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  2. Well the biggest concern buying a hybrid should be the battery health and cost to replace it. Get the battery health checked and see how much it would cost you to replace the required cells over your usage period. Check how much you save monthly on fuel vs a conventional car and see if that saving is more than the cost to replace better cells at the end of your ownership. If you are not doing high miles in most cases it won't make much financial sense. Also there are loads of abused Uber and PickMe priuses, so be mindfully of how the car was used previously.
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  4. Hi all, I am in search of a car below 1.4 million which is good in fuel consumption, looks and condition. I saw plenty of Kias and Hyndai on web but not sure whether to go ahead with one. I have used FB 14 which is a good car but am looking fr something a little new. Please suggest
  5. Hi, first of all really sorry if i'm opening a thread that already discuss. (i'm very new to here) I'm planing to buy a used Toyota Prius 2011-2012 models which is 40-60k KM done.. I would like to know is there is any risk buying a Prius which is already 60k KM done ? I mean i know that buying a second hand is really risk.. just want to know some technical issue or is anyone facing any serious problems with this car? really appreciate haring your experience and recommendations. by the way my budget is under 5.2M Thank you so much Ranuka
  6. Central Locking

    Thanks for this contact Stig. I will also try to discuss my request with SunLank* and see. Appreciated, cheers.
  7. Central Locking

    Sunlanka will fit central locks if you buy the alarm system for them. But try Rexton motors in Darley road also (near fire brigade)
  8. car door close sound

    Wrap insulation tape around the door stickers. It will muffle the sound. Won't last too long though.
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  11. Thanks Davy for this detailed response, appreciated very much. As you suggested I am happy to take it as it is to the shop so that they can remove only required areas to access the winder mechansim. I have to get a central locking system installed as well so may be I can get both these jobs done the same day. Thanks again mate.
  12. Hi Folks, Any updates on the changes to the vehicle import duties in coming budget ? Specially the small and medium cars. It seems government is no longer promoting electric cars. At least government should encourage more environmentally friendly transport options. High volumes of slow moving office/ school traffic incur heavy loss to the country's economy in each day. I wonder why this simple maths can not be understood by policymakers ? Last year government claimed that there are too many cars on road, so it should come down. But they didn't come up with anything effective on upgrading public transport, increasing capacities of roads reaching Colombo ( kandy road, highlevel road, galle road) or finding alternative routes. Please share your information Thank You
  13. car door close sound

    I have a Mazda axela and when I close the driver side door I get a sound of hitting mettle. when I checked door latch found the plastic cover of the door lock has been removed. If I were to replace the lock it would cost 5k least. I can wrap the body lock hook with some tape to prevent the sound but it is not reliable. I have heard some do cover the body clam with heat and bod rubber / plastic as well. would appreciate any suggestions and places they fix this issue.
  14. Dear All, Could u please inbox or comment on a good mechanic who is skilled for automatic transmission? I need to get my transmission system bit optimised. Rasanjana mortors and nilwala motors are two such centres. Any idea on them? Or a better place? Appreciate your comments. Thanks.
  15. You should be able to reuse the existing butyl tape (a few times actually) . Just be careful when you remove the polythene sheet. Start from a corner and gently pull the polythene out, making your way around the edge. Safely store the polythene, making sure it doesn't stick to anything, and make sure the car's interior doesn't come into contact with the bare door as there will be some butyl tape left on the door. They're damn hard to get off stuff like fabric seats. If I were you, I'd take the car with the moisture barrier and let the garage handle removing it and putting it back. The winder might be accessible just by removing part of the polythene, without taking the entire thing out.
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  17. Help Needed On Mazda

    Lalith mazna motors - 071 424-2464
  18. Nissan blue bird 2000

    Nissan blue bird 2000 eka komada...old model eka
  19. Help Needed On Mazda

    Please can you give cotavt number or the name of the place because I have some gearbox issues in my mazda bj5p
  20. Mazda BJ5P

    Dear friends, Iam new for the autolaka forum this is my first post I have Mazda bj5p automatic (paddle shift modle) 1999 model and clock around 12k.the gear box has issus take some time to change gears and not chage in smoothly.AT oil changed recent ly. Other issu is ABS,hand break and airbag lights indicate alwasys in dashboard. Please anyboy can help on this and let me know where is the best place to check those issus. All your replys are welcome. Thank you.
  21. Playstation Or X-Box

    I prefer the PS4.
  22. Buying a new smartphone

    Drooling for the new iPhone X.
  23. Aqua won’t start

    When the battery was fixed car setup got restart and then prompt a screen asking a password (I believe!.It was in Japanese) reverse cam was not functioning bcuz of this.one of my friends asked me to meet a guy in Polhengoda and he actually fixed it without removing the dashboard etc. Will mention his contact assuming it will help someone who has faced a similar issue.He charged me 3k for the job.Asked from 3 to 4 technicians But all of them said that it cannot be done so I hope it will be worth to share. Ashoka ‭+94 (77) 768 7856‬
  24. Aqua won’t start

    Read the article Nishan.Indeed was very informative!
  25. Did the gear oil change at the agents. They did the reset of the warning sign as well.
  26. The all display as attached video
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