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  2. What Is The Best Insurance Company In Sri Lanka

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  3. Couldn't agree more with this. There are so many such incidents I have experienced as well - some even leading to a fire due to negligence of mechanics. My father was a total grease monkey back in the day. He did most of the repairs on his cars at home because he thought he could do a better job than the garages and because he didn't trust any garage to leave his car there even for a couple of hours. Back when cars were simple machines, this totally made sense. This is not to say that he hasn't messed up. He has. But for the most part, his work was pretty solid. I was highly influenced by this. So I think an oil change is one of the simplest things you can DIY. It might seem a bit daunting at first, but it becomes easier each time you do it. The only concern I have with doing fluid changes at home is proper disposal of the used fluid. In Sri Lanka, I had a few contacts through which I could dispose oil at a service station (god knows what happens to the oil after that though), but here in Australia, I actually have to pay to dispose oil safely. By "safely" I mean without harming the environment.
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  5. ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Bosozoku Style
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  7. I've never seen a deduction on a paint job from (from a couple of different insurers, on my 2004 Mazda). They may negotiate with the garage on the per panel cost and that's it. Parts are a different story for the older vehicles, never paint.
  8. Can disable get driving licence

    Thanks all of guys to comment to this post. I haven't fingers on my right hand.but its not problem to me drive a vehicle,and I used manual vehicle and now a day I'm also using a manual vehicle.So I can drive a light vehicle perfectly,I use my two hands perfectly drive a vehicle.I also can do all the thing while drive(I mean use wiper,winker)I want to know,disable person who can drive perfectly,can they pass driving licence?(examiner)I think all you can understand my problem help me
  9. Can disable get driving licence

    thank u friend,how he got his medical certificate? and how negotiate with examiner?
  10. Thanks for the advice. I have been to some reputed places in Kandy but never carried out flushing out step. Even Kundasale Auto did not carry out flushing when I had my Vios. Therefore, later I got it done by my mechanic (I will never call him again). After all these lessons, I thought of doing the DIY job not to save money, but to do the general practice that garages undertaken while allowing some more time to drain oil. Plus, as Ramesh mentioned, to avoid wasting time at smelly garages and avoid dishearten myself by seeing dirty work done by training guys in these garages. Finally, the happiness I get myself by a DIY is worth than money!!!!!
  11. I think that's the whole point in these DIY procedures. It is not about saving a few bucks but if you know the procedures then you can pass a judgement on the mechanic yourself. When it comes to reputed garages I was at a loss couple of times when I sought services of the agent (once I changed axle boots and they gave me the car with wrong toe-in adjustment. Another time they asked me to overhaul an engine which only needed a simple tune up ). Also if the garage is good then the queue is long and you are sure to get stuck for a whole day for a job otherwise will take only a hour or two. Anyway just different viewpoints.
  12. Going a bit OT here, but it does sound like the anglers club in this thread! I am all into DIY in fact I do most of the bits on my car myself. and With all due respect to the Davy and Rumesh and other AL Members who know what they are doing, but why try to do a DIY on something that is so vital, and expensive to repair incase u mess it up? I do not know if OP is not a novice or not but clearly you are seeking opinion on online forums meaning you need a bit of help. Trying DIY is fine in my opinion but why for an expensive and critical component such as the transmission, besides the oil itself is costly, might as well pay the extra bucks and get it done by a reputed garage. You will have a bit of credibility with a receipt someday if you want to let the car go too. In short what I meant was an ATF change comes up roughly in like 2-3 years (40,000Km) thus why take all this trouble whilst like saving 5,000 bucks for mechanic / agent charges. If you mess up your gearbox you are going to end up spending more than that sum just looking for gearboxes all over. And please do change that mechanic cheers
  13. Vitz is enough for 5 persons with luggage yet price tag is higher than my budget.
  14. I had a look at Passo yet feels it does not deserve such a price tag other than just being a Toyota.. Interior is quite plastic and feels cheap.
  15. 2nd Vehicle Option

    what are you currently driving? If i were you i would give my boring car to the wife and get myself something interesting(an older Euro,Subi etc)..
  16. Dear "Thoras" and "Moras". Pls let "Halmassa" to explain a little thing. "Halmassa" has townace cr27 with auto gear box. which he brought as reconditioned vehicle in1995. Those days there were no oil changers and "Halmassa" has to do it himself.This is how he did it and other than that he did the step five of Rumesh88 's method in 40k km intervals. Last year "Halmassa" did a overhaul to the engine and with that he replaced the gear box as a future investment. gearbox has done 350k km and not a single repair done on it.That's why "Halmassa" tried to share it with fellow "Halmassas"!!! Now pls don't try to say this is ok with old type boxes and can't be done with new electronic boxes. We are talking about quality of the oil and not the box it used. I am totally agreed with the Rumesh88's method and it is very good. Infact I tried it those days, only problem with that is it's very difficult to pour the oil to the box with the same amount which is going out. and another thing removing the drain plug 3 times is easier than removing oil lines to the cooler.
  17. Thank you for clearing many of my doubts.
  18. Can disable get driving licence

    yes,there cant be a "generic control lever" because disabilities vary,for some its the legs and others its hands or hearing,color blindness etc. In case of fingers,it might be even not so important for driving a modern car. Any companies or individuals doing the modifications for motor-skills compensation in SL? just curious.
  19. Can disable get driving licence

    afaik cars are modified on a case by case basis for disabled people. There is no negotiation with the examiner, as long as the driver can prove he can drive the car with the provided controls.
  20. i dont think vitz space not suitable for 5 people and luggage. Wagor R space is good,
  21. 2nd Vehicle Option

    what about your driving profile. it means driving on heavy traffic or normal condition etc. you can consider suzuki celario as well .
  22. MICRO BAIC X25

    In short, avoid it.
  23. Peugeot 3008 importers

    maintenance with material
  24. Honda Vezel Hybrid - Park Lights?

    Kindly stop replying to ancient topics. This was last active 4 years ago.
  25. Civic Threads ...Civic threads ...everywhere  :blink::blink: i think we are in for something like the vezel epidemic of 2014 

    1. tiv


      The wine red vezel, the best reminder of 2014

      Its like those songs which are attached to memories

    2. pug306xsi


      not to forget the special ones with the gold badge 

  26. Was thinking of getting a PS4. But I saw videos saying the PS5 is coming out this year or next. Any ideas guys?

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