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  2. I have the same issue. Please somebody let us know correct procedure
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  4. Well not really. For example, the 4A9 engine series which is being used in Lancer, ASX, Xpander and Nissan Livina was designed by Mitsubishi and built in Germany by Daimler. The Original MANN part number was printed on the original air filter (CU 2141) so I looked it up and found out that there is an another version of the same filter with activated carbon (CUK 2141) so decided to go for it Well it was posted from Germany and had the tamper proof seal and the glowing sticker thingy and stuff, but there is always a chance that this is a grade A replica At the time of purchase (2017) there was a difference of almost 2k IIRC, and the filter agent had was manufactured in 2015 or 2016 (manufactured date is printed on the filter). This way I got a filter manufactured in the same year.
  5. Two things to look at specific to Allion/Premio. Cvt maintenance history and AC compressor (probably replaced by now). Please search the forum about above points. Obviously you have to pay attention to maintenance, car overall condition and ownership details etc as in buying any other used car. Also finding a good specimen is especially hard for these cars so be patient and don't fall for shiny bits and sale bayyas.
  6. Hi, and welcome to Auto Lanka., please look at older posts on this vehicle. Good luck. TT.
  7. Lesser oil the virus go through and too much oil you inhale oil?
  8. Writing is not really my profession, Just a very,very fulfilling side hustle. Owner of the Batmobile is a good friend. We are both second generation car collectors as our dads were among the first to start collecting cars as a hobby in SL back in the day. So that,and the fact I also have a collection myself, with experience in ownership and restoration helps other owners be at ease when handing me the keys I guess. Just to be clear I didn't "thrash" the car. Just drove it fairly hard,at a decent pace that I was certain to not have any adverse effect on the mechanicals. I know how to show respect to the machine and have fun at the same time, especially when in a classic. I think that's what separates me from most other auto journos. Trust me, I was well aware that it was a super rare and worth 400,000$. Edit - Found a pic . Mods pls remove if it violates forum rules regarding other publications.
  9. KasunU

    Landsail Tyres

    Anyone with experience using Landsail tyres ? How is they since being a chinese brand ? Looking to get Landsail LS588 UHP SP for a Honda Civic.
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  11. When you run out of face masks and DIY is life. The successor to the N95 mask... The K&N95! 😂
  12. Hello, We are planning on buying an Allion 260 G+ second generation car. Probably with MFY between 2012-2015. It will be used as a second family car. We found many good vehicles in the market with reasonable price which we will be start inspecting from next week. What i need to know from you, - Are there any known issues with this vehicle that we need to be Checked/aware of ? - What parts/functionality that we should specifically check for faults ? - Any tips for a person who is looking to buy an Allion ? Thanks in advance !
  13. on long distance and weekend drives I really don't think it will make a huge difference for you specially since you don't drive daily. It's not like that the Vios/Vitz would do twice as better as the Corolla. You'll appreciate the powerful engine (when overtaking etc) and the relative comfort (over the vios/vitz) on a long distance trip than the 300-400 rs you're going to save on fuel. The Vios of course is not a bad car but at their current age most of them are quite hacked and the interiors are falling to pieces. It'll be easier to find a 141 in better condition than a vios. While the 141 is not what I'd exactly call a fun to drive car it's got a sweet 1.6 L engine and it's built like a tank
  14. yes I meant buying another one. Thanks a lot for all the replies!Seems that 141 is the best option. However I gather that in terms of fuel efficiency it is not that good.Will a second hand Toyota Vios OR Vitz be a better alternative ,considering my requirements?
  15. DriveOne does Audi now. VW is still under Senok.
  16. Was going to respond but you have already given the answer.
  17. @Pericles wasn't that the one with a V6 or something??
  18. Thanks loads.Very helpful. There has been much controversy about who are SL agents for VW.Senok got it from Carmart but recent rumours were they now do Audi only. Any comments?
  19. Nope can't be - it doesn't have the front quarter glass
  20. @Gummybr Mercedes W113 (Pagoda) ?
  21. one copy is sufficient to get the transfer done..
  22. Worst Rated Indian Cars By Global NCAP, which sold in Sri Lanka 1. Maruti Suzuki Alto 2. Maruti Suzuki Celerio 3. Renault Kwid 4. Datsun Go 5. Maruti Suzuki Swift Link - https://www.google.com/amp/s/gomechanic.in/blog/10-worst-rated-indian-cars-by-global-ncap/%3famp
  23. Hi guys, There is only copy A of MTA 6 in the DMT website. But according to the instructions in DMT website MTA 6 B copy also required to be submitted to DMT so pls explain and pls share IF you have soft copies of full MTA6 and MTA8 forms. It is urgent for me & there is no time to get it from AGA office because today & tommrow also holidays. Thank u
  24. Maybe the vehicles would be in better condition if they fix the roads properly
  25. Yassus

    Volkswagen Passat

    Hi hope you are still interested in VW Passat after reading the comments in this forum. If so please contact me to see my 2008 VW Passat estate 78000 miles MANUAL 7 gears 2nd Doctor owned in UK imported SL 2013. Accident free in vgc in and out.Silver exterior and grey black interior. 2800000 negotiable Contact 0779404155 TX
  26. Agreed. Having ABS (or not) not matters for road worthiness... But as you also said, the level and quality of repair and maintenance matters...... Solution: Tax concession for School vans Consequences : Car sales will import vans under "School van" category and then modify for general purpose. Who cares law an order in this country??. If my memory serves me correct, there was a tax concession for mobile workshops then vehicle importers modified vans as mobile workshops in japan and imported here and then converted again. Same time, there should be ways to, 1. Discourage taking the car out from the garage unless its essential - In other words good Public transportation 2. Discourage buying cars - 2.1 - More Affordable means also good sign for faster depreciation which ultimately discourage buying new one Otherwise, do our economy could cater a vehicle import boom ??
  27. Try Taiyo in Mt. Lavinia. Golf Motor house in panchikawatte. Gamlath motors in panchi might have the parts as well. Compare the prices and see. The agents do the work perfectly but of course the pricing is also up there.
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