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  2. varotone

    Buying a leased car

    I couldn't remember if signing in the presence of a company representative is necessary. The registered owner can sign the power of attorney even when abroad. (I'm not sure if a document signed in one one jurisdiction is valid in another. But once such a power of attorney was accepted for a property matter) Also, the leasing company has a signed MTA form which they will return when the lease is settled.
  3. From what i know as long as the car does not knock due to low octane it should be fine. Of-cause there could be marginal decrease in power/ performance and economy/ emission due to ECU adjusting engine timing to accommodate for the lower octane. I have not noticed any significant issues so even on vehicles that are designed for 95 running on 92 (on temporary cases when could not find 95)
  4. iRage

    Japanese Car News

    Yes...the leg room space in the back is apparently limited than the Allion/Premio and less well utilized than in the Axio. The reasoning for the size to be smaller for Japan is so that it will fit and be easily maneuverable in typical Japanese streets. Toyota has no concern for what people wanted from the Allion/Premio because the model (and the segment) has been dead for the last 6 or 7 years. So for a Japanese market model it made no sense to try meet what was required of a sedan the size of the Allion/Premio as that segment is been taken over by crossovers and MPVs
  5. Today
  6. and that is where it gets hazy but also non-sensible. The CRV runs on regular gasoline....it is just that in some countries regular ranges from 91 - 95 (Japan) and in some countries it is just 92 and in some countries it is just 95 (like UK..or even if you go to Esso or Eneos in Japan it will be 95). SO the question becomes although the regular gasoline in the UK is 95...does that mean that it cannot run on 92 ? It probably can...then the question becomes will the car's emission control systems work properly if it was lower.
  7. I know a few people who pump 95 on their vezels,axios etc these are the same folks who use 'nitrogen' for their tires
  8. No, these turbos operate under low pressure and intended purpose is marginally higher out put from a lower capacity with intention of low emissions and fuel consumption. Power output for the given capacity in not very high in comparison to sport tuned turbos. Besides if you go through the owners manuals the requirement is 92 octane. If it is UK import and says regular then it is 95 as in UK regular is 95, Super/ Premium 98 If it is JDM/ Aus and says regular it is 92 I still cant believe the logic of wasting Rs. 24 on every liter of fuel when it is not required by the specific vehicle.
  9. yes..basically what the engine's tech would need....and what is required for the emissions systems to work properly to stay within the regulated thresholds. Now a days...most cars (that fall under the whole, global models bracket) would have more or less the same requirements.
  10. aamarakoon

    Clarification on Honda CR-V and Peugeot 3008

    CRV runs on 91 or above.
  11. kush

    Japanese Car News

    So the new one is marginally larger than the Axio but at the same time marginally smaller than the Allion/ Premio apart from width (L -95mm, W +50mm, H -40mm, WB -60mm) which means leg room (especially rear) and boot space maybe significantly smaller) Sharing the same wheel base of the Hatch, it will have the same issue of mediocre rear seat / legroom, getting in and out of rear also will be difficult with small and narrow opening rear doors. This may not be ideal replacement for Allion/ Premio for someone with requirement to carry adults in the back seat. I wonder why they did not opt for the extended wheel base of the Saloon as in US and Europe.
  12. Isn't the Octane factor based on the engine technology -being turbo charged etc? Wouldn't a turbo charged CRV require 95 Oct regardless where it was intended for?
  13. kush

