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  2. Yes foreign LC was opened without any delay. I opened local LC on 21/11/2019 and they had opened 28/11/2019. I received a photo copy of that. Is that incident happened due to not opening foreign LC?
  3. Don't worry about it if they have opened a foreign LC on your name......
  4. Dear vitz I'd like to know some more details on this incident. Can you please tell me this. Having the knowledge on this kind of incidents might be useful for me since I have become a new customer of [email protected] [email protected]
  5. Dear Fellows, Could you please give me an idea to my problem? There was an external metal piece of size around 5mmx3mmx2mm on top of 4th piston of my engine (5A-FE). Luckily it had only carved small areas (5mmx3mmx2mm) on piston crown and also head surface. I removed it. I was unable to remove the piston and check. But from top there were no cracks in the piston. With this metal piece engine ran around 20kms. Now after I removed I feel the engine is vibrating in high rpms than before. Also there is a very small sound coming from the engine. Could you please advice me to what can happen to the engine due to this metal piece? Has my crank shaft bent? Has my 4th piston connecting rod bent? I highly appreciate your kind reply.
  6. In My Toyota Aqua car was not started in yesterday. i were try it on today morning indicate the dashboard sings not starting. then i off and after about onr hour try again and it was started and driving OK. But when the headlight, on the dash board going to dim and not headlight on but engine starting. then off the headlight switch and i tried to high beam it was working. when check the 12v battery (cover touch) going too hot. can you please tell me what is the reason for this?
  7. Covid Time reading about lancer.... Enjoy https://books.google.lk/books?id=Q5M_AwAAQBAJ&lpg=PT34&ots=9nrHiVxOHh&dq=Shinichi Yamamura lancer&pg=PT37#v=onepage&q&f=false
  8. My initial thought was to finish the restoration process by end of April. Due to CORONA, it seems like this will drag up until July (atleast), because by end of April rain season will start. Too bad i have to wait longer to get things done.hmmm

  9. Are there any body using mazda demio 2000 yr? what is your opinions?
  10. Yes.. And alot of kidnapping memories too.
  11. True. My extended family had 3 of the 1979-86 vans. 2 diesels and a petrol. Rode many miles listening to 'DISCO DANCER' with them. Sadly only memories remain of the good old days. Surprising how vehicles and people do change!!!!
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  13. As far as I am aware - by using many petrol cars - what you are getting is fairly Ok. With A/C on 6~7 km on a petrol car is a good fuel consumption according to my experience and view point....:).
  14. May be a lot of your childhood memories in this video...enjoy
  15. In these stagnant times would it be a good idea to have a automotive stories thread? Where everybody can chip in with unforgettable car-stories? 

    1. Dee Jay

      Dee Jay

      That's a good idea :D @Hyaenidae may have experience with that on similar threads at E*a*i** ;) 

    2. kadsa98


      I had an interesting experience while driving down to galle once. I was cruising along at around 180kph when an idiot in a premio pulls out into the fast lane with zero signal or shoulder check. bugger was lucky I had good brakes. The 10 second honk didn't even phase the dumb f*ck, he was proud of his stupidity.

      Don't reply saying 'bUt YoU wERe sPeEdIng' please.

  16. yes, medical electronics is in same safety category as military, even higher than automotive. There are failure mechanism reviews(FMEA,Safety integrity level checks ) that need to be done before bringing them to the market. That is one reason that commercial ventilators are so expensive. Small design failure/ malfunction can cause irreversible damage to the Lungs, more than the virus itself.
  17. Hi,all 1.Recently I brought mazda demio manufacturing year 2000.it does 6-7 km per litre with AC.engine tune up,changing oil,air filters all done,what is the problem? 2.is it a good car for use in long term?
  18. Hi Everyone, 1. Are there any car battery servicing agents that home visit during curfew hours in COlombo area that you know of? 2. Is there any place to buy a jumper cable during curfew? One that do home delivery - cable should be 3 to 4 meters long Thanks.
  19. Yes....we did...in Japan Regular can be anything from 90OCT to 95OCT. Which octane it actually is depends on the fuel company; which ispartly the reason why some regulars in Japan are cheaper than others. (eg. small budget fuel companies might carry 90, a large one like Idemitsu might carry 95) . HighOku/Premium will range from 95 upwards. Nowadays, more and more regular gasolines are starting to be more towards 95 and 98OCT for HighOku is becoming more common.
  20. Thanks. It looks than our one needs an attention. I cleaned it well and expecting to monitor the C building up....
  21. @Devinda_Z. According to the user manual of 1.2 L turbo (8NR-FTS), Unleaded Regular Gasoline is recommended for CHR. Under Japanese Industrial Standard, octane rating of gasoline must be 89.0 or above for Regular. Thus, it looks that OCT 92 is more than enough for the CHR....
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