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  2. hyundai Sonata 2012/2013

    two cars , 2010 mazda axela and 2000 mazda 323 (ZM)
  3. I would like to know Pros and Cons of these 2 vehicles. Due to the new tax system these 2 vehicles have become attractive. I checked the specs and noticed that the C-HR is slightly bigger and considerably heavier. But the power output listed for both engines seems to be around 115PS.
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  5. hyundai Sonata 2012/2013

    thanks those were interesting observations. with regards to handling what is the car youre using right now. maybe its a distinction between models. i think u will get a few issues around the 50k km range and after 5 years. those type of things are expected.
  6. Emission test

    No not the air quality monitoring unit. There is a different division for that. Yes they do the test at the exhaust. I was kidding. You can any time get your vehicle tested from a nearby emission testing center. I am not selling those equipment but I was into to research in a similar area. Keep your filters, injectors, plugs clean, do oil changes on time. do a compression test if it is required. Then nothing to worry about emission, noise, vibration levels.
  7. Emission test

    Do CEA possess mobile emission testing unit to test Vehicle Emission ÷at the exhaust)? But I'm sure they perform this for ambient air quality testing. I don't have any idea to own such testing equipment at the moment or I didn't ask about it's cost. BTW, do you sell such equipment?
  8. Engine start up failure

    Hi davy, I checked each injector with a flat screw drive and I heard the ticking noise. But enginee does not start. Does it mean that signal from ECU is coming to injector? I also checked for sparks with a spare spark plug. I saw sparks of each spark plug. (I dunno whether it is strong or not but it sparks). Also fuel pump buzzer is heard still. There is only left is to check for fuel. Am I ryt? If so could you please let me know how to check? P.S. - bolt in the fuel rail was slightly loosen Fuel came out with a considerable preassure..
  9. Emission test

    No its not by the traffic police. By the cea officials. Yes they have mobile emission testing equipment and they are qualified and trained to do all those testing. They are the people who regulate all the emission test centres around the Sri Lanka and involve in defining the emission thresholds too. No these road side tests are very seldom. Usually they stop the vehicles randomly ( of course traffic police need to be there). afik there are no spot fines for failing to abide emission standards. Problem comes if spot testing fails while you carry a valid testing certificate with you. I saw few such cases in media. Further, you should aware of the validity of testing equipment and technical competence of the staff in the emission testing centres. You always have the right to ask calibration certificate of all the testing equipment, specially the sensors. Most of these gas , vibration, particle, noise censors are very sensitive and require timely maintenance, change of filters, cleaning and calibration by authorized persons or vendors ONLY. afik test centres are following those standards. But .. If you really want to check your vehicle emission levels at home, can get a branded and reliable sensor for a around 1.2 M from Sri Lanka.
  10. hyundai Sonata 2012/2013

    It is a good car, AFAIK fuel economy is better than same year Accord. I don't know how to explain it , steering is not responsive (doesn't provide sufficient feedback to feel that you can handle it precisely ). My next comment might be unfair for Sonata because this might be normal for some well known reliable brands as well. Last 6 months i test drove three 2011/2012 Sonatas and 2 cars are very close to 50K ODO. but once these two cars are inspected there were 3-4 electrical problems per car (very minor , something like volume controller mounted in steering wheel doesn't work, rear power shutters doesn't work,history codes for ABS sensor failure ). Other than that some mechanical problems like rack ends (inner tie rods ) and tie rods are worn out. I believe this kind of problems might be normal for50K car (genuine mileage , Hyundai records available ). anyway i checked with Hyundai the parts availability and price , according to that this is a car that we can easily maintain. NOTE: I don't own a Sonta , this is fully based on the pre study i did. Sonata,Cerato,ford focus,Axela were in my list and i kept looking for a car in last few months.
  11. Emission test

