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  2. Carmart, Peugeot

    any idea what was the price and delivery time? With or without permit?
  3. Japanese Car News

    For the Chinese market only 1. A Nissan Leaf based EV Sylphy 2. Corolla PHV
  4. Japanese Car News

    When a Camry gets 'posh'd up you get the Avalon....when that gets posh'd up you get the Lexus ES....(fyi the Japanese market is deprived of the Avalon and the ES...)
  5. Carmart, Peugeot

    Thanks for the update
  6. Pajero Computer body

  7. Pajero Computer body

    So they call it "Mitsubishi shogun"
  8. Honda FIT GE6 Engine Knock and Hesitation

    What was the total mileage of the car when you changed the spark plugs? If was considerably less than 100000km you might want to check what caused the premature wear. As for Stafford, when I go to them I usually diagnose and find out the issue myself and only direct them to do the specific repair / replacement. Otherwise in my experience they sometime resort to trial and error which can be a waste of money and time.
  9. Side effects of Engine de-greasing?

    Some says certain dressings improve the lifetime of rubber parts such as hoses and fan belts.. Yet I am not sure if it is right or wrong. I am having a similar battle these days to understand why our local guys don't put manufacturer recommended 0W20 engine oil and instead use 10W30 claiming that 0W20 is too thin and get vaporized in Sri Lanka. After thorough research with reliable web articles I understand that new small engines do need 0W20 immaterial of the ambient temperature to lubricate all the small internal gaps.. I am obsessed with doing technically and rationally right thing with facts and really get pissed off by the so called technical experts in local service centers who fail to prove their argument with facts.. This is the same situation with some human health related conditions and diagnosis in this country.. I think this ignorance is in the genes of Sri Lankans..
  10. Side effects of Engine de-greasing?

    Faced the same issue myself. Naively let them convince me about de-greasing since the concept was new to me. The day after the check battery light was on full time. Ended up replacing the alternator. Now I only let them use compressed air to clean the bay. That also at a considerable distance, cos if you let them, they will like to get up close and personal wanting to knock off every speck of dust off every cable, every sensor etc. On the same note, other than the esthetic aspect, is there are rationale behind cleaning engine bays (cases without any oil spills/leakage) ?
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  12. Suggestions for a Newbie

    Straight outta EK
  13. Honda FIT GE6 Engine Knock and Hesitation

    Change your fuel station ,
  14. Pajero Computer body

    I thought the introduction of the name "Montero" was Mitsubishi's way of showing cultural sensitivity after they realized "Pajero" is not *the* best name one can call the vehicle especially if they want to sell it in spanish speaking countries..
  15. Honda FIT GE6 Engine Knock and Hesitation

    well yeah this does sound a bit like Stafford solution by elimination
  16. Honda FIT GE6 Engine Knock and Hesitation

    Finally I managed to solve my issue and it was due to spark plugs and plug coils. I have replaced all 4 spark plugs with NGK iridium and it turns out that most of the plug coils are also covered with carbon deposits (don't know "carbon deposits" is the correct term). My regular mechanic cleaned them with carburetor cleaner and advised me to replace them soon because most of them are getting weak. After replacing plugs and cleaning out coil pack, issue completely vanished and feels like a new car. Pulling power and fuel economy seems much better almost after 800Kms journey However before complete the above procedure I have taken my car to the agents (Stafford - Boralasgamuwa) and must say that their service is quite disappointing. After getting details about the issue one of the technicians highly suggest that it could be a gear box issue (even before a test drive) and not related to the ignition system. Luckily I got another technician and he sounds more fair than the first one and we went on a test drive with OBD 2 scanner plugged in. They managed to replicate the issue and cam back to the station and suggest me to do a engine tuneup and injector replacement. Weird thing here is they said it could hardly be the plugs and coils causing this issue and we would be able to make sure after the tuneup and injector replacement. Estimated cost for the total job is quite high so I declined and they have found out one of my rear wheels has a break bind and fixed it (and mentioned that perhaps this could be the cause for engine hesitation). After return I went on a test drive with my OBD 2 scanner plugged in and the results turns out that there is a drop on all graphs when the engine reached 1500 RPM and started knocking. Then I have contacted a friend in D*MO and he advised me to replace plugs. So for Auto Lanka readers few advises if you own a Honda, 1. In my experience Stafford doesn't know or they simply don't care to find out the real issue but trying to diagnosis issues by replacing parts one by one. 2. Some popular names (such as Honda U*ul Malabe) also wont help as I feel that they should have identify my issue because that's the first place I went for opinion and did a full engine tune up. They didn't mention anything about bad plugs and didn't check the plug coils at all...! Thank you @NeroX and @MV-5 for helping me, really appreciate your advises.
  17. As promised, here are some things I got my attention my brand spanking new 2018 Civic SR. Fuse box location. it's right under the dash, I found the only way to access it properly was to sit up side down on the divers seat. No HID unless you go for Tech pack which will give you LED. The best option was to get put some LED lights in the low and the high beams, and it worked like the charm, even the auto high beam played ball with it. Lack of Spare tire The car is like Frankenstein's Monster (Lights from Hungary,Seat Belts from Rumania). This is not something that's putting me off the car. I thought I'd mention it. Accessibility for light bulb changes. Other than the head lights, others will require some mechanical knowledge and some lights (i.e. the number plate light I think) come as one unit. Missing sections of the harness. For missing options, unlike in other cars they have saved the harness for unused options, ergo you can't get away by just adding the auto dimming mirror, you have to wire the harness from the fuse box. Garmin navigation hardcoded for Europe. Can’t see the Turbo performance in SR Second row head room is rather limited if you are above 5'10" Reduced visibility/darker cabin due to smaller windows at the back Fabric trim in the center console and the door cars are like magnets for sweat and dirt Again, these are things I noticed, doesn't mean I don't like the car, will share the things I found to be nice as well. Just thought I share it so people will see a well balanced picture.
  18. Pick the best car