    Japanese Car News

    So no 1.2L CVT like the hatch, soo glad i went with the Sport without waiting for the Sedan What a loss for SL no replacement for the Axio and Allion, may be we will have to lobby with the new presidential candidates to get the tax adjusted to get this cars at reasonable prices. Go and grab your Axio or Allion before they start shooting up in prices.
  14. UK spec cars will need 95 octane, SL domestic/ Aussi/ JDM cars will run on 92 so there will be significant saving on fuel costs. Local agents do not support Pugs imported by others even with a costly registration like Merc / BMW so you will have issues if some thing goes wrong. Believe me they do, there are few already in dire straits. Look a slightly used JDM 2018, cost per the permit will be around Rs. 7.5 Mn. if personally imported. And of cause the resale value if it is a concern.
  15. Based purely on (3); CR-V because Sri Lankans have this weird mentality against Euro cars....and also...I do believe the CR-V would be easier to maintain in terms of accessibility to parts and stuff (since there are more CR-Vs on the road than the P3008). As for differences in climatization....I don't think any of us know the practical reality of these new vehicles. Toyota, Honda and other Japanese manufacturers keep talking about their vehicle lineups being global standard models with differences only in engine/regulatory specs and accessories/features; whilst everything, materials and quality of finish, etc...being equal. So based on these kinds of statements you would think that the dashboard in a UK spec model will not turn in to a sticky pile of faux leathered plastic in SL.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Davy

    New Defender Design??

    You need to stop spamming all the threads with comments like this. Gosh. I'm tired of cleaning useless posts this morning.
  18. Davy

    Kia Repair Place

    Please stop spamming the forum with the same post. If you have a problem with the said agent, why don't you make a complaint at the Consumer Affairs Authority? Not saying that your issue will be resolved by doing so, but it's certainly better than posting vague statements on the Internet. Also, maybe you can start by explaining what happened so that members can get a clearer picture of the situation.
  19. SDS

    Kia Repair Place

    Never go to KIA workshop as they will blame you for all their faults and try to charge you the earth for repairs. Besides the arrogance of the staff and CEO who never wants to meet you to solve the problem. It is simply not worth it. Last time I’m using a KIA. A used jap car is better than a brand new KIA anyway.
  20. I’m considering Honda CR-V & Peugeot 3008 for my permit. I need to get some points clarified. It would be much appreciated if you can help me. 1. In case of Peugeot, I Have two options. Either to buy from local agent (at a higher price for lesser options) or to import from UK. Will UK version be suitable for Sri Lankan conditions. (Especially for Petrol, Temperature range, humidity & road conditions). 2. In case of Honda CR-V, only option is Australian version. ( Local agent’s price & JDM price is not affordable for me). Will this be suitable for Sri Lankan environment? 3. Out of 3008 & CR-V, what will be more suitable to be used in Sri Lanka? Thanks in advance.
  21. iRage

    Japanese Car News

    Interesting to see the size difference between the old Axio and the export variant of the same car. Corolla (sedan) Corolla touring New Difference from conventional type (Axio) Difference from overseas models New Difference from conventional type (Fielder) Difference from overseas models Total length (mm) 4,495 +95 -135 4,495 +85 -155 Full width (mm) 1,745 +50 -35 1,745 +50 -45 Overall height (mm) 1,435 -twenty five 0 1,460 -50 0 Wheel base (mm) 2,640 +40 -60 2,640 +40 -60
  22. I am aware of 4. 3 are with collectors. They dont plan to sell them. The blue one is hacked beyond resurrection. It keeps changing hands quite often. Would u believe that this one was in p*chi car niwasa sometime ago? Who would keep a collectable Euro in that place for sale?
  23. 3-4 i believe There's one on the market right now
  24. iRage

    Sedan Car for permit holder

    You should know...that today the new Corolla was released in Japan. This also means the current Axio is not sold anymore EXCEPT for the base business grade. So if you are looking at a bnew one...you are just going to find stocks saved up by car exporters and those too usually go up in price because of the BS the SL car exporters create.
  25. iRage

    Premio car importing

    The new Corolla got released in Japan today....check it out...might be worth a look. It is the replacement for the Axio, Allion and Premio and size wise is the same as the Allion/Premio. The TNGA platform is nice to drive as well...
  26. matroska

    Axio warning

    Yeah you could be in settings mode. Try to exit settings. Then the warning will go away.
  27. Shasika

    Car stereo system

    Hi , I have suzuki swift Rs 2017. My vehicle not started due to battery issue and and i Replace the battery. but my cat set is locked. how can i reset it ? Thanks, Shasika.
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