    Did they fine you??? Do traffic police has Mobile emission testing system? Was they provided with the training to handle test equipments?
  12. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    Under 2018 Budget Proposals (Annexure VIII, Technical Note 16) , what would be the impact on the vehicles already ordered, offered for selling. Vehicles already on the road (registered) may not be subjected according to the wordings. . Any comments . " Importation of Motor Vehicles, which are not complied with the safety measures namely (a) Air Bags for driver and the front passenger, (b) Anti-Locking Breaking System (ABS) and (c) Three Point Seat Belts for driver and the passengers travelling in the front and rear seats, will be prohibited effective from January 01, 2018 in line with the safety of passengers / travelers."
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  14. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    few more weeks to go. thanks.
  15. I guess our tax people haven't yet realised yet that car manufacturers are downsizing the engines and turbo charging them. :D

    They seem to focusing on engine capacity based tax rates :D

  16. Mini-suv under 2.5 mil.

    Well..if you are open towards a Wagon R...why not look at a Hustler ? Its a bit more roomier than the Wagon R and has a bit more ground clearance. The Spacia would also be an option if ground clearance is not a concern. A slightly large version of the Hustler will be launched next month called the X-Bee..but will be about mid next year by the time it reaches SL.
  17. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    The engine options offered are the main difference. I believe they have tried to keep the safety equipment consistent as much as possible between the two different markets (so hopefully it won't be too far off in the safety features....in the out going model this was the main factor that made the Indian version get a really really low safety score compared to its Japanese version). No...they will be launching it for the 2018 year. Suzuki typically launches its cars for the following year in mid-December. So all the automotive journalists are speculating it will be launched in December. Yes..the Japanese RSt seems to be between 3.5 - 3.9mil after the new taxes. I believe the Indian version's delivery is set for Jan/Feb 2018. As for when the model will hit Sri Lanka...well...it depends on how Maruti Suzuki actually goes about allocating its output. Typically at production plants that feed several markets/regions, the monthly production volume is separated in to set quotas (at least that is the case with Toyota in Indonesia and Vietnam). Thus, if there is a wait list of 7 months in the Indian market it doesn't mean it will actually take 7+ months for us to get the car here...it might be a bit lesser than that. But then again that also is dependent on factors such as how well the models are doing in the other regions. So if SL doesn't have much orders then obviously the product numbers set for SL will be directed to those markets that have a large waiting list. But on the other hand with markets like SL where the agent does not necessarily pre-order (and does so on a case by case basis) the above might not necessarily apply. But yeah....I think Lankans are unfairly weary about Japanese cars manufactured outside of Japan. So..yeah...even if the agent has the new Swift at its showroom ready to be sold...people would probably go for the Japanese variant as long as its not that much more expensive than the Indian variant.
  18. ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Know for a fact that KIA give 7 year warranties in Norway - and is a very trusted brand in that part of the world.
  19. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    It will be announced decembee
  20. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    @iRage Apparently the 3rd generation Swift hasn't yet been launched in India. Its highly unlikely we would get this model from India anytime soon since its one of the hottest models in India with waiting periods over 6 months initially. Also the 1.0 turbo (without mild hybrid system) is available right now only in Japan, Europe and Australia. From what I inquired with an importer, you could bring in a 1.0 (999cc) turbo swift automatic from japan for little under 4 million including the dealer's cut.
  21. Mini-suv under 2.5 mil.

    Is a double cab completely out of the question?
  22. Hybrid battery cell voltage drop Issue

    Not yet, error didn't come up after the last reset. most probably it can happen over this weekend as I will be traveling to Kandy. Still havn't found a good place where cell replacement can be done. im more lenient toward replacing the battery than the cell.
  23. Mini-suv under 2.5 mil.

    Hey guys, Its November and I am still looking, mostly because I am always at work. My budget has increased to 3 mill. Still couldn't find a decent ride. I guess its better to be patient. Let me know if any of your suggestions; if any has change with my slight budget change. I am fighting urges to settle for a wagon r because of the new tax reductions and only because of that. Wagon r doesn't have my required space/volume speck. Thanks for all your input.
  24. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    I can't find it in the official website http://www.suzuki.co.jp/car/lineup/
  25. ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Take us back to the 60's!! Loving the caravan racing and the amphibious car
  26. 2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    Thank you mate, very informative. What is the difference between Swift 1.0 L Indian version and Japanese version ? Only the Mild Hybrid Option ? Has Japan Officially launched X-Bee ?
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