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  2. Kavvz

    Quick Trivia 3

    I'm going to go with Nissan Sunny B13
  3. Nissan Sunny FB14 is my guess for this. (Based on the headrest)
  4. Hi Guys, Can someone explain where the power steering oil chamber located in Allion 260 engine bay? Tried finding it but failed.
  5. Sorry about the delay gentlemen. Let's try something different. This is a very common car which was being driven by a lawyer when he was killed in a suicide bomb attack.
  6. Does your Garmin express need an update? Updating the Garmin express is indeed mandatory for continuing operations. You can use it, but there is a high possibility that you will go in the wrong way.After updating it with latest maps version and other features, this device will take you to your destination with the most possible shortest way. Hopefully, with this user guide, you will be able to learn to Garmin express update, if still, you find any problem in updating it then you can visit Garmin Homepage and get your query to solve with the industry experts.
  7. I feel really sorry for the people who bought this piece of crap. The government of SL should also be partly responsible for this by allowing all the crap to be imported. We still have a motor traffic act where most of the laws were drafted dung the colonial era. However, many countries have introduced stringent standards for both safety and quality aspects of the vehicle. Finally, from my experience, I never trust so-called reputed agents in Sri Lanka. There are plenty of examples of importing cheap crap through their subsidiaries and marketing them in SL by using their reputation. When problems start to immerge, they simply abandon their subsidiary and close down the agency.
  8. the diagnosis showed a faulty MAF and oxygen sensors .The rest , I was just tryingvto see whether the problem can be solved.It was quite expensive.
  9. What petrol does outlander require to run? 92 or 95 and who recommend to change this all without proper diagnosis of the problem. You might’ve paid a hefty price for all of this by now.
  10. My Mitsubishi outlander 2008 has been having a very rough idle at cold start,misfires sometimes going off.This happens every morning .I have changed the MAF sensor, oxygen sensor, spark plugs ,fuel pump and filter and cleaned the throttle body.All this happens in seconds.Kindly advise what could be wrong
  11. This vehicle is sold by Unit#d Mot#rs? I thought their customer service is generally good 🤔 Reading through that post, it seems like the customers are being fooled about the warranty
  12. Kavvz

    Replace Car Battery

    Ah! Too bad. Next time maybe! (The old pick-up battery I'm using for the Honda right now is a pulse reconditioned battery as described above. Usually they are only good for another year or so afterwards anyway, so you're not really missing out either way...)
  13. Yesterday
  14. No relationship there I think (Thurst SSC - Thurst Super Sonic Car - was a British outfit, this guy is American and in this case the SSC stands for Shelby Super Cars after the owner Jerod Shelby, who is apparently no relation of Carol Shelby and the family behind Shelby Fords and the famous Shelby Cobra etc...Weird that: Having two bonkers car makers with the same last name who are completely unrelated.) Interesting engine setup through. I can't say I understand it fully, but it looks like its based on GM's LS motor? I don't get it, but its kinda cool how they can get all that power out of it without it blowing up or overheating...? (Also uses regular pump fuel according to the article.) It all sounds so surreal...Maybe the Americans know what they are doing after all? Also for the mini-version of the Tautara, which is coming later next year, they claim to be getting 800hp out of a non aspirated 6 litre V8? How? Mad-mad engine compression? 🤔 If anyone can understand the voodoo magic going on under that hood please enlighten me...
  15. Looking so good mate. Please share if there is any pics or videos of off-road. Please continue with the progress..
  16. Just a minor update. Washed and waxed her. So far has been off-roading over 10 times. Performed very well. She’s been to all the parks in the country. 0 issues. But then again my brother is highly experienced off-road, so that might be why its been a breeze. We actually have plans to swap the KE-31 and drop a 4dr6. OR overhaul the KE-31 and upgrade it for more power.
  17. I’m down for a G2G after Corona is done. I guess next year would do. Hopefully the airport opens before that and let’s me in. @Devinda_Z Please don’t! I wanted to tag you. But since you were active, I thought not to. Nobody can forget you or that Z in this forum. Are you still holding the highest no of posts title? Edit. Did a quick check and found out @Pericles has the highest. P.S @Pericles cover photo is lit. 🔥
  18. Whatever happened to Modified fest anyway? Then again Modified cars seem less common and out of trend, So it’s inevitable I guess.
  19. I consider it an honor, That I was able to make you post more awesome restoration threads. How is your Fiat 500 sir?
  20. How much will it cost for a Hyundai sonata GLS v6 2000 a clutch replacement?
  21. Yeah.. it definitely looks cool on the front end but that rear end really doesn't float my boat. that spoiler/wing thingy (what do we call it actually? 🤔) combined with the fastback spoils it for me. Anyways looks are subjective. I suppose many would find those looks appealing 😉
  22. Yes sir, Toyota Fortuner it is
  23. Really interesting stuff. That's an impressive set of cars. Looks modern Toyoytaish ... Fortuner?
  24. iRage

    Quick Trivia 3

    Yes ! It is those cars....the pic popped up on the Vintage lovers FB page as a barn find..no idea how old the actual pic is though.
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