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  3. As a Sri Lankan passport holder are you allowed to bring in (hand carry) either a hiFi set or a TV via the BIA without any duty being levied or do we have to declare it and go via the red channel?
  4. varotone

    Project A72V

    I want to fix the rusted out area in front of the dashboard before re-fixing the dashboard. Got down a tinkerer and he said the fenders and windshield may need to be removed to get access to the area. So this is not simple as it sounds and I think about expediting the project and doing all the tinkering and painting at this point. Please comment on how much would it cost for tinkering and painting of the whole car. I understand that the cost depends on the condition of my car, but I'm clueless about the cost of painting and tinkering. So please give me an estimate for how much I should expect to pay. My plan is to do hire a tinkerer and repair the rust and do the tinkering at home. I'm not going to get it done at some fancy garage. But I prefer to use a fancy painting booth for painting.
  5. PathumLK:::::::

    Auto gear

    I have a toyota vios 2003 model car. Recently i had a small auto gear oil leak and i went to repair it ( axel /gear box seal worn out ). So the technician took out the gear oil before doing the repair job. After the job done, he put the oil back but unfortunately he drop some amount of oil to the ground though engine bay. Then he added Texamatic® 1888 oil in to the auto gear box to get the auto gear oil in to the the level. The running is smooth and no any error occurred . The problem is the dipstick mention to add Toyota T-IV oil to the box. The oil is new and the technician add around 500 ml Texamatic to the box. Is this a dangerous thing to my auto gear box ? Should i be worried about this? 😥
  6. Can't make my mind, getting rid of owning a MERC .. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    I need one so badly

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    2. TheFlyingFox


      Here she is, still sad i had to let her go




    3. PerfMad


      @TheFlyingFox true that. Its just not that im hesitant .. its just im worried of selling mine and getting it to a trap / fall into a financial crysis like my fellow presealover. So um still having patience and searching for the right car..

    4. PreseaLover


      well I learnt a lot of things selling my previous presea... this doesnt only apply to cars but many things in life.. if you are happy with something you have don't let it go looking for something better... at the end of the day, guilt is like a big f**kin bag of bricks.. you cant really set it down, you will have to live with it for the rest of your life.. when i bought the cefiro i thought the car was good and everything was fine until it f**ked me up.. so you never know whats the right car or not.. one day if i buy another car i will buy it while keeping my presea with me.. if not i wont sell this.. gonna make this a classic using this for a lifetime.. 

  7. matroska

    Quick Trivia 3

    ok here's another one then
  8. trish_auto

    Can i cancel a fiance car andnpay the car off?

    refer this previous post ; Crosswind 1. Agree on a price with the buyer and get an advance and a letter written in the buyer's handwriting on the terms and conditions 2. Do a valuation. Ask the buyer to pay for it and hand the valuation over to the buyer. Get a duplicate key done, if you don't have one. 3. Buyer will ask for a copy of the CR and a copy of the NIC. You can either give it to him or ask the finance company to contact you and give the copies to the finance company directly 4. Wait 5. Wait more if the facility is taken from a bank or People's Leasing 6. If the finance company is LOLC, wait even more 7. If the finance company is LOLC, tear your hair off around about now 8. Suddenly you will get something called a Delivery order. At this point, go to the finance company with your car and its papers, get the balance money from the buyer, get the delivery order from the finance company, hand over the original CR, original revenue license, original VIC (if applicable), original luxury tax reciepts (if applicable), sign the transfer papers provided by the leasing company AND THE CAR. If you don't have a duplicate key yet, just take any key in your house. The moment you sign the transfer papers and get the delivery order, your dealing with the buyer is over. The car belongs to the buyer and the leasing company is duty bound to hand you the balance money. The Delivery Order is only issued after the buyer obtains full insurance and if the buyer crashes the car, the finance company is still legally bound to pay you. However, if you sign the transfer papers but don't hand over the car and if you crash the car, the insurance company can refuse to settle and the leasing company will refuse to pay. 9. You will get the balance as a cheque from the leasing company on the next working day or two days later, if its LOLC. July 6
  9. trish_auto

    Can i cancel a fiance car andnpay the car off?

    If you have already signed the agreement it is difficult to cancel officially. Else you have to pay a substantial penalty for early withdrawal or ask for a refinance.
  10. Kelvin4426

    Can i cancel a fiance car andnpay the car off?

    Meaning i bought the car last week with finance but now i want topay all cash. Also the bank that im financing with is having trouble approving it as of right now so no payment been filed Sent from my LG-H873 using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  11. wolseley

    Quick Trivia 3

    someone please take my turn
  12. kingz_123

    Allion 240

    No. And no exessive blackness.
  13. trish_auto

    Can i cancel a fiance car andnpay the car off?

    what is the meaning of "I jist bought a 2017 honda andninitially financed the car " and "bank hasent accepted my finance yet " ??
  14. matroska

    Allion 240

    other than the reduction of engine oil do you notice anything else? excessive blackness in the exhaust ?
  15. If your facility is not yet disbursed you can withdraw the facility. If disbursed settlement will be subject to a penalty.
  16. Twin Turbo

    Allion 240

    No, the lower the second number, the thinner the oil.
  17. I jist bought a 2017 honda andninitially financed the car but i had a change my mind and want to pay the car off with cash am i able to do that? I got it last week and the bank hasent accepted my finance yet do i have time to cancel the finance Sent from my LG-H873 using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  18. kmeeg

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    If you ever thought installing dash cam is hard, here’s a quick video where I installed one during lunch break; https://youtu.be/57b-snK127w Just thought of sharing if this helps anyone..
  19. matroska

    Quick Trivia 3

    YES! Your turn mate
  20. This is very true. You will be save more money from your Vitz than Prius or Aqua. The reason is both cars are very old for Hybrids and you have to spend lots of money for maintenance and repairs. I was owns a 2008 prius. If you want upgrade from Vitz go for higher grade Petrol Car. If you badly need hybrid for save money from fuel go for Brand new Hybrid.
  21. wolseley

    Quick Trivia 3

    Triumph Mayflower
  22. tiv

    Parking sensor

    Yea probably, these bits are kinda old, steel mate reverse sensors was a hit in the early 2000s, rarely used now due to cameras
  23. matroska

    Quick Trivia 3

    Ok I'm assuming this to be a bit difficult due to the glare and other stuff so I'll be posting another image
  24. Iced-T

    Mitshubishi Orion Engine 4G15

    My lancer c12 uses a 4G15 engine. The car has been with us since 1996. The engines are very solid and parts are easy to find (water pump, timing belt components, gaskets etc). We have not had any issues at all with this engine. The car travels from Colombo to Negombo everyday on the highway at highway speeds. Goodluck.
  25. Hyaenidae

    Nissan Presea

    Yeah but there are no Black Star Preasea R11s in Sri Lanka neh (Otherwise you'd know all about it and won't stop hassling the owner to sell it, I mean, who doesn't want to own the only Presea in SL with factory black paint? Manual Transmission would be a problem though ) Carmakers are known to do this, design a special package with what is already offered and call it a "limited edition". Atleast the BlackStar has factory black paint to make it unique... Mitsubishi released a Lancer EX "Black edition" with minor cosmetic mods (like black wheels) even though they were already offering Lancers in Black color https://www.carsales.com.au/editorial/details/mitsubishi-releases-lancer-black-edition-108518/
  26. PreseaLover

    Nissan Presea

    It is not limited out of the Preseas in SL, almost 75% of them has these
  27. Hyaenidae

    Nissan Presea

    Yeah but Nissan has designated it a limited model neh...
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