    Durability - K11. After Market Price - can't predict. P.S: Not quite after market price but market perception wise - among the average sri lankan herds of car buyers (yeah the kind that pay 3-4 millon for a 121) March K11 seems to be more popular than ceres/marino (some of them might mistake it for a brand of oil/margarine)
  19. Pajero Computer body

    John cooper! Sorry!
  20. Side effects of Engine de-greasing?

    Do it your self. I don' even take my car to the agent. I use my local garage so I can inspect what thay do and its' properly done. I just buy the service parts from the agent. Thats all I use them for even when I was living in UK. When I brought my first car in Sri Lanka 2003 Honda crv it was agent maintained but to my horror when I checked the cabin filter there wasn't one in there. Now I drive a 2018 Honda crv and I want take it anywhere near the agent.
  21. Pick the best car

    Ceres and Marino are too old cars now. You might have trouble finding the body parts. Bear that in mind if you go with those models. Though engine parts are not a problem.
  22. Suggestions for a Newbie

    My humble opinion is you to buy a comfortable, reliable and fuel efficient vehicle from Toyota or Nissan brand as you work in a very "Maka bass" infested area.
  23. Suggestions for a Newbie

    Ah old boy. You are here too?
  24. Suggestions for a Newbie

    I haven't driven CS1 car with a manual transmission yet. Hope there is no issue. But truly speaking CS1 Automatic transmission variant is little bit under-powered . It does not mean that you cannot drive it easily. But it will not give you fast acceleration like a Toyota Yaris A/T does with 1300cc engine. Once you adjusted with the vehicle you know how to drive it. I get 08km/l fuel economy in city driving. In highway driving I get 14km/l while maintaining speed 80 - 100km/h. (All fuel economy figures measured by full tank to full tank method and I use full time A/C). Whatever you buy try to buy a good reliable unit with a service history.
  25. Toyota Premio Brand new First service

    Agree with kush, that periodicity would be enough
  26. Suggestions for a Newbie

    Yes, CEDIA is the JDM version that was manufactured for the 100th anniversary of Mitsubishi (CEntury DIAmond). According to my knowledge, all CEDIAs came with the 1.5L 4G15 engine with GDI only. The actual issue is partly the fact that local fuel quality is not that great and damages the GDI fuel pump.
  27. Pick the best car

    K11 will be more durable than the Ceres. It's a car that can take a lot of abuse but it's important to find an unmolested specimen Ceres will do better on fuel. K11 is notorious for its bad fuel economy Ceres has low ground clearance. It will be a problem if you travel in potholed roads often I don't normally comment about resale values because its plain stupid (most Sri Lankans are stupid anyway). Resale value depends on many factors - the actual condition of the car, service history, government taxation policies, fuel prices at the time, brand name, your luck and dozens of other factors. My only advice is don't think of resale even before you buy the car. It's like thinking about divorce even before you get married.
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