green as per forum guidelines or courtesy.
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  14. GEARBOX OIL honda fit 2005

    If you have no idea of what you should do, get some qualified help,.
  15. Transmission oil inside a can with a broken seal breaks down much much faster than when it's in a sealed can or inside the transmission. Since the amount of empty space within the can is occupied by air, it will have moisture in it which condensates inside the can, depending on the outside weather. In a hot and humid country like Sri Lanka, this can lead to the oil breaking down quite fast. If the cap was not tightly sealed, if the can was placed in a place where direct sunlight can get to it, this can become worse. If you accidentally poured water into the transmission, I'd advice flushing out the oil and replacing with new oil.
  16. the lifetime of the electrolytes and porous membrane will be reduced drastically when operating above specified temperatures with high load. Was there such a use case recently?
  17. Used luxury SAV for 6 to 7 million?

    You can add the Audi Q2 to your list. And my personal preference from these 2 is the diesel engine but do your homework and study about bmw diesel engines before you buy.
  18. Aqua 40000km full Service @ Toyota Lanka

    I personally change all the fluids at 40000km keeps the components they are functioning for in good nick. And afterall changing the fluids are much easyer and more predictable than replacing a component when it breaks. But Rs.60 000 seems to be expensive. The cost for all the fluid changes including cvt diff oil transfer case oil break oil power steering oil coolent and the 40000 general service with filters all genuine oil and filters cost only around Rs.40000 (not in company) for the hyundai santafe which is a midsized 4wd Suv. So Rs.60 000 for a small toyota 2wd car is expensive.
  19. About toyota lanka full inspection

    Thanks[emoji4] Sent from my [device_name] using http://AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  20. About toyota lanka full inspection

    Thanks for the info.but seller doesn't like to came such a distance without advance.so am looking for place in kandy...[emoji4] Sent from my [device_name] using http://AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  21. About toyota lanka full inspection

    There's a place in Nugegoda called D* S*l*a. I don't know whether they have any branch in Kandy.
  22. Hi all, I changed my transmission oil around 8 months ago. Since there was some oil left i kept it at home. Last week due to oil cooler hose leakage i refilled few mils from that oil can. When I poured from that oil can I saw there was some small residue (milk like) also in the oil. After a week today when I again tried to use some transmission oil from that can I saw it was very diluted like and water kind of a liquid was there. I am 99.999% sure thay no one had poured water to my oil can. Does anyone has any idea on it? I am going to drain oil tomorrow since if water had gone already to my transmission box, when I poured thag few mil I wonder what had happened ... system is working fine anyhow...
  23. Sorry to go off topic, But I do believe that a car is a basic human need nowadays. Everyone loves to own a car. It is not necessarily to go from point A to B but as a symbol of social status. Not all developed countries rely on public transports. Public transports are only better in congested cities. People loves to enjoy the freedom personal vehicle can offer. And the thrill of driving. It is a crime to deny the general public that privilege.
  24. Can you please elaborate what the A sign indicator flashing means?
  25. Fiat Palio buying information

    Thanks for the helpful information. There's a lot of spares for GP, linea, and uno. I'm also considering GP, Panda, linea and dublo. The latest Uno I found was 1998 which offered too little electronics to get my hands dirty. So, Uno is out.
  26. What ??? ..and here lies one of the root causes our country's transportation system is non-existant ! I sincerely hope, and think, you meant to say that a car has become a basic necessity due to the bad public transportation services and infrastructure in our country. Basic HUMAN needs are safe and unhindered access to water, food, air, housing, education, health services and public infrastructure. Not cars ! In developed countries having a car is just a quality of life element (and for some a luxury item and for most a burden)...not a basic HUMAN NEED....people leave their cars at home and use public transport because that serves their basic need of safe and fair transport from A to B (how else do you think you are able to get your 2 year old Allions and Gold badge Vezels with just 5000km ?)
  27. The scheme gets suspended and then resumed and then suspended again and resumed again....the process is pretty much the same but I strongly recommend you call the relevant authorities to see if it is still offered.
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